Guys, serious talk here.

If you don’t want to listen don’t, if you want to unfollow me, unfollow me. But listen here.

Tumblr is a community that calls my attention to a lot of injustice that is going around in the world. I’m thankful for that, I am. Although I may be a Republican I respect all views and kindly ignore most of the things said. 

Every problem whether it be gay rights, civil rights, discriminating against Muslims are brought about and heavily discussed on tumblr. I don’t mind, even as a Republican I agree with most of the stuff said on Tumblr, because I’m reasonable. 

But I find it absolutely appalling that I haven’t seen a single post about ISIS Burning POW Jordanian Pilot Alive. I don’t know the reason we aren’t talking about it. This is a gruesome terrible thing and I’m just so disappointed in Tumblr. 

I watched the full video and I cannot stop shaking from how absolutely inhumane it was. I’m crying as I write this. You guys made such a big deal out of America torturing a convicted terrorist to get information, but not a single word on this? Why? Why is that? 

This is a problem and if you can’t see that, I’ve lost all hope. This time, I want to be the one that informs you on the injustice going on in our world. See true horror. 

Now, guys.. This video is so, terribly heart wrenching, gruesome, and depressing, please, please watch at your own risk. It does show a man being burned alive. x

Turn on the news, don’t be so biased, and focus on a big problem. 


Harley Quinn || Live Fast Die Young 

The truth hurts don’t it…this is the continuation of #americanhistory don’t let this be the end of it. Everyone is speaking on black on black crime but what’s the underlined cause? What are the determining factors for black on black crimes? Answer = the systematic implementation of #whitesupremacy #injustce or #justice #ameriKKKa the beautiful it’s always #blackandwhiie #yuhuru #freedomnow #revolution #revolt #realshit

Reddit user lawstudent2 comments:

Monsanto: We own congress.


Seriously, fuck high priced lawyers, fuck evidence, fuck jurisprudence, fuck every single thing about the entire system. Because it is wholly irrelevant.

Monsanto will never get in trouble, ever, because they literally own the assholes who are in charge of regulating them.

The head of the FDA is a former Monsanto Lobbyist.

Monsanto spends millions of bucks a year lobbying, which, to them, is fucking peanuts, but it is more than enough to influence their regulators.

If you think that having expensive lawyers is what wins these fights, you are hopelessly naive. Expensive lawyers are a dime a dozen, pun intended. Money is cheap, and so are lawyers. You want a team of four dozen top notch attorneys? No problem, just pay for it. Plenty, plenty, of people have the cash, just laying around, collecting dust. This is one of the problems with reddit: you guys really systematically under-appreciate how many people have tons and tons and tons of cash just lying around. Literally, spare millions. Spare tens of millions in fucking liquid assets: not invested in some locked up instrument, not encumbered, straight up fucking cash. And these people have political affiliations, desires, hopes and dreams. For every asshole donating $10M to a Romney superpac, be assured that there is some liberal out there making a matching donation to the Sierra Club.

But the money is not the issue.

It is POWER that is expensive, and these guys fucking own it. They have expended the effort to literally own the regulatory bodies that are supposed to govern how they operate, and that effort required much more willpower and discipline than simply throwing money at the problem. As a result, It is wholly irrelevant how big an army of lawyers you can muster when the people you are trying to sue own the fucking courthouse.

So, hat’s off. Monsanto has my begrudging respect. And, if anyone thinks that AntiSec is going to have any impact on them whatsoever, I have a bridge to sell you.

Edit: much of this thread seems to have the idea that lawyers are something that can be quantified sheerly by numbers, either in the amount you employ or how expensive they are. The merits of that entire debate aside, I am trying to say that the asymptotic limit of either factor is a fucking rounding error when the head of the regulatory body in charge of your business is a former lobbyist of your company. $200M would not buy enough lawyers to win a case where you wrote the laws making you immune to prosecution. If you want to reel in Monsanto, no amount of citizen-journalism, agenda based hacking or protesting will make a goddamn dent. The only, only way to fight them is to make sure your congresspeople are not in their pockets, /thread. And good luck with that.

My Opinion On The Jackson vs AEG Verdict (Part 1)

Well, looks like AEG Live was successful in portraying MJ as a ‘doctor shopper’ :( Jurors also believed that AEG was kept in the dark about Dr. Murray using propofol, and the jury foreman said that there was no evidence to suggest that AEG knew what was going on between Murray and MJ, though they did expect him to do his ‘general care’ job well. But when they did see when something was wrong, AEG did meet with the doctor to see why MJ wasn’t going to rehearsals, NOT to see what was wrong with MJ, is this guy doing his JOB right, should we hire another, better doctor? Even though they did not know exactly what was going on, they could have STILL put MJ’s health and safety above money and getting to rehearsals. AEG said ‘I don’t care what is wong with Michael Jackson, the show must go on’, no canceling of the tour to make sure MJ got better, no actual investigating of the doctor they hired the moment when people around MJ started saying that something was wrong, and if MJ had a doctor, why did he look so bad, just interest in money. I think AEG is still liable. They didn’t even have to go into MJ’s medical records to investigate Murray when they saw that something was wrong! They could have said’ hold on’ people are saying mj is getting worse and worse, and we hired a doc to see to his health’ why is our star not healthy? Why is our star looking like this with a ‘competent’ doctor for ‘general care, let’s investigate him?’? Instead, Randy Phillips and Gongaware squashed any one who said MJ needs help and said ‘the show must continue!’ Oh, and now we know that the jury was actually clapping for Kenny Ortega. I honestly think that Kenny tried to help, but he didn’t know exactly what was wrong with MJ. That would probably explain why he said MJ appeared to have a miraculous recovery on the 2 days before he passed (because those rehearsals were much better, and MJ seemed more like himself) Why no one took him to a hospital, I don’t know. :/ maybe no one knew exactly what was wrong with MJ, and they didn’t think it was as serious as it was. I’m not trying to make excuses for anyone, just trying to piece this story together. It is possible AEG had no idea in the beginning about the doc, but later on when MJ started to deteriorate, they never asked what’s wrong, never went to MJ and asked him ‘do you need a break, should we postpone the tour until a certain date’, etc. NO. AEG didn’t know because they didn’t want to know. They wanted their money..
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