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Did anyone else spend all weekend playing Pokeman Go? I played at the mall pet store. I threw my poke-ball at a bunch of the animals; my score so far: 1 dead tortoise (confirmed); 1 injured cat (broken legs), but the storekeepers (Pokelords?) were able to rescue it and game-overed me from the level, before I could take its life and score a full point

In 2012, a 65 foot long Fin Whale washed up on the St. Austell coast of England. It was malnourished, sporting injuries to its body, above its eye and these highlighted bite marks. The puncture wounds curve like a typical bite wound would, in a U-shape. It is thought some creature big enough to attack the whale did so and despite efforts to rescue it, the whale passed away. This unknown creature is only known as the Whale Eater and has been reported since the 800s. 

It had a prominent sighting during World War I where a submarine captain named Georg von Forstner described it in his reports: “We did not have time to take a photograph, for the animal sank out of sight after ten or fifteen seconds. It was about 60 feet long, was like a crocodile in shape, and had four limbs with powerful webbed feet”. 


Just a reminder that cats can die from eating things like string, rubber bands or hair ties. One year ago my Dance ate a string that got caught in his intestines and he needed emergency surgery. He’s ok now, but if I ignored the signs he wouldn’t be here.
So, I guess this is also a reminder to never brush off a pet acting strangely. Dance couldn’t keep any food down and then stopped eating. It all happened so fast, first thing I knew he would eat his dinner, the next thing I know I’m waiting to hear how the surgery went.
He’s covering his tummy with his tail in that pic, but the incision went down his whole belly. They had to cut open his intestines 5 times to get all of the string. It wasn’t a fun time…
Stay safe, kitties!


So, it started innocently when McCree (it’s always McCree) brings in an injured animal. A cat hit by a stray bullet. Wars aren’t limited to human casualties, after all.

Then he brings in another animal, a bird with a missing leg. Then another one, a shivering stray dog. And it keeps happening. A horse with a shattered femur. Starving and malnourished animals from abandoned. Escaped zoo animals wandering the streets.

It turns into a cascading torrent of problems. People start asking Overwatch to take the injured animals that they find. They send in pets who lost their owners or lab animals used in tests for experimental weapons. Overwatch couldn’t handle it - they had to do something, so they made a new division specifically for this task.

The Overwatch Wildlife Refuge and Animal Sanctuary (informally called Animalwatch) was built in Gibraltar as an extension of the Watchpoint, and includes its own aquarium, reptile and amphibian house, a bird reserve, a farm - all that good stuff.

Lucio takes care of the amphibians. He used to collect and release frogs whenever it rained, back at his home in Brazil. Genji and Hanzo tend to the reptiles. They claim it’s not much different from taking care of dragons, despite everything.

McCree and Jack take care of all the farm animals since they both grew up on farms when they were young. McCree loves taking care of the horses most of all; Jack is surprisingly fond of pigs, which he raised back in Indiana (with his guard llamas, he says, but no one believes him). 

Mercy went back to school to become an official veterinarian. It helped her better understand both her human animal patients. Satya and Torbjorn make prosthetic limbs for the animals that need them. Viskar participated in the construction of small, cram-packed zoos with keepers that abused their animals. That was the breaking point for Satya; she hoped Animalwatch would be a better cause.

Hana, whenever she wasn’t gaming or defending Korea from giant kaiju omnics, would spend her time volunteering at the local animal shelters, which were flooded with casualties from the fighting. She joined Overwatch because she thought it would help relieve some of their burden.

Reyes has a soft spot for owls. He donates money to bird sanctuaries in the United States and elsewhere that cater to owls (a habit he continues even after the incident with Talon).

Everyone still goes on their missions and fights in the war, but they always take the time to care for their animals during downtime - and they have loads of volunteers help whenever they’re not around.

I could write more but that’s enough for now.

“Stop overestimating him -he’s a cross between a junkie and a hungry chicken! He no longer has to manipulate journalists and wait for them to act. He could tap out a few words and get what he wanted immediately. It reminded me of psychologist B.F. Skinnerʼs experiments with chickens that learned to push a button with their beaks for the reward of a food pellet. Once they had trained themselves, the birds couldnʼt stop pecking even when the pellets no longer came and they injured themselves. Like Skinnerʼs animal subjects, Trump has learned to get what he wants. No matter who criticizes him, no matter the consequences, he will keep doing it. Those who ask if he will stop scouring the press for evidence of enemies and using his power in an indiscriminate way should stop thinking of him as a conventional politician and start looking at him as a chicken.” – Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio, “The Truth About Trump”

it’s already canon that kazui’s adventurous and sometimes slips out of the house w/o anyone noticing but i also like to headcanon that he has a tendency to pick up stray animals and bring them home 

(“hey orihime not to startle you or anything but there’s literally a walking pile of kittens knocking on our door” 

“dw ichigo it’s just kazui”

“this is the third time this month”)

bonus points if the animal is injured and he brings them in for a checkup with grandpa isshin 

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Samadriel (if you write for him, I know most don't) with "I love you."

Samandriel watched you tend to the injured animal.  He watched you do what you could for the small creature.  He had never seen a human with such compassion for life, like you did.  He had to hand it to you, you did a great job.  You didn’t prolong it’s life.  All you did was make sure it was comfortable while it passed.

Samandriel padded up to you, placing a hand on your shoulder.  “It is nice of you to make sure that the animal’s death was painless,” Samandriel praised.  “I am sure it was thankful to have you around.”

You smiled at Samandriel, standing up.  “I should bury it, but another animal will eat it,” you noted.  “I just wish there was more I could have done for the poor thing.”

“You did what you could [Y/N],” the angel noted.  “You want to know something?”

“Hmm,” you hummed, raising an eyebrow.

“I love you,” Samandriel spoke in a soothing voice.  “Everything about you is spectacular.  Especially that heart of yours.  There is so much love inside of you.”

“I love you too Samandriel,” you smiled. 

Peter would have so many pets, every time he’d see a injured or abandoned animal it’s now his baby, he’d speed it back to the mansion and give it so much tlc and soon Charles notices he basically has a petting zoo ranging from dogs and humming birds to a domesticated raccoon Peter found orphaned in the woods but he can’t do anything about because all the students are so attached to them


So we all know Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is one close to my home and heart. Similar to Old Friends, Francene, the woman in the first picture, gave up everything to open this haven for older, abandoned, permanently injured, and/or abused animals. She’s taken in everything from pups, sheep, horses, cats, chickens, bunnies, anything she can help, she will. 

Through the years she’s built an entire house just for all of the cats. They have an insane cat condo outside on a fenced in patio to sunbath and a whole cat city inside where they can climb and even the feral cats can keep themselves secluded if they choose. 

If you have anything you can spare to them through these tough months, please do. As cliche as it sounds, anything really does help.

TL;DR - Help precious old lady continue helping animals by donating money

Infinite as taxi drivers
  • Myungsoo: Is silent, but if he starts talking he won’t stop. Drivers on his side will probably forget to start the car when green comes up, mesmerized by Myungsoo’s beauty. He’ll probably drive you to the wrong place because he forgot he was supposed to take you somewhere. Bonus, he gives you anime recommendation before you exit the car.
  • Dongwoo: He stops the taxi when there’s an injured animal or somebody who needs help. He probably takes them in the car too. (Especially if it’s an animal. Sungyeol will name them later). He wants to pay for making you wait for him but you give him a big tip anyway because he’s too nice. Is probably the only one that doesn’t diss the others and is the best driver.
  • Sungyeol: Thinks he’s the best driver. He always hits his head when entering the car. He probably has an espresso machine in his trunk. Sometimes he thinks the driver of the car on his side gives him a look, so he challenges them to a race. Bets the car, even if it’s not his. He probably forgets you were there. Also, ends up getting all the red lights.
  • Woohyun: It’s like a limousine. He has romantic music on. Opens your door when you get in and out. He acts like he’s your god damn butler and talks like one. Will probably serenade you if he’s in the mood. But then he’ll be totally embarrassed when he sees that your destination is your date with your boyfriend. Of course he also thinks he’s the best driver.He’s the one to actually accept Sungyeol’s race challenge.
  • Sunggyu: He only listens to this Nell CD and lies about the radio being broken when you ask if he could change it. He complains about youngsters looking at their phones when crossing the street. He thinks he’s the best driver,but he’s slow. He tries to make you acknowledge that and when you don’t he pretends he’s stopping the car and leaving you there.
  • He tries to stop the fucking race. He refuses to join, saying his mother doesn’t like him driving fast.
  • Hoya: He’s super awkward at first and tries breaking the ice by making bad jokes, until he’s finally able to have a normal conversation. He also thinks he’s the best driver. He brags he knows fancy car tricks but when you ask him to show you one he says he can’t do it with this car. At one point you tell him he’s going the wrong way but he bluffs his way out saying he knows it, but he wanted to give you a free tour because the weather is nice and stuff.
  • Sungjong: He checks his hair in the mirror and makes you realize you’re not as pretty as you thought you were. His anti-dryness mask has to be peeled off in 5 minutes so he’ll get you to your destination in that time even if it’s a 30 minutes’ drive, by any means necessary. He complains about the others thinking they’re the best drivers and being immature despite being older. He doesn’t stop the races because he secretly wants them to get fired so he’ll rule the streets.

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(May I add to hc?) Peter (M) would have so many pets, every time he'd see a injured or abandoned animal it's now his baby, he'd speed it back to the mansion and give it so much tlc and soon Charles notices he basically has a petting zoo ranging from dogs and humming birds to a domesticated raccoon Peter found orphaned in the woods but he can't do anything about because all the students are so attached to them


seijou second years headcanons bc seijou second years

  • kyoutani really does try to get to class on time but is either stopped by an injured animal that he has to take care of or a stray that he’s petting and he feels bad if he stops so he waits until it gets bored 
  • yahaba caught him once and literally dragged him to class bc it’s a fucking cat kyoutani, it’ll be there when you get back 
  • from then on, yahaba meets him in front of the crosswalk and they walk together bc he’s a good captain and he can’t have his team mates, especially his ace having shitty attendance 
  • but if they see an injured animal, they stop ok
  • when yahaba told watari about this, watari awed and then asked when he was getting the go ahead to plan the bachelor party (“it’s for the team!” “okay, yahaba. i was thinking strip club but i don’t think i should damage kindaichi like that”) 
  • watari watches every team’s matches that they’re going to the play and analyzes the hell of them like oikawa did 
  • he becomes perceptive as hell which helps the team a lot but yahaba is kind of scared ?? of something??? he’s not sure what yet but he has a feeling he’s not going to hate it (hint: it involves kyoutani) 
  • watari feels like a third wheel sometimes bc yahaba and kyoutani are always bickering but its how they talk and they’re not fist fighting so i guess it’s ok?? 
  • watari becomes the pillar of the team, holding everyone together and supporting them 
  • when he called iwaizumi about what to do when the team feels dejected, iwaizumi commented that watari was like a single mother 
  • watari jokingly asked who the dad was and iwaizumi said yahaba but you got a divorce bc you weren’t satisfying yahaba in bed (”that’s cold, iwaizumi-senpai”) 
  • kyoutani doesn’t argue with watari at all. they’re really good friends!! he’s also kind of scared but that’s not the point here 
  • watari is the person kyoutani goes to when he doesn’t know what to do or he just needs someone to talk to (“help me with this fucking problem” “try again” “help me with this fucking problem please” “better”)
  • yahaba was really nervous about being the captain at first bc it’s going to be hard to live up to oikawa’s name but after the countless support of his teammates, yahaba found that he was a natural leader 
  • he leads the team with ease (sometimes with a little uncertainty but his teammates have his back) 

bonus! kyoutani visits his grandmother every weekend to help her bake and take care of her garden 

Imagine if they were allies in a war and Alfred got captured by the enemy.

And the enemy questioned him and tortured him to try to get information out of him, but he never broke down enough to say anything.

Finally Kiku and the others sneak across enemy lines to rescue him, and they split up so they have a better chance of finding him.

Kiku ends up finding Alfred, bloody and in chains. Horrorstruck, he calls out Alfred’s name, and he looks up like an injured animal.

Kiku picks the lock, and rushes to Alfred, asking him what they have done to him to make him like this.

Alfred says it’s not important, and asks why Kiku is here. Kiku says it’s to rescue him, obviously, and starts working on picking the locks of Alfred’s chains.

But Alfred pulls his chained hands away.

“No,” he says. “It’s dangerous here. I can rescue myself!”

“Alfred, we–”

“I’m not weak like you think I am! I got myself into this mess and I can get myself out of it!”

“I don’t think you’re weak, I–”

“I can get myself out of here! I don’t need your help!” Alfred is trembling, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, holding back tears.

“Yes, you do! Needing help does not make you any less of a hero!”

“I got myself into this situation! I should have been more vigilant and careful, and that’s why I’ll fix this!”

“Then learn from this and become stronger! That is all. The whole point of strength to being with is to protect yourself, you can’t just keep yourself in a dangerous situation and think that makes you strong! There is no need to keep yourself for longer than necessary, and you are not accomplishing anything by doing so.”

Kiku grabs Alfred’s wrists, and catches a glimpse of a large, barely- healing gashes on the side of right hand, near his pinky and ring finger. He looks over to the left and sees a similar one. Noting that the edges of the chain’s cuffs are rough and jagged, Kiku realizes that Alfred tried to saw off his own fingers so his hands would be small enough to slip through the cuffs and escape.

Kiku holds Alfreds hands in his, and looks Alfred in the eye.

“Alfred, please– look at me, Alfred. I don’t know exactly what they did to you, but I do know that you are very, very strong for holding out this long. They would have attacked us by now if they knew anything. It would have been perfectly understandable if you gave something away, but you didn’t. I know you are pushing me away because you don’t want to feel weak. But Alfred, you are not in any way weak. Let me help you.”

“…… I can escape by myself,” Alfred says, trembling.

“I have no doubt in my mind that you can, Alfred,” Kiku says, shivering a little as he brushes his fingers over the gashes on Alfred’s hands. “But you shouldn’t have to. You are so kind, and couragous, and strong. You don’t deserve this.”

Alfred looks down and away. He was holding back tears, but now moisture is silently streaming down his face.

Kiku rubs Alfred’s hands gently, trying to sooth him. He can hear distant footsteps - he didn’t have much time to remain idle.

“I’m going to get these chains off you now. Is that alright, Alfred?”

Alfred doesn’t answer. At least not with words. Instead of being defensive and angry, he just looks sad, now, resigned. He is emotionally and mentally broken.

Kiku takes the silence as a yes, and starts working at the locks.