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I'm pretty sure the reason they shrink is because Koichi is an unreliable narrator. Everyone scary or larger than life appear to tower over him, but the people that he personally beats are brought down to his height. He's probably pretty normal sized, he just feels small.

honestly thats an interesting take on it that i never really considered before!! i mean, koichis height is canonically listed as 157cm which should put him at least almost up to josukes shoulders, but instead he is a Tiny Baby. being drawn as exaggeratedly tiny because he FEELS tiny kinda makes sense. now i wish he got drawn normal sized later on as his courage grew and sense of self improved.

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Since you caught up with the anime, I feel you need to be told the most important thing that was left out. In the scene where Dio has the Senator drive up on the sidewalk and it cuts away and then back to the bloody grill, in the manga it actually shows people flying off of the car. In the background, tumbling through the air is Waldo. No one can find Waldo because Dio killed him with a car.


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I'm not sure if it's a fan theory or just outright stated by Araki but I know there are statements floating all over the internet that Jonathan's body being so good at the ripple (and Zeppeli altering his diaphragm with that poke) that Dio's vampire abilities were heavily weakened. Of course, either way, Dio's eye lasers were just highly pressurized liquid, which is what Emerald Splash was, and couldn't be rapid fired, so he probably figured Star Platinum could deflect it or something.

That’s a good point, Dio’s healing ability was reduced after acquiring his body after all.

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I think Zelda gets less flak for being kidnapped because it's rarely the same Zelda. With Zelda you can always say things like "Oh wow, this Zelda is way lamer than the Windwaker Zelda," but with Peach, she's all the same Princess... Except for the now existing divide between Peach and Paper Peach. Of course, it's lame to judge either Princess for being captured, since like... it's what the writers decided to make be the conflict for the game. Capturing a princess is classic and simple.

For real! At least they’re changing it up and challenging the formula in newer games. Meanwhile the flake and lame jokes are getting so old now.

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Pucci's hair did change at each stand evolution, winding up way longer and growing that goofy forehead star. As to Dio's fashion sense, this is a man who thought giant feathered shoulder pads was good hang out with a priest clothes.

I know Pucci transformed, but that wasn’t because of the universe reset it was because he merged with Dio’s bone and he didn’t change colour. And yes Dio has a bit of an outlandish fashion sense so clothes wise whatever, but turning purple feels like overkill

we have deep conversations
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  • Andy:leonard hang on
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  • Andy:needle to the east

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Is there a non-aquabats song that you think would make a good theme song for them? I'd go with Superpowers by Five Iron Frenzy personally.

Ahhhh… shit. i’m caught between a bunch oops

i’ll try to limit my options but no promises

  • Signal in the Sky - Apples in Stereo
  • The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
  • We’re All in This Together - High School Musical
  • Na Na Na - My Chemical Romace
  • Tom Sawyer - Rush
  • Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen
  • Knights of Cydonia - Muse
  • Just Another Day - Oingo Boingo

im so sorry 

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Just to point something out, Onion talks pretty much identically to his dad, and Greg was talking to him in a past episode, so it's not just gibberish.

huh, really? I’m not sure what episode you’re referring to; as far as I remember, the way Onion talks has been established as somehow abnormal

regardless though, being able to communicate verbally, regardless of language, shouldn’t be held up as a norm or default.

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At least SDC makes a little more sense, since he incapacitated DIO and then waited for the sun to kill him. EoH DIO just kind of... erupts for no apparent reason.

True… there was at least the sun to end him completely there. Though straight after the fight it was said that Dio was completely annihilated, dead, and that was before letting him die in the sun so….

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Bana, do you need to be shooshpapped, or do you think you can manage to not murder that guy on your own?

Honestly I’m alright, and if that particular person is still following me and reading this right now, I want them to know that I’m not mad at them


I am a little

but it doesn’t mean we can’t try to get along later.

It really had nothing to do with them, it was mainly pent-up rage over the overall subject…