Ominous statement generator

month born in
jan - the owls
feb - the stars
march - your enemies 
april - the obelisks 
may - the crystals
june - the secrets
july - the crows
aug - your teeth
sep - the curses
oct - the eyes
nov - the trees
dec - the caves

eye color
brown - do not know you
green - are not what they seem
hazel - cannot reach you
blue - are gone when you look away
grey - plot revenge
other - are not lost but waiting

It’s time once again for Giftstuck, the Homestuck holiday gift exchange, where you create a gift for someone and receive one in return!  Both fic and art are accepted, all characters and ships are welcome, and everyone is welcome to participate! (Yes, that means YOU!)


Nov. 3, 2014: Sign-Ups Open
Nov. 30, 2014: Sign-Ups End @ 11:59PM UTC
Dec. 3, 2014: Assignments sent out
Dec. 17, 2014: Check In
Jan. 3, 2015: Gifts Due @ 11:59PM PST
Jan. 4-10, 2015: Pinch Hitting Period
Jan. 11, 2015: Gifts Posted

For more information and to sign up, CLICK HERE, and consider following our tumblr for updates!

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