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SPELL:  Remembering & Recalling Dreams

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During the Basic Spellwriting class that Salt hosted tonight on the server, the WAMILY members gathered and constructed a spell together.  This was an amazing team effort and the collaboration produced a simple, yet effective spell.  This is what they came up with!


To dream deeply and vividly, and to recall it when you wake.


During the New Moon; and/or on a Saturday (a day of relaxation.)  Bonus points if you can score a New Moon on a Saturday!  

Each New Moon is a brand new beginning.  It offers the opportunity to make a change, to re-orient yourself, or to conjure a new aspect of yourself and your life into being.  The energy of the new moon is great for initiating a new project or the start of an adventure.  And with it being hidden in darkness, there are parallels drawn between the darker sides of the moon as well as our minds.


  • Soft Pajamas: for comfort.
  • Fluffy Pillow: to rest our head, where dreams happen.
  • Cup of tea: to warm and relax our bodies.
  • Amethyst: to remove stress, to boost intelligence and promote personality growth, to protect from harmful outside influences, to strengthen memory.


1.  On the night of a New Moon (or a Saturday, or both), climb into bed wearing soft pajamas and tea in hand.  Sip your tea and focus your energy on a night of restful sleep.  Think back on the past vivid dreams you have had and the details of them.  You can also set an amethyst by your bedside, under a pillow, or near a window.

2.  When your tea is finished and you are sleepy, read the following incantation, focusing on the mysterious, majestic power of the New Moon.  Visualize its shadows as a cloak that will conceal you.  The New Moon will inspire the start of your adventure in the dreamscape.

3.  Recite the following spell:

I ask the New Moon to allow peaceful and calm rest. 
To the depths of my subconscious, give me access. 
Let the absence of the Moon be my shield and guide, 
and when I wake, let the dreams ever-flow to my mind.

4.  Turn off the lights, rest your head on your pillow, and allow for your dreams to blossom!  In the morning, you should wake and be able to recall the details of the dream.  (We suggest writing them down!)

Thanks to everyone who participated in creating this spell!  You all are amazing and we cannot wait to see what else our WAMILY creates together!


If you remembered me going on short breaks near the end of June and start of July, saying I was doing some big project, then hint hint (I have been translating a whole loooooot lol( ´_ゝ`)

Hopefully, the QC will be done soon~

Some more preview (x)

Potential By Polarity

In the context of astrology, the term “Masculine” refers to a sign whose energy is naturally projected outwards. “Feminine” means a sign’s energy is naturally tuned to receiving and turned inwards.

“Masculine” (+) signs express their energy positively when projecting it outwards, onto the world and other people. “Feminine” (-) signs express their energy positively when turning their focus inward.

Aries (+) : you are at your best when leading/initiating projects with others instead of just going off and doing things on your own

Taurus (-) : you are at your best when you work on being self-possessed, instead of trying to possess things and people outside of yourself

Gemini (+) : you are at your best when you communicate clearly and directly with others, instead of hoarding/manipulating information for yourself to meet your own ends

Cancer (-) : you are at your best when you nurture your own insecurities and take care of your own emotional needs, instead of expecting others to nurture you or taking care of others’ needs in hopes of creating dependency

Leo (+) : you are at your best when you shine the spotlight on other talented people and make everyone around you feel special, instead of trying to get attention and recognition for yourself (note- if you make someone feel special, you automatically become special/beautiful in their eyes; you get love by being generous with your own love, so this is a good way to go about it, and leos are all about getting love; just be genuine)

Virgo (-) : you are at your best when you are self-critical and strive to improve your own perceived flaws, instead of pointing out others’ shortcomings

Libra (+) : you are at your best when you bring/match other people together, instead of trying to attract them to yourself to meet your need for attention, admiration, and partnership

Scorpio (-) : you are at your best when you practice self-control and deal with conflict quietly, instead of trying to control others and bringing hidden issues out into the open (it’s best to let people figure out and resolve their problems on their own, as hard as that might be to watch)

Sagittarius (+) : you are at your best when you escape and find freedom in the external world, with other people, instead of by withdrawing into yourself or using drugs/alcohol/addiction as a means of escape

Capricorn (-) : you are at your best when you isolate yourself to get work done and depend on yourself, instead of trying to isolate others and getting them to depend on you to assuage your fear of abandonment (each sign carries traits of the preceding sign; sags actually have the mother of all abandonment issues, and it is passed on to capricorns; the difference is in how these two signs deal with it- sags avoid dependence of any kind, while caps try to force it from others)

Aquarius (+) : you are at your best when you use your image/status to help others and improve the world at large, instead of using external things/people to improve your own reputation

Pisces (-) : you are at your best when you keep your internal fantasies separate from external reality, instead of projecting them onto other people/the world at large, creating delusions

Mars in the Houses

Mars in the 1st house : Vigorous and passionate, you initiate activities, sometimes impulsively, and your passions and anger are celebrated. This position gives you great vitality with an assured personality.

 Mars in the 2nd house : With the spirit of competition, the instinct of possession and the practical sense, you feel happy when you can focus on a concrete goal. You want to be rewarded for your efforts. Money and material goods in general make you more enjoyable than anything else.

 Mars in the 3rd house : You have a vigorous, independent and sometimes polemicist mind, and you call a cat a cat, even if that makes you jump to conclusions. With your mind sharp as a razor, you can be aggressive in a conversation. But you are impatient and you are easily distracted, and your energy is sometimes unpredictable.

 Mars in the 4th house : You try to compensate for a difficult childhood (if that is the case) by focusing on your family life. Very protective of your home and family, you are an independent person who has a solid constitution and natural vitality. Be careful not to create a family environment full of struggles.

 Mars in the 5th house : Impulsive, nervous, with lots of sex appeal, you’re active, enjoying yourself and taking pleasure in initiating creative projects. You are also very involved with your offspring. Although you can be impatient and competitive, you enjoy participating in games, athletes or others, and risk-taking stimulates you.

 Mars in the 6th house : The work excites you even if it exhausts you. You are efficient, skilled and precise, with great physical energy, excellent gifts for mechanics, and love for the tools of your trade. A boring craft despairs you, and binding organizational rules make you rebel. On the other hand, a challenge stimulates you, even if it involves taking risks. Be careful not to work too hard, and do a lot of exercise.

 Mars in the 7th house : Partnerships give you energy, but that does not mean that you live them easily. Without fear of confrontation, you courageously put the problems on the table, which means that this position is that of reconciliation. Otherwise, it is possible that you are attracting an aggressive partner.

 Mars in the 8th house : You have powerful desires, with determination and sex appeal to no longer know what to do with it. A talented researcher, you may feel attracted to the healing arts and occult subjects.

 Mars in the 9th house : You are a passionate idealistic and independent thinker who has strong convictions, great goals and desire to see the world. Ideas motivate you, and you are at home in the realm of law, religion and education. But you can slip into fanaticism, and you have to be careful not to become intolerant.

Mars in the 10th house : A demanding and exciting career swells you with energy. Ambitious and aggressive, you want to have an impact on the world.

 Mars in the 11th house : Your friends give you energy, stimulate you and help you realize your aspirations. In a group, you rise to the role of leader. But you can also be more demanding than right, and thus unconsciously create conflicts or be attracted to quarrelsome people.

 Mars in the 12th house : Other people may sometimes not understand who you are, because you hide much of your energy, your anger and your passion. You hesitate to reveal these aspects of yourself. Spending time alone revitalizes you.

Language of Positivity Project

Positivity and kindness is a universal language. The language of positivity project is a compilation of translated gentle reminders in order for this blog’s words to reach and help even more people! This list will be continuously growing and updated, so please make sure to check in whenever you’d like. Thank you so much to our many translators. To contribute translations to this project, please go here.

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I think I get the relation between the 3 color series. Ok we all know this is the moon. The difference is that for NOIR and ROSE the moon was a crescent. And the meaning is the transition between past and the future. Its the change. I think its also the meaning of the crescent moon for the Romans and Christians. We know that HONEYMOON is about freedom. And what we can see in some teasers pics is the dragonflies.

We can see the dragonflies on some teasers pics. We know that dragonflies mean freedom and transformation.

EXTRA: Did Jongup knew it when he drew the dragonflies? haha

The BLUE color means freedom but it’s also the color of the sky (and what can we see in the sky? The moon).

On the security warning the message is “start a new project” . –> like the New Moon ?

IN CONCLUSION: the 3 colors serie are connected with the moon. NOIR was for the darkness/trahison, ROSE for the REVOLUTION and BLUE is the color which means FREEDOM.

Blue color/dragonflies/moon are related as a symbol and all means FREEDOM, LIGHT and TRANSFORMATION

The title song contains the word MOON, but why did they choose “HONEYMOON” for the concept if it means FREEDOM. One thing I can say is that many korean honeymooners go in Jeju Island for their honeymoon and B.A.P filmed the MV in Jeju ^^

About the signification of the NEW MOON:

“The New Moon marks a new beginning, it’s time to start new things or to initiate new projects. If you have a professional or loving project, start at the time of the New Moon. A fortnight after, the Full Moon will illuminate the sky and will bring you or not success to your project.”

–> “Bring you OR NOT success to your project (remember the Security Warning “start a new project”). Maybe something bad will happen because we saw a grave on the teaser.

+ On a B.A.P article it says “ Honeymoon is about fighting for freedom no matter how hard the reality finding own colour and light

 –> The message of the song is “fight for your freedom NO MATTER WHAT”.

So BLUE is representing an end but also a fresh begining~~


I was always asking why did Youngjae do this gesture (this is the cross sign)

The cross sign is related to the Christianity. Plus dont forget these pics

Jongup acted like Judas who wanted to betray Jesus. And jongup betrayed Daehyun and killed him.

In the Skydive chore, Daehyun is standing like if he did the Crucifixion?


The world needs more umimaki tbh.

“Wayward Sisters,” is happening!!!!

“According to Deadline, the network is moving forward with a spin-off that focuses on the character of Jody Mills, played by Kim Rhodes. The series will be called Wayward Sisters, and it will focus on a band of woman - led by Mills - who work together to fight monsters and supernatural beings.

The report states that an episode of Supernatural’s 13th season will act as the pilot for Wayward Sisters, and the show will head solo after that.

Here’s the synopsis for Wayward Sisters, as released with Deadline’s initial report:

The project tells the story of Sheriff Jody Mills (Rhodes) and a group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural tragedy. Under Mills’ training and protection, these women will emerge as a supreme monster-fighting force. Unlike the original series, which centers on a biological brothers, Wayward Sisters is about a sisterhood of girls in a foster family. “ ~

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