Self control is important

Self control is something we can all work on. I got a doctors note saying that i shouldn’t be running from march 2nd to April 1st. I should have asked for a written note before I leave his office next time, because I completely misunderstood. I thought he said at least 1-2 weeks or until I couldn’t feel it anymore. I didn’t feel it after one week, so I started back running again for 5 days. it has only gotten worse.

 I was so desperate to keep running because I need to run a fast 5k by the end of this month to qualify for a something in June, a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Now, I’m starting to see that an injury gets worse exponentially as I train on it. 

Now I’m starting to see that the whole picture. Missing one big international race is better than jeopardizing my entire college and life running career with a potential stress fracture that will permanently damage my body. Your body is your best friend and you must take care of it.

 I had a similar injury before, and it went away as I kept running. I was wrong this time. I should have practiced more self control after seeing that stress reaction on the X-ray. That X-ray should have scared me more, but I was too desperate to try to qualify for that race.

 Life has ups and downs. It can’t always be either way. I had three amazing seasons, and my coach told me that he’s never seen someone improve so much in one year. Life is trying to balance out. Instead of seeing it that way, I chose to see the downs as a test.

 I believed this happened to mentally strengthen me. It will help me become more confident in facing further setbacks in life if I pass this test by remaining positive despite the fact I can’t pursue my favorite activity. It is also put in place to show me that happiness doesn’t always have to come from success from running. Injuries are inevitable.

 I should be thankful to be relatively injury free for almost two years. I should also be grateful for the fact that this happened after college apps, but I was still hoping to finish my senior year with a great season. Life doesn’t always give you what you want and it’s learning to accept that that will help bring success.

 Sometimes I feel like I let you guys from here/Instagram down. Whenever you ask me about injuries, I emphasize the importance of rest and recovery. Sometimes I lack the self control to take my own advice. I’m only human but I try my best


  In conclusion, inertia is a very strong force that could put you in danger and negatively affect you in an accident. Now you know that inertia is why you should always wear your seat belt and be careful while driving unless you want to get hurt and/or seriously injured.