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HTTYD FanFiction: Stryke Out What-If

               Title: Stryke Out What-if

               Requested by: Guest

               Summary: What if the gang had arrived a little too late to save Hiccup and Toothless..? (Lots of Hiccup!whump and Hiccstrid)

               Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship

               Rating: T for injury

               Time-Line: Race to the Edge season 3

               Hiccup tugged harder on the medal lock around the Razorwhip’s tail, but the thing was stuck tight. At the sound of clanging, something like medal against medal, Hiccup glanced up towards the door, worried that someone was returning.

               A guard’s face appeared at the little window of the door, making Hiccup stand up a bit straighter, prepared to fight off the man if the need came. There was a clank and another creak before the door swung open, revealing a heavyset man dressed in Dragon skins.

               “Come on.” The guard grumbled, stepping forward and unlocking Hiccup’s ankle with a click. “The boss apparently wants to see ya’.”

               Hiccup’s arms were twisted behind his back where they were tied tight with a thick rope. He tugged a bit, struggling angrily against the burly man that had a tight grip on his arms.

               He was shoved out the cell, the medal door slamming shut and keeping him from seeing the dragons, as well as the dragon fight that Toothless was now battling. He struggled some more, gritting his teeth with the effort to fight such a larger man then himself.

               “Stop yer struggling!” The guard twisted Hiccup’s arm a bit more, making him whine in pain. He relented, and let himself be led through the stone dungeon hallways, keeping his gaze ahead so he didn’t have to look at the dragons chained in each cell.

               “Who wants me? Viggo?” Hiccup finally asked, noticing how they were getting closer to the exit.

               The man grunted. “More like a Penny Pincher. You and that Night Fury got me a lot of money, and he wants you for himself.”

               Hiccup remained silent, his mind turning as he tried to figure out what was happening. So did that mean they’d take Toothless out of the fight? He dearly hoped so. If he and Toothless were put together… maybe they’d have a chance of escaping.

               “Hurry.” The man pushed Hiccup forward and out the door into the dimming sunlight. Hiccup blinked to readjust to the surprising brightness of the sun setting sky, only then realizing how long it had been since he’d actually seen out and out daylight.

               “Move on! Ryker will have my head if we don’t get there soon.” The man grumbled again, for the hundredth time giving Hiccup a shove that nearly sent him to his knees. With his hands tied, it was difficult to catch his balance, especially with a prosthetic leg and the rocky earth.

               “Ryker, huh?” Hiccup muttered. Big surprise.

               “Hiccup, good to see ya.” Came the Grimborn’s deep voice, and Hiccup looked up slowly to pear at the man through his bangs. He glanced away with a scowl, tugging a bit more against the ropes that bound him. Toothless was nowhere to be seen, and that had him worried. If Ryker had already taken Toothless away…

               “Place him in my ship.” Ryker ordered with a nod towards the bay. “Have your men get the Night Fury.”

               Before Hiccup could say, do, or think anything, the Hunter had already shoved him away and towards the dock. The entire time Hiccup’s mind was turning in any idea to escape. Thor, if only the others would show up soon…

               Hiccup was led to a large battle ship that was anchored in the bay, and it was clearly a hunter ship. Large spikes and medal armor was layered over it, along with a few Dragon Proof cages scattered across the deck.

               Nobody said a word to him, so Hiccup chose to be silent. He was too busy thinking anyways, taking in everything and analyzing every detail. Looking for any flaw or weakness. Any means of escape.

               Some curious and confused eyes followed him, making Hiccup feel slightly awkward. Thankfully though, he was being led to the hull of the ship where a trap door lay, where he’d be able to escape curious gazes, although escape captivity? Definitely not.

               The man pushed Hiccup down the steep steps, forcing him to land on his knees at the bottom. Hiccup winced and struggled to his feet, leaning against the wall for support.

               The man continued walking, grabbing Hiccup by the arm on the way. “Take my money.” He grumbled. “Wants the dragon he gets the dragon! Grr and they were making me such a pretty penny too.”

               Hiccup stumbled again, the man letting out an angry bark before jerking him to his feet. “Keep up! Would ya?”

               “Well, untying my hands would definitely help the one-legged Viking keep his balance.” Hiccup murmured sarcastically.

               “Shut up.”

               Hiccup shrugged, but was jerked again before getting tossed into a small cell, the medal door sliding shut behind him, followed by the click of the lock.

               More grumbling was heard from outside as the man walked away, and soon, Hiccup was left in darkness.

               But since when did something like that stop him from plotting escape?

               He stood up and fumbled about, but since his arms were still tied it made it a bit difficult. He followed the wall to the door, then turned so his back was facing it before letting his hands trail over the lock, looking for a way to unlock it from the inside.

               His hands grazed over something sharp, and he let out a shout of surprise when he felt it slice into his hand. He pulled away from the door, hissing as the sharp pain stung his palm.

               “Darn it.” He whispered, looking up at the thing stream of light escaping in through the crack in the door. “So much for that.” He slumped onto the floor, feeling how it was rocking back and forth.

               Wasn’t even five minutes later when the ship gave a jerk, sending Hiccup sliding over to the opposite wall.

               “Toothless!?” Hiccup called out, hoping his dragon had been placed on the same ship. Although he highly doubted it, he would’ve known if Toothless was nearby. If he was, there would’ve been a lot more racked over the past few minutes.

               Hiccup leaned against the wall, his cupped hand filling with the blood from his wound. He sighed and tried to find a comfortable position, although with his hands tied it seemed like a fruitless cause.

               It really was only a few moments later when Hiccup’s door swung open, revealing another Hunter in the doorway.

               He didn’t say anything as he grabbed Hiccup by the arm and pushed him out the door and down the hall. At the end was another door, which Hiccup reasoned was where he was heading.  

               The Hunter opened the door before pulling Hiccup inside, then leaving without another word, locking the door behind him.

               “Hiccup.” Hiccup turned towards the voice, noticing warily how it just so happened to be Ryker. “Now, let’s get down to business.”

               Hiccup again didn’t say a word, which obviously surprised the large man, one of his eyebrows quirking questioning.

               “No sarcasm? Good… maybe you’re learning.”

               Hiccup smiled and rolled his eyes, “Maybe I don’t need to say anything.”

               Ryker glared before motioning towards the chair before the desk. Hiccup eyes it, then looked back at Ryker, but made no move to do as was silently told. Ryker growled then stepped forward and shoved Hiccup into it.

               “Now. Viggo wants you alive.” He spat out the last word, as though it was distasteful in his mouth. “But he did say I could persuade you a bit.”

               Hiccup glared, his eyes following Ryker’s movements as the man walked around the table.

               His heart fluttered when Ryker paused by the table, drawing out a knife that he tossed lightly in his hand. “And I was very happy to hear his consent.” Ryker drawled slowly.

               He leaned forward, his eyes cold, dark, and utterly terrifying.

               The knife grew closer.

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[]: The stars is in the building
They hands is to the ceiling
I know I’m ‘bout to kill it
How you know, I got that feeling


The Dyatlov Pass Incident occurred in the Ural mountains of Russia nearly 60 years ago. 9 experienced hikers were found frozen in the snow with unusual injuries and even more unusual circumstances surrounding their deaths.

A hiking group from the Ural PolyTechnical institute, lead by Igor Dyatlov, were hiking to Ortem, a category three hiking trip(the most difficult) The trip was no worry to the hikers(originally 8 men and 2 women) as they were all experienced hikers and skiers.

Before they set out on what would be the last leg of their journey one of the men, Yuri Yudin, did not feel well and had to leave early. This illness would save his life.

The group of 9 set up camp on the base of the mountain called Kholat Syakhl, also known as “Dead Mountain) in Mansi. It is unknown why they camped on the slope and not down near the forest where they would have more shelter from the elements. By the next morning all the hikers would be dead. Some of the bodies wuld not be found for 3 months.

Here is where their deaths become a mystery. It was determined they froze to death(6) or died of fatal injuries(3) however their bodoes were scattered up to 3000 meters from their tent, which had been cut open from the inside. 

Yuri Krivonischenko and Yuri Doreschenko were found 2000 meters down the hill huddled together with a dead fire. Branches on the tree they were under were broken up to 5 meters high suggesting one of them climbed up the tree. They were both shoe less and only in their underwear. Between the cedar tree and the camp the bodies of Igor Dyatlov,  Zinaida Kolomogorova, and Rustem Slobodin were found in positions suggesting they tried to return to the camp. All of these bodies were found February 26, 1959.

It wasn’t until May 6 that year that the last four hikers would be found dead under 4 meters of snow in a ravine 2075 meters away from the tent. Lyudmilla Dubinina had been found face down in the ravine missing her tongue, lips, and eyes. She had also sustained a major chest fracture along with Zolotaryov, though neither had bruising on their bodies or soft tissue to suggest anything causing the fracture. Thibeaux-Brignolles had also sustained a major skull fracture. The injuries Thibeaux-Brignolles, Zolotaryov, and Dubinina sustained that lead to their deaths were made with a force as strong as a car crash said  Dr. Boris Vozrozhdenny when asked.  Those who had died first had relinquished their clothing to the other as Zolotaryov was wearing Dubinina’s faux fur coat.

The nine hikers were the only people on the mountain that night, they had all died within 6-8 hours of their last meal, and they all left the tent by their own accord. Some hikers camping on a mountain a few kilometers away reported seeing strange orange orbs in the sky that night and the last picture on Krioneschenko’s camera showed some blurry orbs. It was also reported that at the funerals for the hikers their bodies held a deep tan, an almost orange one. Ultimately their death was ruled to be caused by an unknown force and may remain a mystery forever. 

I will say this

jinder mahal has been a jobber for YEARS, he’s been nothing but a fucking joke for years and at some point gotten fired from the company cause you know wwe likes to do that to jobbers. This is the first time… ever (to my knowledge) that he’s getting a title opportunity. Think about that actually think about that, it’s your job to get your ass kicked for people’s entertainment for literal years and you finally get a chance at the title, imagine how he feels.

Yes Jinder Concussed finn 100% but guess what: it’s wrestling it’s a dangerous sports people get injured, why don’t people understand this. One thing that I’ve noticed though is that people only turn on the ones who aren’t fan favorites. Jack Swagger injured 2 people: Wade Barret and Dolph ZIggler and you people tore him apart to the fucking core and look where he is? gone, nowhere to be seen. Seth Rollins injuries 3 people John cena- the face of the company Sting- Hall of Famer and Finn- self-explanatory. and what do I see?

“it was a Mistake~” 

“He didn’t mean it~”

“He’s not an unsafe worker”

“Cross fit jesus”

Let Jinder have this shit you babies, he’s not going to win and he’s going to disappear back into jobber dom again. Sami isn’t going to be a jobber on smackdown you would be an idiot to think that would happen at this point

To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Lin. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial.

It’s my pleasure to announce a new release straight from LinkDeadStudios. Inspired by the Breath of the Wild: The Spirit Orb

Includes: Collectors Box, Base, and of course.. a real life Spirit Orb :)


  • Modeled & Machined by: LinkDeadStudios
  • Category: Realism, Props
  • Number of Laser Injuries thus far: 3
  • Dimensions: 80mm in Diameter
  • Inspiration: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Style: Holographic 3D (NOT FLAT!). 

Thank you all for the continued support over the years.


anonymous asked:

what do u have against the flyers????


For one, there’s everything surrounding The Hit on Crosby. I was very much not a Pens fan at the time, so I’m going to refer you to @lovethygoalies‘s post here, because she did a really good job of explaining things, imo.

The transphobic and sexist insults and signs haven’t stopped. They’re atrocious, and I have absolutely no patience for it. You can not like Crosby, it’s whatever. There are going to be players people don’t like for whatever reasons, and it’s fine. But that doesn’t mean you get to call those players sexist and transphobic insults.

Then there’s the whole issue with Manning and his hit on McDavid, and the way the team and the fans handled that. I don’t know if Manning hurt McDavid last season on purpose or not, but judging from McDavid’s comments post-game and the way the Oilers reacted to Manning on the ice during that game (trust me, I watched that game, and there were instances in which the Oilers were visibly reacting to whatever shit Philly was saying) I’m inclined to believe that it was at least not completely accidental. 

I get it. It’s hockey, and injuries happen. And we don’t know for sure that it was on purpose. But the way the team handled it, by allowing it to fester a bit until it became this huge thing, and then the way the fanbase handled it? By mocking McDavid and calling him things similar to everything they sling Crosby’s way? Whoever thought this goddamn jersey was a good idea can get fucked. McDavid was 18. He was eighteen and you’re going to make fun of him for an injury that cost him 3 months of his rookie season?  

And then there’s the actual in-game scenarios with their fanbase. You don’t boo when players are hurt on the ice. It’s classless and rude and awful and yet they do it anyway. They did it this game after Murray took a knee to the head and the trainer had to come out on the ice to check him out. They’ve done it before, and they’ll do it again. 

There are good flyers, yeah, and they’ve got a prospect or two who I absolutely adore. But for the most part? Fuck the flyers, and especially fuck the culture of sexist, transphobic, and overall tasteless insults and signs and “jokes” within their fanbase. 

Story time ask meme!
  • Put a number in my ask and I'll tell you about a personal story/experience with that theme!
  • 1. Happy story?
  • 2. Injury story?
  • 3. Funny story?
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  • 5. Random story?
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  • 7. Secret story? (A story you have never told anyone before)
  • 8. Infuriating story?
  • 9. Awkward story?
  • 10. Fun story?
  • 11. Self incriminating story?
  • 12. Embarrassing story?
  • 13. Weird story?
  • 14. Oddly sexual story?
  • 15. Face-palming story?
  • 16. Food story?
  • 17. School/college/work story?
  • 18. Illness story?
  • 19. Event story? (Something that happened at a public event)
  • 20. Boring story?

I found a friend for Phineas Gage.

This skull is from an enormous mare. Definitely had to be some sort of draft breed.

She also has an equally enormous hole in her head. That’s not postmortem. That happened while this horse was still very much alive.

The bone all around it is rough, inflamed, and porous with no clean breaks anywhere around the edges. It all just crumbled away and disintegrated. That is the result of some sort of utterly devastating cancer or possibly a tumor that completely ate away her eye, most of the eye socket, and all of the surrounding bone. There may have been some additional remaining bone that fell away after the carcass rotted down but still this is an incredible trauma. I can’t imagine how this was allowed to go on for so long but it seems very likely that it was the cause of her death in the end because her teeth are in pretty good shape so she wasn’t horribly old.

Poor gal certainly had a hard time of it while she was alive but she is in loving hands now. I’m looking forward to getting her all cleaned up, repairing the damage to her nasal bones ( which is postmortem damage) and getting her ready to hang out with Phineas Gage.

Now to come up with a name…

anonymous asked:

If a character is knocked out and stays out the whole time a fight is going on (say several minutes), what kind of lasting damage is likely? Currently I have him having vertigo, balance issues and noise sensitivity immediately noticeable afterward. I'm trying to figure out what's likely to show up/last in the long term. Could he have fatigue and trouble remembering things, and fumble with names/words when he gets tired? They can't go to a doctor very soon; will that affect anything?

Oh! I should probably have added this to the last ask but it just occurred to me. A character that was just knocked out for a few minutes: can he have a coherent conversation and be thinking straight within a few minutes of waking up? Not at his best but not totally loopy either? He needs to do some intrigue for plot reasons. (Not very complicated and he has a long time to think before he needs to actually do anything.) And can how bad the TBI is be something that becomes obvious gradually?

Hey there nonny! That’s a whole lot packed into one tiny question!

Everything you’re looking at is totally realistic. I’ll give you two different examples of real-life concussions (which is what your character sounds like he has):

My own concussion: I passed out, hit my head, cut open my scalp, had a seizure from the head strike. I was out for about a minute, sat up, went “Ooh shit I’m bleeding!” all happy and cheerful, and licked the blood off my fingers. I don’t remember the day, but I know I was walking, talking – repeating things a lot, which scared the nurse, which scared me, which is why I remember it. I remember them cutting my shirt off in the trauma center, I remember waking up in my sweatshirt on the way home in the hcar, I remember waking up on the couch to watch Lord of the Rings and fuck up making Mac N Cheese. But I could have given intrigue. I was woozy and tired for a couple of  days but recovered fully.

My friend Joe’s concussion: He wasn’t even knocked unconscious. He just got a bad headbutt from a “small friend” (child client), and has had long lasting issues with executive dysfunction (planning, remembering dates/times, making choices, etc.), has definitely had some visual issues with reading, limited attention span, etc. The head injury was I think 3 years ago? His recovery blog is over at @towertumblng​.

I’m fine. He’s still having problems. I lost consciousness and had a seizure; he never lost consciousness. YMMV. Either way, some form of intrigue was possible but would be a little difficult; fatigue, trouble remembering things, fumbling for names, repetition, etc are very realistic. I think you’re pretty good to go!

There’s only one problem, which is that I don’t quite understand this question: “And can how bad the TBI is be something that becomes obvious gradually?”

I think what you’re talking about is a developing head injury, something that develops gradually, and that’s a subdural hematoma – a bleed on the inside of the meninges, that puts pressure on the brain – and that can be fatal eventually, or at least have long term consequences, and deserves its own post. But I’m not 100% sure that was the question.

I hope this helps you out a bit!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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anonymous asked:

If requests are open 23 of the baby prompts for poe please!!!!

Hahaha, I love this prompt. Will do hun!

Poe Dameron +  “I woke up in a full body cast and my wife immediately informed me that childbirth was still more painful.”

Heart monitors softly beeped in the room, the thin barrier wall surprisingly keeping out almost all other noise. Aside from the muffled sound of shuffling and voices, it was peacefully quiet. Poe’s eyes faintly fluttered as he released a sigh. Suddenly he heard a pair of footsteps and voices enter the room.

“So he lives.”

He turned to his side to see Rey and Finn entering the room, Rey giving him a smile of relief as Finn was notably easing up at the sight of him. When Poe’s X-Wing had first crashed, hardly anyone in the Resistance was convinced he wouldn’t make it. The damage had been so shockingly severe it brought them all to a heart stopping silence. Fate of course, had different plans for Poe.

“I guess.”

Finn chuckled slightly as he walked over to the bedside, giving Poe’s uninjured shoulder a light pat. 

“Glad to see you made it.”

Poe smiled as he gave Finn a nod, “I am too. This is the second time around huh?”

Finn nodded with a smirk, “Yeah you’ve got to stop doing that.”

Poe sighed, “Easier said then done my friend.”

Rey crossed her arms under her chest as he stood beside Finn, “They finally let us in to see you. Hardly anyone would tell us how long you had been in here. Well except for (Y/N) of course.”

Poe smiled at the mention of your name, remembering how adamantly concerned you were as you watched him slowly awake. 

“Of course she’d fill you in.”

“She told us you were heavily bandaged? Did that change?”

Poe snorted faintly, recalling when he had first awoken, “Yeah that changed. This is about 75% less of what I was wrapped in at first.”

Finn’s brows rose, “75%?”

Poe nodded, “The injuries were pretty bad, the burns and everything.”

“Stars, what were you in?”

Poe smirked, “I woke up in a full body cast…and my wife immediately informed me that childbirth was still more painful.”

Rey’s brows furrowed as Finn chuckled, “That sounds like (Y/N) alright.”

“In her defense, the medic said it was the equivalent of cracking 5 ribs at once, my injury was more like 3.”

Rey shook her head with a smile, “Well, at least you’re in a little better shape now.”

They all nodded as suddenly another pair of footsteps was heard. Turning around to face the door Finn and Rey moved aside to reveal you walking into the room. Poe instantly smiled as you entered, baby carefully balanced on your arm.

“There’s my two favorite people.”

You smiled as you walked up to them all, “Hello everyone.”

Turning his head slightly, (Y/S/N) looked around the room, taking in his surroundings as his eyes met with Finn and Rey. Both gave him a wave and beaming smile.

“Well hello little Dameron.”

“How nice of you to come see daddy.”

You smiled as you adjusted him in your arms, his head instinctively tucking into the nape of your neck.

“Oh he wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. He spent the whole night looking for him.”

Poe smiled as he gently patted his chest, “Bring him here.”

Your brow quirked, “Are you sure?”

Poe nodded, “It’s feeling a lot better.”

Carefully you pulled your son from you and gently laid him atop Poe’s chest. With a deep breath Poe allowed him to settle there, suddenly feeling better than he had with any medication. With warm brown eyes your son cooed at Poe, instantly seeming to be focused on the face before him. Gently Poe brought his hand to (Y/S/N)’s small back, carefully running it up and down.

“Hey big guy.”

Finn and Rey smiled, melting at the sight before them. Gently Finn rested his hand on Rey’s shoulder as he began to turn towards the door.

“We’ll leave you guys to your reunion.”

Rey nodded, “Take it easy Poe, good to see you (Y/N).”

You smiled as Poe gave them a nod, “Thanks guys.”

With a sigh Poe turned his attention back to (Y/S/N), making your heart melt as you sat in the chair at his bedside. 

“Now this, is the best thing to wake up to.”

You smiled, “You’re such a mush Dameron.”

He gave you a playful wink before turning back to (Y/S/N), leaning in carefully to place a kiss to the top of his head. 

Starcoweek 3: Injury

So here is my submission for today’s prompt for @starcoweek3 Injury … what do you mean it was supposed to be recovery? Why does no one tell me these things? Anyway, you have @artgirllullaby to thank for giving me inspiration for this one so I will dedicate this one to her, that’s right, she is the reason this fic exists, you can all thank her. Now let’s get right to it, shall we?”

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#4 Mitch Marner

can u do a mitch marner one where ur like the assistant medical trainer and he gets concussed during a game and while he’s on pain meds/ loopy bc he’s concussed he talks about how in love with u he’s in because he doesn’t realize it’s you he’s talking to please?? omg

just also health psa im using creative license. they dont give you strong pain meds when you get concussed so like if you ever do get concussed just take a panadol, Please do not take strong pain medication and also definitely see a doctor asap. THIS HAS BEEN A HEALTH PSA FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD PHARMACY ASSISTANT. Also don’t take any anti-inflam (jfc do not) 


song suggestion of the day: Out of Control by Glass Caves (this is a good song that i discovered today)

Originally posted by werenskiz

Your job was definitely not an easy one. In all your years of working in professional hockey, it had been a hard slog. You’d moved to the Maple leafs this season and to be honest, you liked it so much better than your previous jobs. At least with the leafs everyone was so open and supportive and the boys themselves were always so polite too (even if your help wasn’t always appreciated). During your time in the NHL, you’d gotten to know which teams you should be wary of when it came to player safety. You also knew which players to be concerned about and yes, one of which was most definitely Mitchell Marner. As such you really shouldn’t have been too surprised but dear god, that was an awkward fall. He didn’t look too good and Tyler Bozak skated over to help him too his feet. The nineteen year old clutched his head and was quickly pulled off the ice and whisked down to you and the rest of the leafs medical team. After a lot of groaning and complaining, he was eventually given some drugs to help calm him down so that you could assess him properly. The groggy brunet didn’t shut up, even faced with injury and a probable 3 weeks out of the game. It was a good sign, even if his speech was slightly slurred. You made sure to prompt him with questions every so often to keep him doing so, checking for any other injuries that he may have suffered from the impact.

“How’m I doing, Doc?”

“You’re doing great, Mitch.” you replied with a smile as you gently checked his shoulder flexibility for any signs of stiffness in the joint.

He nodded blankly, leaning back against the wall. “Where’s Y/N?’ he questioned.

“Here, Mitch.” you replied, trying to hide your smile at how out of it he was.

“Huh,” Mitch replied, nodding a little and falling silent for a bit. “Y/N’s really pretty.” he added after a bit. “Like really pretty.”

You weren’t really sure how to respond to that so you just mumured a quiet “okay,” and continued your assessment, keeping your head down to hide your blush.

“Those eyes!” Mitch grinned. “oh and that smile! I love her smile. She smiles a lot.” he informed you. “and she’s always so nice. And funny too!”

“Okay, Mitch.” you replied with a quiet laugh of disbelief.

“You’d understand what I’m talking about if you met her. Her laugh is literally the best thing I’ve ever heard. I love making her laugh.” Mitch blabbed.

“Okay, Mitch, how about we get you up to the hospital for some tests.” you told him. Reluctantly, he agreed, letting you help him to his feet and pass him on to some of your colleagues. 

“If you see Y/N, can you tell her that I’m okay?”

“Will do, Marner.” you chuckled.