Thank you, Saint Jude Thaddeus, for all your favors. It started raining, and I, on my way home, had to cross the river. The rain was getting stronger, and I couldn’t get out of the current. My horse and I, we tried another time and got out but the horse stumbled and fell on me. My rib was broken, but I got better after I had an operation.

Blas Gallegos
Puebla, 1965

It takes time to fall in love with running again. It takes runs in the pouring rain, excited conversations with your teammates, running new courses, running familiar ones just for comfort. sometimes falling in love means removing yourself from the science of it all and just feeling it. feeling the run, the pain, the high that comes after. sometimes it means leaving the watch at home and forgetting about pace. falling in love again means forgiveness. sometimes you need to take a step back and realize you are exactly where you need to be. you have been in the darkness before, and you have no reason to fear anything anymore. 

An Open Letter About My Disappointments With How Woollim Has Been Managing INFINITE

I am going to be completely honest and straight. First of all, I am only focusing on INFINITE, but this can pretty much apply to any group in any company.

Honestly, I was torn when Woollim first announced that they would be merging with SM C&C because of the rather dismal track-record SM as a whole has of star management. Let’s be real, SM C&C is still a part of SM. 

On the other hand, SM is a powerhouse, with massive financial backing, and that means more opportunities for the boys, which has proven to have gained INFINITE phenomenal popularity (aka success) - especially over the last year. It also means that instead of competing against the really big names in Hallyu that SM has signed to them, they get to stand together on the stage. I understand the financial decision to create an alliance and avoid unnecessary competition in an already too saturated market. But at what price?

Woollim is NOT taking care of the boys, and hasn’t been for a long time. 

This is exactly what so many Inspirits were scared was going to happen. “SM are only in control of INFINITE’s International activities” Well, INFINITE sure have been busy in South Korea this last year and a bit…especially after the realistic amount of time they were given to rest and recover after the first world tour before diving into any new schedules… See my point?

INFINITE have not seemed to be genuinely happy to me for a very long time (since they started promotions for Destiny in June/July of 2013 to be completely honest), and that does concern me a lot. I know that they’re stressed and they’re super busy and they travel far too much, and because of that, they’re really tired. So, naturally, it’s harder to be happy and positive. They are not machines after all. But that is exactly the problem. They are working too hard. I often wonder how much pleasure they still get out of performing anymore. 

They are starting to get clumsy because their bodies are strained far too much. Clumsy = injuries. Injuries = unhappy company. Unhappy company = unhappy idols. Unhappy idols = upset fans. Upset fans = NO INCOME. We are literally your source of income. Where does the money come from when you have chased us all away? Why can’t they make that connection?

I am beyond disappointed with how Lee Jungyeop has been handling the management of INFINITE - especially because he claimed that INFINITE were his “everything” and that “I only trust INFINITE”. 

He is doing a really poor job of repaying the trust we all put in him back when we decided to believe in the boys and to trust our CEO because he has done so much for the boys in the past (and he really has). Especially the boys - I can’t imagine how betrayed they must feel. They gave up a huge part of their lives after all. Not just years. They gave up family, friends, love, privacy, freedom to a massively large degree, and decent sleep and eating patterns to name just a bit. 

And don’t even get me started on promoting the individual talents and interests of the boys. Woollim now feels like a vacuum - out for every cent they can suck out of us, and that makes me angry.

I do not want to leave the fandom. I love INFINITE so much, but Woollim is quickly sinking in my list of favorite companies. I am not saying to give in to every whim the boys have, but a little bit of realistic consideration for physical limitations would be great. I liked Woollim because they were different from the other companies I knew about. It really did feel like their stars were important to them, and that made me proud. 

It also seems that Woollim has not taken into consideration that:
1. There are a lot of fans who are unemployed, too young to legally work, and/or whose parents are either unwilling or unable to support a hobby like this. They have a really hard time getting money together, so all these limited editions can be REALLY disheartening. 
2. Infinite’s fanbase consists in large part of International fans, which means we have to pay shipping on anything we order. Depending on where you are in the world, shipping can be ridiculous. I have to pay a minimum of $70 JUST for shipping, my only other option is no tracking number & 3-4 months to get here IF it gets here. So no, an album does not cost me $20. It costs me $90. Relax with the releases a bit, please. 

I am no longer proud of Woollim, and it hurts me to say that.

Yes, fans do over-react, and tend to panic and cause a mountain out of a molehill, but the reality is that they are still injured. In what universe is it okay for an injury to STILL be a problem a year after it was supposed to have healed? Another lie, Woollim.  These injuries are long-standing, and therefore have the potential to damage INFINITE’s career (especially Hoya. That was a ligament injury. He is a dancer. How many weeks was he given to recover? A few days) because they were not properly treated when they should have been.

It hurts me so much because Woollim lied to us. No, actually, they made the boys stand on the stage they love so much and essentially lie to us. “Nothing will change”.

Even though it might sound like it, I am not saying that this is entirely Lee Jungyeop’s fault. I am perfectly well aware of how companies work - especially big ones like SM. I am disappointed that he let a board of directors (whose only goal is to make a profit - let’s be honest) get so much control over the boys he claimed to care so much for. He risked EVERYTHING for them - literally - and now he just hands them over to a powerhouse who has far too much else going on to even spare a glance, a powerhouse who has a rather well documented history of questionable treatment toward their own money-makers.

I do not understand the mentality of squeezing as much out of the groups as you can before they leave you. The way I see it, if you treat your employees like actual human beings, they will stay with you. You will get a lifetime of hard work, loyalty and dedication out of them. How is five - seven years, ending in anger and betrayal and most often lawsuits better than that?  How can a broken celebrity make you money? And most concerning of all: why is that a trend in the Entertainment Industry in South Korea?!

Sungkyu has been joking about leaving the company every once in a while for a long time already and I am left to wonder how much of that is actually a joke. There’s a bit of truth in everything.

Honestly, I hope that when their contracts expire, INFINITE will sign with a company who will appreciate them, and give them the artistic licence they have more than earned. I don’t care who it is. I don’t care what name they promote under if they can’t take the name of INFINITE with them, it is not the trademark INFINITE I love after all. Who I love are Kim Sungkyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Lee Howon, Lee Sungyeol, Kim Myungsoo, and Lee Sungjong.

They have pulled me through so much hardship, so many dark times in my life, and it is upsetting that all I can do is sit half the world away and send them encouraging messages and hope they see them.

INFINITE really means so much to me, and it hurts me that I can’t protect them when they are suffering.

INFINITE have already worked so hard for so long.

INFINITE are Woollim’s backbone, and they grew Woollim to what it is today. Treat INFINITE better, and they will stay with you. Treat INFINITE better, and WE will stay with you. 

To INFINITE: I love you, and I just want you to be happy and healthy. 

Tyson Kidd to be out of action for 14 months
[June 30th, 2015]

What good is a recovery if I fumble it? -@Eminem
Got my bandages off, long road to recovery begins 

This is the worst news. Sincerely, this is the last thing I wanted to see today. Tyson Kidd has been a favorite of mine since he debuted with The Hart Dynasty in 2010. He has a sincere fire about him that impossible to duplicate, and he’s worked so hard in the last few months with Cesaro to solidify a great team. I’m sending him my best, and I hope the rest of you do as well via Twitter at this link.

On November 17th 1941, Ivory Hill, a 28 year old plantation worker from New Orleans, survived an automobile accident in which a wooden post 27 inches in length pierced through his chest, narrowly missing his heart. Following the accident, Hill walked for about half a mile and then drove for another 15 miles to get help, not once losing consciousness. Within two months he had fully recovered.

During a 4 hour operation, Australian diver Rodney Fox required 462 stitches after being attacked by a great white shark. Almost bitten in half, his abdomen had been completely torn open and every rib in the left hand side of his body was broken. He’d also suffered serious bite marks to his shoulder, arm and side. His wet suit was practically holding him together. However, just three months after his ordeal, Rodney was back in the water with a shark tooth embedded in his wrist as a personal token of his survival.