You are a hypocrite, you know that? When everything happened in Paris, you were the biggest defender of civil rights, right? Where are you now? Where is your “tweets”? Where is your “posts”? I don’t see that you changed your profile photo. You should add a transparent Turkish flag in your profile picture! Ah! I see…Facebook didn’t add this feature because it happened in TURKEY, right? Do you know what is happening in Turkey? I will explain it all. Maybe you will understand how serious things are.

On the 10th of October, there was an explosion in Ankara. 109 PEOPLE were KILLED and more than 500 PEOPLE were INJURED. 

On the 12th of January, there was a explosion in Istanbul. 11 PEOPLE were KILLED and 15 PEOPLE were INJURED.

On the 17th of February, there was explosion in Ankara. 29 PEOPLE were KILLED and 61 PEOPLE were INJURED.

On the 13th of March, there was explosion in Ankara. 37 PEOPLE were KILLED and 125 PEOPLE were INJURED.

On the 19th of March, there was a explosion in Istanbul. 5 PEOPLE were KILLED and 36 PEOPLE were INJURED.


Can you imagine how it feels? Can you imagine asking your friend, “Are you alive”? I don’t think you can. If you are indifferent to other people’s pain, then one day this pain will cover the entire world. Only then will you understand everything.

Remember, we didn’t choose our country! we didn’t choose our religion! We even didn’t choose ourselves. So how can you judge people so easily? How can you judge people’s life style or religion? Yes, I know Turkey is different than Europe. But does that mean that your people are more important than Turkish people? I just don’t understand why we keep categorizing people as them and us! Aren’t we all supposed to be the same?


This is Sookie, she’s a 7week old stray kitten who got hit by a car. She has need X-rays, medication and will need her leg amputated.

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“Everyday we’d usually go out pas the soccer fields and smoke a cigarette and come back. And it was about time that class started so we were walking outside and we got about 20 feet from the door and we saw Dylan - or I think it was Dylan Klebold - running backwards shooting at the school, laughing and screaming, just yelling out things. I didn’t really understand him, but we heard the gunshots and stuff and then everything just went in slow motion.
  I got shot in the foot, my left foot, and like that’s the only where it really felt, and then my right leg collapsed, so I fell over and it was between two seconds I got shot in the left hand and right part of the chest, so it went to my lung. So then I kind of just pressed my head to the ground and lost consciousness a little bit. I woke up then again, it must be for a minute or something, and I kind of sensed that somebody was behind me, so I asked him for help. He (Dylan) said "Sure, I’ll help” and put the gun to my face and shot me.

- Lance Kirklin, student at Columbine High School, who was shot five times outside of the school, which made him later have his jaw and face rebuilt with bone and tissue from his leg as well as titanium. He saw Daniel Rohrbough take his last breath before he himself blacked out. 


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‘All my patients are strong idiots.’

Don’t get me wrong I love Zoro and Nekomamushi, but I can’t help but to wonder how tired Chopper is when handling these two. Nekomamushi easily stole the heart of fans - showing his adorable, carefree side yet on the latest chapter (ch 816) Oda showed us another different side of him.

Both Zoro’s and Nekomamushi’s loyalty are commendable and they are both idiots in term of taking care of themselves, but VERY LOYAL IDIOTS

We’ll hope to see more comedic side of Nekomamushi in this arc! ^ↀᴥↀ^