injury and illness


@talortut​ asked:  Hi! I love your blog <3 If you’re still taking requests, I would love to see some sick/hurt/exhausted/whatever Lance with the line “You’re gonna crash" from the starters. :)


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some fun things about living in an abusive household

  • constantly monitoring where everybody is in the house
  • quiet crying
  • and what they’re doing
  • ‘i want to lock my door but i don’t want to seem like i want to lock my door’
  • not getting dinner 
  • haven’t gone to school in a month 
  • always listening for footsteps
  • not getting lunch 
  • sneaking into the kitchen to get food
  • holding your pee so u don’t have to go to the bathroom and see your abuser(s)
  • own personal pantry in your room 
  • crying because your pet is near the abuser(s) and you can’t get them
  • no breakfast
  • hiding any form of injury/illness 
  • afraid to ask for anything 
  • angry laundry folding
  • i want to take a stand so I won’t clean this 1 (one) fork 

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Okay, but consider~

Characters in a huge amount of unknown pain. Like, characters who suddenly get terrible chest pains, that feel like a knife is being driven right into their sternum, but know they aren’t having heart problems. Characters with a throbbing pain in their right side, too high to be their appendix and they can’t take a breath or make a movement without wincing.

The pained grimace.
The short, shallow pants.
The tears that leak from the corners of their eyes despite heir best efforts to maintain a cool facade.
The frustration and helplessness that come from no having any clue what could be causing this.
Finally breaking down and collapsing with a sharp gasp and a small strained sob.

This is fucked up but imagine like a witch spell that would disable the most useful part of you

So like suddenly Lance can’t see shit and therefore can’t aim

Pidges thoughts are all muddled so she can’t come up with a plans

Keith’s sword arm seems to collapse on itsself and break so he can’t use his Bayard

Hunks strength leaves him and he can barely hold himself up

and Shiros voice completely stops working so he can’t give any directions

And they all have to somehow still work together and fight even with all their conditions

Or you could seperate it so that only one or two of them get hit with this spell and leaves them in a complete panic

A little fic for my gorgeous girl who would die for Lance tbh <33

“Come in, Team,” the crackle of the comms was what had Lance opening his eyes, and he suddenly remembered where they were. “Is everyone alright? Keith? Pidge?”

“We’re fine, Shiro.”

“We’re alive, at least.”

They had crashed into a barren, rocky planet; Thankfully together, though - It would have been a disaster had they all gone their separate ways. Lance screwed his eyes shut and sat back in his seat.


“All good here, Shiro. Never better.”

The oozing feeling beneath his armour said something different, but Lance just took a deep breath and hoisted himself out of his seat at Shiro’s instruction that they had to re-group on foot. As he stood, his vision went black for a moment and a shot of pain washed over him, emanating from his side. 

But he had a duty to tend to, as a paladin; He’d be damned if anything got in the way of that.

The planet’s temperature, as it turned out, was overly warm; They were all sweating under their armour as they stood amongst their lions on the rocky terrain.

Lance was fading in and out of listening, overwhelmed by the pain in his side. 

Walking… Allura and Coran… two miles…

Nodding in turn as everyone else did, Lance swallowed hard and took the first daunting step forwards. He managed to stay upright, but winced silently at the pain. Nobody seemed to notice, even as he trailed at the back; He glanced back to blue, who was shifting in her spot.

Saying nothing to the other paladins, he kept his footing steady. Left, right, left, right… Eventually such a mantra became a compulsion, just so he’d remember to keep walking. Just keep walking, Lance, you’ll be fine…

Suddenly, he felt something sharp shooting through him, and he groaned. Everyone turned just long enough to see the blue paladin slump to his knees against the rocks, gripping his side.

By the time Shiro was grasping his shoulders, Lance was drifting out. Blood now soaked the side of his undersuit and glistened against the white armour, and Shiro couldn’t help but pale, himself, at the coppery pool forming under the other.

“Lance, you idiot,” He hissed between gritted teeth, as he lay Lance down against the rocks. “You should have told us. Keep your eyes open. Lance!”

But it was no use; Unconsciousness slowly claimed him, and the last things he registered were the hands gripping at his shoulders and someone calling his name…

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id totes be interested in more amnesia tbh

well the thing about retrograde amnesia (the head injury amnesia that makes you lose information acquired before an injury/illness) is that you can slowly recall memories via spontaneous recovery and the brain’s plasiticity so

imagine eventually as they adjust to life at home (jake has pretty much moved back in, where as before he was travelling and generally. getting lost) dirk starts to remember. remembers in bits and pieces his and jake’s past relationship. where he was a neurotic asshole and if there’s one universally consistent fact about dirk strider its his self hatred. doesn’t want to remember because he doesn’t want to face himself, someone that could do wrong by jake english

can’t bring himself to face jake as he slowly remembers this relationship that, in his mind, was his fault for driving jake to run away in the first place and why is he here now and jake doesn’t know what to do because dirk won’t tell him what’s wrong so all he does is. hold him there

something something this is all just a ploy for character h/c and finally end w fluff and two people learning what they mean to each other. or something


Imagine: A is acting fine until they suddenly collapse while walking with B.

B panics, dropping to the ground beside A to see A’s pale face scrunched up in pain. They feel A’s forehead and find it burning, and this leaves them confused because A was fine?

B grips A’s shoulders to try and shake them awake, but A hisses in pain and jerks away the second B touches their right shoulder.

B carefully tugs A’s collar down to get a better look and finds a cut stretching from A’s collar bone to their right shoulder. It’s red and swollen, and B can feel the heat radiating from it.

Situation: person A has a really bad wound of some kind that has debris stuck in it. Person B (who is close to A) and person C find them and realize they have to get them patched up immediately but they can’t leave the debris in the wound. B tries to pull the debris out while C holds A down, A screaming through cloth as things are pulled from their flesh. B and A make eye contact at one point and B, who was already having trouble just listening to A’s pained gasps, has to stop the (rushed) procedure bc it’s all just Too Much. A is groaning on the ground, sweating and breathing heavy, wincing at every breath as it shifts the wound. B takes deep breaths too, C attempting to comfort them and saying that they’ll take over the first aid. C finishes taking the debris out of the sound, B holding A’s hand tight and A gripping back tighter through the pain. Eventually it’s over and it’s all A can do to stay awake. They whisper a weak “I’m sorry” to B and pass out. B and C solemnly take A to get better care, B’s hand never leaving A’s


My first and only tattoo. It means the world to me. I don’t normally want to talk about my past but if I can help someone or help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, it will be worth it. Mental illness is not socially acceptable while physical illness is. Why? Neither is your fault. I hope someday people will understand.

Okay but sports characters who are either sick/injured, but they HAVE to play because the team absolutely needs them. So they push through and falter every so often, which has the team on edge. But, they manage to lead the team to victory, and right as the buzzer goes off, they collapse.