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Humane Society issues 'kitty crisis' appeal
If you've been thinking about adopting or fostering a cat, there's never been a better time. The Ottawa Humane Society says it is bursting at the seams and needs to find permanent homes for at leas...

If you’re from Ottawa, the Humane Society really needs volunteer to foster some sick or injured cats as well as kitten too young to be adopted, donations (food or medication), or people who are wiling to adopt some cats as they are currently struggling to care for the all the cats they have at the moment. 

See this pretty kitty?  This is Mohawk, my autistic brothers therapy cat.  He unfortunately got lost but was found hours later with a severely broken leg, dislocated hip, and possible nerve damage.  Some jerk decided to kick him hard, thankfully it wasn’t from being hit, but still.  And see the bump towards his rear?  That’s his bone. Thankfully my vet let them put him on my account so he can get the surgery he needs before payment, otherwise he’d need his leg amputated, or worse, put down.

Sadly, she’s on government assistance and can’t viable pay back the $4,000 needed for the surgery, medicine, and other vet care costs.

Please, please please share this, I’ll be helping, but cannot pay it all for her.

Here is the link to the fundraiser, all money will go towards getting Mohawk’s care paid:


hello everyone!! this is Bilbo!
((im so sorry i hate doing these things but i have no other options))
I moved into my house a little over a year ago, and the previous owner had left him here. I couldn’t bring him inside too often because my two cats that I already owned hated him and they got into fights, so he is our outside cat now. :)

Lately another stray has moved into the neighborhood and has been attacking him (they both still have their scallywags.)

Recently the attacks have gotten worse and he tore off a part of Bilbos face. That wound festered overnight and turned into a cat abscess
It is HUGE, its gaping, its bleeding, its pussing, and he is in a lot of pain.
I don’t want to post pictures, it’s very grotesque and he looks very ill. This wound is getting worse by the day and he’s developing a small fever.

It might cost 100-200$+ depending on what they have to help him with. I can barely afford to keep my own pets healthy (which they are), and I still struggle to pay my rent, I don’t have the money to help him and my husband and I are at a loss of what to do.

PLEASE consider helping Bilbo, he’s one of my best friends and the sweetest, kindest cat I have ever met. He does that little clicking meow thing instead of meowing :’(

Please donate to my paypal ( cpstraus @ ) or click the button on my blog, so I can get him to the vet asap.

If you are not in the financial situation to help right now, please consider signal boosting. Thank you so so much.

gene baby what are we gonna do with yooouuu 8(
he’s got an infection on his dick, an upper respiratory problem, we have his paws bandaged so he stops scratching at his neutering stitches (that he’s opened twice this week) and he had to get stitches on his ear because he got in a cat fight when he snuck out of the house the other day.
you are an expensive mess, gene, but we’re gonna fix you i promise u v u

Attention all cat owners!

My cat, Link, has done something to his left back leg that is bringing him pain. He will be escorted to the vet very soon, but i don’t know how to put him into the carrier without holding his leg and hurting him more. If anyone knows of any way to carry him without hurting/holding his hurt leg please send me an ask. If you don’t know how to do this, i beg that you reblog to get the word out. Thank you so very much!

so my dad’s cat came in yelling & bleeding from his eye & he’s calmed down now but he’s panting rly hard and his eye looks swollen and off & we’re not taking him to the vet apparently??? i know cats dont act injured unless its pretty serious what should we do?? how important is it to take him to the vet & what should we do if we can’t
Click here to support Please Help Tonto Walk Again by Rosie Drew
Mine and my boyfriend's cat, Tonto, got injured this past week and his tail and legs aren't working. We took him to the vet and after the doctor moved Tonto around a bit, he said our kitty was paralyzed from a spinal injury. He suggested putting him to sleep immediately. So, we took him to anothe...

Well, Tonto is getting better, but his vet bill is still really expensive…I’ve spent around $800, if not more, on this kitty to help him recover and we still owe $460+…That is only going to increase in the next two months as we continue to take him to weekly acupuncture sessions ($70 per session), keep getting new medications for him as he recovers (antibiotics are $15 and run out in about 5 days, herbal treatment for his bladder costs about $20, probiotics for his tummy cost around $30, pain reliever/anti-inflammatory costs around $30, fluids are about $25…), and it costs $140 for every x-ray, which we have taken 2 so far and are expecting to take another one in about 2 weeks to see if the infection is completely gone. I’ve paid the vet as much as I can, but it makes me feel so bad when I go into the clinic with Tonto and am unable to pay them upfront. It also makes me feel bad when I can’t pay the entire amount when I get my paycheck. I have rent and bills to pay to make sure my family has a house and electricity and running water and food. I’ve been lucky to receive the help that I have with Tonto so far, but it would be amazing if I could have more assistance. I really cannot do this on my own. I’m digging myself a hole for my cat because I care about him and love him too much to just give up on him when he has a fighting chance. If anyone could reblog this, or share it on other social media sites, it would mean so much to me and I’m sure Tonto would appreciate it too. If anyone is able to donate, it would really help me be able to continue getting the help Tonto needs. 

Thank you, if you took the time to read this. 

Singe is being so weird. She’s hiding under a blanket when normally she won’t go anywhere near them, she has no interest in the smarties wrapper even though she normally goes crazy til we take it away from her, and she hissed and clawed at my dad, who’s her favorite person ever.

Also, she’s scratched her neck raw, anyon have any ideas what I could use for a cone? I’m not going to be able to get to a pet store until like friday