Imagine getting injured in battle. Loki takes you home, carries you to the bathroom and helps you undress, after which he puts you in the tub. He goes in with you, positioning himself behind you so you sit between his legs as he bathes you, the warm water and his tenderness relaxing and calming you down. Afterwards, he helps you to the bed where he bandages your wounds. Still crying, you tell him you were scared, and he promises to do a better job protecting you next time.

Imagine you and Loki going on a mission, as part of the Avengers team. The enemy gains control over your body and makes you attack Loki. Loki refuses to fight you. You start crying and beg him to defend himself because, no matter how hard you try, you can’t control your body, but he doesn’t want to hurt you. You almost kill him, before the rest of the Avengers arrive and kill the enemy, thus ending your mind control.

Later, as Helen is patching him up, you come to his hospital room. The sight of him injured, bruised, and bandaged up breaks your heart. You feel guilty and apologize, but he’s just happy you’ve got your body back under your control. You call him stupid for refusing to defend himself, and he says that he would never lay a hand on you, even if it killed him. Which, as you readily point out, it almost did.

You promise to never hurt him again, and the two of you exchange kisses and emotional I love yous.

Imagine you and Loki are Avengers, and during a mission, while trying to protect him, you accidentally cause him to get seriously injured. You feel extremely guilty and are afraid to face him, but when you come visit him after Helen patches him up, he isn’t angry at all. In fact, he appreciates being looked after and put first for once in his life, and understands that, despite the outcome, you had his best interests at heart.

New Girl S6 Positivity Post #2: Nick’s Character Development

In response to Nick being dumbed down:

The character has always been wilfully ignorant. There is a thin line between ignorance and dumbness, but it exists all the same. In real life, people’s traits do become more exaggerated as time goes on – for good or worse, is entirely subjective.

For example, two years ago, I was a pun-free machine. Now I’m a pun-hit punder, cracking puns left, right, and centre. People groan. People sigh. People roll their eyes. If I went to Nick’s bar, I’d be a punter. Nevertheless, this part of my personality is only going to progress (or regress, depending on your view of puns).

You could say this about Nick. Whether you choose to recognise it or not, he has undergone a tremendous amount of growth, however subtle it may be.

I see a lot of comparisons to Season 2 Nick. Let’s go back to Season 1.

In Season 1, Nick was an angry bartender who despite his demeanour, seemed perfectly happy to remain in an irritable stagnation for the rest of his resigned life.

I can’t just jump into something if I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I never have been that guy…I’m the guy that, if I don’t know what’s gonna happen, I don’t do something. Ever. I don’t care how bad I want to do it. I don’t do it. Like, if everybody would go into the ocean and jumped in the water, well, I’m the guy on the beach guarding the wallets.”

- Injured, 1x15

But then Nick starts taking risks. He goes to the ocean and jumps into the water, and Jess guards his wallet. He jumps from a safe life with Caroline back into Apartment 4D for Jess – though he may not have realised that at the time. He kisses Jess. He kisses Jess again and they start something and it feels right, and perfect, like it was meant to be, and it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen because he’s so happy and it has to work out, it has to. Things are going right.

I’m all in. I’m, like, weirdly, all in.

- All In, 3x01

(Since when did Nick throw himself completely into something?)

It doesn’t work out. And that’s okay, it was worth it. Nick feels like he’s gained something, and he hopes Jess feels that way too. He’d rather have Jess as a friend than not have her in his life at all.

I don’t deal with exes. They’re part of the past. You burn ‘em swiftly and you give their ashes to Poseidon.

- Exes, 3x15

We are the best ex-couple in the world.

- Cruise, 3x23

He carries on taking risks.

Ending a long-term relationship was a big risk in itself, and so was continuing it as a friendship. At the beginning of Season 1, it was Caroline who broke up with him. I’d wager that his relationship with Jess was his first and only mutual breakup. Jess is most definitely the only ex with whom he has remained on such close and friendly terms.

He becomes part-owner of the bar. Not only does he take another leap, he takes the steps towards it. He could have easily given up when told he and Schmidt didn’t have the necessary funding – he didn’t.

Then the girl he likes goes away, and he prepares a Goosebumps Walkaway™ because he’s never going to see her again – except, he decides that, yeah, he doesn’t want that to be the case, and goes to make a move, although she does beat him to the punch by a matter of seconds.

Now I’m going to drink, ‘cause that’s my move.

- Elaine’s Big Day, 2x25

Months later, they’re barely a day into a brand new relationship when she asks him to go away with her for three months. Nick’s only ever been around her for a month. He hasn’t spent that much time with her, especially romantically. Jess gives him a little confidence, and boom, there goes his next jump.

Now we’re in Season Six.

Nick is a part-time owner of the bar. He is in a committed long-distance relationship. He is in the process of writing a full-length, quality book dedicated to Jess.

It’s a far cry from the resigned bartender who wasn’t over his ex after six months, whose writing consisted of spelling ‘rhythm’ incorrectly 38 times and a word search holding no words.

Some time ago, I read an old discussion in the AV Club comments (I forget which review, sadly), that agreed Nick wasn’t dumb. He was wilfully ignorant, because pretending to be dumb means that people wouldn’t have high expectations of him, and he wouldn’t need to meet them. And honestly, it makes complete sense. It’s not me trying to see the positive in things; it’s what I have observed of the character.

Nick doesn’t need to try lower anyone’s expectations now. He has proved himself to be perfectly capable over six seasons. He’s grown so much.

I think he knows it’s hand sanitizer, not ham sanitizer. I think he plays unaware because it makes life more amusing – it’s more fun to think that letterboxes are robots and that girl’s hair is a wig. I think it’s become a habit, and he doesn’t know how else to act now.

I am certain about one thing: Nick Miller is not dumb, and has had positive character development.

an update
  • i have been very busy on my current rotation and the commute is super long
  • but i’ve been listening to a lot of my favorite murder podcast episodes and they’ve been really good so i look forward to my morning commute and having that time in the car to sip my coffee and listen

  • i have a job interview on monday and i’m really nervous but i’ve spoken with someone that worked with one of the pharmacists there and she absolutely loved it and said my personality would fit in so well so that makes me really jazzed. it’s also in the mountains, which i’ve missed so so much. i’d be so happy to move back and run trails and take in mountain air again
  • we are in raleigh for the weekend visiting logan’s family and i met with some of my good friends today to catch up! i had breakfast with my friend, kate, and then shopped all day with both kate and my other friends from pharmacy school. i’m also meeting kate tomorrow to sweat our little booties off in a cycling class

  • i am driving to where my interview is tomorrow and my mom and sister are meeting me and spending the afternoon/evening with me! 
  • i’m still injured and not running has just sucked so bad through this stressful season. my ankle doesn’t really feel much better after 7 weeks of rest. i finally decided to bite the bullet and scheduled a cortisone shot this next week to see if it will help. if it doesn’t, that might mean an MRI + potential surgery…
  • i have to keep telling myself that i will run again in order to get through the stress of everything lately. i’m wrapping up things with my research project and having to present the results next month at a huge residency conference in georgia, while also looking for a job and dealing with the many frustrations of my current rotation. 
  • it’s all good. i’m climbing a hill right now, but soon i’ll be flying back down it. i just know it. 
Please tell me I’m not the only one...

This might sound sadistic as fuck, but I’m extremely attracted to guys with scars and bruises and shit. DON’T GET ME WRONG THO, I don’t mean scars and bruises from mental illness related stuff or from abuse, I’m also not talking about severe injuries, like I don’t want to see blood pouring out of an open wound or any shit like that. I mean like cuts and bruises from fights or just scars from past injuries, idk I just find them so sexy and badass. Am I crazy? Please tell me if there’s anyone out there who agrees with me…

For example, I find this to be one of the most attractive picture of Jai, simply because of his scar…

It’s not just cuz it’s Jai, but any guys!


I also saw another blog post this picture yesterday, and I just found it to be so attractive.

I can’t be the only one!


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‘All my patients are strong idiots.’

Don’t get me wrong I love Zoro and Nekomamushi, but I can’t help but to wonder how tired Chopper is when handling these two. Nekomamushi easily stole the heart of fans - showing his adorable, carefree side yet on the latest chapter (ch 816) Oda showed us another different side of him.

Both Zoro’s and Nekomamushi’s loyalty are commendable and they are both idiots in term of taking care of themselves, but VERY LOYAL IDIOTS

We’ll hope to see more comedic side of Nekomamushi in this arc! ^ↀᴥↀ^

You are a hypocrite, you know that? When everything happened in Paris, you were the biggest defender of civil rights, right? Where are you now? Where is your “tweets”? Where is your “posts”? I don’t see that you changed your profile photo. You should add a transparent Turkish flag in your profile picture! Ah! I see…Facebook didn’t add this feature because it happened in TURKEY, right? Do you know what is happening in Turkey? I will explain it all. Maybe you will understand how serious things are.

On the 10th of October, there was an explosion in Ankara. 109 PEOPLE were KILLED and more than 500 PEOPLE were INJURED. 

On the 12th of January, there was a explosion in Istanbul. 11 PEOPLE were KILLED and 15 PEOPLE were INJURED.

On the 17th of February, there was explosion in Ankara. 29 PEOPLE were KILLED and 61 PEOPLE were INJURED.

On the 13th of March, there was explosion in Ankara. 37 PEOPLE were KILLED and 125 PEOPLE were INJURED.

On the 19th of March, there was a explosion in Istanbul. 5 PEOPLE were KILLED and 36 PEOPLE were INJURED.


Can you imagine how it feels? Can you imagine asking your friend, “Are you alive”? I don’t think you can. If you are indifferent to other people’s pain, then one day this pain will cover the entire world. Only then will you understand everything.

Remember, we didn’t choose our country! we didn’t choose our religion! We even didn’t choose ourselves. So how can you judge people so easily? How can you judge people’s life style or religion? Yes, I know Turkey is different than Europe. But does that mean that your people are more important than Turkish people? I just don’t understand why we keep categorizing people as them and us! Aren’t we all supposed to be the same?