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You can't blame "God" for your judgemental opinions, what gives you the right to decide whether some has an abortion. You do your thing and let others do theirs

You’re right. I don’t have the right to decide whether or not someone gets an abortion. But I do have the right to speak out against injustice and I will continue to do so until my dying breath. 

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This is Tajamar, México. It used to look like this.

The Mexican government authorized a new apartment complex covering over 140 acres of mangrove. In the morning of Saturday 16th, despite local opposition, machinery and land workers from a group of twenty two building enterprises entered Tajamar and started to tear trees apart and fill the swamp with dirt to prepare the land for such development. The mangrove destruction was authorized by the federal government, both through its FONATUR dependency and their local government. The local community fearlessly opposed to the destruction of their land, so the government sent a police squad and let the machinery in to start. The next morning, the damage was done; once green and full of life, the mangrove now looks like this:

Activists and the local community saw their land gone, they stood there powerless as they saw the bulldozers burry alive animals in their rush to get the job done. 

This is specially important since Mexico, and ironically, Cancún (the municipality where Tajamar is located) will be host of the UN’s COP13, the most important conference about biodiversity and environment, which will take place December this year. The people of Mexico demands this conference to be taken away from the current government and to be celebrated somewhere else. We think the UN shouldn’t support this. I really can’t stress enough how unfair this is. They deliberately BURIED ALIVE crocodiles and other local species. This kind of mangrove saved México from hurricane Patricia last year. They recklessly just destroyed an entire ecosystem just to profit themselves. A fellow mexican has started a petition to bring the UN’s attention and try and do something. We’re desperate. 


America Has Problems! Illustrations by Brian Stauffer

A talented American conceptual illustrator. Connects classic freehand drawing and computer technology. Collaborates with The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, etc.

Central Park Five: Rehire Teacher Allegedly Fired Over Central Park Five Lesson

Two of the five men who were wrongfully convicted in the 1989 rape and assault of a woman in Central Park have expressed support for a New York City teacher who says she lost her job after teaching students about the case.

“We support her 100 percent,” Raymond Santana, a member of a group known as the Central Park Five, told The Huffington Post. “We’ll probably rally for her – go to the courthouse. I want her to keep doing what she’s doing. I hope this doesn’t discourage her.” He believes the teacher should be reinstated, he added.

Jeena Lee-Walker, who taught English at the High School of the Arts, Imagination and Inquiry in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, filed a federal lawsuit last week alleging that administrators at the school feared her lessons on the Central Park Five might “rile up” black students and cause small “riots.” They asked her to take a more “balanced” approach in teaching students about the case, her lawsuit claims.

“I was stunned,” Lee-Walker told the Daily News Friday. “I was kind of like, the facts are the facts. This is what happened.”


Obviously, classroom is not the right place to tell about things that really happened. School prepares kids for hypocritical existence in the world without justice and power to change something for better. Authorities don’t want kids to know the truth about the failures of the state. It is sad. More than that the High School of the Arts expressed their racial prejudice talking about “small riots” of black students. I wish good luck to Jeena Lee-Walker and Central Park Five! The truth should never face the barriers!

Police detective gets 120 days for stealing drug evidence

A former O'Fallon police detective who pleaded guilty to stealing drugs from an evidence locker will be jailed for 120 days, authorities said Tuesday.

Luke A. Smyka, 37, will then be on probation for five years if he successfully completes a substance abuse treatment program while in the state corrections system’s custody, the St. Charles County prosecutor’s office said.

Smyka in November pleaded guilty to 19 counts of stealing a controlled substance and two counts of possession of a controlled substance. Prosecutors said all of the incidents involved prescription painkillers.

Circuit Judge Jon Cunningham on Monday effectively sentenced Smyka to seven years on the stealing charges and three years on the possession charges but suspended execution of those sentences, which would run consecutively.

Court records said the thefts were in 2013 and 2014.

Smyka, of Wentzville, had received several department commendations during his 11-year police career.  According to court documents, Smyka told investigators he was addicted to painkillers.


As we all know cops usually get away with crimes they make. This situation opposes logic. Police officers represent the law. It means that when cop is offending against the law he should face additional charges for damaging the authority of police department. When the police officer gets 120 days in jail for theft of drugs (!) I feel discomfort. I realize that Luke Smyka is nothing but the criminal and he will be on the loose this summer. I feel pain realizing how many people will spend years of their life in prison for the same charges. That’s not right.


Dutch YPG Fighter arrested on suspicion of killing ISIS Terrorists

Jitse (47), a former Dutch soldier has been arrested on Wednesday in the suspicion of killing ISIS Terrorists while fighting alongside the Kurdish YPG Forces. Jitse was arrested on Wednesday, was released from custody on Friday and ordered to turn in his passport. He has also been told to report to a police station on a weekly basis.No decision has yet been taken on whether he should face criminal charges.

“When you see what they’ve done … by killing a member of ISIS I have probably saved dozens of lives,” he told a local newspaper from his northern Dutch village.
Jitse worked for the Dutch armed forces for 10 years and, as a commando, was attached to the air mobile brigade. He was also part of the Dutch UN division charged with defending Srebrenica against Serbian forces during the Yugoslavian civil war.
“Things I learned through the brigade benefited me in the fight against ISIS every day.” he said on Facebook.

On 17 December, 1992, 15-year-old Jacob Ind went to school and told a friend that he had shot his mother and stepfather dead in the early hours of that morning. He intended to commit suicide after telling his friend about what he had done but never got the chance - his friend immediately went to the principle who called the police. The motivation behind the murders was suffering years of abuse by his parents, a story which Jacob’s brother, Charles, corroborated when called to testify during his trial. His brother had even contacted social services who never investigated his claims. He told how he and his brother had been sexually abused by their stepfather, Kermode, who would drag them into the bathroom and tie them to the toilet as he assaulted them. Their mother knew of the sexual abuse and added to it with emotional abuse - “That’s the one thing I wanted more than anything, was somehow to earn her love. I mean, there’s times she made it absolutely clear that she hated me, basically. And as a child, that is more hurtful than getting hit across the face or getting beaten,” Jacob later said. Jacob was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder but due to his young age, was not eligible for the death penalty. He received life without parole, a sentence that many believe to be far too harsh, and rightfully so.