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My personal take and thoughts on ‘Strangers’ by Halsey feat. Lauren Jauregui and ‘I have questions’ by Camila Cabello


Before I comment on the actual song, I would like to point out a very significant matter on this, Halsey and Lauren did a huge thing for our bisexual community and even the whole LGBT community in general by doing this.  BI REPRESENTATION MATTERS. As a bisexual myself there is always a stigma that comes with being one, and it is not all rainbows and butterflies as some would think.

The mere fact of hearing, and seeing a creation from two openly bisexual queens singing a love song to each other on mainstream charts, warms up my cold black heart. It is the pioneer and I hope that this is the beginning of a social change, and opens the gates for further acceptance.

My two cents on the actual song, Well I have played it a hundred times, to say the least. The intro and the beat all throughout gives you the initial “80’s vibe”, a concept; it is unlike any other song on the radio of the similar nature as we speak.

Lyrically, I can never say a bad thing when it comes to Halsey’s writing process. She always does an amazing job. Rather I would say, the message of the song reflects the situation of love, wanting, pride, lust in general at present. Halsey wanted to depict the emotional aspect of loving someone, the raw and honest emotions without sugarcoating it.

My favorite lines would have to be: “To feel anything at all…You lost it.”; “I must’ve crossed a line, I must’ve lost my mind.” and the chorus of course. It is arranged in a candid and realistic conversational form, of which, most if not all could very well relate.

Both Halsey and Lauren have that special raspy voice base, Lauren has this gorgeous massiveness in her voice that perfectly complements Halsey’s soft raspy angelic tone. I would describe it as the perfect marriage of voices.

It is exceptional and special because it represents the truth, It is Lauren Jauregui and Halsey, it is resounded to them both, it echoed them, raw.


First of all, I have to say that this is a very powerful and lovely masterpiece from Camila. I would say that this is my most favorite song she has ever written or done. Next would be ‘I only told the moon’

She has a talent for pouring and translating her soul out into a wonderful creation. The first time I have seen the music video, I was broken for her internally because it speaks to you and not many artists can make you feel that way.

The lyrics elaborate on the emotions, of a certain stage, in a love story, wherein lack of communication is apparent. It speaks of the internal struggle one has to go through after a break up. It asks questions that never were answered. It is giving everything, all of you and yet never knowing why it was not enough.

My favorite lines would have to be; “My name was safest in your mouth.. why did you have to go and spit it out?”

Sonically, I really love the incorporation of the violin throughout the song, it exceptionally matched the vulnerable emotions and the expressive voice Camila has. It is the perfect blend. Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.


Dating Kyungsoo Would Include...

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; the moment i pressed my lips on yours, i knew i’d never let go.

A/N: this was requested by an anon <3 enjoy.

boyfriend? sehun, kyungsoo, junmyeon, baekhyun, ?

masterlist // get to know me

  • kyungsoo being a manly boyfriend who is always 200% ready to slay anyone who dared to insult you
  • his death glares at the members when they talk or look at you for too long
  • dates to the movie theatre or a restaurant, maybe even a theme park if he’s feeling a little bit more loose
  • him grumbling as he brings you home immediately from your date when he sees someone staring at you cus you’re his and only his
  • continuing on your date at home by making out and cuddles
  • waking up in bed to his beautiful face, plump lips, and messy hair and being unable to keep your lips away from his
  • he’d wake up immediately the moment your lips are pressed on his and without a word, he’d kiss you back
  • him smiling after that kiss cus he just loves waking up through your lips
  • never being able to cook food because chefsoo is always in control over the kitchen
  • he still manages to look manly af as he cooks and you can’t help, but lick your lips at him
  • may or may not be eating what he prepared cus sometimes your hands and lips find something else more delicious
  • anytime is perfect for sexy time, he’s never let down your desire for him
  • ksoo being the one would initiate it 80% of the time even if he looks shy and quiet, this man dominates you in bed
  • the thought of you dominating him is not something he likes, but when you do so, he would enjoy the moment then punish you later
  • “baby girl, you know i don’t like it when you do that.”
  • cuddling after that passionate moment and not being able to resist another kiss from his plump lips
  • “aren’t you tired, jagiya?”
  • “i just love having your lips on mine. they’re so beautiful.”
  • waking up to a bouquet of flowers and breakfast in bed when he comes home late after practice or concert
  • the sorry look on his eyes make you cry cus you know it isn’t his fault for his busy schedule and yet he still feels bad about it
  • “i’d still love you even if you’d visit me once a year, soo.”
  • “i just want to spend my time with you, babe. i can’t ever stop thinking about you.”
  • listening to his honey voice all the time because it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard and it washes over you like the ocean, calming and soothing
  • “soo, please sing. i’m tired.”
  • “sure, babe. just close your eyes for me, ok?”
  • you stare at his eyes as he opens lips and sing and you find yourself in a trance of his eyes and voice
  • having kyungsoo bring you and tuck you into bed once you fall asleep and kiss you on the forehead before laying beside you and sleeping with his arm around you
  • talks about marriage always flusterred him, he already imagined everything before you said it
  • looks like he’s always on his phone, but he’s just taking photos of you
  • having 0% tolerance for the beagle line’s and sehun’s stupidity and allowing satansoo to come out and strangle them all
  • occasionally joining in on the strangling fun
  • junmyeon having to stop both of you from killing them cus let’s face it, kyungsoo needs these idiots in his life
  • spilling all the juicy stuff about your relationship with ksoo to jongin who never kept them to himself and told ksoo everything you told him
  • being best friends with minseok cus he’s the only one that doesn’t fuck with kyungsoo
  • “jagiya, i really need to wrap my hands around their necks. i can’t live another second if i hear them breath.”
  • having to bring ksoo’s blood pressure down by kissing him which embarrasses him in front of the members
  • “maybe we just go home, babe.”
  • fights rarely happen cus he doesn’t mind much with things unless it must be something really serious
  • if it ever happens, he wouldn’t be able to sleep the night, spending his time on the couch, thinking of what he’d done wrong and how could he fix it
  • tears don’t often flow freely from him, he likes to offer moral support by remaining strong to help you
  • will cry if he’s really touched or really sad, sometimes at night when he realises how lucky he is to have you
  • you always getting shocked at how sarcastic and funny he can be at times
  • sass battles all the time cus he’s got a sassysoo side too
  • ending up face to face and staring at his lips once again and the urge to kiss him is overwhelming and once your lips are on his, you don’t want to let go
  • he’d feel it too, he wants your warm lips against his all the time, reminding him you’re here with him
  • your relationship being a never ending cycle of staring, kissing, and loving each other more
  • “i love you, do kyungsoo.”
  • “i love you more, jagiya.”

jane crocker can probably throw u over her shoulder and bake you into her next pie Do Not fight jane crocker

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How would seventeen kiss their gf w/ kiss gifs? If not just ignore! Thanks babes~

Thank you for the request! sorry if it kind of cringe worthy.

Seungcheol (ugh this boy, kissing with him would usually turn into a makeout session with him most of the time, but how

Jeonghan (i’m not saying there will be tounge, but there will probably be tounge) im so sorry

Joshua (he would love kissing you all the time but his favorites would be the ones in the morning just after waking up)

Jun (his kissing be very passionate slightly rough and with a hint of desperation)

Hoshi (due to the fact that he hasn’t been in a relationship he would probably be mildly shy but would try to make it fun each time to take away from the fact that he has no idea what he’s doing)

Wonwoo( you two wouldn’t kiss that often, but when you did it would be very sweet and passionate)

Woozi (because he’s fairly shy you’d have to be the one to initiate the kiss 80% of the time)

Dokyum (the type to reenact cheese movie/Kdrama kissing scenes with you any chance he gets)

Mingyu (probably the type to pick you up for a kiss so you can reach his damn lips)

Minghao (this boy omo he’d be the type to pretend he was sleeping beauty and the only way you could wake him up was with a kiss)

Seungkwan ( your kisses would be slightly awkward but that was ok because you liked it that way)

Vernon (his kissing would be very delicate like if he made one wrong move that you would shatter from between his hands)

Dino (he’d most likely to go for simple pecks most of the time but i’ll leave the rest to your imagination)

- Admin Alisa

Super Junior in a Polish history textbook

The text says: South Korean boybands are an example of the uniformity of culture that accompanies globalization. They are vocal groups consisting of young men whose output is directed to the youth. The trend for such groups was initiated in the 80s in the USA and spread to other countries.

Boys are making history. ;-;

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ayyy when i first read this message i was so stupid that i actually took a picture of my actual brushes before i left for work in the morning.. *cries into hands*

the thing is.. there’s really no set brush for drawing when i do my work. it’s just default photoshop brushes that i modified. i erase and recolour with different opacities to make textures all the time.

i use the hard brush, the airbrush, and mostly the oil canvas brush when i draw my art. i also use the lasso tool to make stronger highlights or when i want to define a certain area and stop my drawing from getting blurry or messy. i change the brush dynamics every time i make new stuff to see what the results would be. i’ve tried downloading brushes but they weren’t very useful for me. i prefer to adapt to the program and mess with the flow and opacity while i paint as well. i usually set it to 80% for initial sketching and adjust accordingly as the tones get lighter and more defined.

as for lineart, photoshop CS6 is the best. i’ve tried using the hard brush for lineart and the results are much better than the previous versions of photoshop, less jittery and much more solid. i’m pretty weak at lines but CS6 made it so much easier for me.

i mostly use Painter or Illustrator at work tho.. so i apologize if my explanation sucks. my drawing methods do not follow a strict method, i’m always testing things out.

Bucky’s tongue BuckyxReader

Russian: I love you with all my heart, I need you very much, I need you

Seriously you could do a dissertation on the effect of Bucky’s tongue.  You had spent enough days posting it to the Avenger’s Tumblr.  Tumblr agreed with you, that tongue was S.E.X.Y.  There might have even been an appreciation groups made.

Today was no different.

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He was hanging out in the living room that he shared with Steve. You figured if you could get a gif made of him doing it…..Everyone would freakin flip. You already had one of the most popular Avengers pages.

The Avengers knew you were mischievous and creative. Frequently writing the PR statements for them.  Widow wasn’t surprised to see you sneaking around Bucky’s level.

“Y/N, Bucky’s in a weird mood be careful.” You weren’t best friends with the women but you trusted her judgement.

“Will do Nat.  Bruce is in the sub-basement lab.”

“Thank you.” Both of you passing each other with calm determination.

Bucky laid on the couch shirtless the cold didn’t bother him much. Between the serum’s from Hydra and his arm cold was nothing.

Knowing this your brow still furrowed in concern.

“Bucky, doll aren’t you cold?” Completely forgetting the element of surprise.

You knew how much Steve and Bucky had worked to keep him healthy. He may not have been sickly but his mind was a jumble some days.

While you couldn’t help with the technical stuff.  You offered hugs and outdoor visits as much as possible. Going to the park to get ice cream on any given day.

“Fine.” He said looking around, sparing you a glance which is more than most people received.

Setting your mouth for the fight to come you walked over.

“Bucky, I know you’re all but immune to the cold. I want you to at least use a blanket.” Holding up a small fleece blanket you had been using.

“No.” His arm flopping to the side. Looking away from you in an attempt to keep you out.

“James Buchanan Barnes, you deserve to be warm. Take the blanket.” Holding it out suppressing a small shiver that ran through you.

It was cold true, but Bucky shirtless had a similar effect. Who knew what the real reason could be.

Bucky looked up licking his tongue wetting his lips.  Making the appearance you had been waiting for. Heat flooding your chest as a blush dusted your cheeks.

Never being one for much thinking he simply acted.  Pulling you down blanket and all.

Your face falling next to his, your hands curled into your chest.  Touch was initiated by Bucky 80% of time.  He had control issues to put it lightly.

You could claim a solid 8% of the 20 that he allowed from others.  Steve the other 12%.

“Bucky, can I hold you?” Hands slowly extending your fingers stopping next to his hair.

His jaw working slowly his tongue peaked out.  Running along the lower lip his heart rate slightly elevated.

Moving his head within a millimeter of your fingers.

One hand slowly playing with the chocolate strands. The other moving your arm across his chest bringing the fleece blanket with it.

“Ya lyublyu tyebya fsyem syertsem.” The Russian leaving your lips as his body turned into yours.

Cradling his body with yours in between the pillows. You couldn’t keep Hydra away but you would be damned if his demons would win. He might be alone in his body but your soul’s were intertwined from the moment you laid eye’s on him. 

Empathetic abilities bursting to life every time you were near him. Your bond so strong that the first time he got lost in the city your intuition led you straight to him. You had found him outside a pawn shop staring at WW2 memorabilia.

This moment reminded you of that.  The same vulnerable man imploring someone to love him.

A minute later Steve walked in a tired smile gracing his lips. Walking over as he stripped down to a tank top and shorts. Crawling behind Bucky your bodies overlapping to cocoon him. 

You both spent the next hour reassuring and explaining to him why you wanted him alive. Why you cared for him so deeply.

 “Ty nuzhen mnye.” The Russian leaving his lips as sunset appeared through the window.

“Ty mnye ochyen nuzhna.” You replied, Steven being confused but respecting your unique bond.  He had one with the Winter Soldier as well. One filled with old memories

Within the hour Bucky was nibbling on pizza you had delivered from the Bronx by Pietro.

His shoulder’s hunched as he ate.

“No one’s going to steal your food Buck. I promise.” Smiling brightly in the hopes of assuaging at least one fear.

A humorless chuckle leaving his lips. Looking up his eye’s completely locked on yours.  The deer caught in the wolves gaze. He licked his lips a flash of humor flaring to life in his bright blue eyes.

That last episode of CBB actually made me shed tears for my girl Tiffany.

I’m not even going to talk about Tiff coming in 4th place because I can;t even deal with that injustice right now. I want to talk about the UK’s obsession with Tiff’s “horniness” and how they mugged her off with their edit.

It was CLEAR AS DAY that Scotty was attracted to Tiff. He initiated, I’d say, 80% of their interactions. And yes, because Tiff is down for it, she played along. She’s single, he’s single, no strings, whatevs.

But then CBB wants to make it seem like Scotty and Megan had some epic romance or something (when we all know they won’t last 5 minutes outside that house… come on now) and that Tiffany was some seductress that wooed Scotty away from ~poor Megan~ against his will. Yeah, I feel some type of way about that.

I got emotional watching Tiffany have to defend herself at that press conference while Scotty watched on smiling like the smug jerk he is, not having to defend himself one bit. Umm, HE KISSED HER after Megan left. He’s the one that kissed her when she was wearing the blue dress.He’s the one that kissed her during the center of attention task. And as Tiff would say SHE WAS THERE TO RECIEVE IT.

Because the truth of the matter is Meghan is just another notch on his bed post but she (and the CBB audience) are living in some La La Land thinking she and Scotty are going to try things outside the house. (LOL)

The only difference between Tiffany and Meghan is that Tiffany knows what’s up. Tiffany was under no circumstances thinking that she and Scotty T were having a romance or anything. But she liked having fun with him and she knew he felt the same way.So she was cool with being a notch on his bed post.

So to see him mugging her off like that in the Diary Room and acting like their flirtation was one-sided must have been a shock. So I actually shed TEARS watching that moment.

And Scotty’s reaction was KEY. He was IMMEDIATELY shaking in his boots. Because he KNEW what he did was wrong and he knew he messed everything up with Tiff — a girl who, no matter how much he tried to deny it and pretend like he wasn;t in front of the other housemates (to be ~fair~ to Meghan), he was very much attracted to. Why else would he have tried to insist he was pissed that night? Why else would he have immediately gone outside to try to smooth things over with the BS excuse that he needed a lighter?

So then they’re outside, literally arguing like a married couple. And he’s trying to play the game he plays with all the little girls he messes with on GShore and sweet talk her into forgiving him. But Tiffany wrote him off right there and then. That’s when she realized the dick wasn’t worth it. Because Scotty was just as fake as everyone else in that house.

So what makes me really angry is that despite all the signs their attraction was mutual, everyone continues to pretend Tiffany is some sexual predator. And it makes me sad because she didn’t deserve to be mugged off by Scotty and she CERTAINLY doesn’t deserve to be mugged off by the entire country because of CBB’s selective editing.

EXAMPLE) On CBBBOTS, Scotty T won the award for going beyond the call of duty and “satisfying Tiffany’s needs” by motorboating her boobs as if it was so gracious of him to bestow his attention on Tiffany. Ummm… Tiffany did not SHOVE Scotty’s face in her boobs. He CHOSE to do that because he wanted to. If anything, she should have gotten that award for allowing him to do that without getting punched in the face.

Fast forward to the finale. The moment Tiffany got evicted really spoke volumes. Scotty was clearly BUGGIN’. He jumped up and was trying SO HARD to get one last kiss from her.

First, when they hugged, he kissed her on the head but held on to her when she was trying to move on to say goodbye to the other housemates. She said SWERVE. When she got to the stairs, he shouted “Get back here.” SWERVE. He goes half way up the steps and tries to stop her. SWERVE. He shouts at her from the bottom of the stairs trying to get her attention. SWERVE.

Scotty got the memo: Tiffany isn’t a little girl fiending for his attention. He GAVE her attention and she accepted it willingly. But the moment she found out he was mugging her off and making her look like she was the thirsty one, she SHUT IT DOWN. And I really think Scotty was gutted deep down.

But because she’s a black woman who’s open about her sexuality, they make her out to be a joke. Some seductress/distraction from poor Meghan. When we all know Scotty had his eye on Tiff from day one.

TL; DR. Shame on the CBB. And their low-key racist, sexist treatment of Tiffany.

 Curios From The Background / Vol. 1 - Eighties Music Libraries  


My multiple-part Curios From The Background mix series is going to focus on my favorite examples of library/production music, lounge, and other forms of ‘mood music’ / 'background music’, alongside modern examples of their influence. While library music & lounge/easy listening have their differences, they share a kind of transportive, mood-setting vibe that blends together nicely, while they’re both often overlooked for the stigma around the 'easy listening’ phrase.

This first mix is specifically a look into the 80s era of library music. Library music is music that’s made to be licensed for use in media like film, TV & video, only accessible to ‘media production circles’ (x). Some back sleeves of these records even have short descriptions for every song (mood, theme, instruments, etc). Initial searches for 80s-era library music didn’t bring many results, but when I found the prolific Bruton Music label, owned by none other than Michael Jackson from 1982-85, I was led into both their diverse catalog and those of similar labels from the time. I found a lot of excellent songs on Youtube, ranging from energetic Russian exercise music to Eric Satie imitations, a few even combining the 80s’ signature kitsch side with somewhat unusual/futuristic sounds. 

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U.S. Apartheid Abuse Cases Against Ford, IBM Go Ahead

Apr. 18 2014

A federal judge on Thursday declined to toss out decade-old lawsuits that accuse IBM Corp. and Ford Motor Co. of supporting apartheid by letting their subsidiaries sell computers and cars to the South African government.

The three lawsuits seek to hold IBM and Ford responsible for race-based injustices including rape, torture and murder under apartheid, a system of race-based segregation and discrimination against nonwhites that ended 20 years ago.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled on the legal reach of the statute under which the plaintiffs are suing, the Alien Tort Statute. The 1789 statute originally was enacted to prosecute pirates and was revived in recent decades to permit lawsuits in the United States against those who violate human rights abroad.

Thursday’s ruling from Judge Shira Scheindlin in Manhattan allows plaintiffs to file amended complaints that fit within the reach ruled upon by the Supreme Court.

Emails seeking comment from Armonk-based IBM and Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford weren’t immediately answered.

Close to 80 companies initially were named in the lawsuits, filed about 12 years ago, and the vast majority of those claims were rejected.

A district judge threw out the lawsuits in 2004, saying he did not have jurisdiction. He noted that Congress had supported and encouraged business investment in South Africa as a way to achieve greater respect for human rights and a reduction in poverty. And he cited vigorous objections to the lawsuits by the U.S. and its allies.

The U.S. had said the lawsuits posed a foreign policy problem, threatening to inflame U.S. relations with South Africa. The South African government had said the cases interfered with its rights to litigate such claims itself, though it later reversed its position.