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Satori Reader ~ A new project by the team that brought us Human Japanese (°◡°♡)

Morning fam! Because I am a huge throbbing nerd for the Human Japanese series and use it every other day for routine study, their latest project - Satori Reader - was brought to my immediate attention.

Screenshots have been taken of the website’s free content to give you a peek into what is on offer. I’m giving it a trial run for the moment, but my fingers are itching to subscribe - something I can do at any point with relative ease.

For anyone who is floundering in the grey waters of intermediate study, and especially for those whose study is self perpetuated, there’s a good chance you’re looking for some sort of landmark in that churning mess to orient yourself by. A metaphorical island, with sparkling shoreline, verdant forest, and plentiful resources to help you grow and flourish.

I’m talking content. As many bloggers have mentioned, there is a plethora of material out there to help us learn the framework and mechanics of 日本語. It’s not at all difficult to source grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, kanji writing schematics, charts and even entire textbooks - and for that we are eternally thankful. However, the intermediate learner sitting at their own dining room table with an open laptop, a cup of tea, the latest anime OST on repeat and a Japanese novel in their quivering hands is leafing through the pages and quietly mouthing how in the everliving f**k…

This is where SR gently takes your hand and says, here’s how, you foulmouthed otaku.

This is an excerpt from a level 3 difficulty article about Kona the cat (可愛いね)

Like every other article available on the website, it is voiced over by a native speaker, clearly and naturally - with all the intonation you would expect to hear in conversation *heavy breathing* Not only that, but as the audio plays, the corresponding Japanese text is underlined in blue to show where in the text they are reading from. This means that if you are proficient enough, you can follow along at pace.

Too slow? They got you fam! Individual lines of text are divided into sound bytes, meaning you can take this task one sentence at a time.

Individual kanji, jukugo (several kanji that make up one word) and particles within the text can also be clicked to reveal a Human Japanese style dictionary entry. Words you’d like to revisit can be added to your studylist.

The symbol marking the end of each sentence, when clicked, offers you an english transliteration, which I advise you utilise with a degree of self control. Try to hold off clicking it until you’ve really given the sentence a go - clicking on kanji you don’t recognise and piecing all the information together in order to get an idea of what’s being said. Then, when you finally check the translation, your hard work might be rewarded with a confirmation that you indeed read correctly. Which, by psychology standards, is a healthy and affirming process. We are hardwired for rewards my dudes!

I could go into detail about the many little features that make this web project so well thought out and considerate of our individual study methods and goals, but I’ll leave that to you to explore and find out. For me at least, the true worth of SR lies mainly in the reading content and the empathetic format it’s presented in.

The way it Aladdin style reaches out, offering us a whole new world.

Give the free subscription a whirl! If you like it, consider a paid subscription. This directly funds future content which directly benefits you!

~ Thanks Human Japanese team ~

Update (╯✧▽✧)╯

After giving SR a good go and fully testing its arsenal of functions, I realised my initial review bordered on plain lazy. This update is going to give you warm prickles because it turns out that one of the features included in the Review section of SR is an integrated flash card program with full Anki support *prayer hands emoji*

This means that whatever vocabulary you add to your studylist automatically generates a flashcard that you can either review within the SR website, or via your Anki software. Here’s an example:

Straight away, SR gives you an edge in your revision by implementing context. In fact, as well as offering you the sentence you saved the word from, it offers you a link to the entire article it was taken from (see: REVEAL IN FULL ORIGINAL CONTEXT)

This is incredibly helpful, as dictionary entries for any word or phrase you select often include a specific explanation about how that word is being used within the context of the sentence or how it is being used by the narrator to portray his or her story.  

I hope that this extra glimpse into the Review section of Satori Reader gives you an idea of how incredible a resource this is.

Go ahead and enjoy the unique pleasurable pain that is reading and comprehending 日本語!!

Lingering Effects: Arrow 6x01 Review (Fallout)

Hello friends!!! Missed you guys! Man it has been a long writing break for me. I hope I remember how to do this!

Another hellatus survived! Another season premiere! Six seasons - wow. We’ve put in a chunk of time with this show. What I admire about Arrow is they really pay attention to what worked and what didn’t in the previous season and try incorporate those lessons into the next. Arrow has five years of lessons informing their sixth season premiere and the episode reflected it.  

There is a seamless fluidity and confidence to “Fallout.” Arrow knows what it does best and what it doesn’t. The captain of the Arrowverse, the original DC TV show, “the veteran” is owning their experience. The cast feels incredibly well integrated, it’s fast paced, funny and emotional. Most importantly it answers the long awaited “cliffhanger” while still leaving some unanswered questions and launching new mysteries.

The term “Fallout” is an interesting choice for the episode title. It stuck with me as I watched because of the open endedness to the term. The definition of fallout is:

1 a :the often radioactive particles stirred up by or resulting from a nuclear explosion and descending through the atmosphere; also :other polluting particles (such as volcanic ash) descending likewise

b :descent (as of fallout) through the atmosphere

2 :a secondary and often lingering effect, result, or set of consequences

There is no conclusion or end to what happened on Lian Yu and what Adrian Chase did.  The characters are still falling through the consequences. Some are grappling more than others with the, but the lingering effects are shifting them all in new directions. For some, these new directions are wonderful. For others, it is like a radioactive particle slowly descending all around them… like a cancer taking hold.

Let’s dig in…

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Cut my resources then put pressure on me to complete a project a month ahead of schedule?

Hi, so firstly a bit of background. I work as part of an evil empire (multinational corporate) and am the lead continuous development and change analyst in charge of a medium sized project.

So at the beginning of December I completed my initial review for a major part of what is to be delivered and advised that it would take until end of January with my current operational resource to complete some of the required actions from the back of it. I also highlighted that I should be given additional 2 full time people to get it completed before January.

Did I get people? Nope.

Did they take a person away from me because “they didn’t seem to be doing that much”? Yep.

Bear in mind this was being done by two people not in my reporting chain and above me on the food chain, so I couldn’t scream blue murder about it.

Last Monday (19th) they pulled me into a meeting and basically gave me a bollocking because “you are putting blockers in place which affect our year end figures” (they actually mean their incentives by this and realised it would affect them when trying to work out how much they would get) and I needed to get things done by the end of the month.

Right. Fuck you guys, you want to see what that guy was doing? You think you are my boss? (my boss was fucking livid and she is cold decking each of their enhancement requests as soon as she is back in office.)

By the end of day Tuesday I advised that I would have a full plan for acceleration of the project ready for review and sign off. But they would need to be available to for a meeting on Friday 23 (today, last working day before Christmas when they were both planning to slope off early for a few drinks)

They didn’t really like it, but they could hardly refuse as I was giving them what they wanted.

Do you think it’s all over?

I book the meeting time for 12. Aren’t I nice, going to let them work through lunch and still get to the pub.

If you have heard the phrase “Death by PowerPoint” then you might think you know what is about to happen.

46 slides with example investigations into issues found in minute and boring detail.

A line by line review of a twelve page document.

At 16:30 with only a fifteen minute break, they had had no lunch. They had glazed eyes. They agreed to the process outline.

Do you think it’s over now?

I then offered to go through the addendums, or if they wished they could take them home and review them, but if I could get an answer before 10 pm today, as I wanted to turn my phone off for the Christmas period and I’d need to get the ball rolling first thing Wednesday. (this was the riskiest part of my plan)

They gratefully said they would study the addendums at home as they knew it was getting late.

I got the messages from both of them within a few minutes of 9:50, all approved.

Lets take a vote? Do you think they read them?

I know they didn’t, the addendums promise me 18 full time operation staff over the next week and given the holiday period the department will fail to meet other BAU targets which has a direct impact on their incentive.

I’ve forwarded the sign offs with the documents attached to my boss who is going to “raise a concern” that this level of manpower was agreed without referring to their boss, with their boss, on Wednesday. She is also going to raise a concern about the tone of meetings they have had with me and the behaviour they have displayed.

Now it’s over.

‘Pokémon: I Choose You!’ Movie Review - Initial Impressions

Well, I’ve seen the movie (mainly to understand what’s going on rather than reading the summary), and I will say it’s the best Pokémon movie. But here’s a distinction I’ll make. It’s not the best movie from the Pokémon franchise, but it’s the movie that best represents the world of Pokémon.

I’ll say that the opening is a bit of mess, mainly rushing through the events of the first episode without giving it time to breathe, especially egregious since they cut out the nonessential parts like Gary and Misty. It’s disappointing considering that I hailed “Pokémon - I Choose You!” to be the best episode of the Pokémon series. All it did was made me appreciate the original more. I really think they should have used the Gameboy intro just to really pump up the nostalgia.

But I did like the various snippets of Ash and Pikachu’s journey and where he’s going. There’s something about it that captures what it’s like to be a regular Pokémon trainer. I especially like how the legendary Pokémon are portrayed. Not like deities that communicate with you telepathically or be a keystone to the balance of the world as seen in most Pokémon movies. The legendary Pokémon are essentially powerful and mythical creatures that trainers want to encounter and battle. It’s much closer to how you encounter a legendary in the Gen I and II if that makes any sense.

Cross is truly brutal as a trainer. Not deceptive abusive as Damien, since Cross is brutally honest with Charmander and does have Pokémon he genuinely cares about. But he’s a hybrid of Paul and Gary, with Paul’s cold-hearted nature and Gary’s egotism. Really, he’s the anime’s closest answer to Silver AKA Giovanni’s son and the rival from Gold and Silver. In fact, I wouldn’t mind calling the G/S rival Cross from now on.

The world without Pokémon dream sequence is surreal. So surreal it’s nightmarish. Seeing Ash in what appears to be modern Japan taking classes and looking out towards the horizon doesn’t feel right. Especially when it’s completely devoid of Pokémon. The world, despite being full of humans, is lifeless and dull. This is something that Takeshi Shudō would have written, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a page from him. In a way, it explains why Ash is eternally ten-years old. The Pokémon world is a childhood world, unmarred by reality. Ash does not belong in the real world and neither do the rest of the cast. And because of that, he will always remain a 10-year old child even if his physical features have aged. Of course, that’s my impression from the movie.

Speaking of Ash, this is really the story about the boy from Pallet Town. He’s excitable, dumb, brave and has a big heart. Your typical Ash. I will say he’s a lot adaptable in battles even without the Pokédex, Brock and Misty. Especially considering he has only two or three Pokémon with him and already has three badges. Pikachu is also a lot stronger here, given that he was able to flip a Snorlax with just Iron Tail when Snorlax attempts to do Body Slam. Despite their badass upgrade, both Ash and Pikachu are still recognizable and you get the feeling that they’re a representation of everyday trainers rather than an exceptional skilled trainer right off the bat like in DP, XY and SM. Which makes sense considering that they are rookies in this movie.

There’s a lot more to talk about, but I wanted to get some of my initial thoughts out.

Because it focuses on Ash and Pikachu’s journey to find the legendary Ho-Oh, this movie captures what Pokémon is all about and what it means to be a master (they actually explain what Ash’s definition of being a Pokémon Master is: It’s striving to be the best and to make lots of new friends along the way). While movies like Mewtwo Strikes Back, Spell of the Unown and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew have exceptionally memorable characters and even intriguing plots, they have never captured that feeling I felt when I watched this movie. If people want to know what a featured-length live action movie of Pokémon would be like in terms of plot (and not the Detective Pikachu stuff), go watch this movie. It’s not perfect; some of the plot points are a bit confusing and the pacing could use a lot of work. But it is the best movie about the Pokémon journey.
U.S. military acknowledges strike on Mosul site where more than 100 were allegedly killed
The U.S.-led coalition previously said that officials were unsure whether it had conducted air attacks targeting the affected site.

The U.S. military acknowledged for the first time Saturday that it launched an airstrike against the Islamic State last week in the densely packed Iraqi city of Mosul where residents say more than 100 people were killed.

“An initial review of strike data … indicates that, at the request of the Iraqi security forces, the Coalition struck ISIS fighters and equipment, March 17, in west Mosul at the location corresponding to allegations of civilian casualties,” the task force leading the coalition said in a statement.

Previously, the U.S.-led coalition had said that officials were unsure whether the United States had conducted air attacks targeting the affected site in Mosul al-Jadida where local officials say they have so far pulled at least 60 bodies from one destroyed building.

The U.S. military is conducting an initial investigation into the incident.

If confirmed, the incident would mark the greatest loss of civilian life since the United States began strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria in 2014. The allegations add to questions about the conduct of the campaign to recapture Mosul, where reports of civilian deaths are rising as government-aligned forces advance through a fiercely contested urban area.

Airwars, a U.K.-based monitoring organization, has raised the alarm about what it says is a surge in recent weeks of reported deaths caused by U.S.-led airstrikes. The conduct of the air campaign is under especially close scrutiny in the early days of the Trump administration, which has promised to wage a more aggressive campaign against the Islamic State.

President Trump has already asked military leaders to consider whether requirements on U.S. military operations against the group should be loosened.

The U.S.-led coalition said its goal was “zero civilian casualties.”

“But the coalition will not abandon our commitment to our Iraqi partners because of ISIS’s inhuman tactics terrorizing civilians, using human shields, and fighting from protected sites such as schools, hospitals, religious sites and civilian neighborhoods,” the statement read.

An Iraqi military commander suggested the large death toll in the March 17 incident may have been partially caused by the fact that a missile struck a car bomb, unleashing a giant explosion. Rescue workers and residents described a hellish scene, where scores of civilians were killed in nearby buildings.

Islamic State fighters, seeking to defend areas of Mosul that remain under their control, have forced residents to remain in areas where fighting is taking place, even moving them into neighborhoods that are the scenes of fierce battles. The militants have also launched attacks from rooftops of residents’ homes.

Favourite books of 2016 (4/5):

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (review)

I initially didn’t think Empire of Storms would make it on my list of favourite books of the year, but that ending was phenomenal! Also, Manon is my bae forever 💖💖💖I can’t believe Throne of Glass is ending next year, I am definitely not ready for that *silent sobs*

Della Reese, Music Legend and 'Touched By an Angel' Star, Dead at 86

Della Reese, the vocal powerhouse who later starred as heaven-sent Tess on the television series Touched By an Angel, died Sunday evening at age 86.

She leaves behind children Deloreese, James, Franklin, and Dominique, as well as husband Franklin Lett.

Della Reese poses for a portrait in 1990 in L.A. (Photo: Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

“On behalf of her husband, Franklin Lett, and all her friends and family, I share with you the news that our beloved Della Reese has passed away peacefully at her California home last evening surrounded by love. She was an incredible wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and pastor, as well as an award-winning actress and singer. Through her life and work she touched and inspired the lives of millions of people,” her costar Roma Downey confirmed to PEOPLE in an exclusive statement.

On behalf of her husband, Franklin Lett, and all her friends and family, I share with you the news that our beloved Della Reese has passed away peacefully at her California home surrounded by love. She was an incredible Wife, Mother, Grandmother, friend, and Pastor, as well as an award-winning actress and singer. Through her life and work she touched and inspired the lives of millions of people. She was a mother to me and I had the privilege of working with her side by side for so many years on Touched By An Angel. I know heaven has a brand new angel this day. Della Reese will be forever in our hearts. Rest In Peace, sweet angel. We love you.

A post shared by Roma Downey (@romadowney) on Nov 20, 2017 at 10:04am PST

“She was a mother to me and I had the privilege of working with her side by side for so many years on Touched By an Angel. I know heaven has a brand new angel this day. Della Reese will be forever in our hearts. Rest In Peace, sweet angel. We love you.”

Roma Downey and Della Reese in 2013. (Photo: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage)

Born Delloreese Patricia Early on July 6, 1931 in Detroit’s Black Bottom neighborhood, Reese began singing in public at just 6 years old at her local church, establishing her roots in gospel music. Her vocal talent flourished and by 13 she was tapped to perform with Mahalia Jackson’s gospel group, with whom she’d later tour.

She formed her own group, the Meditation Singers, in the late 1940s, but her exposure to jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan sparked a desire to broaden her musical scope. Now using her famous stage name, she signed a deal with Jubilee Records in 1953, releasing six albums largely composed of jazz standards.

Della Reese performing on The Lively Ones in the 1960s. (Photo by: Gerald Smith/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

National fame would come in 1957 with the release of “And That Reminds Me,” a Top 20 hit and her first global seller.

She followed it up with “Don’t You Know?” — which would become her signature song, and a string of hits including “Not One Minute More, “And Now,” “Someday (You’ll Want Me to Want You),”  and “The Most Beautiful Words.”

In the late ’60s she began to expand her career from a jazz nightclub act to all-around entertainer by breaking into television. She became a familiar face on the small screen, securing guest spots on a host of shows, including The Mod Squad, The Love Boat, Sanford and Son, MacGyver, Night Court, and The Young and the Restless.

Her short-lived variety series, Della, debuted in 1969, and the following year she became the first black woman to co-host The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson. It was after a Tonight Show appearance in 1979 that Reese suffered a brain aneurysm that nearly claimed her life.

Della Reese kept singing. Here she is in 2005 at a concert celebrating B.B. King’s 80th birthday. (Photo: Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Reese became an ordained minister in the 1980s through the Christian New Thought branch known as Unity, leading her to found her own church, Understanding Principles for Better Living (also known as “UP Church”).

She would draw on her faith for her most famous acting role, playing the part “supervising angel” Tess on the CBS series Touched By an Angel beginning in 1994. Though the show was initially met with mixed reviews, it went on to become a huge success, running until 2003. Tess’ playful sarcasm and no-nonsense attitude added something of a humorous edge to the wholesome show, and she became its most beloved character.

Reese was plagued with health problems later in life, including a battle with diabetes which she blamed on poor diet and exercise. Following two appearances on the television show Signed, Sealed, Delivered in 2014, she retired from acting.

I remember when the initial reviews of LWYMMD came out and the media was dragging Tayler and calling her a flop, saying this was her worst release in years, accusing her of made-up shit, and saying that she isn’t relevant anymore….

and then home girl goes and breaks about a dozen records in 4 days, blowing everyone else out of the water, does it with almost zero promotion, literally only communicating with her fans, and re-establishes herself as a powerhouse. 

Don’t get spooked.

Where’s the heck is the demo, kiddo?

Hey guys! I apologize for the silence, I’ve just been working really hard on polishing the game and I’m here to clear some things up regarding the upcoming demo. 

 Initially the demo along with the KS campaign was meant to come out by the end of September. However, now it’s obvious that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve decided after an initial review of me playing (what i thought was the final) demo, there were still a lot of things missing/incomplete/unpolished. 

 I realize I can’t half ass this preview compared to the other alphas I’ve been releasing because this is the demo that will show what we’re capable of. so I’m going to delay the launch of the KS campaign along with the demo. 

 It definitely frustrates me as much as you guys that are patiently waiting for the demo. But I’ll be working hard for a while trying to get this thing to what I believe is at an acceptable quality for the next and possibly final alpha.

 I hope you understand. Thank you.

(i didn’t realize it has been almost 2 months since my last post god damn i’m so sorry for being so silent)

In any case, I have been working on the game all this time. So lets post something more progress related. I have a lot to share but I will split this into multiple posts so I don’t make a giant wall of text (it’s big enough as it is).

I’ve revisited the aircraft nozzles. They should look a lot better now.

Turns out modelling them individually and animating it is much easier than adding details through textures. Now I don’t have to worry about UV space for the nozzles and they look ten times better than usual. while occupying around 50% the amount of UV space they took originally. However it does come at a cost with tri-count, but then again all the things I model are relatively low poly to current industry standards.

Questions and Answers

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68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/74a543d709b8c3cb7e0e5ef82b34a9f7/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo1_1280(.)jpg aliexpress review 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/935b52b0b261dd599a725beefb6d6f30/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo2_1280(.)jpg inuinu review 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/f5a31b9adfcb2a531df709389840d8d5/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo3_1280(.)jpg taobao review they use for fake reviews. I linked them as images bc the wholesale links r v long. Idk where i can send u the actual links, just remove parentheses to see links

them being images are fine. here are the images, for people to see easily:

image above is a screenshot of the aliexpress listing inu inu has taken this review from. review is from an anonymous russian user with the initials K.P., and the review reads: “Order came quickly-within 15 days. the bag is good quality-very tight, drawing a bright, without defects. I found only 1 sticking thread-everything else is perfect. size: 38cm width and 38 length. I recommend the seller.”

here is that review, reposted with the same image on inu inu’s website–you can see that they have changed the review significantly from the translated russian, and taken out details that are negative (like the thread comment) as well. revised review is from Abbey M., and reads “Order came quickly–within 15 days. The bag thing is that a good was very tight, drawing was nice, bright and without defects. Everything else is perfect.” 

interesting side note is that it is highly unlikely you would ever get this item from inu inu within 15 days–as they are drop shipping all of their stuff from China. the russian person on the original aliexpress review likely got their product so quickly because of their proximity to china. just thought i might point that out as well, since it is a piece of information that makes the review very actively misleading. on the above aliexpress image, you can also see that there are other copied reviews, all of which are also on the inu inu site, with altered details. 

this image shows the review images stolen from taobao, as well as reveals the fact that the information in the reviews on inu inu’s site are 100% fabricated–names, ratings, information. 

so, like i said before, extremely sinister, very scammy, and just holy shit–all around bad. 

anon, thank you for taking the time to compile this for me, inu inu’s site is pretty weird for me to navigate (and maybe this is just me) so i couldn’t even get the reviews on the fuji backpack to show up to begin with. i’ll add all this info to my original post and revise things a bit and re-release it here as soon as i get a chance, but i wanted to post all this info for folks as soon as possible and go ahead and get your new information out there–people definitely deserve to know these things, and this is another really damning piece of evidence against inu inu–you would think after all the other things that have surfaced about them they would stop this shit and try to just run a business properly, but apparently not. 

My God, is that sparkly nail polish? Are you, like, five?????

That’s right kids, I just saw My Friend Dahmer. My brain is fried and I have school tomorrow, but you can bet your bottom dollar that these sparkly nails will be flying across the keyboard, creating a review for the ages… soon?

As it is, I did not enjoy watching it, but that had more to do with the fact that it was a sold out show at a crowded, unfamiliar theater that was built in the 70’s and had awful sound/blurry standard definition, my dad started complaining at three different intervals and was constantly asking me questions, and I really needed to take a crap right when he was asking Bridget to prom. Only about three people clapped at the end.

My thoughts on the film itself are… unsorted. I need time to think about it. But rest assured, it will happen. Somehow.

The largest SETI initiative ever is reviewing 11 promising signals that probably aren’t aliens

Breakthrough Listen is checking in on its initial results. You know, just in case.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been going for nearly 60 years now, and there have been plenty of false alarms in that time and nothing substantial. Now, a giant SETI initiative is looking into its initial round of data to follow up on 11 signals that they think could be aliens … but admit probably aren’t. Good to check, though, just in case.

Two years ago, billionaire Yuri Milner put $100 million into a decade-long search for aliens known as the Breakthrough Listen initiative. It was the widest-scale SETI project announced since Project Phoenix in 1995, which itself was the successor of a cancelled 10 year, $100 million SETI effort by NASA.

Breakthrough Listen is spearheaded by SETI Berkeley and taps into the wider SETI community to listen in worldwide for radio signals that might be artificial. They’ve also opened up the data to the public at large to look for narrowband signals — those in a specific wavelength that are more likely to be from a non-natural source. There are 692 targets in the initial rounds of data.

The news is coming out of a two-day conference in California from the Breakthrough Initiatives organization, which is also sponsoring Breakthrough Starshot, a project based on using laser propulsion to power tiny spacecraft to the Alpha Centauri system (specifically Proxima Centauri) in a matter of decades.

A live broadcast will take place today on Facebook at 6:10 p.m. EST (3:10 p.m. PST) with Andrew Siemion of SETI Berkeley discussing the initial results. You can

watch it here

Image: The Robert C. Byrd Radio Telescope at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia is one of the primary receivers looking for promising SETI signals.
    Credit: Jiuguang Wang



On this day in music history: August 23, 1994 - “Grace”, the debut album by Jeff Buckley is released. Produced by Jeff Buckley and Andy Wallace, it is recorded at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, NY from Late 1993 - Early 1994. Singer, songwriter and musician Jeff Buckley was the son of folk music legend Tim Buckley (though he grows up being unaware of his true lineage until he meets his biological father for the first and only time when he is eight years old), and is raised his mother (a classically trained musician) and stepfather in Southern California. Two years after moving to New York to heighten his profile as a musician, he is signed by Columbia Records. Upon its release, the album initially receives mixed reviews and sells poorly until Buckley’s emotional and ethereal live performances of the material win critics and fans over. It eventually comes to be regarded as one of the finest singer/songwriter albums of the 90’s. Though Buckley does not live to see much of this belated acclaim and appreciation for his artistry. Ironically and tragically, he dies young like his father years before him (his father died of an accidental drug overdose in 1975 at the age of 28). Jeff accidentally drowns while swimming in the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN, during a break in working on material for his second studio album in 1997. Buckley is only thirty years old at the time of his death. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the albums’ release in 2004, “Grace” is remastered and reissued as a double CD + DVD deluxe edition. Disc one includes the original ten song album, with the second disc featuring various outtakes, alternate takes and other previously unreleased material. The DVD contains a documentary on the making of the album, along with behind the scenes footage of the making of the four music videos shot for the singles. Originally released on vinyl only in Europe in 1994, the album receives its first US release on vinyl, packaged with a bonus 7" of “Forget Her” b/w “Strawberry Street”, pressed on blue vinyl. The LP is reissued as a 180 gram LP by Music On Vinyl in 2009, and again by Columbia/Legacy in 2010. “Grace” peaks at number one hundred forty nine on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Masterpost of my Civil War Thoughts and Feelings:

This post just compiles all the meta I’ve made about Civil War thus far! 

anonymous asked:

I really love your blog!! I really enjoyed the Openings for Itadaki no Keshiki and Revival, and I'm just bursting to hear about how Winners and Losers' Opening is specifically

So I’m actually going to answer this question out of the set because it asks specifically for a ‘review’ of a part of Winners and Losers and I was making posts for that anyway.  Full answer under the Read More to avoid spoiling anyone who would rather wait until the September DVD release.  Also because it’s long.

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If you're still posting when Sims 5 comes out, do you think you'll switch your blog to that game?

oooo that’s a great question! I’m going to be perfectly honest here! I don’t see TS5 coming out anytime soon. I really do think EA are going to try and milk ts4 for everything it’s worth. I think it will realistically be at least 2019/2020 before we see the next Sims installement. aaaand I honestly don’t know what I’ll be doing then or whether I’ll still be posting! 

So I guess my answer is maybe? It just depends how EA tackle TS5; if they make it more like TS3 then I’d say almost definitely! My guess is that TS5 will be vastly different to TS4, EA are going to have to mix it up a lot in order to attract new players to the franchise (especially after all the initial bad reviews of TS4) 🙂 so yeah! It just depends what the game is like! Either way, I wouldn’t switch over immediately 🙂

13 Tips for Fan Fic Writers Who Want To Be Read (for motivational hour)

I’m writing this as somebody who has been writing and fan fiction and posting it on the Internet for something along the lines of sixteen years, as well as actively reading the stuff.

1. If you are writing fan fiction, you are amazing. Thank you. What you are doing is writing stories for free that others are going to get to consume and enjoy. You’re bringing pleasure to people who you don’t know, all over the world. Hopefully you are enjoying yourself as well. Good job.

2. Somebody is reading your stories. You know that story you wrote, with very little notes and reviews? Somebody read it. Somebody even enjoyed it. You might not always get the number of notes that you want, but you aren’t writing into a void.

3. Somebody is -going to- read your stories. I have this one account from 2001. In 2001 I was like 16 or something. I was dyslexic. I mean, I totally still am, but it showed more then. So many typos. Every once in a while I’ll still get a review on one of those stories. The reviews are mostly positive. There are people today reading and having a positive response to those little stories I wrote as a child, about the things that mattered deeply to me back then, and it’s really cool. If you write a story, and it doesn’t get the response you want it to right away, don’t write it off as a failure. It might surprise you down the line.

4. But seriously. These stories you write? Unless you take them down, they are there forever. Sometimes I stumble upon stories with fantastic characterization and great plots, but get super nostalgic because they’ve brought up aim instant messenger away messages or something. Your stories are there forever. They are a gift to your fandom. They last.

5. If you choose to write a little bit for a smaller fandom, your stories have a greater staying power. The same goes for small ships. Naturally, you are going to write mostly for whatever catches your attention and inspires you, and if that is the behemoth that is superewholock or whatever, so be it. That said, if you ever feel inspired to write a story for that movie that has about ten fics on the Internet in total, do it. Absolutely do it. Maybe you won’t get a ton of initial reaction, but reviews might be trickling in for years or decades.

6. There are lots of people who are searching for a certain fan fiction with a certain plot. It is the story of their heart. You never know if you are writing the plot that somebody has been dreaming about and searching endlessly for. If you have a plot that you are endlessly searching for, consider writing it yourself.

7. Maybe you have a plot that you think about as you are going to sleep at night. Maybe you don’t want to write it, because it seems to self-indulgent or trope filled or whatever. Write it. That’s probably the story somebody else wants to read. Self-indulgent fan fics are often the really good ones.

8. Consider participating in Yuletide. If you don’t know what that is, Google search it (mostly because I can’t do html and pretty links on mobile…). It’s a yearly fanfiction exchange where people request stories they desperately want to read in rare fandoms. All of the stories that I’ve gotten the most reviews on were for that event. It’s a big deal, and good fun, because you know that no matter what else, you will be writing somebody’s ideal dream story.
9. Fic exchanges in general. Same goes for prompts. If somebody is leaving you a writing prompt, you have one nearly guaranteed reader, who will probably be super fond of your fic.
10. Don’t be afraid to reach out to writers that you like. If you have a favorite writer in a fandom, consider asking them to read your story and give their opinion. Be polite about it, and make if clear that they are under no obligation. Some will say no, because they are busy or whatever, but I’m willing to bet that a good percentage of people will be willing to look at your work if they are specifically sought out and asked to do so.

11. There is something good about most stories. I’m completely serious about this. You’d never believe how much fan fiction I’ve read. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that I could say nothing positive about.

12. Give the reviews that you’d like to receive. Encourage other writers. When I first started writing, I had so many problems that are super obvious to me now. I still have problems, that will become obvious to me down to the road (if they were obvious to me now, I’d fix them. Obviously.). Back to the whole dyslexic thing. When if first started writing, I was a kid who couldn’t reliably spell the word “friend” correctly. I got positive feedback from fanfiction that I never got at school. As a result, I wrote and wrote and spent over half my life writing, and right now I’m an English teacher. If you finish somebody’s story, try to leave a word or two of encouragement. If there is a part that you like, tell them about it. It’s worth it. If the story seems like it’s written by a twelve year old, all the more reason to leave a nice note. Maybe you are helping somebody learn to believe in themselves as a writer, in a world where being a writer is a huge asset, as communication is becoming increasingly text based.

13. Even if you write a fic that has defied all the laws of Internet, and never found a single reader, if you enjoyed writing it, then that’s fine. It’s still a good story, and it’s still an accomplishment.

(Originally posted on my personal blog, @icouldwritebooks)