injuries are the new black

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( @little-star-and-friends - Dark) He weakly knocked on the door. He hoped that whoever's home could hear them, if they didn't, he would pass out on their doorstep. "I feel stupid...What was I so worried about that I lost sleep and didn't eat a thing over?" He rested his right hand on his head, trying to remember made his head hurt. "I just hope someone's home. I don't want them opening their door to find a random Bomber out cold on their doormat."

Black raised his head, still sitting on the couch and waiting for his head to heal. Seemed like it would take a while until he was fully recovered and he didn’t felt like walking to his room without help, though. “Hey, can anyone answer the door?”

Silence. His siblings were busy with other things, it seemed. He sighed and tremblingly, dragged himself to the door. What he saw when he opened the door shocked him: It was his new rival, Dark, injuried and bleeding. Even if Black himself wasn’t completly okay, he couldn’t ignore the other Bomber. “C… Cool Shades?! What happened to you?”

Oh gosh, Black could remember that he was a kid when he came up with this nickname. But it was so fitting, he would keep the nickname up, unless Dark was against it.