inject me with your love

When you kiss my forehead it gives me fuzzy feeling in my tummy. Like a shot of vodka I go all warm. It’s such a better feeling then that poison. It’s good poison. Your my poison. Your my drug. Your my addiction. You injected me with your love. You made me want you. You make me positive. Your the one who cast this sad spell away from me. You protected me and that’s the reason your the one I want. No one else.
—  @poetpastry
Ereri fic recs

This is going to categorise just about every Ereri/Riren fic I’ve read and enjoyed. Any with an asterisk next to them are favourites.

High School AU

- Where they’re both students

-  Student/teacher relationships

College AU

Workplace AU

Café AU

Author AU

Music/Dance AU

Online/LDR AU

Hospital AU

Reincarnation AU

Canonverse fics

Sci-Fi/Fantasy AU


- one-shots

longer fics