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(Same old deseace anon) It's okay you can take your time to answer this. Your health is much more important than this, after all! I'm having trouble picking a decease, actually... I've thought about it and I still can't find anything, and I thank you so much for taking your time to help me!! I really appreciate it!!

Hi again, love!  I’m very sorry for the wait, but I think I’ve found something that will help you…

Coming Up with Illnesses for Your Characters

WebMD has a feature called the Symptom Checker, which is actually pretty awesome!  You start by entering your character’s gender & age range (to increase accuracy) – then it gives you a full body model (I winked out a sensitive area), with body parts to click on and expand.  Here’s an example:

Each symptom you click will add to the list in Section 2, which screens the WebMD database for compliant illnesses, diseases, disorders, etc.  Some symptoms will prompt questions to get more information:

This gives you more of an idea of how the symptoms affect your character’s daily life.  Once you’re finished, Section 3 will give you a list of possible conditions, listed by accuracy of the match.  For example: I started the test with bruising and color change (they were at the top of the list) and added headaches, and I wound up with these results:

So.  Give this a shot – start with the symptoms you want (I believe you mentioned headaches & general chronic pain?) and maybe add a few more, then see what you come up with.  You’re probably going to need to be more specific for the engine – because a lot of diseases cause chronic pain and headaches, which made this question nigh impossible to answer.  But hopefully, this is a better answer than I could’ve brainstormed!

Again, sorry for the wait!  I wish you great luck with your story, love :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

the reason why I vanished (and why it will take me some time to return)

Hello, everyone! Guess what, I’m not dead ― and, in a way, I feel like I need to give a quick explanation about my sudden disappearance. (Just a quick note, this post is queued, so I won’t be on here once you read this.)

Let’s be objective and say, before anything else, the reason why I vanished. For the lack of better words, I think it’s better to be boldly honest and say that this blog started to contradict its original purpose ― to inspire and motivate my studies ― and morphed into this big ball of stress that only helped my already damaged mental health. I continuously gave advice and tried my best to inspire all of you, but at the same time I was losing my own grasp at motivation; I found necessary to lose time making piles and piles of notes and, as much as I did know the theory by heart, I did not know how to apply it as well as I should. Honestly? I think there was a point that I was studying more for others to see than for me to actually learn. I don’t even need to say how terrible that is.

Now, I don’t want this to be a victimizing post whatsoever, I simply want to put out all the reasons that made me take a time off this blog. Getstudyblrs has, and always will have, a special place in my heart, and no, I’m not giving up on it at all. In fact, I plan to come back in a few months from now, when I have everything sorted out.

So, why the time off?

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You know what makes me saddest though? It’s not someone who won’t turn 30 for another three months with another concussion, mild or not.

It’s grown adults saying ‘Good.’

I’m not saying you have to like Sid, care about hockey, or love the Pens. You can say what you will about physical violence and the way it’s glorified during the playoffs. This isn’t even really about who gets away with what behaviour, or what franchise stars get away with compared to disposable fourth liners.

But responding 'good’ to potential brain damage over something as ultimately transitory as sport?

That’s upsetting.

Situation: person A has a really bad wound of some kind that has debris stuck in it. Person B (who is close to A) and person C find them and realize they have to get them patched up immediately but they can’t leave the debris in the wound. B tries to pull the debris out while C holds A down, A screaming through cloth as things are pulled from their flesh. B and A make eye contact at one point and B, who was already having trouble just listening to A’s pained gasps, has to stop the (rushed) procedure bc it’s all just Too Much. A is groaning on the ground, sweating and breathing heavy, wincing at every breath as it shifts the wound. B takes deep breaths too, C attempting to comfort them and saying that they’ll take over the first aid. C finishes taking the debris out of the sound, B holding A’s hand tight and A gripping back tighter through the pain. Eventually it’s over and it’s all A can do to stay awake. They whisper a weak “I’m sorry” to B and pass out. B and C solemnly take A to get better care, B’s hand never leaving A’s

Classification of burns

Burns occur when some or all of the cells are destroyed by heat, cold, electricity, radiation, or caustic chemicals.

According to the depth of tissue injury: superficial or epidermal (first-degree), partial-thickness (second degree), or full thickness (third degree). Burns extending beneath the subcutaneous tissues and involving fascia, muscle and/or bone are considered fourth degree.

Superficial: only the epidermal layer is involved. They do not blister but are painful, dry, red and blanch with pressure. An example would be the sunburns.

Superficial partial thickness: Form blisters within 24hrs. Painful, red, blanch with pressure. Scarring is rare but pigment changes may occur. Fibrinous exudates and necrotic debris may accumulate predisposing to bacterial colonization.

Deep partial thickness: Damage hair folicles and glandular tissue. They are painful to pressure only, almost always blister. They don’t blanch with pressure. These burns cause hypertrophic scarring, if they involve a joing, dysfunctions are expected.

Full thickness: They destroy all the layers of epidermis and often the subcutaneous tissue. They are usually anesthetic or hypoesthetic. Hairs can easily be pulled. Blisters do not develop. Scarring is severe with contractures.

Fourth degree: Deep and potentially life-threatening that extend into underlying tissues such as fascia, muscle, and/or bone.

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so how would the Panthom Thieves Yusuke reacting to their s/o being sent to hospital? (due to a illness or a injury) love your blog!

You telling me that you love my blog almost sent me to the hospital hdsjfhf Thank you!! Anyway, thanks for the request; I hope you like it!


  • He received a call from the hospital, wondering what business they had with him.
  • Yusuke’s already pale face turned a shade whiter and his blood ran cold when the doctor informed him that S/O had been hit by a car.
  • The doctor explained that a reckless driver had collided into them. 
  • And that they were on their way to see Yusuke when it happened.
  • Yusuke didn’t even wait for the call to end, and his long legs seemed to move on their own as he fearfully raced to the hospital.
  • Once he arrived, he approached the receptionist and shouted, “I’m here to see S/O! Where are they?!”
  • He stirred up a commotion from his yelling, but he was too panicked to care. Yusuke couldn’t force a calm demeanor when S/O’s life was in danger.
  • When the doctor escorted him, Yusuke rode his tail. How could someone walk so slowly in a situation so urgent? not everyone has skyscrapers for legs Yusuke
  • His heart stopped when he saw them wrapped in bandages and looking very battered. He clenches his teeth and rushes to their side. “S/O!”
  • S/O glanced up at him with the eye that wasn’t under bandages. They smiled weakly. “Just the person I wanted to see.”
  • Yusuke gently took their hand. “I… I cannot even begin to express my condolences.”
  • S/O feebly shook their head. “You have nothing to apologize for. I’m just glad you’re here now.”
  • The doctor nearly had to pry Yusuke from their side. “They need to rest now.”
  • Yusuke pecked their forehead and was unwillingly ushered out of the room.
  • “I will visit you first thing in the morning, my dear.”
  • When he sees the driver that had hit S/O waiting outside the room, he glares daggers and he growls, “don’t you dare go near them.”

Cute little kitty😍

Master Post For Writers

Okay, as I’m sure we’ve all pleasantly discovered, there are now several illness/injury/whump blogs, most of which have only just popped up in recent months. To keep track of who writes what, I suggest reblogging this post with the series you’re willing to write for. This way, anyone who writes in this community and is looking for requests can add their series and start picking up recognition. Hopefully, if anyone ever gets an ask for who writes such and such series, we can refer to this post.

I’ll begin:

Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus
Miraculous Ladybug
Yuri on Ice
Harry Potter
My own OCs

Had my first therapy appointment with this new therapist today. I really liked her, so I’m hopeful about it and think it will improve my life a lot. She’s kind of booked up right now but wants to see me every week starting in a week or two. We already have a bunch of appointments on the books, so that’s really nice to have taken care of. Getting there and back isn’t too bad either. Today Trev dropped me off, but I had to take the bus back and it’s my usual bus, so that’s fine. I’m pretty used to that route I think.

Today my leg has been hurting more, but it’s all in the muscles and tension and standing in the same horrible position for too long and not enough stretching. So I did all my rehab stretches, and I’ll do more again later. I might take a bath tonight to ease some of the muscle soreness. But in the meantime, icy hot is helping. All of the swelling is now gone and I can walk on my foot again when barefoot. In shoes, it’s too painful to do without crutches, but that’s probably just because the shoes I was wearing were sort of digging into the bruised part. I didn’t even realize earlier because the crutches stopped it I guess (I used the crutches while I was out).

I’ve been trying to get back into watching anime, because I’m trying to get back into drawing and I wanna make a web comic. I know, I know (talking to myself right now), I have too many hobbies and not enough follow through. But I’ve been toying with this dream for a long time and I know it will take a lot of consistent practice to achieve, so I need to make it a regular habit to draw. I used to draw a lot in jr high and high school but I hardly do now. Even though I have more/better tools than I ever did back then. All I used back then was a mechanical pencil, a big eraser my friend bought me, and printer paper. Now I have just about anything I want to use, and I don’t even use it. Beyond that being silly in and of itself, it’s sad that I’ve pushed this hobby/dream aside so much and let it become so rusty… I want to really commit myself this time!

Anyway the reason I brought this up is because I’m watching a new anime called Eromanga Sensei. I’m only halfway through the first episode, so I might drop it if it doesn’t continue to be good, but so far it’s cute and makes me wanna make manga. I’ve been taking screenshots of my games and anime watching and posting them on twitter through my PS4. I’ll probably repost a lot of it here too.

My back hurts really bad so I am going to lean back and finish watching this show.


“That time Mum sprained her ankle and we came to her rescue.. 😂 BUT WAIT, read about how we "treated” her injury in our throwback blog post via link in my profile!“ ~ Crusoe

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