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[TianShan Week]

Day 4: Shield

…Rubber gloves provides protection for your hands!

In the last panel, Guan Shan should also say, “at least clean up your own bloody mess…”

Totally rushed this but I wanted to post something or else it will never see the light of day lol. I want to work on this some more later~

The Hamilsquad and why you should date them

let’s be real: you probably shouldn’t. not if you’re looking for the love of your life. But for a few months A. Ham will rock your damn world with loveletters, candle-light dinners and the most creative dates. While he has trouble committing to someone for long he is a very affectionate and enthusiastic lover in the short term. Lots of PDA - whether that’s good or bad is for you to decide. Even after you break up you’re probably gonna remain friends.

Sexgod. Makes an effort to get to know every part of your body and personality, will initiate lots of late-night-conversations because he wants to learn your view on things, your story and the way you think.
Your family will love him under any circumstances.
Will kiss you goodbye really dramatically whenever you have to go out of town without him.

Will bring you ice cream in the middle of the night and sings along to living on a prayer in the car with you. Is really good at picking up on your current mood and acting accordingly. Lots of hugs and cuddles and kisses. Gives you all the space and time you need and will support you in anything you’re determined to do.
Would be a great dad.

Will make you laugh until you cry.
Takes pictures and draws you a lot. Is very honest and will keep you grounded no matter what. Loves every little thing about you and will never stop fighting for you.
Will secretly call your best friend to find out your favourite flowers before your first date.
Can make you feel like the most important person on earth.


anime is real

gansey’s alive at the end of it all, magically, impossibly, amazingly, and it should feel like a victory - it does feel like a victory.
but it also feels like a loss, hollowing and sobering.
because now gansey is left Purposeless; his quest is over and his sacrifice spat him back out,
not to mention having died again and lived again, but this time with no questions to answer, no meaning, Just This, just life,
and he’s lost and kind of numb and sort of angry, which feels weird and Other in him, because it’s not so neatly controllable and disguisable as his usual emotions, because there’s no one and nothing to really be angry at,
and it’s, like, a smoldering version of gansey on fire when he starts taking down his glendower maps in the middle of the night, 
initially removing them by the pins and then just pulling them off so the corners still stick.

ronan wasn’t sleeping either, not a chance, 
and he knows the sounds of insomniac destruction anywhere,
so he comes out of his room and stands in his doorway until gansey says
‘help me.’

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can’t believe I missed this

Marry Me (Cassian Andor x Reader)

Another Cassian x Reader fic!

This was the idea I initially had before Night of the Lanterns, and I finally got around to finishing it. It’s fluff. Of course it’s fluff. I love fluff.

Please feel free to message me if you have any requests! I had two in the works, and a possible series, but I don’t mind keeping a few ideas in mind.

Anyways, Merry Christmas to any of you lovely people that celebrate Christmas.



Pairing(s): Cassian x Reader

Words: 1000

Warnings: Lots of feels? Smooches? Do those count?

Rating: T


Out of bed before the sun rise, in your ship before most of the rebel forces had even opened their eyes. Your usual routine.

Your hands slide over the controls with ease. After a bit of a rough landing (Cassian kept calling it a crash, but you had to disagree. “Nothing exploded!” “The lack of explosion doesn’t change the angle and speed at which you hit the ground!” “I’m a commander. I’m one of the best pilots in the alliance. I don’t crash.”) you’d been given a new ship. It’s beautiful, but very new. You’re a good pilot, but it’d had been a while since you’d flown anything other than your old carrier. The updates to this one, though small, make all the difference.

You begin to hum to yourself a song that your father used to sing to you, getting completely lost in your work.

“Commander? Are you here?” You hear K2SOs voice.

Turning from your place in the cockpit, you can see him poking his head into the ship. “Right here, buddy.”

He clunks, entering the ship and leaning over your shoulder as you peruse the controls.

“Cassian is looking for you.” He says after a moment. “Don’t know why.” He pauses. “He’s usually looking for you.”

You laugh at the droids bluntness. “He didn’t say what he needed?”


“Alright.” You take one last glance at your new control panel, convince yourself that you’ll be fine to leave within the next couple of hours, and exit the ship. You pat her side twice for good luck and head to the mess hall in search of Cassian.

K2 doesn’t follow you.

Someone comes barreling around the corner, knocking you on your ass.

“I’m so sorry!” It’s Cassian. He reaches out a hand for you to grab and pulls you to your feet. “Are you alright?” He fusses.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” You brush the sand and dust off your pants. “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“I was looking for you. I just wanted to see you.” His intense eyes don’t break contact with yours, despite the confession.

“Well, now you’ve seen me.” You smile. “I have to go for my debriefing and then I’m out of here.”

He grabs your arm before you can leave. “The Tatooine mission, right?” You nod. “You’re going alone?”

“It’s scouting.” You roll your eyes at his concern. “I’ll be fine.”

He lays a hand gently on your face, “Just be careful, okay?”

You hug him quickly, still not as comfortable with the PDA as he is.

It was like he was starved of affection (not that you minded in the slightest). Whenever he could have his hands on you he did, whether it was on the small of your back at a council meeting, his fingers intertwined with yours whenever you walked together anywhere, or just finding reasons to come find you when he wasn’t busy just to be near you. Usually so reserved, it was a shock to everyone who knew him well that he had become so attached to you.

“I’ll be alright.” You assure him again. “Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you.” Cassian takes your face between his hands, “I don’t trust the imperials.” He looks deeply into your eyes, his thumbs brushing over your cheek bones. “They’ve taken everything from me.”

“I’m sticking around, Captain.” You murmur. “Don’t you worry about that.” You wrap your arms around his neck and tuck your face into his shoulder, throwing any qualms about being seen out the window. His worn jacket and t-shirt, his strong shoulders and arm, they’re home. Something you haven’t had for a long time.

As long as the two of you were together, you were unstoppable. You could do anything. It had taken you 11 years to start dating, but not much changed. Your loyalty, your heart and your soul had always been his. You just got to kiss him now (something you did liberally and often. Most of your friends couldn’t stand being in the same room as the two of you. At least K2 approves.).

You stand on your tiptoes, your lips just brushing his ear, “And when I get home, I’ll be off duty for three days. I’m sure we can think up something to pass the time.”

He shivers and you feel him take a deep breath. His arms tighten around you, but you still feel the tension in his body. “Don’t take too long.” It’s meant to sound like a teasing threat, but sounds more like a plea.

This is what you loved.

This stoic, serious man that you could turn to putty with just the brush of your lips. The trust he put in you humbles you every day. Knowing that you have someone who loves you unconditionally, someone you can always come home to.

You pull the conversation back, deciding to embrace your impulsive nature.

“Marry me.” He freezes in your arms "Not now. Not even within the week. We could wait however long you want, until the Empire falls, even. Just promise me that you’ll marry me someday.”

He’s quiet for a moment. “Are you sure?” he pulls away enough to look at your face.

“Yes, Cassian. I love you. You know that. I’ve always loved you and I want to spend–”

“Yes.” He cuts you off with a gentle kiss. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

“Captain Andor, please stop distracting my best scout so she can get in the air.” Mon Mothma stands at the entrance to the airfield, an amused look on her face.

You both blush. He kisses your cheek one last time. “I’ll see you in a couple of days.” He just nods, smiling.

As you talk with Mon Mothma, you mentally rehearse saying your name with Andor attached to the end of it.

Nothing ever sounded more right.

Immediate crisis has been averted but I’ll likely be leaving for the UK next week. My little brother’s health has continued to deteriorate and we got some initially devastating news last night that left me utterly heartbroken and shattered for him.

This morning we got some more news which suggests things may not actually be as grim as initially feared, but it’s still not good, and ETD and I need to haul ass back sooner rather than later, something which we wouldn’t be able to do without the help of his family, so for that I am eternally grateful.

Needless to say any schedule I had set up for work and getting things done has been blown clean out the water, so for that I apologize and ask that you bear with me through this. 2016 has been one fucker of a year.

Thank you to everyone continuing to offer love and support, and for offering prayers and healing. It means a lot. More than I’ll likely ever be able to say.

Thank you.

I’ll post more when I know more. Stay safe, take care of each and all my love,

Tumblr-mom x

On the shipping front, I’ve always maintained that the Bawson action fell mostly on Mike. Ginny may have had a crush on him, but the majority of the season it has been Mike with the lingering looks, the meddling, initiating late night phone-calls, the sincere moments, and let us not get into the long list of things he knows about Ginny from studying her a bit too long; a list he added on to.

All I’m saying is, maybe people wouldn’t ship Bawson so much if Mike didn’t look at his rookie like she hung the moon. So, by the time we got to the intimacy of their bar scene, and of course the tension between them in their near-kiss final moment, it felt well earned. Even if you aren’t a shipper.

And some moment that was, wasn’t it?

I liked their almost kiss, because somewhere between Mike’s speech about Grape Soda, Cilantro, and Katy Perry, and that exact moment, Mike knew he had feelings for Ginny. And he spent the time in between being genuinely sincere, pushing her away and shutting her out, or making confessions shrouded in light-hearted humor and banter, to that fact.

I also loved the way they physically stepped back the second they got the news that the trade fell through. Both of them, immediately putting as much distance between them as possible. It was awkward and yet, not.

I’m dying to see where they go from here. Will they avoid each other for a bit? Neither of them are the type to talk things out much.

—  TV Fanatic
truth or dare

• it’s 8th year and the Slytherins and Gryffindors have more or less become friends
• most of the old rivalries have faded away
• except for quidditch of course because some things never change
• but besides that the Slytherins and Gryffindors are getting along really well
• Harry and Draco have an odd sort of friendship
• the others always notice them sitting together on the grounds, sometimes just in silence but they’re also good at making each other laugh when no one else can
• they seem to understand each other better than the rest of them can, despite years of being enemies
• Pansy and Blaise are betting on how long it’ll take for them to get together
• Pansy has ten galleons on Draco making the first move within the month
• because she totally knows that Draco’s had a crush on Harry forever even if he’ll never admit it
• also she’s broke and really can’t lose this one so she’s the one to initiate the late night game of truth or dare in the common room
• of course they’re Slytherins, so they’re going to play with veritaserum, and the Gryffindors definitely aren’t backing down
• they’re all sitting in a circle, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, and Blaise
• they all watch as Blaise, who has a wicked grin on his face, spikes the firewhiskey in the middle with veritaserum
• Draco is nervous because of course Pansy’s right and he’s fancied Harry for years but he doesn’t want anything to get screwed up now that they’re finally friends
• but he’s too proud to leave the game
• it starts out with all the usual stuff
• “Granger, I dare you to snog Pansy”
• “oh be quiet Ron, it’s a game. Pansy get over here”
• “Blaise, go seduce the Fat Lady.”
• “Potter, how long has it been since you’ve last done it?”
• and Harry is bright red, and he’s looking at the floor sheepishly as he mumbles his answer, and Blaise crows “oooh the boy who lived is still a virgin,” and he just gives Draco another wolfish grin and takes a sip of firewhiskey
• Draco is also red at this point, because Merlin, does anyone not know??
• the disaster doesn’t strike until two in the morning though
• everyone is incredibly tipsy except for Harry and Draco, who haven’t been drinking as much since Harry’s truth a half hour ago
• Pansy is looking at him like she’s a cat and he’s a mouse that she’s just cornered and he knows what’s coming next
• “Draco, if you had to make out with one person in this room, who would it be?”
• she knows exactly what she’s doing, and Draco wishes more than anything that they hadn’t chosen to use veritaserum because there’s no way to fight it
• but if he’s going to say this, he’s going to say it with dignity, consequences be damned
• so Draco just sits up a little and clears his throat
• he looks around at the others, Ron and Hermione both giggly and Blaise looking smug and Pansy nearly shaking with anticipation
• then there’s Harry, who looks quite calm, maybe a bit shy, but he’s smiling and is curious to hear the answer
• so Draco just takes a swig of firewhiskey and says “Potter, of course”
• Hermione is grinning
• Ron is speechless
• Blaise is cackling
• Pansy is looking incredibly pleased with herself, too pleased for Draco’s liking
• and Harry
• Harry is staring at Draco, mouth open slightly, eyes wide
• and then to Draco’s absolute astonishment the corners of Harry’s mouth are turning up and he’s starting to speak
• “Draco, truth or dare?”
• Pansy is suddenly frantic, going “no, Draco’s just gone, someone else needs to have a go” because damn it, she knows what Potter is going to say and she doesn’t have ten galleons and she can’t possibly lose to Blaise
• but Hermione and Blaise are saying “Pansy shut it” and their eyes are locked on Harry and Draco
• Harry says it again. “Truth or dare?”
• Draco isn’t sure he can speak
this can’t possibly be happening… can it?
• somehow he gets the word out- “dare”
• Harry is moving and Draco’s brain has definitely stopped working because oh god he’s getting closer he’s looking at me his hair his face his eyes his lips they’re right there
• Harry stops right before their knees touch and he looks up at Draco, and Draco can feel his breath and is possibly about to combust
• “Kiss me, then.”
• and really, how can he deny a request like that?
• Draco closes the gap between them and nearly moans because merlin, his lips are so soft and he tastes like heaven and his skin is smooth and warm and god his hair just
• Draco has one hand cupping Harry’s face and the other tangled in his hair, and he feels Harry’s hands start to slip under the hem of his shirt and he gasps involuntarily and god this is everything he’s wanted for so long
• Harry is tugging at his shirt more urgently now and Draco can faintly hear Blaise shouting “oi! Get a room!” over his own heart and the sounds escaping from his lips
• he can make out someone clapping, cheering, and Blaise is still yelling and there’s a choked sound that’s probably from Ron, and they only break apart when Draco feels a tap on his shoulder
• both he and Harry are an absolute mess and they’re grinning wildly at each other
• Pansy just folds her arms and sighs before saying, “you know, the highest astronomy tower is always empty at this time of night”
• and suddenly Draco feels a hand slip into his own and he’s being pulled up and out the door and Harry has a wicked smile on his face as he leads them up the stairs, taking them two at a time
• Pansy, Blaise, Ron, and Hermione are just left in the common room staring at the door and wondering how it was possible that they had disappeared so quickly without apparating
• and the next morning Draco’s hair is a tangled, ruffled mess and Harry is wearing a t-shirt that’s too big on him and they both have suspicious marks up and down their necks
• the others just roll their eyes and share knowing looks as the rest of the students begin to notice
• and Harry and Draco just sit there blushing slightly with their hands laced together under the table and when Harry rests his head on Draco’s shoulder halfway through breakfast, no one is surprised at all


Morning after your first time w/ Wonho Moodboard for @wonhowonderland <3

Inspired by SoMo’s cover of “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

Last night was perfect. It was your first time and you were more nervous than you had imagined. You had been the one to initiate last nights intimacy, but your inexperience caused you to change your mind at the last minute. Wonho never pressured you. He was just as content to simply hold you all night, as long as he was with you nothing else mattered. His understanding and tenderness helped to calm your nerves and reminded you why you had chosen him to be your first. Wonho was the only one you had ever considered losing your virginity too. You longed to be close to him in this way. And now with your inhibitions calmed you were able to experience one of the best nights of your life.

Now it was the morning after and you could feel the warm rays of sunlight on your face. You groaned at the thought of having to leave bed and snuggled deeper into Wonho’s arms. He let out a muffled yawn and kissed the nape of your neck while whispering “good morning, beautiful” in your ear. Turning to face him while still wrapped in his arms, you were greeted with his signature heart stopping smile. All of a sudden your shyness returned full force and you buried your face in his neck to hide the blush in your cheeks. Wonho pulled your face back to his, placing small kisses all over it, the last on your forehead. “I love you” was all he said before throwing you over his shoulder as he got up from the bed eliciting a squeal from you when he spanked your bottom declaring it was shower time.


Word count: 671

You’re done with the initiates for today and plan to dance a little before going back to your apartment. But just when you get to the Pit, Eric stands on your way. Your friends offer you a sad smile, leaving you to deal with Eric alone. You stare at the man, way much taller than you, with an amused smirk on his face.


“Excuse me, lovely leader.” You sigh, rolling your eyes. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You gave beer to the initiates yesterday night. It’s forbidden.”

“I didn’t do it.” You lie, trying to walk past him, but he grabs your arm, dragging you God knows where.

“I can’t keep covering you, (Y/N)!” You both stop on a dark corner, not a single soul walking by. “If Max finds out you will be punished.”

“They needed a little fun! Our initiation beat the shit out of them.” You were always too kind, different from Eric. The initiates love you, and you enjoy wasting time with them after training. You’ve made a lot of new friends.

“They can have fun once they’re Dauntless members. Did you understand?” Eric whispers in your ear, and you use all your strength to push him away.

“I’m sorry, dear, I can’t hear you.” You smile. Being sassy with Eric is dangerous. The last time you did something this, you had a very long night in his apartment. Of course, you had fun too, but on the next day you could barely stand up straight.

“You should be thankful. I could just tell Max and you would never train the initiates again.” Eric presses you to the wall, breathing on your face. It would be a great idea to make him mad.

“Good thing I have my hero to keep saving my ass.” You touch his neck tattoos, using your sexy voice.

“I’m done saving this pretty little ass. It’s time for you to put it on my bed.” He pulls your hand, leading you to his apartment. But it’s way too easy. You don’t like it easy.

“No. I should put my ass on Four’s bed. I bet he wouldn’t get tired of saving me.” You hiss, giving a step back.

Eric turns to you, starting to get really angry with you. “Don’t say it again. Never.”

“I have this theory that he may be… bigger than you…” You giggle, moving away from him into the empty hall. Eric’s breath gets heavier as he slowly walks to you. “I should start running, shouldn’t I?” And that’s exactly what you do.

The footsteps behind you are loud. He’s near. You run through those empty corridors so nobody will see you acting like crazy teenagers. Laughing too loud, you manage to keep distance, but you get tired, being forced to run to an alley to catch your breath. Eric is close, but you keep silent hoping to deceive him. But it’s useless. He suddenly grabs your waist, out of nowhere, pressing his lips to yours.

“God, Eric. I always have so much fun with you. We can be stupid teenagers running like crazy and having sex. I like to be with you.” You say, before noticing what you just said. You love Eric but tried not to let him know that. The two of you had fun, that’s enough to him and should be enough to you. “Sorry.” You sigh, looking down to your feet.

“What are you sorry for? You’re absolutely right. The best part of my day is whenever I’m with you.” Eric rubs your cheek delicately, something rare.

“I know.”

“Why aren’t we dating already?”

Your heart stops. Then you jump into his arms, your legs around his waist. Eric gives a step back, a beautiful smile on his lips.

“We’re dating from now on. It’s that ok?” You ask, staring his icy blue eyes. You couldn’t be happier.

“Yes, babe. Now let’s go to my apartment. We need to celebrate. ”

“My ass on your bed?”

“Only on my bed.”

A/N: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.