Revive a Sunnah - Two Rak'ah for Repentance

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (Radhi Allahu Anhu) said the Prophet (Salla’Allaahu Alayhi wa Salam) said, “Any person who sins then performs wudu correctly and prays and afterward seeks Allah’s forgiveness Allah forgives him.” Then As-Siddiq (Radhi Allahu Anhu) recited the verse” And those who when they commit an indecency or do injustice to their souls remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their faults - and who forgives the faults but Allah, and (who) do not knowingly persist in what they have done. {Al-Imran: 135}

Collected by Abu Dawud (1521) At-Tirmithi (406) Ibn Majah (1395) and Ahmed (½-8-9-10) graded as being Hasan by At-Tirmithi, Ibn ‘Adee, Ibn Kathir, At-Thahabee and Al-Albani (may Allah have mercy on them all)

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahmatullah alaih) said, It is a recommended act for every person who sinned to perform Wudu then pray two Rak’ah.
[Majmu’ Fatawaa vol 21 / 139]

Not a single white person in America would sit idly by and let someone do to him what we black men have been letting others do to us. The white person would not remain passive, peaceful, and nonviolent. The day the black man in this country shows others that we are just as human as they in reaction to injustice, that we are willing to die just as quickly to protect our lives and property as whites have shown, only then will our people be recognized as human beings. It is inhuman, absolutely subhuman, for a man to let a dog bite him and not fight back. Let someone club him and let him not fight back, or let someone put water hoses on his women, his mother and daughter and babies and let him not fight back, then he’s subhuman. The day he becomes a human being he will react as other human beings have reacted, and nobody will hold it against him.
Two men. One armed and violent, the other unarmed and nonviolent. One white, one black, one dead.
Not hard to guess which of these men is alive today, is it? As you may know, University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing shot and killed an unarmed black man, Sam Dubose, after a routine ...

As you may know, University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing shot and killed an unarmed black man, Sam Dubose, after a routine traffic stop earlier this month. After shooting Dubose, Tensing and his partner concocted a story about being dragged and nearly run over by the car. After being indicted for murder on Wednesday, we found that the video showed nothing like this ever took place. Dubose was peaceful, nonviolent, and unarmed, but had his head blown off by the police.

Meet Glen Ellison.

To set the scene, understand that the police were called on Glen Ellison by his neighbors because he was outside waving a firearm at people.

When a deputy arrived, he found Glen Ellison, 67, outside the home. Chief Pollan says the deputy approached Ellison who was extremely combative. Ellison walked over to a truck and picked up a handgun out of the back and got into a scuffle with the deputy.The man hit the deputy in the head with the weapon.

Glen Ellison was suspected of being armed. When police arrived he was “extremely combative.” Police then allow him to walk to his truck and get a handgun. He then gets into a “scuffle” with the police WHILE holding the handgun. Glen Ellison then hits the officer over the head with the gun.

Please show me the story of ANY black man where this has happened.

Amadou Diallo was shot at 41 times by the NYPD when he showed them his wallet.

Kendrec McDade was shot repeatedly when police said they thought his cell phone was a handgun and even claimed to see and hear the bullets come out of it.

Rekia Boyd had her head blown off in Chicago when an officer claimed her boyfriend’s cell phone looked like a gun. Nobody was armed but the officer.

Unlike Glen Ellison, Dubose wasn’t combative, wasn’t armed, didn’t grab a weapon, none of that. However, Officer Ray Tensing, was apparently so intimidated by one thing—Dubose’s blackness—that he shot him in the back of the head and tried to cover it up.

For Glen Ellison, the story doesn’t end the same way.

Pollan says they forced their way into the home and took him into custody

Having fought an officer and then hit him with the gun, Ellison was then given the time and space to run away, go into a house, and barricade himself until police eventually got in and took him into custody. From all appearances, he doesn’t even have a scratch on his face.

One man was violent, armed, combative, aggressive, and assaulted an officer, but he was white, and he is alive today. Another was nonviolent, unarmed, peaceful, but black, and today he’s dead.

This is America. 2015.

The cop wasn’t afraid for his life with the white guy who hit him over the head with a gun. The cops weren’t afraid of Dylan Storm Roof when they captured him - he was hungry and he got a burger.

No problem.

But they feared for their life with Tamir Rice sitting with his toy gun. It’s clear now, isn’t it. Selective pee in your pants fear of black human beings, none too young to be killed, way too dangerous!  It’s evidence that the racism in this country is truly an epidemic, and it’s so ingrained into the minds of people.

Courage when dealing with whites who are way more violent and HAVE guns and who have attacked you. #Hate it!

#love and hate #loveandhate #Hate it! #Love it!

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them,
—  Frederick Douglas (1818-1895) U.S.  writer and political reformer

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will you explain more on Harley Quinn being a mother. Where is her baby, does the joker know, who knows? Ect ect

There isn’t much revealed about Harley being a mother because all of this happened in an AU. It was mentioned when she was fighting Black Canary in Injustice: Gods Among Us ( year two). 

Harley finds out BC is pregnant and refuses to fight against her. Then she tells her the story of her daughter Lucy. She explains that she got pregnant from the Joker, hid the truth from him and left for a year bcs she knew the he would never accept their child. She tells BC her daughter is 4 and lives with her sister. It’s obvious that Harley loves Lucy. She wants to protect her and let her have a normal life. is the web's leading platform for social change, empowering anyone, anywhere to start petitions that make a difference.

Sharisa Kochmeister is not intellectually disabled, but she may kind of look like she is to people who are not familiar with her.  Even if she were, what happened to her would not be okay.  On very shaky allegations and against her will, adult protective services tore her from everyone she loves and forced into a nursing home before her fortieth birthday.  The keyboards she uses to communicate were taken from her.  Please sign, share, and watch for more updates to this story.

Why cannot Hamas co-exist with Israel?

Occupation and oppression cannot be normalized in as much as peace and oppression cannot co-exist. Without eliminating the underlying causes of injustice and tyranny, you can never achieve peace and security. Israel is a settler colonial state that imposes an illegal occupation of Palestine and subjects the Palestinian people to oppression, siege, daily humiliation and systematic human rights violations.
Unless Israel clearly commits itself to a solution that puts a clear and unequivocal end of its occupation and mistreatment and violation of Palestinian human rights and international law, peace will not be a living reality for all.
Israel cannot enjoy peace while still holding the Palestinian people by the throat and taking the Palestinian hostage to its military regime.
The Palestinian people are left with no choice but to resist the occupation.

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Thank you for speaking on the worst injustice in superhero movies since emo Spider-Man.

Emo Spider-man is a hilarious mishap that we can all have a laugh about

The X-men films are like having a child’s birthday party and taking things away from the child instead of giving it presents / / @Jaded_culture 

Protect the Sacred: Fighting Injustice Against the Lakota 57 by Karin Eagle

By now most people have found out some of the outcome of the Trace O’Connell trial. He is the person who is accused of yelling racial remarks at Lakota children at a hockey game, and then spilling beer over them as added insult.

The trial was moved from the Pennington County Courthouse and into an historic building with a theater. The judge and both prosecution and defense tables were situated on a stage, which was quite appropriate for what transpired.

Following each side’s opening statements the prosecution proceeded to call four law enforcement officers and personnel to testify to their reports and the interviews they had with the children and their chaperons that night. None of the interviews had been held less than two weeks after the incident was reported, despite the mass media attention it received less than 24 hours after the assault. Basically, its not like the police did not know about what was being reported. I’m still not sure why they waited so long, and why they didn’t use people trained to work with children during the interviews. From their testimony it can be easily inferred that the some of the interviews were conducted by nothing more than traffic cops.

Following the law enforcement testimony it quickly became apparent that the prosecutor was not actually trying to very hard to obtain any kind of conviction. I sat through testimony of some of O’Connell’s good old buddies and heard some pretty weak objection from the prosecutor when they were allowed, by the judge, to stray from the questioning and paint themselves as the fine upstanding citizens they obviously believe they are.

It was at the beginning of the children’s testimony that Duane and I were removed from the courtroom for looking at my cellphone. At the beginning of the trial the judge said NO VISUAL OR AUDIO RECORDING and that if our phones were on to silence them. That is exactly what I did. I looked at my phone to see if my kids had text me or called when a sheriff’s deputy rolled up and told me to go with him. Talk about a heart pounding moment!

The 2015 U.S. Trans Survey Is Coming August 19th!
The 2015 U.S. Trans Survey is the new name of the largest survey ever devoted to the lives and experiences of trans people.

“The 2015 U.S. Trans Survey is the new name of the largest survey ever devoted to the lives and experiences of trans people. It’s the follow-up to the groundbreaking National Transgender Discrimination Survey, which was released in the 2011 report: Injustice At Every Turn.

Much of what we know about trans people in the U.S. has come from this study, and it has been an important source of information about who we are for advocates, policy makers, and the public.

But first and foremost, the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey is our community’s survey. It is a survey for all trans identities, including trans, genderqueer, and non-binary people. It is for us, about us, and by us. As the community’s survey, the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey data set and results will be available to community advocates, organizations, and researchers for years to come.”