injustice i say


Before I say yes, I got one question. You got literally hundreds of super-cons running around since the big break-out. So … why us? Because the Rogues have a code. And you won’t cross the line, no matter how far you’re pushed.

Who else needs a fic about Molly being ticked that Sherlock’s new little facial wrinkles over the years makes him sexy while hers are just annoying??
Because I need it. 👵🏻

I’m not watching TWD anymore because I just couldn’t get over Glenn’s unnecessary bullshit death on the show, and I’m really not at all surprised that Maggie is barely getting any screen time and has been reduced to an OOC prop to comfort Daryl over the pain that he feels for recklessly causing the death of Glenn, the love of her life, by telling him that he’s not guilty of doing anything wrong. Bitterly angry and disappointed in these writers for their shit treatment of Glenn and Maggie on this show post S3 for sidelining them and writing them in service to the overrated white trash fuckboy, Daryl Dixon, indignant over the utter injustice over Glenn’s death, but not at all surprised. Glenn deserved better, and Maggie deserves better!

ok consider this: injustice universe, Bruce is being held hostage by the regime and being tortured for information in an abandoned building. he’s been awake for three days because every time he’s about to nod off his captor knocks him upside the head and asks about the location of the resistance. Bruce isn’t close to cracking but he’s starting to approach his physical limit and may flat out die from physical exertion, blood loss, dehydration, and starvation. Bruce spits blood onto his captors face. his captor raises his weapon.
a bullet zips through the air, killing his captor with a shot directly through the heart. another one rings out, splitting the knot suspending Bruce in the air. when he hits the ground, he looks up from where the shot had originated but sees nothing. he hears a voice from behind him.
“cmon, old man, you didn’t really think I would let them take you away from me, did you?”

“December 1, 1955 started like any other day for one of my favorite historical figures. It was the day Rosa Parks got tired of following demands that were not fair. The event wasn’t prearranged, she just wanted to get home after a long day at work. People decided to stand in solidarity after her arrest because they too were tired. Injustice is tiring. The murder of Mike Brown sparked a movement on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, MO. It was however prearranged in the sense that black lives are purposely and frequently devalued by those who are paid to protect and serve. There seems to be a target on the heads of young people of color. Again I say, injustice is tiring but please believe the movement will live on. ” -Tiffany