Latin phrases to use as incantations.

This is gonna be a long list.

  • ab intra - from within
  • ab origine - from the source
  • absit iniuria - “let insult be absent”
  • absit invidia - “let envy be absent”
  • absit omen - “let omens be absent”
  • ab uno disce omnes - from one, learn all.
  • abyssus abyssum invocat - deep calleth unto deep
  • a capite ad calcem - from head to heel
  • acta non verba - actions not words
  • ad altiora tendo - “I strive to higher things”
  • ad astra - to the stars
  • ad fontes - to the sources
  • ad meliora - towards better things
  • ad oculos - to the eyes
  • ad undas - to the waves
  • ad victoriam - to victory
  • adsum - I am here
  • a fortiori - from the stronger/from strength
  • a mari usque ad mare - from sea to sea
  • audeamus - let us dare
  • audentes fortuna iuvat - fortune favors the bold
  • audi, vide, tace - hear, see, be silent
  • beatae memoriae - of blessed memory
  • bona fide - in good faith
  • bono malum superate - overcome evil with good
  • capax infiniti - holding the infinite
  • carpe diem - seize the day
  • carpe noctem - seize the night
  • cave - beware
  • ceteris paribus - all other things being equal
  • circa - around
  • citius, altius, fortius - faster, higher, stronger
  • clavis aurea - golden key
  • cogito ergo sum - I think, therefor I am
  • compos mentis - in control of the mind
  • concilio et labore - by wisdom and effort
  • concordia cum veritate - in harmony with truth
  • concordia salus - well-being through harmony
  • coniunctis viribus - with connected strength
  • consummatum est - it is complete
  • corruptus in extremis - corrupt to the extreme
  • crescit eundo - it grows as it goes
  • de novo - from the new
  • de profundis - from the depths
  • dies irae - day of wrath
  • dona nobis pacem - give us peace
  • ego te provoco - I challenge you
  • esse est percipi - to be is to be perceived  
  • esse quam videri - to be, rather than to seem
  • esto quod es - be what you are
  • ex animo - from the soul
  • ex luna scientia - from the moon, knowledge
  • ex scientia tridens - from knowledge, sea power
  • ex silentio - from silence
  • ex undis - from the waves of the sea
  • experientia docet - experience teaches
  • fac et spera - do and hope
  • fac fortia et patere - do brave deed and endure
  • faciam quodlibet quod necesse est - I’ll do whatever it takes
  • faciam ut mei memineris - I’ll make you remember me
  • facta, non verba - deeds, not words
  • fortis et liber - strong and free
  • fortis in arduis - strong in difficulties
  • gloriosus et liber - glorious and free
  • hic abundant leones - here lions abound
  • hic et nunc - here and now
  • hic sunt dracones - here there are dragons
  • hinc illae lacrimae - hence those tears
  • hinc itur ad astra - from here the way leads to the stars
  • igni ferroque - with fire and iron
  • in memoriam - into the memory
  • in nocte consilium - advice comes over night
  • libra - balance
  • littera scripta manet - the written words endure
  • locus standi - a right to stand
  • luceo non uro - I shine, not burn
  • luctor et emergo - I struggle and emerge
  • mare liberum - free sea
  • memento vivere - remember to live
  • more ferarum - like beasts
  • natura non contristatur - nature is not saddened
  • nec spe, nec metu - without hope, without fear
  • noli me tangere - do not touch me
  • ophidia in herba - a snake in the grass
  • pro se - for oneself
  • propria manu - by one’s own hand
  • quaere - to seek
  • quod abundat non obstat - what is abundant does not hinder
  • resurgam - I shall arise
  • semper ad meliora - always towards better things
  • semper anticus - always forward
  • semper apertus - always open
  • semper fortis - always brave
  • semper liber - always free
  • stet - let it stand
  • tuebor - I will protect
  • vera causa - true cause

i made two playlists inspired by the boy with the cuckoo clock heart (the book jack and the cuckoo clock heart is based on) and the progression of jack and miss acacia’s relationship

side a: the sensation of flying

all i see are stars- jatcch st // enchanted (live)- taylor swift // paperman- christophe beck // moon dance- corpse bride st // ♥- baths // tonight- west side story revival cast // light and colour- summertime’s end // elephant love medley- moulin rouge st // let’s get lost- mandopony feat. eilemonty // catch me- demi lovato // hooked on a feeling- blue swede // up all night- owl city // tango brilliante- ouran high school host club st // kiss of fire- hugh laurie // it is you (i have loved)- dana glover // chelsea- summertime’s end // serenade- ouran high school host club st // you are in love- taylor swift // romantic flight- john powell // mademoiselle clé- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz

side b: the agony of injustice

tais-toi mon coeur- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz // this love- taylor swift // rejection in the rain- megamind st // lonely lullaby- owl city // el tango de roxanne- moulin rouge st // iniuria palace- baths // stay with me mr brightside- sam smith and the killers // love is in my soul- sean lennon // never let this go- paramore // all alone- fun. // broken open- adam lambert // lovesick synthetic- baths // when she loved me- sarah mclachlan // speechless- lady gaga // unchain my heart- hugh laurie // elegia- ouran high school host club st // plane crash dreams- josh farro and hayley williams // distant years (piano version)- clannad st // clean- taylor swift // hamac of clouds- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz

In which Petronius is baffling

I thought that drawing penises on sleeping people was a relatively new pastime. I was wrong.

As I learned yesterday, while reading Petronius’ Satyricon with my students, drawing penises on the unwary is just as funny now as it was in the first century.

Cum Ascyltos gravatus tot malis in somnum laberetur, illa quae iniuria depulsa fuerat ancilla totam faciem eius fuligine longa perfricuit, et non sentientis labra umerosque sopitionibus pinxit.

“When Ascyltus, weighed down by so many troubles, was drifting off to sleep, that servant girl who had been unjustly rebuffed rubbed his entire face with long smears of ash, and drew on the senseless man’s lips and shoulders [sopitionibus].”

The problem is that out of all of Latin literature, sopitio is only ever attested here, so its definition is uncertain.  Fortunately, the Oxford Latin Dictionary suggests it’s a variant of sopio, which definitely means “penis.”

Which brings us back to where we started. Ascyltus has drunk too much, partied too hard, and made the classic mistake of being the first one to fall asleep at the party. So the girl he’d rejected earlier covers his face in soot and proceeds to draw penises on him.

Stay classy, Petronius.

Bloomsday -- excerpts from 'Ulysses' by James Joyce

today is Bloomsday

close to 100 years ago, James Joyce wrote an 800 page novel called Ulysses

everything in Ulysses happens on June 16, 1904

this is an excerpt where the main character, Leopold Bloom, thinks about the day he got his wife pregnant (“cease to do evil” is the motto inscribed on the wall of a nearby prison):

Must have been that morning in Raymond terrace she was at the window, watching the two dogs at it by the wall of the cease to do evil.   And the sergeant grinning up.  She had that cream gown on with the rip she never stitched.  Give us a touch, Poldy.   God, I’m dying for it.  How life begins.
–pg 88

this is a long sentence:  

Universally that person’s acumen is esteemed very little perceptive concerning whatsoever matters are being held as most profitably by mortals with sapience endowed to be studied who is ignorant of that which the most in doctrine erudite and certainly by reason of that in them high mind’s ornament deserving of veneration constantly maintain when by general consent they affirm that other circumstances being equal by no exterior splendour is the prosperty of a nation more efficaciously asserted than by the measure of how far forward may have progressed the tribute of its solicitude for that proliferent continuance which of evils the original if it be absent when fortunately present constitutes the certain sign of omnipollent nature’s incorrupted benefaction.
–pg 377

this is an excerpt where another main character, Stephen Dedalus, walks along the beach, thinking about a drowned man who he read about in the newspaper that morning:

Under the upswelling tide he saw the writhing weeds lift languidly and swam reluctant arms, hissing up their petticoats, in whispering water swaying and upturning coy silver fronds.   Day by day: night by night: lifted, flooded and let fall.  Lord, they are weary: and, whispered to, they sigh.   Saint Ambrose heard it, sight of leaves and waves, waiting, awaiting the fullness of their times,diebus ac noctibus iniurias patiens ingemiscit.   To no end gathered: vainly then released, forth flowing, wending back: loom of the moon.  Weary too in sight of lovers, lascivious men, a naked woman shining in her courts, she draws a toil of waters.

Five fathoms out there.  Full fathom five thy father lies.   At once he said.  Found drowned.  High water at Dublin bar.  Driving before it a loose drift of rubble, fanshoals of fishes, silly shells.   A corpse rising saltwhite from the undertow, bobbing landward, a pace a pace a porpoise.  There he is.  Hook it quick.  Sunk though he be beneath the watery floor.  We have him.  Easy now.
–pg 50

this is an excerpt where Mr. Bloom walks around a cemetery after a friend’s funeral:

How many!  All these here once walked round Dublin.   Faithful departed.  As you are now so once were we.

Besides how could you remember everybody?  Eyes, walk, voice.   Well, the voice, yes: gramophone.  Have a gramophone in the very grave or keep it in the house.  After dinner on a Sunday.   Put on poor old greatgrandfather Kraahraark! Hellohellohello amawfullyglad kraark awfullygladaseeragain hellohello amarawf kopthsth.  Remind you of the voice like the photograph reminds you of the face.  
–pg 112

this is a cat: 

–pg 55

this is a man yawning:

–pg 175

these are some church bells:

Heigho!  Heigho!
Heigho!  Heigho!
Heigho!  Heigho!
–pg 69

this is a fart:

–pg 286

this is an excerpt about the moon and women:

What special affinities appeared to him to exist between the moon and woman?

Her antiquity in preceding and surviving successive tellurian generations: her nocturnal predominance: her satellitic dependence: her luminary reflection: her constancy under all her phases, rising, and setting by her appointed times, waxing and waning: the forced invariability of her aspect: her indeterminate response to inaffirmative interrogation: her potency over effluent and refluent waters: her power to enamour, to mortify, to invest with beauty, to render insane, to incite to and aid delinquency: the tranquil inscrutability of her visage: the terribility of her isolated dominant implacable resplendent propinquity: her moments of tempest and of calm: the stimulation of her light, her motion and her presence: the admonition of her craters, her arid seas, her silence: her splendour, when visible: her attraction, when invisible.
–pg 686

this is Mr. Bloom thinking about when he proposed to his wife Molly:

Sun’s heat it is.  Seems to a secret touch telling me memory.  Touched his sense moistened remembered.  Hidden under wild ferns on Howth.  Below us bay sleeping sky.  No sound.  The sky.  The bay purple by the Lion’s head.  Green by Drumleck.   Yellowgreen towards Sutton.  Fields of undersea, the lines faint brown in grass, buried cities.  Pillowed on my coat she had her hair, earwigs in the heather scrub my hand under her nape, you’ll toss me all.   O wonder!  Coolsoft with ointments her hand touched me, caressed: her eyes upon me did not turn away.  Ravished over her I lay, full lips full open, kissed her mouth.  Yum.  Softly she gave me in my mouth the seedcake warm and chewed.   Mawkish pulp her mouth had mumbled sweet and sour with spittle.  Joy: I ate it: joy.  Young life, her lips that gave me pouting.   Soft, warm sticky gumjelly lips.  Flowers her eyes were, take me, willing eyes.  Pebbles fell.  She lay still.  A goat.  No-one.  High on Ben Howth rhodondeddrons a nannygoat walking surefooted, dropping currants.   Screen under ferns she laughed warmfolded.  Wildly I lay on her, kissed her; eyes, her lips, her stretched neck, beating, woman’s breasts full in her blouse of nun’s veiling, fat nipples upright.   Hot I tongued her.  She kissed me.  I was kissed.  All yielding she tossed my hair.   Kissed, she kissed me.
–pg 173

this is a part I like:

June that was too I wooed.  The year returns.  History repeats itself.   Ye crags and peaks I’m with you once again.  Life, love, voyage round your own little world…All quiet on Howth now.   The distant hills seem.  Where we.  The rhododendrons.  I am a fool perhaps.  He gets the plums and I the plumstones.  Where I come in.  All that old hill has seen.  Names change: that’s all.   Lovers: yum yum.
–pg 370

this is an excerpt where Mr. Bloom’s wife, Molly Bloom, thinks about when her husband asked her to marry him:

the sun shines for you he said the day we were lying among the rhododendrons on Howth head in the gray tweed suit and his straw hat the day I got him to propose to me yes first I gave him the bit of seedcake out of my mouth and it was leapyear like now yes 16 years ago my God after that long kiss I near lost my breath yes he said I was flower of the mountain yes so we are flowers all a womans body yes that was one true thing he said in his life and the sun shines for you today yes that was why I liked him because I saw he understood or felt what a woman is and I knew I could always get round him and I gave him all the pleasure I could leading him on till he asked me to say yes and I wouldnt answer first only looked out over the sea and the sky I was thinking of so many things he didnt know of Mulvey and Mr Stanhope and Hester and father and old captain Groves and the sailors playing all birds fly and I saw stoop and washing up dishes they called it on the pier and the sentry in front of the governors house with the thing round his white helmet poor devil half roasted and the Spanish girls laughing in their shawls and their tall combs and the auctions in the morning the Greeks and the jews and the Arabs and the devil know who else from all the end of Europe and Duke street and the fowl market all clucking outside Larby Sharons and the poor donkeys slipping half asleep and the vague fellows in the cloaks asleep in the shade on the steps and the big wheels of the carts of the bulls and the old castle thousands of years old yes and those handsome Moors all in white and turbans like kings asking you to sit down in their little bit of a shop and Ronda with the old windows of the posadas glancing eyes a lattice hid for her lover to kiss the iron and the wineshops half open at night and the castanets and the night we missed the boat at Algeciras the watchman going about serene with his lamp and O that awful deepdown torrent O and the sea the sea crimson sometimes like fire and the glorious sunsets and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens yes and all the queer little streets and pink and blue and yellow houses and the rosegardens and the Jessamine and geraniums and cactuses and Gibraltar as a girl where I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.
–pg 767

happy bloomsday

larsadie playlist! 

listen here: x

art credit: x

funky at heart- studio killers // i’m not in love- 10cc // summer’s cauldron/grass- xtc // it gets better- fun. // when can i see you again- owl city // ♥- baths // stay the night- zedd ft. hayley williams // quiet- lights // sweater weather (little daylight remix)- the neighbourhood // i wouldn’t mind- he is we // rather be- clean bandit // what to do- demi lovato // iniuria palace- baths // sunburn- owl city // hate to see your heart break- paramore // islands- hey ocean // whataya want from me- adam lambert // until blue skies return- summertime’s end // seagulls screaming kiss her, kiss her- xtc // be wherever you are- zach callison