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RFA + V reacts to an MC who looks a hell lot like Jumin!!!

a|n this is a very old ask request and i can’t stop laughing tho this is so crack im crying in laughter lmao thank u anon

RFA + MC who looks a lot like Jumin


  • he went bat shit crazy when he first saw you in front of his door step
  • he’s like, “What the fuck?” because why is Jumin Han in front of my door, cosplaying as a girl?? is this some kind of a prank just because he got injured??
  • you pursed your lips and huffed because zen that’s not really a very nice thing to say to a guest
  • “If you don’t want me here, I can lea-”
  • he is so sh0okt
  • and maybe a bit relieved
  • because ok you sound really like a real girl but ur face and overall initial features were so much alike with Jumin he’s just
  • w o w how even
  • he would often ask u, “Are you sure you’re not related to that trust fund jerk?”
  • and he would cringe whenever u look at him bemused with his questions
  • because its like jumin is staring straight @ his soul
  • though he loves u so much?? but hes just really bothered that u look a lot like him
  • sometimes he would scream while waking up because he forgot that ur with him
  • and he’d think “Why are you here, you trust fund jerk?!”
  • and ur like lolzen its just me
  • “Oh, right. I’m sorry, babe.”
  • what even


  • ok she is initially bothered because
  • “Mr. Han?”
  • but when you said something that only the two of you talked about while PMing in the messenger
  • she sighed in relief
  • but is still initially bothered because w o w even your face looks so much like Jumin except that maybe you’ve got longer hair with the same color
  • one day she asked you 
  • “How are you related to Mr. Han, MC?”
  • and ur like uh no
  • idk why would i be related to him?
  • “Is he a distant relative of yours? Uhm, are you his … sister?”
  • jaehee what no
  • and sometimes she would forget that u were with her
  • because when she would pass by you sitting at the dining table she’d often have mini heart attacks
  • because you even eat like jumin w t f
  • and then she’d be relieved because right she’s with mc
  • one day though “Mr. Han has distant siblings.”
  • “No, Jaehee.”
  • “Oh, okay. I-I thought, sorry, you just resemble him so much.”
  • she loves you but when will Jumin stop haunting her
  • even inside her house she can see his f a c e


  • ok boi this is hella funny
  • the moment you arrived in front of his doors, even his body guards were so sh0okt of your appearance
  • one even stammered, “M-Mr. Han?” and they all elbowed each other because is Mr. Han really dressing up as woman lololol
  • and isnt he inside the house how come he’s out??
  • but then you’re like um no i actually came for him cue bothered coughs from them
  • one of his security led you to his bedroom door and knocked, announcing your arrival
  • and the moment Jumin opened the door, he immediately slammed it back to your face he was fucking sh0okt
  • wow jumin what a jerk move
  • he was so confused?? he’s like why is someone looking like me outside of my door and inside my house?? he was expecting mc not a look a like
  • he heaved a troubled sigh before opening the door again
  • “Luciel, I have no time for your games. Go home.” god 707 had already done so many things just to sneak inside his house to kidnap elly tbh
  • “No, Jumin, it’s me.”
  • and he was caught off guard because at least he knows Luciel can’t bend his voice to that extent
  • and he knew what you sound like
  • “MC?” he blinked, initially surprised because
  • w o w how is this even possible how do you look so much like him is this a way of the heavens telling him to procreate using his own genes wtf
  • and before everything he initially makes sure you weren’t, by any means, truly related to him because he can’t marry a family member now can he
  • he was very relieved when everything turned out negative
  • and he would often prance you around like he was so proud of you he’d brag about how beautiful you are and how he’s lucky to meet his match made in heaven
  • even his bodyguards are deeply bothered with the fact that you look so much like their boss
  • and they can’t imagine the moans and screams they often hear outside his bedroom and the faces that pops inside their minds are:
  • Mr. Han doing Mr. Han
  • oh my god
  • and everyone who saw you with him is like: “Is she your little sister?”
  • “No, she’s my wife.”
  • wow jumin you can’t marry yourself
  • even one Mr. Han is enough
  • but now, two???
  • juminception


  • okay why is jumin in front of my doorstep?? would his initial thought be
  • but then you’d tell him it’s you he’s really relieved because he knew your voice!!
  • he’d gush about how you look so much like jumin
  • he’d tell you if jumin was a girl he’s gonna look so much like you
  • and that you are very beautiful
  • and you cough at his statements because didn’t he just indirectly admit that jumin is hot??
  • still sometimes he’d stare at you for hours
  • probably thinking w ow how is this what on earth why do you look so much like jumin
  • the poor boi would probably bug u several times “How come you look so much like him? Are you sure you’re not his relative?”
  • and youre like no yoosung i don’t even know him personally like ever except of course inside the messenger
  • he’d have mini heart attacks because your resting face is very much identical to jumin’s it’s almost s c a r y
  • it’s like jumin was indirectly telling him to do good or he’ll fail later in life
  • and he’d be 10 times more pressured than he already is
  • poor bby


  • ok so seven
  • already knew this
  • that’s why he was not very surprised though the extent of his stalking skills went as far as your first pet when you were 5
  • he’d often tease you about how you look so much like jumin and he’d take snapshots of you and send it to the fellow members inside the chatroom
  • of course everyone is very sh0okt
  • “Why is Jumin dressed as a woman inside your house, Seven?”
  • and he’s like LOLOLOLOL no u guys this is mc
  • they’re like “WHAT?”
  • and you’re like “Yes, that me.”
  • wow how can this be how can u look so much like jumin did he have a secret sister or something
  • and seven’s like ‘that my girl’
  • you’d be trolling them with seven, cosplaying magical girls and animal sexy outfits as pranks and you’d be pranking jumin by sending some photos to his office
  • and this adds more fuel to the does jumin han is gay rumors
  • and to the chatroom
  • and everyone’s like “Okay that’s enough. We can’t take anymore of Jumin posing like that.”
  • and jumin’s like mc stop that don’t sink like him
  • and you’re like lololololol it’s fun
  • initially everyone just thinks you’re like the opposite of what jumin won’t dare to do
  • *high 5s seven


  • ok wow he is so precious he’d smile fondly while meeting you
  • because how can u look like his best bro
  • how come did this happen
  • was the world concealing something from him??
  • he’d be having an internal turmoil because jumin didn’t tell him anything about having a twin sister
  • and you’re like “No, we’re not really related, V.”
  • and he’s like o h
  • he’d be super embarrassed because how come u read his mind
  • was he that obvious??
  • still he’d love taking pictures of you
  • and he’s not the least crept out about how you look
  • he’s like you’re the most perfect canvas for him
  • but he also makes sure you’re not really related to jumin in anyway by doing background investigations about your origins
  • because what if, what if jumin was really like your brother or something
  • he’d feel bad if he just snagged you like that without asking jumin’s permission
  • he’d often take stolen shots of you because he wants to imprint your face in his life forever
  • you’d sometimes catch him smiling while looking at u
  • he’s pretty amused the entire time you’re with him
  • thank for putting a smile on his precious face
[translations] 2017.08.16 NCT DREAM “We Young” Showcase fan accounts

*Might contain spoilers*

1. Seating arrangement: Mark Renjun Jeno Jisung Chenle Haechan Doyoung [6Hzt_]
Roommate arrangement: Renjun x Jeno, Chenle x Jisung. Mark (rooming with Doyoung) and Haechan (rooming with Jaehyun) are in NCT 127 dorm.

2. Due to pronunciation Renjun and Chenle were the guides for the recording of the Chinese version of We Young. Haechan said it was tough, so Renjun and Chenle had to do a demo for it too for everyone to listen to.
However, during the recording Chenle forgot the lyrics, and he asked Mark if he knows the lyrics hahahahahahaha
Mark: Chenle suddenly asked me about the lyrics and I found it so funny [leleezzang | 99m0ng802]

3. Mark and Jisung watches Muk-bang (eating shows) together [99m0ng802]

4. Haechan: The MV shoot took us 2 days. At the last part we just had to do a group dance and it would be done. We made a bet and said that the person who does it wrong have to buy fried chicken for everyone. While I was thinking ah I made a mistake, Renjun danced it wrongly too, and he was honest about it.
Renjun bought 4 sets of fried chicken 2 days later, but there were 2 chickens left.
Renjun: While eating I felt that it was too much
Haechan: But we agreed that it was supposed to be 6 chickens (one for each person?), buy 2 more next time.
Doyoung: Why are you guys so greedy. [99m0ng802]

5. Jeno says his favorite song is My Page. The genre is Deep House. The song describes a worry they recently have. Their concerns and worries were written in the lyrics. Mark participated in the writing of the lyrics for this song too.
A concern Jeno recently has: Jisung is growing so tall and he starts wondering to himself then will he (Jeno) grow [99m0ng802]

6. Doyoung: I have not seen the MV yet~
Haechan: I watched it
Jeno: I watched it too
Doyoung: Oh. What. When did you guys watch it [99m0ng802]

7. Mark: I want to boast about the album. Our title song “We Young” is something that we can portray well.
Doyoung: So I can’t do it?
Haechan: (English) You Old~ [99m0ng802]

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I love your stories! Can you maybe write one of the chocobros initially hating their s/o and slowly realizing they were stupidly in love but didn't know how to express it correctly?? (I'm sorry if it's confusing)

OMG thank you! These types are always cute, I hope I did enough variety for you!  (I also have no idea how they got so long)



“Oh hell no.” Noctis groaned, as they entered Hammerhead, seeing the woman standing beside Cindy. “Ignis keep going.”

“Noctis, we need to fix the Regalia.”

“We’ll walk.”

“Noct you’re being ridiculous.”

“We don’t need to go here, we can just push it until we get to the next mechanic.”

“Dude, that’s like another 20 miles.” Prompto whined.

“Don’t care, I’ll push it there by myself.”

Ignis sighed, putting on the parking brake, as the young Prince attempted to keep pushing the car forward. Only to give up and hide behind the door, as the two women approached the car.

“Oh so that’s the reason.” Gladiolus chuckled.

“Was starting to worry something happen to you boys.” You smiled.

“Uh, which one of ya’ll the Prince?” Cindy inquired.

Ignis groaned, as he looked down, “Noctis, get up.”

Noctis moaned as he stood up, his eyes ignoring you standing beside Cindy, “Hey.”

You smiled stepping toward Ignis, and Gladiolus, “Oh you must be Prompto, nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.” You called to the blonde a smile on your face.

“Yeah, nice, nice to meet you too.” Prompto waved nervously as Noctis rolled his eyes.

“I’ll take care of everything with Cindy, you boys can go rest your legs, that must have been a long walk.” You smiled heading back into the garage.

“Y/N hasn’t changed a bit.” Gladiolus chuckled.

Noctis groaned as he stalked off, “You say that, like it’s a good thing.”

Prompto moved beside Ignis, “What’s with him?”

Ignis chuckled, “A very old story.”

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kissing hc’s + somo boys

a/n: to start up this old blog, i’ll start w these! i’m trash


  • really awkward at first. it takes him a while to be comfortable enough with his s/o to initiate a kiss, so if they want to kiss him in the next century, they’d have to initiate it.
  • he lowkey loves it when they kiss him out of the blue. 
  • his favorite spot to be kissed is on the cheek.


  • ilima loves to kiss his s/o, especially when they get really excited about something. 
  • after he wins a fight, adrenaline still pumping, he’ll march over and kiss his s/o sweetly on the lips.
  • he usually tastes sweet, because the boy has a major sweet tooth. 
  • his favorite spot to be kissed is on the temple or the lips.


  • he gets really flustered and stumbles over his words if his s/o kisses him without warning.
  • he likes it when they kiss him before a trial-goer faces him. he’s a nerd so he’ll claim it helps him do better.
  • kiawe doesn’t like asking for kisses, claiming it’s awkward, he tries to hint to his partner that he wants them to kiss him by looking at them a certain way.
  • likes to be kissed all over the face.


  • despite his tough demeanor, if his s/o kisses him on the cheek, he’ll be putty in their hands.
  • he gets pretty flustered when they kiss him, though after a few moments it’ll just boost his ego even more.
  • doesn’t like kissing in public, because he does have a reputation and all, but behind closed doors he’ll kiss his s/o for as long as they’d like.
  • favorite spots to be kissed are his jawline and on the lips.


  • if his s/o is ever feeling down, he’ll give them a kiss on the forehead, followed by an inspirational speech about how great they are. no one can stay sad after one of hau’s Inspirational Speeches™.
  • he really loves it when he makes his s/o happy, he can’t help but kiss them after seeing a grin stretch across your face, because he thinks they’re so adorable when they smile. 
  • hau also loves giving butterfly kisses, though whenever his s/o gives him a butterfly kiss, he starts laughing because he’s so ticklish.
  • he likes being kissed on the nose the most.

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How does Lance, Hunk, Keith & Shiro reacts to shy s/o holding their pinky with their own?

This ask is too pure for this world I am obliterated

-Admin Robin


  • Although Space Dad™  is a very affectionate partner, he would totally respect his s/o’s shyness and take things at their pace
  • He think’s it’s too fucking adorable like he will get this stupidass goofy smile and just chuckle at them
  • If they initiate it first he totally is like “wow yes okay interaction is good so good i wanna hold u”
  • But if he initiates it first he is super hesitant and his s/o will have to meet him halfway because he doesn’t wanna freak them out and scare them off
  • He doesn’t care, he’ll walk around the entire freaking castle like that
  • Linked Pinkies = cute
  • He thinks a shy s/o is so amazing and is constantly giving them soft smiles
  • Is 10000000% gentle with them
  • Cherish him


  • “hOly shit you’re hecking touching me”
  • With ur lil pinkes aw”
  • He thinks it’s so pure and if his s/o initiates it he will actually cover his eyes and steam will come out of his ears
  • He blush
  • “What in tarnation you’re so cute”
  • He is such a dork and is constantly asking his s/o “Is this okay?” or “Am I being too touchy-feely?” because the last thing he wants them to feel is uncomfortable
  • It’s so weird like he’s such a freaking cabbage-head idk he will walk into whatever room his s/o is in and go to where they are and just
  • Touch their pinky
  • He kinda is shy too because he doesn’t have much experience with relationships but he knows they’re more important to him than his sword and the Red Lion combined so he just rolls with it


  • This soft lil guy is so moved and like he actually raises a hand to his heart because “wow, you’re unbelievably adorable and I want to cook things for you”
  • He will totally be bashful and smile while looking away from them and just hold their pinky with his gently
  • Will walk around like this, he wants to show everyone how cute theyare
  • Is a very encouraging lover and will not push them at all in any way, shape, or form
  • He thinks linked pinkies is better than holding hands anyways
  • Does cute shit (i.e.: holds their pinky while he’s piloting)
  • “Hunk, th-this isn’t safe” “Shh- babe, just lemme hold you,”
  • Cooks for them and then as they’re snarfing down the food he’ll just lean across the kitchen island and reach for that pinky
  • One of his favorite things about his s/o is their hands so linked pinkies is neato for him!


  • If they initiate it he’ll look down at their hands and be all smug
  • “You just can’t seem to keep your hands off me, can’t you?” or “Babe, have some self-control, we’re in public”
  • But is actually really happy that they’re courageous enough to touch him, and grins until his face hurts
  • Once it happens once, he will hold their pinky any chance he gets, and although he respects their need to take things slow, he will eventually show them that actually holding hands is not so bad either
  • He squeals the first time it happens tho
  • Lance is the exact opposite of shy, so I can imagine that Lance having a shy partner would be a good thing; they would balance each other out nicely!
  • Takes them in Blue for a spin and is flying with one hand just so he can link pinkies with the other
  • Will link pinkies with you in the heat of battle and not even care tbh
  • Kisses their pinky aw aww
  • Loves them so damn much it hurts

Cleaner-ish version

Original description:
I took a clip from the Mission Hill pilot, and made a voice demo for some of my bird characters. I mostly chose MH for material because as I was starting on the comic last week, I imagined Walter with Scott Menville’s voice for Kevin.

But Wendy’s voice is somewhat of a joke, even though I actually think Brian Posehn’s voice kinda fits. :o Initially since her creation in 2009, I’ve actually imagined her with Grey Delisle’s voice for Aunt Sis/Mrs. Warthog. (Which is cool because when I met her she saw the Warthog I drew and did the voice.)

another underrated madame director lucretia interaction is:

Merle: Our initials are “B.O.B.” [pronounced as “bob”] Yeah! Doesn’t that… that doesn’t bother anybody? We’re the agents of “B.O.B.”?

The Director: Well, we used to be the Bureau of Outstanding Balance. And that was- that’s just a non-starter.

Magnus: Boo-Ob?

The Director: Um. Yes, Boo-ob.

Masterlist - Reactions (2017)

Their s/o used to be a gymnast

You being a famous youtuber/blogger

You not eating properly bc of stress

Their s/o being the indoors type

Finding out you were a victim of physical abuse

Their s/o having social phobia and body dysmorphia

Their s/o’s military brother died

You passing out bc of dehydration

You getting a facial piercing

Their s/o suddenly being struck by intense pain

Hearing their s/o fart for the first time

You having a habit of biting your lips, making them bleed

Finding out who you think is the second most handsome member

You confessing to them while drunk 

Finding out their s/o is bisexual

Liking their new makeup artist

You speaking another language

Their secret s/o watching them from behind the scenes of a show

Accusing you of using them in a fight

Their s/o only really shows affection to their dog

Their s/o ignoring their texts/calls bc of Pokémon

Their idol crush covering The 1975′s “Falling for you” and looking at them

You being good at using a butterfly knife

You always leaving them cute sticky notes

Their s/o poking their face a lot

Their s/o being 5′5, but getting angry when called short

You having three jobs, and trying to get a fourth

You going bodies with someone #2

Your mum dying and you taking custody of your younger brother

Their usually reserved s/o initiating skinship around the members for the first time

Figuring out they’re in love

Their s/o never having received a lot of love

Their s/o drawing them a lot

Having to say goodbye when leaving for their mandatory military service

Their crush calling them beautiful, but meaning to say “I love you”

Continuation of another request, where you apologize for what happened

People shipping them with their secret idol s/o

Their idol s/o is bullied by another idol

Their s/o is someone who laugh at everything 

They’re on  a variety show and start developing a crush on another idol

Their s/o not moving when they sleep 

You making them food despite soon being due to give birth

You saved money to buy their parents something expensive (but useful)

You taking naps in odd positions

Their s/o being underweight, and wanting to continue being underweight

Their s/o shows up at a meet and greet as a surprise after not seeing them for a long time 


I hope this works but here it is…the MASTERLIST!!!!!! These links should take you to each post and if it doesn’t then let me know please!










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Hello~ Can I request phantom boys + Mishima reaction to their crush that loves cook give them their favorite type of cake that says "I love you. Would you be my boyfriend?", please? I really love your blog, darling, keep doing your best! ♡

sdhfgdj You’re as sweet as the cake in this prompt??? Like I’m gonna get a cavity??? Thank you for your encouragement and this adorable request!! I hope you like it!


  • Has it already been a year?
  • S/O had been friends with Akira long enough to determine that his favorite cake is tiramisu.
  • It was Sunday when Akira invited S/O to Leblanc for their usual hangout; S/O had whipped up the dessert beforehand and they presented it to him in the privacy of his room.
  • His raven eyes scan the words written across the petite cake. S/O is waiting in suspense, but his neutral expression gave them no indication of what he was thinking.
  • Remaining expressionless, Akira reached into his back pocket and pulled out origami folded in the shape of a heart.
  • There was a message scribbled on it: ‘Will you accept me as your boyfriend?’
  • S/O nearly dropped the cake from their shock. “Y-you too…?”
  • Akira nodded solemnly. “Me too.” They gazed into each other’s eyes, even as he stepped right in front of S/O.
  • They could feel and hear his steady breathing. He placed his hand on their cheek and gently caressed it with his thumb, his eyes flickering between S/O’s lips and their eyes.
  • “You’ve kept me waiting, you know,” he breathed, his voice low and his lips inches from theirs. S/O wondered if his heart fluttered as much as theirs did.
  • His lips ever-so-slightly brushed theirs, but he opted to kiss their forehead instead, much to S/O’s chagrin.
  • “Why don’t we have some cake?” he asked.
  • “Fine,” S/O muttered. 
  • Akira smirked knowingly.
  • The two seated themselves adjacent to each other on the couch once Akira fetched some utensils.
  • He tried a bit of the cake. 
  • “Is it good?”
  • “Hm… I can tell you put a lot of love into it, but there’s still something missing,” he replied inquisitively.
  • S/O became confused; they had followed their recipe perfectly, so there shouldn’t have been room for a mistake… right?
  • “What is it?” they asked.
  • Akira abruptly placed his lips upon theirs, and S/O wasn’t ready for him to break the kiss so soon.
  • “Perfect,” he whispered, his breath laden with the sweet aroma of the decadent dessert. His eyes were locked with S/O’s as he caressed their cheek once more, and they had the feeling that the word he uttered carried more emotion than they initially thought.
  • “Akira…” S/O said softly; they understood his sentiment.
  • “I really admire you, S/O. You’re like a breath of fresh air amidst the suffocation of my life. I promise that I will make you feel as important as you are to me…” His forehead gently touched theirs. “I won’t let this world take you, too. I love you.”
  • “Yeah,” S/O sniffled, snaking their arms around his neck. There was no doubt in their mind that he was special to them. “I love you, too.”


  • Ryuji was a challenge because he didn’t have too big of a sweet tooth; however, he wasn’t opposed to desserts, especially when S/O was the one that created them.
  • They knew he had a certain weakness for chocolate (he’d never admit it, though), so S/O ultimately decided on baking a simple chocolate torte with a light chocolate ganache.
  • Once the cake had been adorned with S/O’s message, they didn’t waste a moment further.
  • They invited Ryuji to their place, and he stated that he would be over shortly as he had no plans.
  • S/O was giddy and anxious, causing them to pace around the living room until they heard a knock on the front door.
  • Why are you so nervous? He’s just a boy…
  • They inhaled deeply, and opened the door. When they did, he straightened up from his slouch and beamed at S/O.
  • “Hey, S/O! You opened the door pretty quick. Didja miss me that bad?” he teased.
  • “I can close it just as quickly,” they replied sweetly. The sight of him made their heartbeat accelerate.
  • “Nah, you ain’t gettin’ rid of me that easily after I came all the way here,” he said, inviting himself inside. S/O was unsure of whether they wanted to smack him or smooch him.
  • “So, what’s up? Somethin’ wrong?” Ryuji’s voice snapped S/O back to reality. He was cutely lounging on their couch.
  • “Um, yeah, I wanted you to try something I’ve been working on…”
  • “That’s it? Hell yeah, I’m game. Your stuff is freakin’ amazin’!”
  • S/O turned away so he couldn’t see them flush. “Thanks, I’ll go get it.”
  • They joined him on the couch as they presented him with the torte, and after reading the message, his face reddened as he stuttered.
  • “H-hah, um, yeah, that’s…” He nervously bit his lip.
  • “Ah, s-screw it!” he exclaimed, and he planted a firm kiss on S/O’s lips.
  • Their eyes widened and promptly closed, savoring the moment that they’ve been aching for.
  • Ryuji pulled away first, and his face somehow deepened in color upon the realization of what he just did. “Sh-shit, sorry, I’ve been, uh, wanting to do that for a while now cuz’ I think you’re pretty amazin’ and perfect, and, um, what I mean is-”
  • He took a deep breath. “I… love you. A lot. And I may not be charmin’ or hot or anythin’, and I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but I really care about you, and I want to be the kinda guy that makes you happy. So… yeah.“ Ryuji shyly rubbed the back of his head. “I wanna be your boyfriend.”
  • “…Thank god.” They couldn’t hinder themself any longer, and S/O closed the distance between them to plaster their lips onto his. He was surprised, but his arms slithered around their waist to bring them closer.
  • No, S/O thought as their kiss deepened. He’s not just a boy. 
  • Ryuji was entirely too special to be limited by such simple words.


  • It had been about two years, and S/O had collaborated with Yusuke on many occasions to improve their eye for aesthetic; the presentation of food is just as important as its flavor, after all.
  • They spent enough time with their best friend to acknowledge his fondness for ice cream and exquisite treats. 
  • As a result, S/O fashioned a luxurious fruit tart, and they used a small sheet of fondant to inscribe their confession upon.
  • They asked him if they could visit his dorm for the purpose of allowing him to taste-test their newest creation, and he accepted the request without delay.
  • S/O knocked on his door and a brief “come in” followed. When they stepped inside and shut the door, Yusuke greeted them with a soft smile.
  • “Ah, S/O! Welcome. It’s always a pleasure to see you.” His eyes flickered to the box they were holding. “I admit, I am eager to see what marvel you’ve created this time.”
  • S/O felt their consciousness slipping away; they were overcome with apprehension. “Y-yeah, I hope you like it. I had you in mind when I made it.”
  • His eyes widened and glimmered. “S/O…” The artist proceeded to chuckle. “Very well, I will not betray your expectations. I shall savor every delectable calorie of your creation.”
  • S/O became slightly more pacified from his enthusiasm as they grinned and nodded. “I’m counting on you.”
  • Without further ado, they revealed their pastry to his hopeful eyes.
  • Yusuke wore a perplexed expression on his face. “S/O…”
  • They waited for him to speak again.
  • “The variety and the arrangement of the fruit are balanced beautifully, and the dollops of cream adorned around the border of the tart truly entice the viewer and draw the eyes in toward the magnificent burst of color…”
  • S/O smiled knowingly. “Yusuke, read the fondant.”
  • He snapped out of his seemingly endless musing. “Hm? Ah, yes, I was curious about that.” 
  • His eyes surveyed the inscription, and S/O’s stomach was in knots from the suspense.
  • He then locked eyes with S/O and slowly blinked before he chuckled. “You spoil me with not one treat, but two.”
  • “H-huh?” 
  • Yusuke glided over to S/O, determination etched on his porcelain face. He halted directly in front of them. “I accept,” he breathed, and he gently grasped S/O’s chin to place a delicate kiss upon their lips.
  • “It took a significant amount of strength to deter myself from doing this sooner,” he whispered into their lips. “I hope you will take responsibility for being so tempting…”
  • “Y-Yusuke…” S/O felt dizzy and they were positive that they were seeing stars.
  • He stroked their cheek. “I love you too, S/O. You’re divine in every aspect, and the mere thought of you consumes me and halts my brush. You managed to look past my… eccentricity, and even embrace it, as well as my other flaws. It would be my honor to stay by your side and do the same for you.”
  • S/O’s heart swelled, and they nodded. They knew their voice would quiver if they spoke.
  • The couple swayed together, and the dessert left on the table was completely forgotten as they gazed upon each other with adoration.


  • Mishima loves sweets, and he shamelessly asks S/O if they can continue baking for him.
  • Throughout the year of their friendship, S/O quickly discovered that his favorite cake was cheesecake, since it tasted delectable in any flavor.
  • So that is what S/O baked for him; they also provided sides and toppings for him to experiment with.
  • S/O invited him to come over to their place and join them for dessert. 
  • As expected, he didn’t refuse. i wouldn’t either
  • Mishima arrived in no time; S/O hadn’t even finished mentally preparing themself yet.
  • They flinched when they heard the doorbell.
  • Stay calm. You can do this.
  • With a deep breath, S/O opened the door and invited their friend inside.
  • “Hey, S/O! Thanks for inviting me over,” he said happily, taking off his shoes and strolling inside.
  • They smiled. “You don’t have to thank me every time you come over.”
  • “I know, but I feel bad since I always end up crashing here,” he shyly confessed. “Anyway, what’s on the menu today? Knowing you, it’ll be amazing.” 
  • S/O fidgeted. “You’ll see… I’ll go get it right now.”
  • They retrieved the box and reentered the living room. Mishima was standing in the center with his hands stuffed in his pockets, eagerly awaiting S/O’s return.
  • They couldn’t prevent the blush that crept upon their cheeks. He’s so cute…
  • He sniffed the air and whipped his head around to face S/O. “No way… is that… cheesecake?!” He hastily approached them with a serious look in his eye. “S/O, you’re the coolest person I’ve ever met.”
  • S/O’s blush reddened. “I-it’s nothing. Look inside.”
  • Mishima obeyed, and a crestfallen expression fell onto his face as he read the message. “Oh… I-I’m sorry, I just assumed…” He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. “Um, I’m sure he’ll love it.”
  • S/O was baffled. “What are you talking about?”
  • He shared their confused demeanor. “Aren’t you going to confess to someone?”
  • As realization rushed S/O, they cleared their throat. “Mishima… you’re the boy I’m c-confessing to.”
  • His face was practically on fire and his surprise nearly sent him backward. “Oh…! I, I, um…” He inhaled. “Yes! Please take me!”
  • In the heat of the moment, he clumsily planted his lips on S/O’s, and he backed away after a few seconds. “Uh, sorry! I-”
  • S/O pulled him back in for another kiss; this time was less sloppy.
  • “God,” he breathed, now holding S/O by their hips. “I had no idea you felt the same way I did. Talk about clueless…” Mishima shook his head. “Are you really okay with dating someone like me? I don’t really have any redeeming qualities, and I’m really weak… I can’t help but worry that you’ll miss out on someone better because of me.”
  • S/O cradled his face with their hands. “You’re wrong. I confessed to you because you’re so important to me, and you’re capable of changing the world. I know you’ve changed mine, and… if anyone is deserving of love, it’s you.”
  • Mishima simply blinked. “S/O…” His face turned scarlet, and the following words involuntarily slipped past his lips. “I love you.” 
  • S/O stroked his cheek. “I love you, too.”
  • The duo cozily snuggled on the couch together, munching on the cheesecake and feeding each other.
  • And they quickly discovered that desserts are much sweeter when you have someone you love to share them with.

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Ooh, could you do one with the da:i romancable companions + varric and cole where their normally shy s/o initiates the first ever kiss between the couple?

  • Dorian knows how to savor a moment. His kiss is firm, but his lips are tender. He’s wrapping his arms around the inquisitors waist, pulling them in close before slowly breaking the kiss.
  • Cassandra on the other hand, can very easily get lost in the moment. She’ll want it to be as romantic as possible.
  • Blackwall thinks it’s so precious that he is the inquisitors first kiss. He takes it nice and slow, coaxes them into a state of relaxation before gently claiming their lips, slow and languid.
  • Cole isnt sure how to proceed. It’s clumsy and awkward. Their noses bump, his fingers get tangled in their hair, but its sweet and he’s asking for more.
  • Solas is also a guy who knows how to savor a moment. The first kiss has his s/o melting in his arms. His lips are soft and he’s pressing his whole body into them. Many kisses follow.
  • Sera doesnt believe them at first. ‘wait really? You’ve never kissed anyone?’ She takes full advantage to make this a very memerable kiss.
  • Cullen is as flustered as his s/o. His feeling arnt very often returned, so he’s suprised.
  • Varric is a little suprised, but i more than happy to guide his s/o through their first kiss. He hasnt exactly been anybodies ‘first’ before, so he’ll try and make it as special as he can. Slow, but firm. ‘See? That wasnt so bad, was it?” He’ll joke.
  • Josephine isn’t as confident with her kissing skills, but she tries her best to make her s/o’s first kiss memorable. She thinks it’s cute that they’re so shy about it, so she takes them by their face, kissing them slow and softly. She’s stelaing the breath from her s/o and she doesnt even know it.
  • Bull is gentle the first few times, until the kiss gets heated. Then he’s rough, nipping and licking their lips. He’ll contain himself when they get too overwhemlmed, but he’s hsure to give them a kiss to remember.

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Tumblr dad I have a very important question. Why does Royal Mail bring the post and Canada Post bring the mail?

Some mysteries are meant to remain mysteries, Anon, to remind us that the truth of life will forever remain unknowable. 

In actuality I looked up “mail” in the OED and an archaic version of the noun mail is “the rents or duties due on an estate or property”, which is probably where the word came from – you sent “the mail” (your rent) to your landlord via a messenger (or more likely, via the rent-collector who came from and went back to the landlord), and that became the term for a formalized system of message-carrying. 

Probably when it stopped being primarily about rents and started being more about communication, the English stopped using “mail” and started using “post” to refer to letters in order to differentiate letters from rent payments, but “Royal Mail” had already happened (”mail” had been around since 1200 and Royal Mail was founded in 1516). In the sense we use it, “Post” was initially (again per the OED) a reference to an entry in a ledger or journal, implying “news from elsewhere”. Hence newspapers such as the Washington Post. (This use of the term dates to the 1700s so well after Royal Mail was up and running but not THAT long after literacy became a more widespread thing in the area and people began sending Letters Like Whoa, Yo.) 

When Canada was colonized by English-speaking people, it’s likely that the term “mail” wasn’t in common use as a term for rents and payments anymore, but “post” was in common use as a term for “messages that have come from far away” so they called individual letters “mail” but called it “Canada Post” because most of the messages were coming from far away and contained news and such.

This is all WILD speculation, mind you. But I think the theory of “one word was in ascendancy while the other was in decline at a crucial moment when a group of people suddenly moved far the fuck away from home” probably is a sound one.

Monsta X Reaction To Their s\o Initiating PDA\Skinship Around The Members

Y’all I also do text requests I forgot to mention that. It completely slipped my mind. Hope you guys enjoy this reaction, and let me know if you want me to post one for GOT7 and BTS. Requested by anon. (sorry for any grammar errors I don’t like to go back and edit)

*gifs are not mine*

Shownu: He was used to you being overly affectionate whenever you guys were alone. He’d revel in the attention you give him. When you guys were around the members, he’d keep it to a minimum, but not you. When he sat down, you’d sit right down in his lap, and he’d blush, but wouldn’t push you away. The boys would comment on his cheeks being red and he’d hide his face on your back, wrapping his arms around your waist.

Originally posted by garisanee

Wonho: He likes when you initiate any type of skinship\ PDA. He’d accept any type of affection you give him gladly. When you were coming to meet him, you gave him a hug, but usually when you guys hugged, his hands would find their way to your butt. he didn’t do it, so you did it for him, causing the other boys to gag and tell you guys to get a room. He’d smirk and pull you in closer, giving you a kiss. “They’ll never let me live this down.”

Originally posted by wonhobe

I.M: He’s used to you guys being very affectionate in private, and he wouldn’t do it public. You’d never initiate any type of skinship in front of the other boys, you were feeling needy and affectionate. When you sat next to I.M. you gave him a kiss and he looked at you inn shock. You just shrugged, and he smiled, while intertwining your hands together. The boys would tease him and say he’s finally growing up.

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

Minhyuk: He naturally is very into skinship, so you tow would be that couple every body hates, because you’re so sickeningly cute. Your first time meeting the boys, you weren’t sure if you should be affectionate and Minhyuk noticed. He began pouting, wondering why you weren’t being affectionate with him. His pout made you kiss him and nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck. He grabbed your cheeks and kissed you all over your face, while the boys called you two cute.

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

Jooheon: You and Jooheon were very into skinship, but PDA wasn’t really a thing he was into it. He was obsessed with your thick thighs, and you were obsessed with his neck. When you were around the boys, you’d lean into Jooheon, not doing anything extreme. You’d get bored at some point, and you’d just kiss his neck, causing him to blush and tense up and blush. “Baby, not now,” he’d whisper, making the boys crack up laughing at the two of you.

Originally posted by wonhontology

Kihyun: Whenever he was with you, he showed a side he never really showed around the boys. he likes kissing your neck and collar bones. When he’s out in public, he doesn’t initiate any skinship\PDA. It makes you angry but you deal with it. Around the boys you give him, or try to give him kisses but always says no, not now. You’d pout, using it to your advantage. He’d give in and give you a small peck making you smile, which in return makes him smile, knowing he made you happy.

Originally posted by kihqun

Hyungwon: He likes when you initiate the skinship because he thinks it’s very cute when you do. He likes cuddling and holding you close to him. He’s not really affectionate when the other members are around and you would like him to be. One day you went to the dorms and he was in the room, so you climbed into his bunk. You straddled his waist and woke him up with kisses. He’s pull you closer, face red, because the boys were looking at you guys smiling, and laughing.

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Send in some requests. Requests are ALWAYS open.

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Headcanons for junkrat and roadhog dealing with a initially very shy s/o but once they get used to them, they become really outgoing and kinda crazy? (good crazy, not bad crazy)


  • Jamie was very irritated by your shyness and why you would even spend time with him (he is totally aware of his loud and reckless behaviour)
  • as soon as he got to know the real you he was head over heels into you 
  • he’s always suggesting the wildest and craziest plans and heists 
  • steals things for you and he will lose it if you steal something for him (you don’t have to steal it, just pretend you did)
  • invites you to heists on a day-to-day basis


  • Mako likes you either way - shy or outgoing (although he was very surprised about your change of mind)
  • he prays that you’re not going to be as wild as Junkrat 
  • if you ever go wild on a mission/heist he gets all hot and sweaty and touches you more than usual (he likes it a lot!)
  • when you go overboard he will get you down to earth 
  • be prepared to get scolded when you’re too wild, his patience is limited

Thank you for enjoying the blog, and don’t worry second anon, you explained it well! Thank you both for sending these requests, and enjoy!


  • Akira can’t even keep his identity a secret from his confidants, so there was no chance of him concealing it from S/O for very long. they’ll reach out to the truth
  • S/O discerned his identity very early on, around the time when Morgana introduce the Thieves to Mementos.
  • An acquaintance had constantly harassed them in addition to others, so Akira urged S/O to give him the harasser’s name.
  • They complied, and once Joker had taken care of it, S/O noticed that the harasser’s currently polite behavior was a stark contrast to their initial aggressiveness.
  • S/O asked if Akira provoked the abrupt change of heart, and naturally he denied any involvement on his part.
  • They rephrased their question and implored him of his role in the Phantom Thieves.
  • Akira swatted away the question with another, inquiring them of what they mean by that.
  • S/O vows to keep his identity confidential before they iterated their previous inquiry.
  • He verbalizes nothing, however, his silence speaks volumes to S/O.
  • They aren’t too surprised; they were already aware that he was special, and they understood that he withheld the information from them to protect them.
  • Gradually, Akira becomes more accepting of S/O knowing his secret since he no longer needs to lie to them regarding his ‘extracurricular activities’. he hates lying to them so much
  • S/O thinks that what he’s doing is incredible and really cool, but that doesn’t hinder them from constantly warning him to be careful.
  • On the days prior to infiltrations, S/O will brew him coffee while he’s crafting tools or they’ll write an encouraging note/text reminding him of his excellent leadership or the reason he became a thief.
  • Akira doesn’t receive many harsh wounds due to his agility, only minor cuts, bruises, and soreness.
  • S/O typically massages him, brews tea for relief, or they’ll take care of mundane tasks / chores (feeding the plant / Morgana, dusting, sweeping, etc.).
  • He insists that they shouldn’t trouble themself, but he’s appreciative all the same. 
  • Although, his favorite form of care is when S/O snuggles him and speaks soft words of how their day was. but don’t tell anyone


  • S/O probably overheard Ryuji blabbering about the Phantom Thieves at decibels only possible for something inhuman. he is cute but loud
  • At that point, their only choice was to hide so as not to alert the Thieves of their presence, and they eavesdropped on the entire conversation as a result.
  • The controversy that surrounded the Phantom Thieves was something S/O was never involved with, but they never thought that the Thieves were inherently evil, and they confirmed that belief at that moment.
  • From what they heard, it sounded as though the Thieves were trying to change things for the better; Ryuji certainly implied as much in the discussion.
  • Once the group disbanded, S/O ducked out of the vicinity and texted Ryuji to meet them at the seaside park; it was usually quiet around this time of day.
  • S/O had to admit they were overwhelmed and rather uneasy about this new information, but they reserved judgment until they heard Ryuji’s perspective.
  • When he arrived as carefree as ever, S/O inquired as to his whereabouts after school, to which he replied that he simply trains with friends.
  • S/O sighed in frustration; they knew it wasn’t entirely a lie, but he showed no signs of hesitation or squeamishness until S/O asked him directly if he was a Phantom Thief.
  • His chocolate eyes widened as he stuttered out, “W-what? Where’d that come from? Babe, there’s no way those guys’ll recruit someone like me.”
  • S/O recited the previous conversation word for word, slowly approaching Ryuji until they were directly in front of him.
  • Flustered, he flat out denied his involvement once more, but seeing the piercing gleam in S/O’s eyes caused him to admit defeat and reveal his identity.
  • Instead of the angry reaction he had expected, they were rather amused by it, which made him even more flustered.
  • Then they grew solemn and asked if this is what he really wanted, and of course he said yes.
  • From then on, S/O became his biggest supporter.
  • when they saw him in his thief outfit for cheeto’s calling card they literally swooned
  • They always tug him into a firm kiss just before he travels to the Metaverse on infiltration days as they order him to “kick some ass”. 
  • Blushing a bright red, he stumbles and trips to rejoin the others as he mentally reiterates that he’s the luckiest guy on earth. goals
  • S/O probably trains with him, too, and they’re proud of his progress as well as the cause he’s fighting for. 
  • They do become worried at times when they see his injuries, but they place their trust in his friends. Besides, they do their best to attend to any damages he receives.
  • Typically, Ryuji sustains abundant bruises and achy joints, especially in / on his legs, so S/O usually places ice in a cloth to apply it to his legs. 
  • They’ll occasionally kiss his injuries gently, and his face glows with a red similar to cherries. the blood goes somewhere else too
  • S/O will even get concealer for him to cover his wounds for the instances he wear shorts. 


  • Ann actually hides her secret identity very well; the Phantom Thieves have never been a topic that she discussed with S/O, mostly due to the fact that they both simply had better things to talk about. her conversation skills are too good
  • She couldn’t avoid the subject forever, though, especially not after the massive escalation of the team’s popularity after eliminating Medjed.
  • The moment S/O addressed the topic, Ann began acting suspicious and evasive; it was terribly obvious that she was hiding something.
  • S/O strived to give her the benefit of the doubt, but whenever they spoke to Ann in public, they noticed that her attention always drifted to passerby gossiping about the Phantom Thieves.
  • They decided to bring Ann to their residence to uncover the truth, once and for all.
  • Since they saw no point in dancing around the matter, S/O boldly asked Ann if she was a Phantom Thief.
  • Once again, she acts peculiarly, laughing nervously and flashing forced smiles.
  • S/O sits next to her and grasps both of her hands, their eyes boring through hers as they reassure her that they’re not mad, nor are they going to betray her secret.
  • Ann furrows her brows from their sincerity, and she was surprised from the wave of relief that washed over her formerly tense body.
  • She sighs and rests her head on S/O’s shoulder, apologizing for not disclosing her identity.
  • They rake their fingers through her ashy blonde hair, inquiring as to why she’s doing something so dangerous and reckless.
  • Without hesitation, she claims that she’s a thief because she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer at the hands of atrocious people like she or her friends did.
  • The fervent resolve of her cadence was sufficient enough for S/O, though they’d be lying if they said they weren’t the least bit concerned for her safety. she’s too precious to lose
  • They commit to assisting Ann with her injuries from combat.
  • Ann usually endures ugly bruises on her clavicle and knees; in addition, she’s prone to rashes due to her bodysuit chafing her skin.
  • S/O utilizes ice for the bruises and petroleum jelly for the rashes, although she’s moderately flustered from them being so close. she feels like a princess tho


  • Although he can be bluntly honest, discerning Yusuke’s identity as a Thief is by far the most difficult out of everyone, mostly due to his unshakable stubbornness.
  • S/O begins to question him after inadvertently observing exceedingly vivid sketches of Palaces and Mementos. They also recognize the Phantom Thieves’ logo from his ‘concept art’.
  • When they ask him about the Thieves, the artist explains that he’s very taken and inspired by the group’s aesthetic.
  • However, S/O remains skeptical, so they bombard Yusuke with questions to no avail; he has an answer for everything. he’s a very tough cookie
  • S/O leaves it at that, until they recall the kitsune outfit design from his sketchbook. 
  • On a complete whim, they abruptly shout “fox” from behind Yusuke, and sure enough, he whipped around as though he were responding to their call. rip ice boy
  • He realized what he did and swiftly attempted to recover as S/O crossed their arms with narrowed eyes.
  • After a few tense moments, they verbally confirmed their suspicion of his being a thief, their lips curving into a triumphant smirk.
  • Yusuke brashly repudiates their assessment, claiming that they have no evidence of his affiliation with the Thieves, to which they counter that he essentially admitted to being involved with them.
  • The two bicker in circles until he finally steps toward them, stammering out an accusation of their trickery with a pink flush on his cheeks. he’s really into them outwitting him tbh
  • He’s more ruffled by the situation than S/O, who proceeded to embrace him and promise they wouldn’t tell anyone.
  • Yusuke immediately calms down and tenderly returns their gesture, apologizing for his lack of faith in them.
  • They do understand his reason for keeping his identity a secret, but they’re really apprehensive about the fact that he’s in constant danger.
  • However, S/O is moved by his adamant passion for the Thieves’ justice, so they claim that they’ll support him in any way they can (albeit they’re still worried).
  • Yusuke barely has any injuries because he’s so nimble, although he’s prone to headaches and a few welts on his chest / knees whenever he gets knocked down.
  • He’ll lay in S/O’s lap as they massage his neck and temples. he dies and goes to heaven
  • They’ll also take breaks to apply ice to the swollen lumps on his chest / knees, and he’s eternally grateful for their care.
  • He feels guilty for involving them and being a burden, but S/O sweetly assures him that they don’t mind.


  • This situation is surprisingly… facile, mainly because S/O stumbles upon her Phantom Thief ‘schedule’ in her planner while they’re on a study date.
  • However, Makoto’s quite adept at dodging their question, stating that she’s investigating the Thieves’ movements in order to catch them in the act.
  • She’s too convincing for S/O to question her further, so they neglect to address the subject again.
  • That is, until Makoto begins to be particularly protective of her phone whenever S/O unexpectedly approaches her; she’ll seem startled for a moment, then she’ll hastily conceal the screen.
  • S/O’s slightly pained by the gesture, and the thought that Makoto’s engaging in shady business definitely crossed their mind. she would never
  • As much as they truly want to believe in Makoto, they succumb to their worry and inform her that if she’s going through anything difficult, she can feel free confide in them.
  • The guilt Makoto feels upon hearing them say that is denser than a black hole, but she knows that her identity must remain confidential for their sake, and hers.
  • One day, S/O witnessed Akechi tailing the group, and right as they were about to text a warning to Makoto, the Thieves vanished.
  • Needless to say, Makoto was fresh out of excuses, so she reluctantly confirmed what S/O had already figured.
  • They were relieved to know the truth, and despite the knowledge that Makoto’s an exceptionally capable individual, S/O couldn’t quell their anxiety regarding her well-being.
  • She declares that she can handle her double life, but she’s thankful for S/O’s concern.
  • That doesn’t hinder them from tending to Makoto’s bruised knuckles via ice, or gently massaging her tired legs.
  • They’ll cook dinner for her on the days that the Thieves manage to obliterate a Palace, and they’ll brew tea as well. she’s so happy that she nearly suffocates s/o when she hugs them


  • S/O discovers Futaba’s secret the same way Sojiro did: the calling card in her room. 
  • She had forgotten to store it in her desk drawer when she invited S/O in her room, and they saw it laying right next to her keyboard. tell them it’s a mousepad
  • When they point it out, Futaba’s too flustered to fabricate a proper denial, and S/O attempts to console her by saying she doesn’t have to talk about it if she can’t.
  • Like magic, she’s instantly mellowed, and she proclaims that it isn’t fair if S/O doesn’t know the whole story.
  • Thus, Futaba discloses everything pertaining to her affiliation with the Phantom Thieves. 
  • Naturally, S/O is absolutely mindblown; nevertheless, they admire Futaba’s courage, and they’re considerably pleased to know that she’s made invaluable friends in the process.
  • The combination of the physical demands / dangers of infiltrations and Futaba’s evident lack of stamina makes S/O slightly uneasy; however, she hugs them and iterates that the team takes good care of her. she mostly takes care of them tho
  • Futaba doesn’t really acquire wounds from the Metaverse, save for occasional headaches and cramped shoulders.
  • S/O inevitably massages her achy muscles and joints, but they also give her a cute Featherman neck pillow that she keeps in the glove compartment of the Mona car. but where does it when he turns back into a cat
  • the mystery deepens


  • can u look me in the eye and tell me that pink sweater and fluffy hair would ever belong to a brainwashing heathen
  • Haru’s thief persona is probably the most difficult to ascertain not because she’s secretive, but the very notion of her being a notorious criminal is… unlikely, to say the least. 
  • S/O acknowledges her strong heart, but the only act of thievery she’s committed is stealing their own heart. 
  • They only discover her secret by sheer coincidence, when they spot Haru strolling through the city with an unfamiliar cat. 
  • The two cease their walk in an alley, and S/O was going to greet Haru until they overheard her speaking to the cat. 
  • The temptation to call a psychiatrist was strong; however, they froze when they heard her mutter, “B-Beauty Thief…? Mona, are you truly certain about this? You seem to miss the Phantom Thieves, and I’m sure they miss you as well…”
  • S/O can’t entirely wrap their head around Haru supposedly conversing with a cat, but they were stunned to hear that she was involved with the Thieves, albeit indirectly.
  • They retired to their home to ponder this new information, and they feared that Haru was putting herself in danger; therefore, S/O sent her a text inviting her to their residence for lunch tomorrow.
  • Once the two were finished with their meal, S/O implored Haru of her status as a ‘Beauty Thief’, to which she blushed in response. it’s perfect don’t worry
  • She couldn’t possibly lie to S/O in good conscience, and she trusted them well enough, so confessed her predicament to them.
  • Although S/O hadn’t come to terms with her double life, they harbored no grudges against her since she was fairly new to the concept as well.
  • Haru’s determination to redeem her cruel father was apparent, so S/O clutched her dainty hand in theirs as they proceeded to verbalize their support.
  • They never went back on their word, even when her father passed away or when the world turned against the Phantom Thieves.
  • Haru is rather vulnerable to callused or blistered hands from wielding her heavy ax.
  • In the case of callused hands, S/O prepares a bowl of warm water with some epsom salt sprinkled in. They even prepare tea and aid her in drinking it.
  • If Haru’s inflicted with blisters, they take the necessary steps to puncture the wound and apply ointment to it prior to bandaging it.
  • She tries so hard to subdue a wince for S/O’s sake, and she’s frequently telling them not to worry. she’s v strong
  • Similar to Akira, snuggling is the best remedy Haru could ask for since it eases her unrest on days preceding infiltration. 

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For UF, SF, HT, and MT skelebros, how would they react if their s/o liked being in contact with them a lot. Walking together down the street, they hold his hand. Laying down on the couch or in bed, they go to bury themselves in his arms. When asked about why they do this they reply, "Because I feel safe when I'm with you. I can fully relax and know that no harm will ever come to me as long as you're here."

* Also, sorry bae I don’t do Horrortale
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Context: Early stages of their relationship.


He gets flustered very easily by casual affection, but as long as it isn’t too smothering or dramatic, he’ll accept it silently even as blush creeps up his face. He’s not one for actively initiating physical affection even as he actively craves it so he secretly really enjoys the fact that his S/O does this. It takes a long while for him to actually ask because he’s afraid that if he mentions it, he’ll make things awkward and they’ll stop doing it. So for a long while, he just silently reciprocates whenever his S/O initiates affection. He only eventually asks because he was spiralling one night and wondering why the hell they’re even with him and why they seem to like his company so much. What do they want from him? It’s after their response that their relationship moves to another level of closeness. His S/O trusts him, feels safe around him. Holy shit. If that doesn’t make him more protective than ever, I don’t know what will. He gets more touchy, slowly initiating more and more physical affection himself because he wants to keep them close. He knows he’s not the most ideal romantic partner, but keeping that safe? That he can do.


He adores the way they openly show affection to him, pulling them close whenever they snuggle up. But like his brother, he won’t actively initiate physical affection and in fact rarely ever will even in later stages of the relationship. In a relationship with Boss, he will automatically try to take care of his S/O and having them be affectionate in this way really immerses him in the role of the protector, making him feel wanted and important. Their response only further cements this mentality. He will take care of his S/O like no other, being firm but loving as he tries to tend to all their needs, wants and obligations. He’s the kind of boyfriend to memorise your schedules and try to make it easier for you in any way he can. It will come out pretty loud and angry but he’ll make you keep to any meds you have, food, sleep, etc.


He is very flattered by the way they so openly show their affection for him. It gives him quite an ego boost, thinking that their affection for him is so strong that they can’t resist showing it so frequently. He pretends to be above their gentle affection but reciprocates in small but obvious ways to show that he really does appreciate it. When he finds out the reason, he drops the holier than thou act somewhat. He is very genuinely touched by their blatant trust in him and his abilities. Their response initiates a closer level of understanding and gentleness towards his S/O and is the beginning of Sans opening up and being more sincere with his S/O rather than focusing on his imagine in front of them. He gets very protective and defensive of his S/O, especially because now he thinks he is expected to be.


He’s pretty jumpy from their casual affection at first because um??? the person he likes???? keeps?? showing??? him???? affection????? He shyly returns their affections when they do so, trying to work up the nerves to initiate the affection first as well. He honestly still can’t believe they’re actually dating, definitely doubting their feelings for him. Not because he thinks they’re lying, no. He just has a hard time believing it. That is why he asks. And their response completely blows him out of the water. On one hand, he has an even harder time digesting that and letting it sit. On the other hand, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He feels so wanted and trusted and loved and just slightly overwhelmed with how much he wants to return their affection. He promises them and himself then, that he won’t let them down. He’s willing to throw everything he’s got away to keep them safe and happy.


He loves their quiet and affectionate nature. Thinks it’s really cute and a lovely peaceful change of pace from the rest of his lifestyle. In fact, it’s exactly the relationship he felt he had been looking for all this time. He’ll practically drown himself in his S/O’s affection, returning it full force and then some. He thinks that if someone can be so affectionate with him like this, he probably isn’t that bad a guy, right? When he finds out the reason for their affections, he gets pretty emotional. After all the things he’s done, everything that he still does, they still trust him this much? He’s always considered their safety when he goes on jobs. After this, it’s pretty much ensured because knowing they put so much faith in him, he absolutely can never ever no matter what let them down. He’d dust everyone in the area and then himself before he lets anyone come close to them. They’ll never come to harm, not someone so wonderful, not someone who makes him feel clean again. He gets even more careful with covering his tracks so as to not lead back to his S/O. He also gets twice as touchy, and tries to treat them extra cheesy romantically for awhile. Unfortunately, his energy runs out at some point and he reverts back to normal lazy romantic with occasional bursts of cheesy romance when he has the energy to.


This actual literal cinnamon roll loves every ounce of affection he recieves from anyone, especially the person he loves. Start of the relationship or not, the intensity and blatantness of his affection never wavers. People tend to see him as scary and intimidating because of his job so he loves the fact that his S/O has no qualms about snuggling up to him. He goes completely starry eyed at their confession, physical affection increasing in frequency and intensity by 9999999. He already loves showing off in front of his S/O as a display of strength. The fact that they think of him so highly, to be able to protect them, really bolsters his self confidence in his capabilities. But it also gives him some pressure and anxiety. What if he’s not good enough? What if he can’t keep them safe all the time? What if something really happens? He ends up enlisting his entire gang to help keep his S/O safe. 

kliff relationship hc’s

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  • he’s really mean to his s/o, in a playful way, of course. like, he’ll hold stuff over his head so they can’t reach, or if they’re not paying attention to him he’ll ruffle and mess up their hair. 
       + he’s a big meanie so if they want payback they just gotta ask gray and tobin for the receipts. just tease him for being a crybaby, he’ll get all flustered and defensive.
  • honestly he has the worst bedhead ever. he will not leave his tent until he fixes his hair, which will leave his s/o whining outside his tent for almost an hour before breakfast starts. 
       + once they broke in before he was done and they saw his bed hair and almost peed themselves laughing.
  • kliff shows his affection not through physical means, but more through helping his s/o. though, he’d at first say ‘no’, he’ll always get up and do whatever they needed him to do. he follows them around like a lost puppy at times.
  • the teasing from gray and tobin is relentless. this poor boy can’t get a break because it’s so obvious when he’s thinking about his s/o, he just gets distracted.
       + “whatcha readin’ there, klifford?”
          “uhhh… it’s a new tome i got, not like you two would care i don’t even think you can read.”
          “oh yeah? i can read enough to know that’s upside down.” he turns bright red, rip him he’s caught red handed.
  • gets really flustered when any kind of affection is shown. in fact, he chickened out on the first kiss and ended up kissing his s/o on the cheek. 
       + though, right after that they initiated the kiss and he was fine with it. he prefers s/o to initiate those kind of things, but he will do it if needed.