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Fic: Voices Carry ch. 5

So I recently hit 1000 followers on here, which is incredible and insane because I haven’t even had this account for a full year. To celebrate and to thank all of you, I’m uploading the next chapter of Voices Carry a few days early. Yay!

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Leonard woke up propped against the window of a cop car. Sara was in the driver’s seat. She glanced back at him through the rearview mirror, her eyes meeting his for a brief second before they returned to the road.

“Morning sunshine,” she said, “I was starting to wonder if I’d actually killed you.”

“Not quite,” Leonard replied, grimacing as he moved his injured leg, “I take it you’re bringing me to the precinct.”

“Haven’t decided yet,” Sara said, tipping her head to the side, “I was going to, but then you mentioned — no, threatened — my daughter, and I can’t just let that go.”

“Look,” Leonard said, trying and failing to sit up, “I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. I just need you to—”

“You have until the intersection at 1st and Main to explain yourself,” Sara interrupted, “If I like what you’re saying, I’ll turn left and bring you to the hospital. If I don’t, I’ll keep going straight to the precinct. Deal?”

“Deal,” Leonard said instantly, “but just one thing; don’t take me to the hospital. Take me back to my apartment.”

“Are you kidding? You could have a bullet in your leg!”

“I don’t do hospitals.”

“Fine,” Sara rolled her eyes, “Start talking.”

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She is halfway up the drive way when her phone starts to buzz in her bag. She shakes her head with a bright smile when she sees his name on the display.
“Shouldn’t you have your eyes on the road…?”

College!AU in which Natasha studies ballet at NYADA and Bucky just returned home to NYC after having been gravely injured on his last tour in Iraq. It is love at first sight for the boy from Brooklyn and the Russian princess who grew up on the Upper East Side. Her parents however see their daughter’s future already written in stone and for them someone like Bucky has no place in her story.

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Because I’m sick and feeling sentimental and it’s Valentine’s Day so sue me.

Cas gives away love like it costs him nothing.

Dean watches him, watches the gentleness of his touch toward the baby bird they find injured on the side of the road, watches the calming softness of his voice when he speaks to the little girl whose parents were turned into vampires. Love pours out of him easily, naturally. Dean tries to tell himself that he is an angel and that is what angels do, but no, angels are warriors. Cas is different.

Sometimes, after one of these moments, Cas will look toward Dean and Dean will have to catch his breath, caught in the full force of Cas’ easy love. He’ll blush and look away, maybe stammer something about helping Sam clean up from the hunt, and escape from Cas’ gaze.

Because Dean, well, Dean holds his love close. He has built something up around his heart, trying to protect himself, and now the thought of taking it down and letting all the love he has inside spill out terrifies him. What if it is not enough to save the people he cares about?

But under Cas’ loving eyes, something inside him cracks. This angel, this immortal all-powerful being, can look at him, a broken scarred man, and not turn away in disgust. In fact, Cas smiles and reaches out, taking Dean’s hand.

“You okay?” he murmurs.

“Yeah,” Dean says gruffly. “I just, uh… You mean a lot to me, man.”

The smile on Cas’ face softens, understanding, and Dean feels his throat tighten inexplicably. He doesn’t deserve this unconditional love that shines from Cas’ eyes. He tries to pull away and put his walls back up, as usual, but Cas tugs him back in with a squeeze of his hand.

“I love you too, Dean.”

Battle Scar - Crowley x Reader

can you write a fic where the reader gets seriously injured on a hunt and crowley has to tend to and take care of the reader. i just want fluff and crowley sweetness. &  Imagine being found at the side of the road, beaten and tortured and crowley finds and takes care of you. no smut please <3

GUESS WHO JUST WROTE A FIC REQUEST? THAT’S RIGHT BITCHES IT’S ME (I’ll do the one I got the other day next!)

Word Count: 884

Warnings: Injury, mention of torture

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One day The Baron was out a-walking, when by the side of the road, he found two injured constructs.  They possessed the faces and torsos of beautiful women, and the bodies of deadly serpents.
“Help us, kind sir,” the creatures begged.
“Of course,” said The Baron.  He took them to his castle, and patiently nursed them back to health.
And when they were both once again sleek and strong, the first one bit him with her deadly, poisonous fangs.
“Why did you do that?” screamed the second construct.  “He helped us!”
The first construct shrugged.  “He shouldn’t be surprised.  He knew we were monsters when he took us in.”
“But we don’t have to act like monsters,” Said the second.  “I have chosen not to.”
“And that,” said The Baron to the second construct as he revealed the armor beneath his clothing and drew forth his terrible sword, “Is why you will live.
—  Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess, pg. 390, Phil and Kaja Foglio
Road Side ~ Stiles Stilinski // Teen Wolf

Master List (Out Soon)
Y/N - Your Name
POV - Point Of View
Plot: You found Stiles injured and unconscious on your way back into Beacon Hills and even though you two aren’t particularly friends, you still help him.   
Word Count: 1,437
Disclaimer Or Whatever: Based on what I was thinking about in the car as I saw a really fucking beautiful sunset and when Ed Sheeran was playing in the background.

^ Play this when I tell you too ^

My headlights flickered on, illuminating the dark road and a green sign with white print letters signifying that I was a little over twenty miles out of Beacon Hills. I sighed and leaned back in my seat, taking one hand of the wheel, propping my elbow against the window and cupping my forehead with my hand. Is this really a good idea?

Three days ago I left Beacon Hills with nothing but a small backpack and my wallet; I was supposed to leave for a week just to get away from all this supernatural crap but I got a feeling. You know, that feeling you get when you know something is going to go wrong. Yeah, I had that feeling and here I am now.  

I continued driving in complete silence on the empty road, the only sound was the hum of the engine and the muffled static from the radio. I turned the corner only for the white of my headlights to catch something out of the ordinary laying in-between the thin trunks of the trees, quickly I cut the engine and stepped out the car, jogging over to where the headlights were shining. As I got closer I realized what it was.

A body.

I cupped my mouth as I towered over the body. Stiles. I sat flat on my legs next to him and picked up his face. I shivered at his deathly cold touch.  
“Stiles” I kept repeating as I ran my hand through his flat hair that covered his forehead, only to see a deep cut covered in blood. I bent down to find a heartbeat and exhaled a deep breath then sat up once I heard a few thumps coming from inside his chest.

Slowly I moved to the side and wrapped my arms under his shoulders. I took a deep breath and counted to three before attempting to lift him up and drag him to my car. His head flopped backwards and landed on my bare chest which resulted in his blood dripping down onto my bark blue tanktop but in this moment it didn’t phase me. I need to get him in my car and safe.

Each time when my arms gave out I counted to three in my head and carried on dragging him.
“Its okay Stiles, I have you” I mumbled, his head rolled to the side in response. How did he even end up here? He couldn’t have walked could he?

Thankfully we made it to the car and I managed to haul the unconscious boy onto the passenger seat. As I closed the door I glanced down at the blood on one half of my chest and the hem of my tank top. He must have been hit in the last hour because he’s still bleeding. I jogged over to the back of the car and took out a small medical kit from the boot, and then I jogged into the driver’s seat and turned on the car. The radio turned back on but this time instead of static a small hum of music came on.
(I recommend playing Ed Sheeran – Photograph or Give me love for the rest of the imagine (Play the video I linked ^))

I turned the heat up and straddled over Stiles’ body, with a knee either side of his thighs and my butt light pressed against his lap.

“It’s okay Stiles, you’re safe now” I whispered as I cleaned his wound gently so I wouldn’t hurt him. I took this time to look at the boy I’ve pretty much known for my entire life. As kids him, me and Scott would play together all the time. We were all so close that me and Scott even knew Stiles’ real name but it wasn’t until we all were around thirteen when puberty dawned on us and we drifted apart, it’s only been recent in the past year that we’ve started to connect and become close again but mostly with Scott. I still don’t really associate with Stiles as much as I used to. 

Wait. Does Scott know where he is? I lifted myself off of Stiles slightly to reach for my phone in the back seats but I felt two cold hands wrap around my waist and bring me down back into my previous position. Confused, I looked down at Stiles to see he was covered in goose bumps. I skimmed my hand across the air vent. The warm air hasn’t fully come on yet, I turn my attention back to Stiles to see he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and sweatpants. He shivered slightly and brought me a little closer, I smiled a little covered the wound with a bandage.

After I finally cleaned the rest of the dry blood off Stiles I placed the medical kit on my driver seat and then I reached down to the side of Stiles and pulled a lever and I carefully pushed against his seat which gradually descended into a horizontal position. I pulled of my miraculously clean flannel and covered Stiles’ sleeping body with it. I smiled to myself as I climbed into the backseats and layed there, turning on my phone to see a few messages from Scott and the rest of the pack that have been sent in the past half an hour.

After I messaged Scott saying that I have Stiles and he’s safe I turned off my phone and fell asleep.

.   .   .

A bright light made me flicker my eyes open. I sat up and adjusted the strap of my tank top that slipped off my shoulder. I looked at my phone; 10:43.p.m.

I sat up fully to hear the soft snores coming from the front seat, I glanced outside the windows to see that the once dark, cloud infested sky was now perfectly clear with a beautiful rainbow like ombre sunset. Without waking Stiles I got out the car, the fresh night air brushing against my skin. I noticed that we were still parked on the side of the road that gave me the perfect view of the distant silhouette of the town and the mesmerizing colors of the sunset.  I lifted myself up and sat crossed legged on the hood of my car. I leaned against the window and looked up at the beautiful sky the light and dark blue slowly rising from the corner and bringing small sprinkles of stars with it.

Stiles POV

I woke up to find that I was in someone’s car. I sat up from the horizontal chair to see that a flannel was draped over my body; I turned around to see that there was an open medical kit on the drivers chair and a phone with a familiar case on the car floor. I felt something weird on the corner of my forehead and I went to feel it. A bandage.

Finally I looked up to see someone leaning against the window, I smiled to myself as I recognized the small birth mark on the persons shoulder. I opened the car door and stepped out, walking over to her and lifted myself up next to her. She sat up but without words I covered the both of us with her flannel. She rested once again and I nestled next to her. Without thinking I covered her hand with mine. “I don’t remember much of what happened a few hours ago but thank you” I watched her as she smiled and took her hand away from mine leaving it cold but she then slipped her hand in mine once again and intertwined our fingers which I gladly did back.

“I’m always here for you Stiles” she said looking up and me.
I felt my heart flutter at her words. Suddenly a boost of confidence splashed over me as a sat up a little, towering over her.

Slowly I leaned down, my body already exploding with electricity. She leant upwards and before I knew it our lips connected. I thought she was going to pull away and reject me like I’ve feared for years but she didn’t. She lightly put her hand around the back of my neck and deepened the kiss. I smiled into it and positioned myself so I was over her, each hand on the opposite side of her waist.

The kiss went on what felt like year which I didn’t mind at all but when she pulled away a whimper escaped my lips. She chuckled and kidded the bridge of my nose.

“I like you Y/N”
“I can see” she chuckled again before pecking my lips.
“I like you too Stilinski”

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What made you decide on a raccoon to have as your companion? Thought you'd be a more raven as a pet kinda guy

I believe I already explained this, dear anon, but I’d be happy to retell the tale. When Karl was a baby, I found him injured on the side of the road and I knew he’d die if I didn’t do something fast. I was going to return him to the wild after he was healed, but during his recovery I got attached to him and him to me and I decided to keep him

(also I tried a raven once. It attacked me and flew away)

          Six gives very little of a shit about the plight of some injured prick on the side of the road. They had too much ground to cover and not nearly enough time to do it. Not to mention it could be a goddamn trap, and honestly, in the time they’d spent bickering, they could have at least been walking, but no, this fucker’s gotta stand in his GODDAMN way.

                     we don’t got time for this shit, brother, “ he snaps,  look at those markings– that face ink has raider bait written all over it. 

Mexico teachers protest: Six killed in Oaxaca clashes
Six people are killed and another 50 injured, including many policeman, in clashes at roadblocks set up by activists in the state of Oaxaca.

Six people have been killed in southern Mexico in clashes between protesting teachers and police.

Another 50 people, including many police officers, were injured.

The incident took place in the state of Oaxaca, where two high-profile union leaders were arrested last week, accused of corruption.

Members of the CNTE union, which has a history of radical activism, have been blocking roads in southern Mexico ever since the union leaders were arrested.

The authorities said the police were trying to clear the roads when unknown gunmen began firing at both sides in order to create chaos and conflict.

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024 Dislocated

Notes: REQUEST is below! As a side note, she doesn’t die (obvs - we’ve got two more kids yet!), she’s not seriously injured at all. In my head, the arm thing ends up being a dislocated shoulder which is fixed in the hospital that evening. They end up on the last train in to London and Harry manages Isabella’s pancakes the next morning. Enjoy x

“Har…Harry,” you managed to croak out. You didn’t know what had happened. It was night. You’d been in the middle of a conversation in the passenger seat. Harry was the wheel cruising along an otherwise empty country road. You were on the way back from a couple of days away from Isabella and Zack. In the blink of an eye, you were knocked out and now waking up to an unrecognisable ditch.

Your head was stuck at an angle facing away from the driver’s seat so you couldn’t even glance across to see if Harry was alright or whether he was even still in the car. You’d had no response when you spoke his name. Had he been thrown from it? You voice was as quiet as a mouse as you spoke his name again. Your eyes were closing gradually and you felt an overwhelming tiredness before feeling something dripping down from your head. If you could, you would’ve lifted your hand to touch it but you discovered your right arm was stuck between the seat and the console, and you simply couldn’t move your left arm without pain.

You felt a slight dip to your right, as if somebody was getting in the car, and you finally heard him respond. “Love, it’s ok.” His voice was shaking. “You’re ok. An ambulance is on the way.” He sniffed.

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A/N:  Part one of a two-shot. The next one will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned!

Day: (12, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)

It was at a wrong place and at a wrong time.

She shouldn’t even be there.

And now she was hurt.


Oh so badly that he let out a howl of fury and struck down the giant robot when it tossed her like some ragdoll to the side of the road, the sickening crunch of bone against building let something snap inside him that all hell was let loose. The moment he scratched the metal surface of the bionic being with his destruction, striking down again and again that even though his power had vanished, his claws scared the robot.

He was so immersed in his anger, having revenge coursing through his veins and consuming his frame that she was already out cold on the ground when he breathed heavily through his nose, slowly straightening up from his hunched position over the now destroyed thing under him.

When the akuma broke free, he didn’t even spare it a glance as he bounded over the scraps of machine as fast as he could, his heart pounding against his chest before he skidded to a halt beside her.

Something physically froze inside him when he saw the way her right arm was twisted at a weird angle, her chest rising and falling at an alarmingly slow rate. Gently, he picked her up before scaling through the road to make his way towards the hospital as fast as he could, dodging and jumping over obstacles that managed to cross his path, turning a deaf ear towards everything and everyone around him while his brain kept roaring protect protect protect.

“Stay with me, princess,” he muttered, tightening his hold onto her just the slightest bit as he went higher ground to avoid the traffic. “You’re going to be fine.”

And when he burst through the doors shouting for help, the nurses quickly pried her from him, where he had a hard time to let go despite wanting to make sure she was better as he quickly explained what happened.

“You can’t go inside, Chat Noir,” One of the nurses blocked his way when he tried to follow. “It’s better to not be around her at the moment. After what you told us, she might have hit her head in the process that caused her to pass out, and the possibilities of her getting a concussion is almost avoidable, but we’ll have to make sure she has some space so that she doesn’t panic when she wakes up.”

The nurse’s words almost didn’t make sense to him after everything that happened, but he pushed his emotions from crowding his brain as he took a step forward. “But-”

“I’m sorry.” Before he could say anything else, she whirled around and pushed herself through the double doors, leaving the hero to stand there hopelessly as he stared after her.

He shook his head when he heard his ring gave him a warning, and began running out of the building when he felt rage coursing through his veins again, wanting to get rid of all the negativity that accumulated inside him.

He let the wind slam onto his face as adrenaline clawed in his systems, trying to shed all the heavy weight that managed to settle on his skin as his arms and legs effortlessly swung himself into the air, slipping past rooftops and alleys alike.

Ignoring another warning from his ring, he soared into the air again, praying that Marinette would be alright.


Don’t leave me.

Chinese American fights off five robbers, kills 1, injures 4

A Chinese American in Houston fought against five robbers and killed one after getting attacked near his house last month.

The man was on his way to dinner with his wife on January 4 when the robbery occurred.

Two of the robbers had hidden themselves on the side of the road near the man’s house and reportedly ran to his car door in an attempt to force it open as the couple was starting their car. One of the robbers shouted, “this is a robbery, give me your money and car.“

The man tried to resist at first, but then pretended to obey and offered to give them his wallet, when he suddenly took out a gun from his pocket and shot at the attackers.

Three other accomplices in another car crashed into the victims’ vehicle as they saw the gunshots being fired.

The man kept shooting at his attackers’ vehicle as his wife ran back to their house, and grabbed a long-barreled rifle.

The attackers’ vehicle overturned after losing control and hit cars parked nearby. Three of the attackers crawled out from their car and fled the scene.

Local police arrived at the robbery site soon, arresting one of the injured offenders and found another one dead. Two other robbers were captured on the road several hours later, and the other one is still at large.

Flexi-leads can be helpful, but they can also be very dangerous. Knowing when to use and when not to use a flexi-lead is vital.

Flexi-leads should not be used in crowded places. The thin cord or tape is difficult to see and can easily trip a person or dog. If the tape gets wrapped around someone’s limbs it can severely injure them or even amputate fingers. Letting your dog get too far away can mean you’re not close enough to help if they get in trouble.

Using flexi-leads near roads is also a bad plan. Even if your dog “always stays on the sidewalk,” they might get distracted by a squirrel or panic because of sudden loud noises. A dog who is ten feet in front of you can be suddenly ten feet to the side and in the path of a car, and there’s not much you can do in a short period of time.

Do not use more than one flexi-lead at a time. Unless you have a third functioning hand, you won’t be able to safely hold two or more when you need to pick up after your dog. Flexi-leads are bulky and difficult to hold onto at the best of times; trying to fit more than one in your hand is a recipe for disaster. You won’t be able to lock them quickly, or they may be pulled from your hands.

Do not use a flexi-lead with a new rescue or a sound-sensitive dog. Many dogs get scared when their walker drops the flexi-lead and it “chases” them, clattering loudly. 

Another thing to be aware of is the failure rate of flexi-leads. Many people have experienced their flexi-lead’s lock mechanism breaking. Make sure the leash you’re using is rated for your dog’s weight and that the brand is well-rated. Always be prepared for your equipment to fail.

Do not use a flexi-lead with any kind of anti-pull device. Prong collars, choke collars, head halters, front-clip harnesses, or the pulls-on-thin-cords-in-the-dog’s-armpits anti-pull harnesses are not meant to be used with a flexi-lead. Flexi-leads encourage the dog to pull by rewarding them with more freedom of movement when they do. Ideally, a back-clipping harness should be used to protect the dog’s neck from any kind of sudden pressure when you lock the leash.

Now that you know when not to use a flexi-leash, here are some reasons you may want to.

Some dogs want privacy when pottying. A flexi-lead allows you to keep them on a leash while still giving them the space they need to be comfortable. For dogs used to pottying in a fenced yard, this can be invaluable when traveling.

For deaf dogs, being off-leash may not be an option. Some find the constant feedback of the flexi-lead’s pressure to be reassuring since they can’t hear your footsteps like other dogs can.

When exploring an unpopulated trail, a flexi-lead will allow your dog to explore and sniff to their heart’s content while keeping them from running away. 

Long lines are an alternative to flexi-leads, but carry some of the same caveats. Do not use either in crowded places, and be aware that the drag of the line over skin can cause serious friction burns quickly. Wrapping any kind of leash around your hand can cause injury, but the longer the leash the more likely this is.


Today in Austria, a deer was hit by a bus and crashed threw the windshield. 
The driver panicked and fled the still moving bus, leaving the deer and two passengers behind.
The bus did not stop until it crashed into a tree on side of the road. 
While the passengers hid in the back of the bus, the deer calmed down and surprisingly took a seat in second row. It wouldn´t move for an entire hour, sometimes looking out of the window - even when a vet and police arrived at the scene.
It then stood up and used the back door to leave behind the accident site. 
The veterinarians suppose the deer was just in shock but not injured.

The girls and I were in a car accident yesterday. Everyone survived, we are just a little injured and shaken up. Very grateful to be alive, to be in such a beautiful country and to have each other. We were forced into a detour due to another couple having a crash (one fatality), where the gravel was loose and not safe around a corner. Our car spun off the road and down a hill, we were quite lucky to all walk (or be carried out) away from it in one piece. A lovely Australian couple saw it happen and helped us on the side of the road, as well as called the ambulances who came shortly after and took care of us. I’m in quite a bit of pain today but have medication to help and am mentally feeling so much better. I can’t quite open my left eye, my head hurts like crazy and my arms and legs are bruised, but with what happened I could have been so much worse of and I feel incredibly lucky to be here right now typing this.

Please always be safe when getting behind a wheel, ALWAYS wear seat belts, and make sure your airbags are working so you can get a sick smokey eye like mine if anything ever happens.

Life is so short, be grateful for every day that you have here with your loved ones.

(PS: please pray for my camera! It was on my lap when we crashed, and wasn’t retrieved from the ditch so we are going to search the car for some belongings tomorrow. It was brand new and has all my NZ vlog footage, please manifest it turns up okay!)
{ Heart Shifter }

It was a rather stormy night, and with that came confused drivers who ran over animals, whether they be deer or coons or cats. But tonight lay a beautiful black Great Dane on the side of the road, injured after being ran over earlier in the day and left to die by a heartless soul. The dog whimpered, lonely and cold and in pain.


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Prompt: Vir and/or Solas get injured in a very tough fight (probably an ambush w/ really high level enemies or something).

Thank you for the prompt. I’m not sure what this is. Sorry, apparently I’m terrible at prompts. :]

This might be fluff?

“This world is an abomination,” Solas said to the stone ceiling. Hands stripped off his armor to get at the wound in his side. They were in one of the far caverns of the Deep Roads, a trio of massive darkspawn had rushed their defenses. Solas was forced to hold his shields against them to protect their forces. He had taken a glancing blow, but the power of it had torn into his side and knocked him against a wall.

Dwarves did not have mages and their companions were in a different section, Vir was tending to him while Varric guarded them. The rest of their forces attempted to hold back the darkspawn assault. It was either dark where they were or his vision was failing, he was not sure which. He watched Vir work to save him. Her movements were efficient and calm, a sharp contrast to her expression that was somewhere between terrified and furious.

“Disconnected from the Fade, confined to these prisons of flesh with no magic to speak of. A simple healing spell would solve this, but instead I must be stabbed repeatedly.” He stopped talking then as Vir was indeed stabbing him repeatedly with small metal clamps that could hold a gaping wound shut. Barbaric. They bit into his skin, he was certain she used more than strictly necessary. 

“Deep breath,” she ordered and he complied. A bandage came next, pulled as tight as she could make it.

A torrent of words not directed at him erupted from her mouth in a combination of languages that was difficult to follow. She was likely cursing as she tended to do when she was emotional. He found it endearing. One of the Legionnaires shouted something back at her.

“Drink this,” she said, helping him tilt his head to drink something potent and sticky. The pain subsided considerably and a vaguely tingling sensation coursed down his side.

“This is nice,” he said as the edges of everything began to give off a vaguely pink aura. “Could you not have given me this first?”

“You wouldn’t be able to tell me where the wounds were if I did,” she answered. “We need to end this to reach that lift so we can get help.” Again, not directed at him. She leaned close enough to kiss his cheek and something wet dripped on his face. She hated crying in front of other people. She would probably be angry about this later. “Stay alive, my hope, and stay awake,” she whispered. “No Fade walking for you.” She stood and left his field of view. “Stay with him, Varric.”

“Don’t worry. Bianca and I will take care of him.”

Solas heard footsteps rapidly running away from them. Even in the darkness of the cavern he was able to see the mark as she ran toward the group of darkspawn. It was the largest of the three that was giving the Legionnaires the most trouble. The mark flipped through the air.

He was beginning to feel lightheaded. He hoped it was just a side effect of the potion. “Do you see that, Varric?” He meant to point but his weakness only allowed for a vague fluttering of one of his fingers. “The grace with which she moves, the conservation of energy, the precision.” Vir landed atop the largest darkspawn and began hacking at its spine. “A brutality that is almost sensual, do you not agree?” Definitely feeling lightheaded, definitely the potion.

Varric made a strangled noise in the back of his throat. “I’m not touching that one, Chuckles.”

“I am,” he said with a sigh. “It is wonderful.”

That won him a dry chuckle. “You know, you’re pretty funny when you’re injured. You should get stabbed more often.”

Solas smiled to himself. “She tried to stab me once, but she changed her mind. She loves me.” He should try to stop talking, he hoped they would be able to leave soon for more reasons than just his injuries. The darkspawn roared as Vir’s attacks found their mark.

“Under normal circumstances I’d be encouraging you, but this… this isn’t right. I’m going to recommend you change the subject, Chuckles. Tell me about some of your crazy spirit stuff instead.”

“You’re a good friend, Varric,” Solas said as the rest of the darkspawn were dispatched and the group led by Vir returned to take him to safety. “Not to me, but to someone, a good friend.”


Guys, we picked this little one off the side of the road. She’s been dumped. She’s very sweet and has obviously been around people and she LOVES my dog. She’s attached herself to him as somewhat of a protector. She’s starved and injured on the side of her face and is following us around like a little duckling.

We can’t keep her. If anyone in the Winchester, Mt. Sterling, or Lexington area could foster her or take her in, we will help with vet costs.

Please message me or signal boost this at least. She needs a good home.