inject that shit

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THAT SHIT IS MOLD!!!! don’t buy the glitter injections shit and don’t do those diy pressed glitters …


i got back from the endocrinologist, and soon enough im going to be starting testosterone [for real this time], as soon as i call my therapist asking her for a recommendation letter to fax to the doctor, who then faxes the testosterone perscription to my pharmacy, then i just go over there and get my first injection/learn how 2 inject the shit

Willem: “The Old Blood is powerful and dangerous. So much so that it destroyed an entire civilization before us and turned everyone into horrible demons and monsters. We should carefully study it so we know how best not to repeat the past.”

Laurence: “… So what you’re saying is… I should inject this shit into my veins… And summon a god of chaos… And form a cult… Got it.”

You know what?

Fuck Zeta Society.

I HATE that ship.

I HATE it.

Canon Kirsch is not fanon Kirsch.

But do people give a shit when this fact involves an apparently straight white guy? NOOO, they’re SO DESPERATE to inject a fucking SHIT f/m ship into a show that’s so far been about LGB women ( + Laf. )

Because somehow Kirsch is a “cute puppy” even though he’s literally threatened violence towards Danny and makes her feel uncomfortable as Hell. But who cares about HER, right? She should give him a chance! He deserves it for being less of a douche than he COULD have been, right?

Fuck this fandom, and fuck how it treats Danny Lawrence.