injured cat

Imagine finding an injured black stray cat with green eyes which reminds you of Loki, whom you’ve been crushing on ever since you first met him through the Avengers. You take it in and nurse it back to health, then you decide to give it to Loki, thinking he could use the loyal company and somebody who loves him just the way he is without judging him. A mortal like you, after all, couldn’t be that person, you figured. He would never take an interest in you.

Too shy to personally give it to him, you put the cat in a cosy basket and sneak it into his room on Stark Tower, attached to it a note signed by “a well-wisher”.

A few months later, after both Thor and Loki returned to Asgard, you visit them. Loki’s cat, which he has taken deeply into his heart, recognises you and thus starts at you, meowing and purring, desperately seeking your attention. It’s then Loki realises it was you who introduced him to his fluffy little friend. He appreciates it so much, he slowly starts falling for you.

It’s official canon that there are cats living in Skyhold so please imagine:

one of the cats somehow getting into the war room and just plopping itself down right in the middle of all those carefully placed markers and turning the organized map into absolute chaos because a nice sunbeam was shining on the table.

cats sleeping on the inquisitor’s throne (or alternatively clawing it to pieces)

cats in the infirmary lifting people’s spirits and keeping the injured warm

cats snuggled up beside Storvacker when she’s in Skyhold

someone making little inquisition uniforms for the cats to make them honorary inquisition members. The cats just fall over and refuse to move when they’re forced to wear the uniforms and Skyhold is left with a bunch of immobile, angry cats lying on the ground and twitching their tails. Later it’s decided that the cats will just wear inquisition collars instead

each cat having at least ten names because everyone calls them something different leading to some confusion and in one extreme instance, a duel over what one cat should be called

(Feel free to add more Skyhold cat shenanigans)

“each of the seven embodies all of the seven” ft. arya stark:

  1. the father: arya personally deals out judgement & justice to those she’s seen commit crimes that went unpunished. she believes “the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword” because her own father taught her that
  2. the mother: arya is the starks new wolf mother tbh. she fiercely protects and provides for any she considers pack. her interactions with weasel are also very motherly. she gives water to dying men on several different occasions which is an act of mercy. she even acts as a caregiver for sandor clegane after he’s injured 
  3. the warrior: cat sees arya as the warrior, even without knowing about her swordfighting antics. aryas fought in battles and carries a sword. she hates feeling scared and weak and prays to (her) gods for bravery
  4. the maiden: arya is on the cusp of maidenhood and is growing into a beautiful young lady. she’s associated with the maiden of the tree too.
  5. the smith: valar dohaeris y’all. he doesn’t just represent crafts but labor too. arya busted her ass scrubbing in harrenhal and does the same in the hob&w. she works hard and enjoys feeling herself become stronger
  6. the crone: arya has the true sight; the ability to see things as they truly are which is a wisdom most people dont have. arya’s also had a very extensive education in everything from history to language and spying. 
  7. the stranger: yes, theres a lot of death in aryas story. the stranger is also very misunderstood by the people of westeros just like arya is by this fandom

the seven individually represent specific virtues and when combined they create one complex entity. much like a fully realized character. so if you treat characters as if they are a singular aspect you end up with one dimensional figures which is why theyre most definitely not supposed to be interpreted in that way.


Just a reminder that cats can die from eating things like string, rubber bands or hair ties. One year ago my Dance ate a string that got caught in his intestines and he needed emergency surgery. He’s ok now, but if I ignored the signs he wouldn’t be here.
So, I guess this is also a reminder to never brush off a pet acting strangely. Dance couldn’t keep any food down and then stopped eating. It all happened so fast, first thing I knew he would eat his dinner, the next thing I know I’m waiting to hear how the surgery went.
He’s covering his tummy with his tail in that pic, but the incision went down his whole belly. They had to cut open his intestines 5 times to get all of the string. It wasn’t a fun time…
Stay safe, kitties!

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Hey, do you have any good Supercat fanvids/fanfics to recommend?

Oh how I have been waiting to answer this all day. You’re my new favorite person anon. Here you go.


► kara + cat | something I need

you’ve changed me | kara/cat

Kara & Cat | Skinny Love   (My go to)

kara/cat | right in front of me

Emma/Regina + Kara/Cat || Shelterd from the pain (Great parallel vid especially if you like both ships)

Where is the real me? // Emma/Regina + Kara/Cat

cat/kara - when it comes to us (supercatslam september “fall”)

Kara & Cat | What if {2x02}

kara + cat | romantic comedy trailer

cat/kara | a promise with a catch

Kara + Cat ; don’t come back for me

► kara + cat | safe in my arms

falling around you | kara/cat

Kara and Cat | make you stay.

kara + cat | shattered

Kara & Cat | Let Me Sign


All Or Nothing
Author: OfEndlessWonder
Plot: “She finally, finally, takes in the sight of the woman standing in-front of her and the rest of her furious words die in the back of her throat because oh, oh, no-one should look like that. Tall and blonde and so very gorgeous, barely in her mid-twenties with sparkling apologetic eyes, a pair of sinfully tight black jeans on her hips and a sleeveless t-shirt to show off the muscle in those arms that had caught Cat so quickly.” AKA the hot neighbour AU that no-one asked for or needed.

Lost and Found
Author: SuperTweety
Plot: Kara has been through a lot in her short life with the loss of her planet, the death of her parents and Astra, and the damage done to her relationship with Alex while she was under the influence of the Red Kryptonite. Will she ever feel at home and welcome on her adopted planet or will she forever feel lost and alone?

carter grant, super sleuth
Author: unicyclehippo
Plot: Carter Grant needs interviews with the three women he admires the most. His mother isn’t surprised to see her own name on the list, or Supergirls, but Kara Danvers? That one is a surprise.

Asking Too Much
Author: fictorium
Plot: Anonymous said to fictorium:
Cat needs a date to a party, she convinces Kara to go with her (“You’re my assistant, nobody will think anything of it”).

That’s how it began.

Only it’s not Kara who steps out on the red carpet, but Supergirl. As they continue with the public deception, chaos erupts around them: battles fought, lives lost, enemies old and new. Somewhere in there Kara and Cat have to deal with what happens when pretend feelings become all too real, along with the additional complications from Superman and both of the sisters Lane.

Ultimately, Kara has to find a way to make her ever-changing life workable. Can she do that while keeping Cat, her secret identity, and her family intact?

The Music and the Mirror
Author: fictorium
Plot: The Ballet AU.

Cat, former prima ballerina with the National City Ballet, is now the artistic director of a ballet company. Maxwell Lord, her former dancing partner, has found her a new dancer for the upcoming season: the untested Kara Danvers.

Can the two women forge a working relationship? Has Cat found someone up to her own pre-retirement standards at last? Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be a long, hard road to get there.

(Also soon to be an original story published over here.)

Out of the Ashes
Author: InspectorBoxer
Plot: The D.E.O. is destroyed in a vicious attack leaving the Danvers sisters shaken and the women they care for in danger.

Chasing Fog
Author: PinkRabbitPro
Plot: When a family emergency arises, Kara Wayne takes up the family mantle and spends her nights protecting Gotham City in the guise of Nightwing, while struggling to keep up with her day job teaching at a local prep school. Everything changes when she starts to fall for the mother of a favorite student and finds herself driven to protect them from the rising dangers of the city. Meanwhile, for Cat Kyle, returning to Gotham City after years away is a risk she’s prepared to take in hopes of giving her son a better life, but her attraction to Carter’s lovely, young teacher may be her undoing. After all, she’s Catwoman, the very thief Nightwing is hunting. What will both woman do as new enemies and old secrets threaten everything and everyone they love?

The Fight To Be Alive
Author: EnchantedApril
Plot: Kryptonians are all viewed as Fort Rozz criminals, with society accepting televised fights to the death as the new normal. While Kara remained hidden away, she was safe, but now she has been in the hands of LordTech’s Alpha Fighter program for almost two years.

For What Binds Us
Author: mermaiddrunk
Plot: It’s platonic. Just business. All pretend. Kara’s always been good at pretend. Why would dating Cat Grant be any different?

This Is What You Came For
Author: subcutaneous7
Plot: When the ultimate threat unleashes its fury on Earth, Supergirl discovers new powers and must begin to accept her true identity, along with the connection she shares with Cat.

Maybe National City Needs Another Superhero
Author: SupercityCarnival
Plot: When Cat is kidnapped and involved in an explosion, it has some interesting side effects on her.

Messages From Madrid
Author: SupercityCarnival
Plot: Cat has to travel to Spain to fix a CatCo mess. Kara deals with Cat being gone, but not without Cat helping her along.

Just a Friend
Author: supergirlfan
Plot: “Kara thought back to that moment on the balcony, when her whole world had shifted. The hug that changed everything. One hug, and she was addicted to Cat Grant’s touch… the feel of her hands on Kara’s back, the intoxicating mix of perfume and conditioner, the gentle but strong curves of her arms… In that moment, she’d acknowledged that her feelings for Cat extended way beyond professional boundaries.”
Kara is struggling to cope with her emotions, overwhelmed by recent events and by the depth of her own feelings. She’s falling apart, and Cat is there to help… just as a friend. How long will it take the two women to admit what’s really happening between them? How will they handle the challenges facing their relationship?

Of Heroes Great and Small
Author: a_dot_burr_ell, captainjaybird
Plot: Cat and Kara are adjusting to their new dynamic after Kara’s promotion when an accident results in Cat getting psychic powers. The only mind she can’t read? Supergirl’s. How will this affect Cat and Kara’s growing relationship?

Knowing Our Strengths
Author: Adm_Hawthorne
Plot: Dragging in deep breaths and letting them out, Kara hesitantly released the other woman and wrapped her arms around herself. “I could so easily forget myself with you.”
Cat nodded. “I understand the feeling.”
After finally admitting their attraction to each other, Kara and Cat work toward finding a way to balance their lives without hurting each other or those around them. (This is a follow up piece to “Photos Can Lie.”)

Author: SkinnyProcrastinator
Plot: Siobhan is the best assistant to ever assist and Kara is firmly in the doghouse. When an opportunity to accompany Cat on an overseas trip comes up, Kara takes it in the hope she can get their friendship back on track. Meanwhile Cat insists on using the trip as a way to further torture Kara. What will they uncover in the twilit Norwegian city of Tromsø and what happens when Kara’s powers start to fade.

Author: Rtarara
Plot: Kara Zor-El wanted nothing more than to fit in and help the people of earth. Unfortunately for her Aliens are reviled and seen as no more than wild animals to be killed or tamed. She was caught after years of hiding and sold as a pet to the “Queen of All Media” who isn’t quite what she expected.

You’ve Got the Healing That I Want
Author: K_AudreyLeto
Plot: When Cat called Kara and asked her to pretend to be her date she didn’t think about her feelings for the woman before she agreed. She also didn’t think that she would end up in over her head when Cat asked her to continue the charade the next day. Supercat fake dating/ also side Alex/Lucy.

Two Hearts, One Roof
Author: iblamethenubbins
Plot: Kara and Cat have been best friends since high school and now, after graduating from college, have decided to move in together. Domestic fluff and quiet longing ensue.

Written in the Stars
Author: InspectorBoxer
Plot: Kara and Cat hurtle towards the inevitable as a final showdown with the Joker looms…

When I Need You - When You Need Me
Author: EnchantedApril
Plot: When Kara is seriously injured in battle, Cat is forced to reveal their relationship in order to be near her. The fallout is pretty much what they expected…

Close Encounters
Author: sultrysweet
Plot: When Adam asks Kara to go away with him for the weekend, naturally she invites Cat to join them. While they’re away from their every day lives, they’re able to learn more about each other in a more relaxed environment. Except, things aren’t as relaxed as they seem when certain discoveries about themselves and each other are revealed.

True Power
Author: Where_is_my_10_15
Plot: When Supergirl confronts Cat while under the influence of Red Kryptonite, she doesn’t threaten her life. She breaks her heart. She challenges her with the fact that Cat is in love with her, and then flies away. Cat would rather have been thrown off of a building.

Another Night, Another Dream
Author: luvscience
Plot: Kara keeps dreaming about Cat…until she doesn’t

When In Rome
Author: oddcoupler222
Plot: “You… assigned me a fake headlining interview article and made me meet you in Rome. This whole elaborate scheme instead of just calling me.”

Saying it aloud made Kara laugh because even as she was incredulous, she also wasn’t. Of course Cat would do something like that.


It had been a couple of weeks since Cat Grant had kissed her and revealed that she knew about her secret identity; it was a lot to process. But sometimes even Supergirl isn’t fast enough for Cat Grant’s patience.

The lights are turned way down low
Author: Musetotheworld
Plot: Cat and Kara are at a mountaintop resort to interview one of Cat’s sources when a threatening storm hits early. With Kara’s powers blown and the roads blocked, their only option is to stay the night.

And feel free to check out mine.

When you need more feel free to come back for more.

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How did Makkachin come to serve the Nikiforov family?

Okay so @kixboxer is the one who came up with the concept of Horrorterror Makkachin so, like, this is not Official Hellbeast Canon or anything BUT in regards to the Babies!! AU, this is essentially how things go down:

The Hellbeast Currently Known As Makkachin always takes on the form which will help him get as close to his prey as possible. He used to be a very successful harvester of souls this way. It isn’t hard to get people to trust you when you can take on the form of an injured bird, or their cat, or their toddler…

So the Hellbeast was hanging out in Saint Petersburg one day because the fall of the Soviet Union has given people’s souls the delicious flavor of despair. He gets a whiff of the glorious smell of Success and follows it to the door of an ice skating rink. 

Out comes Viktor Nikiforov, long silver hair tied into a tight ponytail on top of his head and eyes squinted against the headache it’s causing. He’s fifteen, due to make his senior debut in the coming season, and hasn’t seen his mother in three years. When he sees what appears to be a little beige poodle puppy, he gasps.

“Oh,” he whispers, hands pressed to his mouth. “Oh, oh, oh. A puppy. Hello. Oh, oh, hello!”

The Hellbeast, who knew that Viktor’s favorite dog is a poodle and who knows that if he looks hungry and pitiful enough Viktor will not be able to resist taking him home, whines and nuzzles his nose against Viktor’s shoe.

This is where the Hellbeast errs. 

Because yes, objectively, he knows that he is still a Hellbeast. But he did not consider the drawbacks that taking the form of such a pure and good animal would cause. There is always some amount of influence from the forms he chooses to take–the toddler, for instance, gave him unignorable cravings for paste, which he ate massive quantities of after consuming the soul of the babysitter. 

Just as unignorable is the urge to…love? This teenager who is standing in front of him with an athletic bag swung over his shoulder and too much burden stacked onto his delicate shoulders?

The Hellbeast follows Viktor home, still determined to eat his soul, and upon entering Viktor’s dorm room–which is literally just a bed, a desk, and a wardrobe–he can’t help but stare at Viktor with an expression that would translate into You live like this? if the Hellbeast had chosen a form which could talk Human languages.

“It’s not much,” Viktor whispers, unearthing the can of dog food he bought on the way home from his bag. “But Lilia Petrovna lets me stay here rent-free since her husband agreed to become my coach. You have to be quiet, though, because I’m not supposed to have animals. Here.” He opens the pull tab on the can and sets it down for the Hellbeast to eat. 

The Hellbeast can only achieve its Ungodly Power from the consumption of souls, but it does gain small amounts of nutrition from food, depending on its form. He eats the dog food, mostly because he chose the form of an emaciated poodle puppy and can’t starve this body forever. 

“Aw, good boy,” Viktor whispers, and pets the Hellbeast’s head. 

And this is where the Hellbeast decides that, perhaps just for the night, he will not consume the soul of Lonely Little Vitya Nikiforov. 

He tells himself for months that tomorrow, he will take Viktor’s soul. But Viktor brushes him and clips his nails and gives him a nonsensical name and lets him sleep curled up and warm under the blankets with him and the Hellbeast wonders if, perhaps, this isn’t such a bad life after all.

It might be nice to spend a few decades as a pampered pooch. 

Of course, the Feelings creep in and soon enough he realizes that his identity as Hellbeast has started to shift. He is no longer a Harbinger of the Apocalypse, a Consumer of Souls. Nor is he a simple fluffy poodle, even if he spends his days waiting for Viktor to come home and give him the belly rubs that this form craves.

He is something else. Some other third thing. He is Makkachin.

He is given new purpose by his urge to protect Viktor Nikiforov, a purpose which is intensified a hundred times over when the Other Master comes into Viktor’s life and they start adding these helpless, hairless little humans to their pack. 

One night, Viktor has a dream that a horrible being, five hundred stories in height with horrid red eyes and glimmering obsidian teeth comes to him and tells him that he and his family will be protected forever, allowed to grow very old generation after generation, if at the end of his life he lets his soul be taken. 

Viktor, who thinks that his own soul is a small price to pay for such a thing, of course agrees. There is something familiar about the horrorterror that comes to him that night. Something benevolent, despite appearances. 

Besides, it was just a dream. 

Next time, when you see an old lady wanting to cross road, do not delay. Go hold her hand and help. When you see an injured cat, mumbling on roadside, do not go past it. When you see two people fighting, do not ignore. When you see a hungry man crying, do not hesitate. When you see an orphan with no clothes, do not neglect. When you are invited for charity work, do not overlook.
When you see, a chance to do good, do not think twice, Be a forerunner!

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I saw your thing on binder clips being a no no but is picking up a cat by the scruff of their neck bad? Not, y'know, dangling them like that but one hand on the butt and one hand on the scruff of their neck to steady them while you pick them up

It’s not ideal because it puts them in a state of helplessness from the scruffing, but if you need to restrain an injured or upset cat, it’s acceptable - as long as you always support their hind end. (Just letting them by the scruff can suffocate them). I don’t think you should always pick your cat up by the scruff when you could hold their upper body instead, but it can be a useful technique in stressful situations. 

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Hi Hi! I have a request for your designation: miracles stories! I am hoping this message reaches you as my tumblr hates when i sends asks lol. This is my second attempt so please ignore if you received my first. I always send a second just to be safe. ANYWHO I love how you write Akashi and Furihata, so may I request something with those two? feel free to add the other miracles as well hehe. Maybe along the lines of what Akashi's reaction would be to Furi being around children hehe. Thank you! :)

“Akashi…are you scared of the four year old?”

Akashi pulls himself up with all the injured dignity of a cat. “No. Don’t be ridiculous, Furi. I just do not see the point of interacting with creatures whose cognitive capabilities have not fully developed yet. Please take it away now.”

I don’t know his parents! That would be weird. I’m pretty sure there are rules about interacting with other people’s kids.” Furihata looks down at the sticky four-year-old boy, who is staring up at both of them wide-eyed, gnawing on a popsicle.

“Furihata,” Akashi says, his voice slightly odd. “Do you not know how to take care of children?”

“Well, not particularly,” Furihata says, sounding doubtful. “I mean, I’ve never really been around kids all that much. All my cousins are around my age, and it’s not like I have any nieces or nephews, so I just never had much opportunity to interact with them.” The kid is getting closer to them so Furihata smiles encouragingly. “Hi!” He wants to pat the kid on the head, but again, he’s pretty sure you’re not supposed to just touch strangers’ kids, even if the woman had left the boy under Akashi’s watchful eye.

“I see,” Akashi says, moving slightly back in a way that was almost unnoticeable. “I was somewhat counting on the fact that you would know how to handle children.”

“Why?” Furihata asks quizzically. Akashi doesn’t respond right away, but the child takes another step forward and Akashi takes another step back almost automatically, and then it clicks. “You are scared of kids!”

“I am not afraid of anything,” Akashi seethes.

“You are!” Then the rest of it falls in place. “Wait, were you expecting me to do all the parenting? Of any hypothetical future children?”

“Not all of it,” Akashi replies stiffly. “Just until they’re about thirteen. Then I am sure I would be able to do my fair share of the responsibilities.”


“Or we could adopt after they are already in their teens, as my father did. That seems like the most reasonable solution.”

“I can’t believe you!” Furihata is equal parts thrilled by the fact that Akashi has been thinking about their relationship in long enough terms that he’s imagining children, but also super irritated that he had been slotted as the sole caregiver for all children under twelve. He bends down to the small child and says, “How are you?”

The small child stares at Akashi. “He’s very red.”

“He is!” Furihata says gleefully. “You should go give the red onii-chan a very big hug.”

The boy giggles and flings his sticky self (complete with popsicle) at Akashi, who is visibly flustered as he tries to escape, “Stop! Don’t touch me– ack.”

Furihata laughs at the expression on Akashi’s face– he’s never seen Akashi so off-balance before. Since Akashi didn’t actually Order the child away, Furihata figures their future children will be OK.

A/N: Thanks, friend! Sorry for the lateness! And thank you, anon-friend, that is so kind of you to say! I don’t see Akashi getting embarrassed too easily, but I thought him being flustered would work quite well with this other prompt I had, so I hope you enjoyed!

So basically i have a headcanon that each paladin has a favorite animal because it was in some way their pet during their childhood. Based on that one question in Voltron quiz

Shiro - As a child, Shiro wanted an animal friend so his parents took him to animal shelter. There, Takashi saw a three-legged pup and instantly fell in love with it. A caretaker asked Shiro if he wanted to perhaps look for different dog but Shiro´s resolute “nope the doggie´s my child now” pretty much concluded it. He was named Wolfie.

Pidge - Before Holt family got a dog, they had a big and old turtle that was a family pet Before Katie was born. Original turtle´s name was William, but Katie nicknamed him Wall-e after her favorite movie. She really loved their family turtle, and would sometimes sit on his back, but usually they just chilled outside, Wall-e eating salad while Katie sat leaning on turtle´s side and playing with her Nintendo. Sadly, William later died due to high age. (sorry Pidge!)

Hunk - Hunk just owned his favorite teddy bear that he would always carry everywhere (we do not give child a dangerous carnivoire, people!). However, Hunk was basically a magic magnet to wild animals - they never feared him and would always come to him for treats and petting because Hunk gives best pets.

Lance - Since Lance has a very, very bigfamily, it is not surprise that one of him aunts owns a marine aquarium. Lance always visited her in her work and would spent nearly all his time besides dolphins and helped feeding them and played with the dolphins like all the time.

Keith - One day, Keith found an injured stray black cat and decided to help her. At first the cat pretty much disliked him scratching and hissing every time he got closer. But as time passed, she grew to like him and even saved Keith from robber (the robber almost got his face clawed out).

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Which of the puzzle boys feeds and takes care of the stray cat that hangs around the house (and pretty much makes it not a stray)

Oh gosh, Yuugi. I might have debated this a bit before DSoD’s infamous kitty wave, but nope- Yuugi.

Atem would definitely help out an injured/starving cat, but in a “let’s take it to a vet and no-put-downs shelter/find it a home” way.

Yuugi’s the one who tells himself ‘I’m just gonna help a little’ giving it little bits of food and interaction almost daily, but from Day One Atem sees this and is like “Oh, no.”

Then one day-

“Yuugi? Did I just hear a-” Atem froze as he opened the bedroom door, struck dumb by what he saw sitting on his and his partner’s bed.

And said partner stopped mid-pet to jolt up with raised hands and a nervous grin on his face. “I can explain!”

Atem just kept staring at the little calico like, no matter what he did, he couldn’t stop the train wreck in front of him.

“Nono, seriously! He was just walking a little weird today, so I took him to the vet! Turns out I must have been seeing things, his leg is fine, but I just didn’t want to put him back out again or send him to the shelter- I want to find him a good home myself.”

Atem slowly raised his eyes, planning to point out the shelter’s policies, what his mom would think, how they couldn’t keep him out of the store- But the proud, slightly anxious smile on Yuugi’s face punched the arguments right out of him, and Atem could only grimace. That look, it always put him at such a disadvantage. And he swore Yuugi knew, because he never used in duels or games. Just… this.


Yuugi visibly relaxed a touch, but was quick to skirt his gaze to the kitty - busy chewing on a catnip toy the vet definitely didn’t provide. “I should go get him some water and uncan some of the food I bought. Be right back!”

And Atem let him go, not stopping him as he passed… He just, called after him, asked only one question- To confirm-

“Are you calling him something?”

“I was thinking Fuku!”

“Fuku, right…” Atem watched the feline play for a few more seconds, then sniffed, mumbling to himself as he left the room.

“We have a cat.”

Establishing boundaries, but first... GET IT OFF!!!

**Poe is the property of redghostintheshell. I have received permission to use the character in this fic.**

**Feeling creative today so I’m posting two of these. Deal with it, pony! The last-resort/Poe pairing is now canon, and these stories will continue to be made! Also… sorry, Leo… in advance…**

The eldest of the brothers stood for a moment outside of his sibling’s room, rehearsing internally one final time before knocking. Over the music came a gruff, unintelligible utterance from within, one that Leonardo couldn’t quite make out. But it wasn’t a ‘fuck off’, so he took it as permission. Stepping into the dimly lit space, he strode soundlessly to the stereo, turning the volume down to a reasonable level. He ignored the glare Raph was shooting him and took a calming breath, keeping his voice even as he spoke.

“All of us are… pleased… that you’ve found something to capture your interest that doesn’t involve violence. However, I feel that we need to set boundaries in order for this arrangement to work.”

Raphael snorted. “What kinda ‘boundaries’?”

“I can only allow the cat to stay so long as it isn’t hindering our work or endangering itself. There are areas of the lair that it shouldn’t be allowed access to. Donnie’s lab, obviously, as well as the dojo and our respective personal spaces. I’m not certain how you plan on ensuring the cat will not venture into said spaces, but that is your responsibility, as it is your pet.”

Pulling himself into an upright position at the underlying threat, Raphael sneered, “He stays.”

Leo frowned. He could hear the furry black menace scurrying about just to the left of him, batting around what sounded to be a crumpled piece of paper. “As long as you can keep it out of trouble.”

Swinging his legs off his bed, he rose, arguing, “He’s a cat! How the hell am I supposed to keep him from wandering into the lab or the dojo?”

The blue-masked ninja shrugged. “Not my problem. You figure it out.”

“So whaddya expect me ta do with him, huh? Throw him out onto the street?! He’d die, asshole!”

Leonardo’s scowl deepened as his brother approached, chin lifting as he postured. “Again, that isn’t my problem, Raphael. You need to figure out-”

The sudden halt to his haughty brother’s tirade and the alarmed expression he was now wearing gave the broad-shouldered mutant pause, his anger melting into confusion as Leo started emitting a high-pitched wheeze. “The hell…?”

Tensing, the elder brother demanded in as level a voice as he was able, “Get it off.”

The slightest movement drew Raphael’s gaze down, to where Poe was currently scaling his brother’s inner thigh like a pole climber. He couldn’t have withheld the laughter if he’d wanted to. The sight of his proud, fearless leader’s face as the miniscule kitten used his leg like a scratching post was utterly priceless.

“Get it off!” Leo repeated as the cat ventured ever closer to a far more sensitive region, his voice losing some of its calmness.

Still grinning, Raphael took a step closer to his distraught brother. “HE has a name, use it. And he ain’t goin’ anywhere. You and those other idiots out there better get used to the idea.”

Bending, he gently took hold of the tiny kitten’s paws, unhooking him from Leonardo’s leg and setting him down on the floor again. He picked up the crumpled paper Poe had been playing with previously, tossing it across the room and watching the feisty feline bound after it.

Withholding the urge to grip his stinging thigh, the blue-eyed turtle repeated, “It’s your responsibility. I will not be held accountable if that cat is injured because you are incapable of doing what’s best for us all… including Poe.”

The larger male glowered at his brother’s shelled back as he left, his eyes softening afterward as he let them fall to said kitten. He was currently hiding under the bed, tiny body poised to pounce on the paper ball once again. As much as he hated agreeing with Leo… he knew his overstuffed sibling was correct. There were dangers here… things that could hurt the feisty fur ball who was quickly worming his way into the surly mutant’s heart. But… giving him away wasn’t an option. How could he just give him away?

He flopped back onto his bed, reaching down to scoop up the tiny tyrant as he playfully attacked the large green ankle now within reach. “No way, little guy. Those dumb apes up there… they wouldn’t know how to take care of you. Yer right where ya oughtta be.”

He decided that – while he wasn’t entirely sure how – he would make this work. He had to. Even if he had to build a fucking door for every damn room in the lair… he’d make it work… for Poe.

**The feels! You big softie!!**


So we all know Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is one close to my home and heart. Similar to Old Friends, Francene, the woman in the first picture, gave up everything to open this haven for older, abandoned, permanently injured, and/or abused animals. She’s taken in everything from pups, sheep, horses, cats, chickens, bunnies, anything she can help, she will. 

Through the years she’s built an entire house just for all of the cats. They have an insane cat condo outside on a fenced in patio to sunbath and a whole cat city inside where they can climb and even the feral cats can keep themselves secluded if they choose. 

If you have anything you can spare to them through these tough months, please do. As cliche as it sounds, anything really does help.

TL;DR - Help precious old lady continue helping animals by donating money

Sleepless [Armitage Hux x Reader]

Part Two

Summary: The reader– a mechannic – and Hux are two halves of a bitter and notorious rivalry. While going about her job, the reader finds a mysterious, injured, and forbidden cat that belongs to none other than her enemy.

Word Count: 5000+ 

Warnings: The reader considers and fears murder several times, but not seriously.

Years ago, you’d been taught how to repair just about anything. You could throw radars, ventilation shafts, and even blasters into your area of expertise. What you hadn’t trained for was fighting. Yet, every time you laid eyes on General Armitage Hux, your hand itched with the desire to throw your wrench at his head.

Your mentor and employer was a lovable giant named Ohon Jayne. He had taught you what to do when it came to military officers. You were to look them in the eye, summon your courage, and tell them exactly what was on your mind. Whatever happened, you were not to let them think themselves above you. You hadn’t had the opportunity to lead Hux to believe that. He seemed to be born with that mindset, and you knew it from the moment you saw him.

When you first interacted, you did something small. It could’ve been that you failed to address him properly or dropped a sarcastic comment. You couldn’t remember exactly. Either way, Hux overreacted. He threatened to “rip your job out of your hands.” Being the level-headed person you were, you pointed out that he couldn’t actually do that. The First Order hadn’t hired you; they’d hired your company. He snapped back, claiming he would see that the entire company was replaced. That was ridiculous as only Snoke could do such a thing, and you told him so. So, you stayed on base and a glorious rivalry was born.

That said, Hux always seemed like he was at his wit’s end whenever you were around. He was constantly tapping his fingers, muttering under his breath, or flat out insulting you. But, one time when he called you in to repair a fried holoboard, he was hysterical. Usually, his attacks were of a subtle nature, limited to snide comments directed to your intelligence, occupation, etc. This time, they were snappish and personal.

Keep reading