The "New" iPhone? Come'on Man, I was Rocking It Back In '83.

The first iPhone was actually dreamed up in 1983. Forget that silly old touchscreen, this iPhone was a landline with full, all-white handset and a built-in screen controlled with a stylus. 

The 1983 iPhone is just one of many prototypes buried in Apple’s past. There’s even a device that looks eerilysimilar to an iPad. Despite the phone’s age, it actually looks like a cool concept that could easily be updated into a modern consumer product by replacing simple stylus screen with an iPad-like interface.

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UFC 113- Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley: “Explosive Double, On The Double.”

Josh Koscheck and Johny Hendricks are set to meet at UFC on FOX 3 on May 5. Hendricks did Jon Fitch dirty with his quick 1st Round KO in his last fight, while Kos looked mediocre at best in his last win over Mike Pierce. With that said, We’re taking Kos- with a late 2nd round or early 3rd round KO/Stoppage. 

Final Word: We’re Taking Koscheck For The Win.


[  Joe Rogan And Rampage Jackson ] : Two Of The Best At What They Do, Hashing It Out.  

Fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Made No Qualms About It- He Didn’t Appreciate Criticisms Offered By Commentator Joe Rogan During His Fights. But, Being The Stand-Up Guy Joe Rogan Is, He Took It Upon Himself To Talk To The Man Face To Face. Two Great Dudes, Handling A Matter Like Grown Men. Gotta Love It.