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out of shinji and kaworu who do you like better as a top? and it's for school i promise and i gotta know

Hnnnnnggg I can’t just pick one, I like to think they swich.

 But I guess I’m going with, top Shinji? For now  \(=7=)/ the world needs more top Shinji!

i’m officially dropping belle french and snow white, and adding a couple muses:

  • john murphy (the 100). stats & verses. resident selfish asshole and survival’s #1 fan. will either outlive everyone or get himself killed for talking shit. just wants the world to leave him alone and let him live, but will he ever get that? no. b/c he’s an asshole.
  • jay moreau (original). stats & verses. queer non-binary witch, cousin of odette. just wants to party their way through college but then their best friend dies and they gotta buckle down and get serious to bring him back. full info coming tomorrow.

also coming soonish to a multimuse near you: trubel (grimm), magda peterson (spn), camille engelson (stitchers)

00Q LDWS Drabbles: Final Week!

Here are the drabbles for the last week of the MI6 Cafe’s 00Q Last Drabble Writer Standing competition!

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wild card (writer’s choice) 
Word count: up to 250

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Headcanon: Fluff Prompt Table

9 headcanons AND a completed 3x3 Prompt Table- 007


  • Initially they live in Q’s flat. All his tech is there, along with his cats, though Bond teases Q by saying since Q is also there, then there’s no point living elsewhere. When it’s clear they will be an item for quite some time, James moves more into the flat than just his toothbrush and a few suits. Eventually, there’s just not enough room, so they debate about moving. Neither one wants to leave London until they retire. So Bond and Q sell both their flats and buy a place together with more space and a whole room for all the unused cat trees that Bond put together for Hawking and Turing; the cats just played with the boxes.


  • While working for MI6, they limit themselves to two pets: Hawking and Turing. Q rescued both of them when they were kittens and nursed them back to health. James is the first person both cats have taken a liking to since Eve. Usually they both hiss at newcomers (leading to some very awkward one night stands for Q before he brings James home). Both cats are total attention whores and frequently sleep on their humans’ heads. They will meow very loudly until fed, and if it’s a surface they can reach, then they will sleep on it.
  • When James and Q retire, Q still keeps a cat or two (always rescues), but he also finally relents and agrees to get dogs. James is ecstatic. He names their dogs Beretta and Walther and trains both to be proud hunting dogs. Some nights will see them all sitting before a roaring fire. Walther and Beretta are sprawled on the rug, the cats are on the back of the sofa, and Q is leaning against James while they read and enjoy the peaceful silence of Wales.


  • James is appalled to see how absolutely messy and chaotic Q’s flat is. James still has his military sensibilities and keeps his belongings shipshape. Q, rather, lives by the “I know what the system is and no one else does” method of organization. James tries on multiple occasions to clean the flat, and the longest it stays clean is three days; Q didn’t leave his office at MI6 for those three days.


  • The biggest transformation Q sees in James initially is his willingness to start bringing back his kit. It starts slowly with the earwig. After three missions in a row where the earwig is either only slightly battered or in perfect working order, Q grows slightly suspicious. It’s not like James to be this thoughtful with his equipment. James waits until he’s brought the gun back five missions in a row to ask Q out for pints after work. Q agrees on the condition that “Bond brings back the entire kit on his next mission.” Which he does. 

Free Space: Mornings/Breakfast

  • Q is absolute rubbish before his first cup of tea. The most he can manage to do is go to the loo for a piss, but then he has to have his Earl Grey. Once he begins to wake up (nearly at the end of the cup of tea), he’ll eat if he is fed which gives James a good reason to cook breakfast.
  • James is the kind of man who can brush his teeth and then drink an entire glass of orange juice. Q refuses to kiss him when he does this. Sometimes he refuses to come near James until he’s brushed his teeth twice more, but even then he claims he can taste the juice.


  • James’s favorite place to go is the beach. He loves to lay out in the sun and tan or to put on his swim trunks and go swimming. Q lounges under the umbrella, texting on his mobile or reading on his Kindle until James confiscates them both and drags his lover into the ocean. Q has, of course, been properly lathered in sunscreen before this, and they don’t go swimming together in the middle of the day; Q burns too easily. So long as MI6 doesn’t enter a crisis while they’re away, their holiday mostly just consists of decadent food, swimming, and enjoying the fresh air.


  • The worst fight they ever had was when Bond went missing for two months after his contact turned out to be a mole and the whole mission went tits up. Two months of radio silence. Two months of Q thinking Bond was dead or worse. When he comes home to find Bond bloodied and half conscious on his kitchen floor, he at least manages to help bandage James before he starts hitting him with the couch cushions. James explains that he had to go to ground and take out the organization that way, but Q is still really upset. He finally knows how it might feel to lose James entirely. In order to apologize, James works harder to bring his kit back, but he also goes out of his way to find things or get things for Q. A rare, exotic tea from India. A knitted green scarf from Holland. But the one that Q loves best is the kitten James rescues from a collapsed building in Tunisia. He names the little thing Tiger. 

Bed sharing

  • What sharing? Q sleeps like an octopus and takes over whatever side of the bed James is on (usually the right hand side by the door). To his credit, James never pushes Q away. If anything, he holds his lover closer and just runs his fingers through Q’s hair. 


  • Trust is hard won for them both. James shows his trust for Q beyond his missions when he begins, here and there, to start telling Q about Vesper and other people he’s failed to save on his missions. For Q, it means trusting James to come back home to him or to tell him when things are going wrong. He gets really good at reading James’s body language and sensing what James needs at any given moment. This comes in handy when James returns from missions. Sometimes he needs “I’m home and I’m alive” sex to help pull him back into reality and away from being a “double-oh”. Sometimes he needs silence and a very large scotch. The same goes for when Q loses an agent in the field. Sometimes he needs to be held while he cries, though most of the time he just steals James’s scotch and throws the whole thing back. They both learn to trust that the other can help care for them when they need it.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts in the linguistics tag about how hard Pinyin is. 

Pinyin was designed by Chinese linguists for internal use in China; it didn’t become the standard for English-language romanization of Mandarin Chinese until the normalization of diplomatic relations with the PRC. Before that, either the Wade-Giles system or the Yale romanization were used – Wade-Giles in Sinology and Yale in linguistic instruction.

The Wade-Giles system was developed by two 19th-century Sinologists, Thomas Wade and Herbert Giles. It replaced the older Legge romanization, which was AFAIK the first system of romanization of Mandarin to be in common use in the Anglosphere (Aleister Crowley used it in his commentaries on the Yijing, or, as he called it, the Yi King), and went through several revisions, all of which were awful and should never have been used. 

Wade-Giles is where the obsolete spelling ‘Taoism’ for Daoism comes from: Wade-Giles writes t’ t where most romanization systems have t d. Compare Mao Tse-tung (WG) to Mao Zedong (Pinyin) or Mau Dze-dung (Yale), or Peking (an early ad hoc romanization from before the shift of velars to alveolopalatals before /j/ – which actually happened in the 20th century, late enough that Latinxua Sin Wenz, designed in the 1930s, didn’t include it) to Beijing (Pinyin), or I Ching (WG) to Yijing (Pinyin).

The Yale romanization was designed to be intuitive for English-speakers – specifically, it was designed by the American sinologist George Kennedy for use by American troops during WW2.

Neither of these systems had anything to do with pinyin. Pinyin was a replacement for the older Chinese standard for Mandarin romanization, Latinxua Sin Wenz, which was actually designed by the Soviet government to replace Chinese characters entirely. It did not do a good job of this, primarily because it didn’t indicate tone.

The Pinyin use of x for /ɕ/ might come from the LSW use of it for /x/. LSW merged the alveolopalatal series (Pinyin q j x) with the velars in writing: the xua in the name of Latinxua Sin Wenz corresponds to Pinyin and Wade-Giles hua (Yale hwa), but the Pinyin syllable xie was also written xie in LSW. Alveolopalatals don’t contrast with alveolars (Pinyin c z s), retroflexes (Pinyin ch zh sh), or velars (Pinyin k g h) in Mandarin – they come from a merger of the alveolars and velars before /j/ – so many Mandarin romanization systems didn’t distinguish them from one of those series: Wade-Giles and Yale both wrote them the same as the retroflexes.

In fact, the only differences between LSW and Pinyin, aside from tone marking, are the initials j q x (vs. LSW g k x) and r (vs. LSW rh), the medial /-jw-/ (LSW y, Pinyin ü), the rhymes /ɚ uŋ/ (LSW r ung, Pinyin er ong), and the null final (as in wenz, Pinyin wénzì).

Kusanagi - Yata-chan, you’re exaggerating, saying “it’s hot, it’s hot” again and again. What would you do when it will become really hot?

Kusanagi - Today it will be forbidden to say “hot”. Whoever says it once would do 50 sit-ups, okay?

Misaki - Gha! You serious?

Kusanagi - It’s simple. Hope you won’t break. Well, start!

Totsuka - Hi, everyone! Today is hot, isn’t it? I’m almost melting.

Heroine - Totsuka senpai, that word… it’s better you don’t say it again…

Totsuka - “That word”? Which one?

Misaki - ……It begins with “h” and ends with “t”.

Totsuka - It begins with “h” and ends with “t”… “Halibut”? I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about how hot it is today.

Totsuka - Halibut is not related to this hotness, right? …Or it is? Halibut can control weather perhaps?

Kusanagi - We’re doing a game in which if you say the word “hot” you’re going to do a punishment of 50 sit-ups. For you it starts from now.

Totsuka - I can’t agree with this. If I die because I did too many sit-ups it would be your fault, Kusanagi-san.

Kusanagi - I doubt someone could ever die for such reason, idiot.

161031 Be Positive showcase interview - Kyungsoo

Q. Initial thoughts?

A. To be honest, I felt pressured and worried because this would be my first time in a romantic comedy. But it was really positive; I think filming went positively because the director and the actors led me well.

Q. Thoughts on filming?

A. Because I took on the role of Hwandong, who can cheerfully take on obstacles like shoveling for the first time ever or enlisting the help of his ex for the sake of his dream, I engaged in filming with a fluttering heart. I could act as a college student, so I feel like I can understand [others my age] a little more, and it feels like communication.

Q. How is the character of Kim Hwandong?

A. The characters I’ve been until now were dark and sad and hurt inside. Hwandong was a big challenge because his character is bright and cheerful. I worked hard to digest the role.

Q. Are you positive yourself?

A. I do have my negativity, but I live telling myself to stay positive about everything! To not get stressed, that you need positivity to have a bright face and a bright heart. I think being negative only hurts yourself.

Q. Would you be able to contact an ex if you needed them, like in the webdrama?

A. I don’t think I would ever contact my ex. If we parted on clear terms, I’d think of it as [an agreement] to never get in contact after. 

Q. What food do you think of when things are hard?

A. Eating is my joy in life. So I just eat everything I want when things are hard…. pork belly is good. Any kind of meat.

Q. Would you be able to shovel the ground if your best friend asked?

A. Hwandong could do it in the drama because it was for his dream, but if a friend asked me to, I think I’d have to say sorry..

Q. Thoughts on the kiss scene?

A. The kiss scene… was very hard to film. I don’t think I suit them well. I remember the kiss scene being really hard to film.

Q. A pledge for if you break 25 million views and set a record?

A. I don’t think we can break Xiumin’s record of 25 million views. If we set a new record, that would be something to be very thankful for. I hadn’t been thinking of a pledge… a pledge… I’ll think about what might be good and make sure to get back to you.

Q. The reason why you should watch Be Positive?

A. You should watch it because for everyone young having a hard time trying to achieve their dreams, I hope Be Positive can be lots of strength. Please give it lots of love!

source: dofancom, @dyobonbon | translation: fydk


How clever of you. And what do you expect me to answer?

Wooing Jones– whether you’re accepted or not, it’s not within my power to stop you as long as you don’t hurt him.
…It’s his happiness, after all.

And yes. I’m aware of Jones’ current situation.

I created this post more than a year ago but many people asked me about my favorite 00Q stories.


Q is a hooker. James Bond is in love.


- James! This is madness!
- This is politics, kitten.  x


“I’m sorry,” James whispered, shoving the curls out of his lover’s face, “I’m so sorry Q, but I have to. I can’t lose you.


James met Q a long time ago. Good sex, nothing more.

When they meet the second time, Q does not resemble the person who had seduced James. He is a skinny and dirty…What happened?

White Lily

People seemed to find their soul mates everywhere these days, on the street, at work, they bumped into them or never met them at all. James met his in the form of a skinny, little boy covered in blood in the corner of a dirty room, a tiny boy who did not speak and call himself Q.

Nobody had warned James that raising a boy wasn’t easy, and that waiting for him to get old enough would be this hard.


Q spoke with his hands, his beautiful silent hands, and James tried to listen.

Mirrored Experience

They have Q.


Bond is a billionaire who always gets what he want. However, he never asked for broken, skinny boy whose he got for winning in the casino. Oh, this is a very bad situation… 

Cruel Transitions.

Somewhere along the line, Q’s relationship went from wonderful to a living nightmare, and his new position as the head of Q Branch has not made things easier.

Luckily, Bond is there when things shift from bad to worse.


Q is given a position on an expedition to central India. So, he heads out into the wilds of the Indian jungle with a small team led by renowned biologist who simply goes by the initial, M. One evening, Q is just trying to get some alone time away from M and Silva’s arguing, instead he gets himself lost in the jungle. In the midst of a wolf attack, he is rescued by a Wildman who he learns is called James.


Q is the prince of England. Bond is his bodyguard.

Docendo Discimus (HP!00Q

Bond is the teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Q is a new teacher of transfiguration. They are absolutely in love.

And many many more…