injury duty

Okay… But has anyone considered this: firefighter Keith suffering a muscular injury on duty and has to go see a chiropractor. Lance is a student majoring in OT who happens to intern in the same office Keith has to go to as one of the physical therapists and he has to show Keith how to do the exercises. It’s a very touchey-feely job and at first Keith is very uncomfortable and snappy at having to be manhandled but then starts to loosen up after weeks of Lance correcting his form and posture, moving his thighs in position and touching his back. He starts to not mind Lance touching him so much. Cue them having contest to see who can plank the longest (Lance) and who gets the higher scores in the Wii (Keith). It’s not a requirement to teach the patients how to do the exercises anymore after the first week but Lance still does it and Keith sometimes pretends to not remember how to do some things and Lance pretends to not notice Keith lying. It comes to the point that hunk teases Lance mercilessly and Dr. Shirogane smiles knowingly at Keith and schedules his sessions for whenever Lance is at the office.

A Sealed Missive

Madam Devereaux,

It is with great regret that I must announce a stand-in for the scheduled entertainment on the evening of the 19th. Mister Pierce fell on rather severe injury while on duty protecting a caravan route making way for Redridge. It seems the Stormwind Army has not cleared the region of Orcs as much as they claim to.

Mister Pierce is unable to fight adequately and thus I am having another able-bodied fighter stand in his place. Regardless of this mishap, I’m quite sure the entertainment will be considerable.

With apologies and signed,

Mister Braxton Hudson

transcript from raphael’s channeling
  1. Do you remember anything of the War?
    1. I remember much. I spent most of my time healing rather than fighting. It was, unfortunately, a gruesome time for us all Lucifer’s rebellion cast a following of deceit and manipulation. Many others gained the strength to defy angelic law.Unfortunately, it turned brother against brother. Many were lost and were thus banished from Heaven.Lucifer is not evil, per se. Humans tend to keep a black and white look upon life. Things are a lot more complicated than they seem. It is difficult to explain through this plane.
  2. Do you remember neromancer? She was an angelic power, sort of tall and thin, light red hair, pale w/freckles, brown eyes, two pairs of black/dark blue wings, normally in dark clothes, was in a relationship with Adnarel for a while, and wielded a short sword. If you remember her, what was her angelic name?
    1. Names are a powerful thing. One can easily use it to create an advantage over another. This isn’t something to mention publicly. However, you are familiar.
      1. Do you have any advice on how I should do this?
        1. The one who calls herself Nahan, she is urging me to tell you she feels it begins with a C. This is from her own intuitive abilities rather than mine. Simply meditate and call upon your guardian asking for assistance. Then listen and you shall hear. You do not need to. They will know. 
  3. Do you know the meaning of sha’na leh’l?
    1. It is a greeting. Often meaning to give peace to another
  4. Do know of any or remember any romances between any angelic beings?
    1. There are far too many to name. Something too complicated to translate through her mind. Do not fret, however, when you meet your twin flame, you will know what you seek
      1. Do i know who my twin flame is?
        1. Of course. You may not remember at the moment, but your higher mind knows. As they are your very soul. They carry all the knowledge you have learned so far.
  5. Do you remember a demon with strong black batwings, raven hair, black eyes, creamy white skin… possibly named Kaya?
    1. Strong willed, frequent travels. I don’t believe they stayed in one place for too long Unfortunately, I do not. But I sense the anxiety lingering with the question. Do not worry for what I can remember cannot fully exchange itself safely into this plane
  6. Do you remember anything of the principality Sahmiel? (Small, flower crown, four wings? Two were small, two were big, both white tipped with peach?)
    1. I believe they would spend their time in a plane above, what has been named as, Egypt.
      1. Egypt?
        1. Yes, the Egypt on Earth. Many angels find themselves residing in planes above locations on Earth. They also end up influencing some cultures of the area they frequent over.
  7. How do you get someone to fall in love with you?
    1. You must open yourself to the love of the universe. Accept love into yourself and you will heal. You cannot force another to love you, as one cannot force you to love them. In terms of romanticism, that is. One must learn to love one another as they love them self. Love is a beautiful thing that transcends all other emotions and planes. Of course, now if you all will accept that beauty into yourselves, then it is a wondrous and other worldly thing
  8. Can you translate “E'neh karha na'tha-shur, a neha'ek arh'sa” and “Elemakh'ta orso'let-tay'yah meleksha Onamay-eh-tay seh-etta tay-eloo rowdow'tah elema'nanoh way-sar-ehtay tay-eloo”?
    1. Language is especially difficult to translate between the planes. Nahan’s mind cannot filter and translate this. The first phrase relates to a call of brothers, however. The second, a prayer.A prayer amongst angels. For safety in dark times.
  9. Do you think something important/significant will happen in the foreseeable future?
    1. Of course. But for many of you, it is not your path to join. It is not in my right to influence one’s own thoughts for this. One must learn for themselves and know what they want for the future.
  10. Do you have anything else to share with us? Anything important?
    1.  Times now are challenging for each of you. Open yourself up to the love and healing energies each of your guides present you and share that love unto one another. No matter your sins, you are loved.
  11. Do you remember Hayliel?
    1. I remember they enjoyed spending their leisure time near a babbling brook
  12. Do you remember anything about me (Kirael)?
    1. Creativity, you helped bring to Earth
  13. (Kirael/Killian) Will things in my life eventually get better, and what can I do to start moving forward and healing? 
    1. Much like my response to the question of love, do not fear to ask for assistance from your guides and us in Heaven. We seek to work in your highest interest. Open yourself up to the love of those around you and the love of the Universe. Do not succumb to the darkness that provides false comforts. It is difficult, but keep the hope that being human gave you Many of you believe you have not any guides, or that we may not listen. But we do. It is up to you to hear us.
  14. Why was I incarnated? Do I want or need to know? (Schalgiel)
    1. Why do you feel you were incarnated? Where do you feel are you going from this point on? What do you look forward to? Your life purpose is yours and yours alone. You do not need to know now, as you are still quite young in this life. Ask yourself these questions and you will be made aware in due time. Do not doubt even the slightest idea, Schalgiel. Your purpose is special to you
  15. Do you remember the Archangel Zaphiel? Was i With Michael?
    1. At the moment, vaguely. An angel with short black hair and adorned in golds and reds. Zaphiel was not romantically involved with Michael
  16. Do you know how Sahmiel fell?
    1. I don’t believe they had. Perhaps I was not aware that they had fallen
  17. Do you remember Nisroc and/or their relationship with Haniel?
    1. A male warrior perhaps. A student, I believe
  18. Do you know the name of the demon that stole Aleriel’s wings?
    1. I am unsure, my condolences
  19. Do you remember an archangel named Camael? If so, what do you remember about him?
    1. I believe you were associated with equestrians
  20. Did you know Adnarel?
    1. I knew many angels. Though through here I cannot recall. The one you call Adnarel should not be mentioned.  Adnarel is dangerous, more so than many of you realize. Many of you are not prepared to handle him.
  21. Shoulder length blonde hair. When in battle, my eyes would glow white. Not in battle, my eyes would be a deep green, like the forest. Relatively short wings, but still could lift me off the ground. Had some complex, segmented armor covering my wings that allowed them to move fluidly and still flap, but I couldn’t fly that high. I would often speed right above the ground to move faster. I used a one-handed sword, but I never used shield, often blocking hits with my armored wings. All my energy manipulation was focused on passive effects. Hyper healing as soon as wounds were dealt, more power on certain attacks, etc. I was the frontrunner in large battles, dashing to be the first into battles and soften their forces. Despite the punishment I took, I never died in battle. One battle I took a unfixable injury, relegating my duties to a less battle focused area, the recovery of other fallen. Do you recognize me, and if so, what was my name? (Wisps)
    1. I do recognize this description you have given, Wisps. However, as I’ve mentioned before. Names are beyond powerful. I cannot give away your name at this time. Even if you request to communicate privately with the name, I am still being channeled through Nahan and this is not the safest method to reveal one’s name. 
  22. What’s your favorite color?
    1. Green
  23. Thank you for answering our questions, Raphael.
    1. It was my absolute pleasure. It was my greatest honor to share my love and wisdom with you all. Farewell all, and with you I leave my love
I Will Remember You

Fiction: Dragon Age Inquisition

Pairing: Solas x Lavellan

Category: Fluff n’ Angst

Description: In the aftermath of Hakkon’s destruction, Eirwen reflects on the past Inquisitor and his love while Solas wonders what she would do in their place. (Post-Breakup, not Post-Game)

Eirwen’s eyes focused out on the sheet of ice filling the bay, one hand resting on her knee. A bloody bandage wrapped about one hand, where a deepstalker had sunk its teeth into her palm. Clothing slightly ragged, a faint bruise purpling along her jawline. From the safety of her hilltop, she watched as gurguts hunted each other through the shallows. To the left, her eyes caught bright red flames from the campsite. Violet bloomed across the white-blue structure, rays of the sun distantly illuminating the Lady’s Rest.

She heard Solas coming before she saw him, light steps only slipping slightly on the rocks.

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doctor iwa and patient oikawa !! I love it ! I reduced the angst a little just because my last iwaoi picture was full of angst already and those idiots need some happier times.

So, Iwazumi Hajime is a doctor at the local hospital and after he treats professional volleyball player Oikawa Tooru for a slight sprain the guy just keeps coming in for injuries whenever he’s on duty (completely on accident, it’s not like oikawa is making up these injuries or something and also he definitely didn’t flirt his way to the roster from one of the receptionists so he knows when hajime will be working, that would be ridiculous, right…?)
long story short, iwa catches on to it pretty quickly (oikawa isn’t the subtlest tbqh) and after the sixth visit just nonchalantly asks: ‘So, where are we going? Restaurant? Cinema?’  and Oikawa’s spluttering because apparently he hadn’t been as smooth as he’d thought but it’s okay because he’s going on a date with the handsome doctor, he’s not going to complain.

anonymous asked:

Rucas one shot: they go back to the ski lodge a year later and Lucas gets jealous over Evan

I like this request! I even included some protective Uncle Josh! Hope you enjoy it xx

Lucas scoops Riley up off the bottom stair of the bus and carries her princess style to the front entrance of the Mount Sun Ski lodge. 

“I can walk, you know?” Riley giggles. 

“I’m on injury prevention duty.” Lucas shakes his head. “No repeats of last years disaster.” 

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For those of you not in the know, this weekend is the traditional leadup to Monday’s Memorial Day, where we all honor the men and women who fought and died for our country by wearing clothing prohibited in the Flag Code, barbecuing anything not smart enough to run faster, and generally failing to acknowledge anyone more than maybe visiting the more readily accessible gravestones of our fallen forebears.

It’s a weekend of gluttony disguised under a thin sheen of patriotism.

Anyway, in accordance with this time-honored American tradition, I will be out of town until late Monday.

My little brother, ten years my junior, is graduating from high school on Sunday. He’s going to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, studying Architecture. He’s wanted to be an architect since he was four years old,and never wavered once. He earned, but had to turn down, a Regent’s Scholarship there. I am so proud.

Now why, you might ask, did my brother turn down a regent’s scholarship? Well, because our father is100% service-connected disabled. His severe PTSD, coupled with some injuries earned while active-duty as well, means our father has been judged to be unable to function within the confines of any job for which he is qualified. My father served his country, and paid a price for it. Not the ultimate price, but a rather high one nonetheless.

When I make mentions of a character having PTSD, it’s about 90% probable the thing I describe happened in my household while I was growing up.

So, I suppose my point to all this is that veterans all paid a price. All of them. Monday has been set aside to remember and honor those who died, but please, please look around you, and remember those they left behind. Thank their friends, their comrades in arms, their families. They died so we might be free to barbecue and wear American Flag shorts and bikinis or whatever, because that’s what their duty was. It was their calling, their job, and maybe they were drafted and didn’t really want to do it, but they still did it.

Honor them. Thank them.

Take a moment from beating your chest and crying ‘Murica! this weekend to tuck a napkin over that shirt with the flag on it. Visit graves with flags on them even if they aren’t related to you. Stay a bit, see those ROWS of flags? Look at the dates of death. Look at the names.

Remember them.