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Korra and Asami Adventure: Chapter 1 (continued 2)

Panel 21 to 28 out of 28

I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. Initially, it was a short comic request, but then I got really into it, so it’s going to be some chapters long. 

Before the next chapters, I have some other Korrasami requests, hopefully it won’t take too much time. Thanks for the support, everyone!

Taylor Swift Now info

A lot of people seem confused on how it works so I’m going to break it down

  • A AT&T TV service provider will be required to watch.. these include UVerse, Direct TV or the new DirecTV Now
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  • There is no date planned for when Taylor Swift Now will be released. All they know so far is it will come out a couple weeks after DirecTV Now’s launch (November 30)
  • There will initially be 13 chapters curated by Taylor
  • More chapters will be added regularly including Taylor’s Pre-Super Bowl performance in Houston on February 4, 2017

On another note, I do plan on switching to DirecTV Now. If you guys would be interesting in having me stream Taylor Swift Now when it comes out I will be happy to do so. 

Update: I tried the free trial of DirecTV Now and I don’t think I’m going to be switching after all. There just isn’t a lot of features and channels right now for me to give up my current cable. Looks like I’l be sticking with Time Warner Cable which means I won’t have access to Taylor Swift Now. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stream it for you guys. But, I’m sure there will be downloads of it and I’d be happy to stream that for those of you who aren’t comfortable with torrenting. 

For The Heart Can Still See: Part Three

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T (for themes)

Summary: Dimaria may have stolen her vision, but could not her pride. Sightless or not, Lucy would save Natsu. A what-if, canon-deviant multi-shot, assuming Lucy had indeed been blinded by Dimaria, set in the ongoing Alvarez war arc.

Genre: Angst and romance

Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 503 onwards, mentions of torture in initial chapters.

Notes: Well, didn’t this update take its own sweet time?

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Gray had to reinforce his ice for a third time before the wave of dark magic relented. Not wanting to risk any harm to Lucy, Gray took the chance as soon as it did to grab her and leap far enough to avoid another onslaught.

The distance also gave him the chance to see what his instincts were telling him all along - how on one side stood Zeref - a picture of tranquillity, had it not been for the violent swarm of darkness swirling angrily around him.

And on the other stood -

“Natsu!” Lucy gasped, fighting Gray’s hold.

“Lucy don’t, you’ll get - ”

“Natsu’s right there, Gray! I can feel him, and he needs us!” Lucy argued, not pausing her frantic struggle.

Gray took a moment to take in Lucy’s expression. She was clearly panicking.

“Exactly. Which is why you can’t simply run in between them. We need a plan.”

That worked; Lucy stopped struggling against him.

“Good. Now you’re thinking, and we’ll have a strategy in no ti - ”

“Okay, listen up,” she interrupted, with all the authority of the brains of Team Natsu.

And Gray did. It wasn’t the most extensive plan, nor was it the most risk-free. By a long shot. But if there was anyone’s ideas he would bet his life on, it would be Lucy’s and she did make a strong argument.


“Are you sure about this, Lucy?”

“Not entirely, but I think it’s our best shot at saving him.”

“So, clearly, no pressure,” said Gray, bumping Lucy’s shoulder, trying to alleviate some the very obvious tension.

Lucy though, in no mood to joke around, only nodded, switching effortlessly to her Scorpio Stardress. “Let’s do this.”

The two warring mages before them were far too engrossed in their ongoing battle to notice them - something Lucy and Gray exploited. Zeref and Natsu leapt away from each other after a particularly intense attack, and Gray notified Lucy of their chance, mirroring her as she lay her palms on the ground.

At a whispered signal, they combined their powers in the earth, fusing sand and ice into a large barrier to separate the two brothers.

Knowing the wall wouldn’t last very long, they took to their decided sides, the weight of the entire war on their shoulders.

It took Gray every effort to split away from Lucy.

Mentally, he knew there was a plan and that Lucy knew what she was doing, but it still worried him to leave her side especially in her current circumstances.

The glow of Loke’s key was a source of solace, though. Gray knew better than most how dedicated his best friend was to his key-holder, and if there was anyone who could keep Lucy safe with what was happening, it’d be Loke.

It was with that thought that Gray doubled up his speed. He had a job to do, and lives relied on it.

And despite his fears, his gut told him that he could count on Lucy to deal with him. Unlike the flame-brain, the risks she took were calculated ones.

Stilling before his own opponent, he decided to ensure that he honoured her trust in him as well.

He re-engaged Silver, confidence surging as he braced for what could not be an easy battle.

“Sorry, but this is as far as I can let you go.”

Dark eyes locked onto his midnight blue ones in crazed anger.

“Gray,” Natsu growled.

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Calls and Consequences, Chapter 2

So here is the half chapter that wont see the light of day because after the finale my brain refuses to process this series of events. SIIIIIGH. So instead I present all I had for chapter 2 - initially I was just going to post the Blip/Mike part but then figured why not post the whole thing for context. Its not fully edited so apologies for any dumb errors. Enjoy!!

For a long, heavy moment they sat quietly on the bed, neither quite sure what to say or do. Mike was still a Padre – it didn’t seem quite real yet.

It was Ginny that moved first, grabbing her dress off the floor on her side of the bed and shimming into it – ridiculously he kept his eyes averted like he hadn’t just spent the better part of the last hour touching every inch of her skin.

“I…I should go,” she said with a shaking voice.

“Ginny-“ he started but had nothing else to say in the moment.

What the hell was there to say? They’d not only slept together but had made it patently clear beforehand that there were feelings involved and it wasn’t just a quick release of tension. This was going to get ugly, fast.

Like she had on the street, Ginny gave him an expectant look but this one was laced with irritation or maybe frustration.

When he didn’t continue, she got out of the bed, picking up her shoes (when had those come off?) and all but ran out of the room and down the stairs where she looked around frantically.

“Ginny!” his voice called down the stairs as he followed her now dressed in sweats and a t-shirt.

“Where’s my purse?” she asked with what seemed like growing terror.

Instead of responding, Mike stopped in front of her, gently gripping her shoulders. “Ginny,” he practically whispered. “Hey…”

“My purse, Lawson!”

He’d never seen her like this, in a near panic, tears welling in her eyes. Silently he went to the entryway and picked it up, handing it over.

Fishing her phone out of the purse, Ginny tapped a few keys – clearly ordering a car.

“Look,” he started but she cut him off.

“It was a mistake, Mike.”

Now he started to get angry. The fact the trade had fell through did not mean their actions were a mistake - poorly timed, certainly, but they had made the decision with clear heads and the assumption they were no longer on the same team. It didn’t change how he felt about her.

“It was not a mistake Ginny,” he huffed out. “I’ve made a shitload of mistakes in my time and what we did, sleeping together, was most certainly not one of them.”

It looked like she wanted to refute, but couldn’t because she knew he was right, and yet – she’d broken her rule and gotten burned again and this time it was so, so much worse. They were on the same team, she saw him every single day, he was her catcher, they spent an inordinate amount of time together.

There was no walking back from this. A near-miss kiss would have been bad enough, but they’d stood on that street and practically announced their feelings to each other before acting on them.

Suddenly she felt nauseous.

“This stays between us,” she hissed, displacing anger with herself toward him. “No one finds out.”

She expected him to look hurt at that but if anything his face softened. “I would never, Ginny. Never.”

There were lights in his driveway and Ginny moved toward the door, a pained expression on her face.

A soft, “Goodbye, Mike” was all she said while slipping out the door.

The finality in her tone sent ice through his heart, it seemed like she was saying goodbye for more than the night.

Mike turned back into his house, frustrated and angry with the situation. He didn’t think it was a mistake, not for a moment, but there was also a part of him that regretted their timing. God, was their timing shitty. But emotions had taken over and they’d thought he was leaving and…and it was entirely possible he had ruined the one good thing he had – his friendship with Ginny.

“FUCK!” he screamed into the silence.

As the car worked it was back to her hotel, Ginny struggled to hold back tears. Mike had been right, it wasn’t a mistake, they’d both wanted it she made a conscious decision because he was leaving. And now he wasn’t and maybe she had ruined something that could have been so, so good if they’d just waited.

It was a mess now; it would be a disaster tomorrow.

They were going to have to act as if nothing had happened in front of teammates, in front of Amelia and Blip and Evelyn – oh, God, Evelyn would both crucify and congratulate her.

And there was no one to talk to about this, the person she would have called was Mike.

By the time she got into her room, Ginny was unable to hold back the tears and let them fall as she stripped off the dress, horrified when she realized her underwear was still at Mike’s, in her rush she hadn’t picked them up. Her heart constricted as she remembered his expression upon seeing her naked for the first time – awe mixed with something she couldn’t quite pin down. Affection? Maybe love?

Slipping into fresh underwear along with shorts and t-shirt, Ginny got into bed and curled into a ball. Sleep, however, was not easy to come by.


Across town, Mike had settled in on his couch, TV on ESPN but volume turned low (they’d already caught wind of the failed trade and his stupid face was all over). Sleeping in the bed was not an option, not when the sheets smelled like Ginny and he didn’t have the heart to strip them and remove it (her) entirely.

Christ, he was a disaster. A goddamn human disaster.

Eventually he fell into a fitful sleep.

Walking into the clubhouse the next morning, exhausted and wrung out, Mike was greeted by a round of applause and cat calls from the guys along with some good natured ribbing about the trade falling through, he took it all in stride even as his eyes subtly scanned the room for her – somewhat relieved to see her not there.

Upon sitting in his chair, a small wooden box was pushed into his vision and Mike took it with a smile.

“Glad you stayed, man,” Blip said and clapped his back.

“I hate to admit it, but Oscar killed the deal apparently. Something about my ridiculous salary.” Looking around the room at the guys, his guys, Mike amended, “Can’t say I’m sorry he did.”

“Does she know?” Blip asked as he sat down.

It was on the tip of his tongue to say “she was with me when I got the call” but his brain intercepted the traitorous thought. “Yeah, I…talked to her last night. She here?” If his voice waivered just a bit, Mike couldn’t help it, his stomach was in knots.

Blip’s eyes narrowed dangerously at him, like he was piecing something together (fucking Sherlock Holmes this guy) but responded, “Yeah, I saw her go into her locker room about ten minutes ago.”

Mike nodded.

“Something going on with you guys?”

Mike’s eyes darted around his locker as he responded with, “Nope.”

Blip was still staring at him, practically boring holes in his head, even as Mike casually started putting everything back in his locker before standing and heading toward the trainer’s room, he still needed his pre-warm up PT.

If there was any kind of silver lining in this mess, it was the fact Ginny wasn’t pitching today, so they wouldn’t be forced to be on the field together.

So he didn’t see her until they filed into the dugout, everyone doing their pregame rituals. For a half second he caught her eye, she looked nervous, anxious and as tired as he felt. He tried a smile but she looked away to talk to Duarte without so much as an acknowledgement.

“Great,” he mumbled as Cooper tagged him to warm up and he followed, pulling his catcher’s mask from the bench.

The actual game went better than expected, Padres winning in the last inning off a Blip Saunders double driving in Evers.

As they walked back into the clubhouse, Blip suddenly gripped Mike’s elbow and led him toward the trainer’s room (the same one he’d railed into Robles not so long ago) - Mike was so surprised by the action he didn’t have time to even protest.

Until the door closed behind him and he rounded on Blip. “What the fuck, man!”

Despite Mike’s outrage, Blips face remained impassive, his voice flat as he asked, “What happened between you and Ginny?”

“Nothing,” he spluttered, caught off guard. “What – why are you asking?”

Blip rolled his eyes. “Because Ginny, who should be off the walls excited that you are here and not in Chicago, has avoided anything involving you.” He made a show of raising his left hand and used the fingers to tick off his list of evidence. “She didn’t come into the clubhouse after getting dressed, or before for that matter; she didn’t watch batting practice; she didn’t stand at the top of the stairs when you rounded home in the third to do that arm thing you two do; she spent the entire game talking to me or Duarte or Robles, who enjoyed that a little too much by the way, or literally anyone not named Mike Lawson when we all know she prefers to spend her downtime yapping at you. Explain. Now.”

Mike stalked like a caged animal, his hand running through his beard. Of course it would be Blip that sniffed out something was off; he was close with both of them and far, far too observant for his own good. Then again, just based on his “evidence”, they really were doing a poor job of hiding anything.

His mind spun, trying to come up with a credible lie, but his silence only fed Blip’s sleuthing.

“Mike…” His tone was warning, irritated. Yeah, Blip would make a good captain one day, probably better than him.

“I don’t know what the hell Baker is thinking,” he finally said, a little angry. It was the truth, though not exactly an answer and clearly not the one Blip wanted based on his face.

Eyes narrowing dangerously at him, Blip called him out. “I swear to God, Mike, I don’t care that we are friends, I don’t care that you are my captain-“

“Yeah, I’m your captain, remember that, man.”

“What happened last night? Last I knew you were going home. You call her up to say goodbye?” Blip’s eyes widened and stepped closer to Mike, his finger now pointing right at the captain, the wheels spinning in his head. “You meet her somewhere to say goodbye? You were going to the Cubs, it was your last night in San Diego…holy-“ Now he pointed in the direction of her locker room, Mike had never, ever seen him this angry. “Did you sleep with her?”


Blips voice rose, but not loud enough to be heard outside the room and he closed the gap between them, within touching distance. “Did you sleep with her?” Each word was slowly enunciated.

Mike opened, then closed, his mouth…he couldn’t admit to it, but the silence once again spoke volumes and Blip went from angry to incensed in a half second.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Mike?! God dammit. I didn’t think even you would go that low. What the hell were you thinking? Oh, wait, you weren’t. You were all about Mike Lawson and your dick.”

Mike’s eyes flashed anger. “That was uncalled for.”

“I don’t think so, since you divorced Rachel your choice of bed mates has been questionable at best! What was she, another notch? Another one night stand?”

“Not her…never her. I wouldn’t do that.”

“Really Mike? Cause this morning you were supposed to be on a plane! What is that exactly?”

Mike scrubbed his face with his hands. “Ok, fine. Yeah, it was going to be one night. Because I wasn’t a Padre, because we could, because we were supposed to be thousands of miles away today and it wouldn’t affect the team. Because we both wanted it.”

“Well then, you both fucked up, man,” Blip hissed and stepped away from him. “She’s your teammate, you’re battery mate, your legacy-“

“And she’s an adult who made a decision. We both did.”

“The team, man-“

Mike, frustrated, yelled, “I wasn’t supposed to be here! She was the god damn reason I decided to leave!”

That brought Blip up short. “What?”

In full tirade, Mike continued, “Yeah, I wanted the ring, who doesn’t, right? But I was happy here, with you guys. And then three months ago, Ginny Baker gets called up and she – she gets under my skin, pushing me harder than anyone has. And I realize that it’s not fucking Robles with feelings, it’s me.  And I knew I couldn’t stay here, because she’s my teammate, my pitcher, because at some point it would be a problem and so I decided to run, leave. It was easier than having to deal with being in-“ Mike stopped himself just short of saying it. “-with having feelings for Ginny.”

Blips face fell. “Jesus, Mike.”

“It’s been three months, and last night I was sitting in that bar looking at her, the only person I called, and all I could think was this woman was the thing I was going to miss the most. So when she kissed me…I didn’t stop her. I couldn’t.”

Silence reigned for a long time as Mike watched Blip process what he’d said, realizing this wasn’t just a one night deal and how much of a mess they’d actually made.

“You wanna punch me?” Mike asked, dead serious.

“So bad you have no idea, but right now the rest of the team is blissfully unaware of what happened and my punching your god damn lights out won’t help the situation. I am angry right now, Mike, but damn…I didn’t realize-”

“Yeah, me either,” Mike breathed out and leaned against a table, crossing his arms. “You know how you like to tell the story about the first time you saw Ev in college and you knew?”

“Yeah…don’t tell me…”

“Oh, no. The first time I laid eyes on Baker I thought she was a gimmick, a novel way for the league to get some attention. A pretty one, for sure. But man, her second game, when she got back out there after blowing her first chance? I realized this was not a gimmick and she was something special. It started right there, and quickly spiraled.”

“You gotta sort this out, she pitches tomorrow.”

“I know… but she’s mad and I don’t know why.”

Blip grinned, just a little. “She’s not mad at you, man - she’s mad at herself. Broke her rule for the second time and for the second time got burned.”

Mike’s eyes darkened. “I’m not Trevor Davis.”

“Told you about him, huh?”

“Yeah, all about how he told her he was leaving baseball all the while knowing he was being scouted and got her to come out in public with him. And how her teammates gave her shit about it for almost a year.”

Blip frowned. “They what?”

“Her minor league teammates gave her grief about it. It got ugly for a bit.” It was Mike’s turn to frown. “You didn’t know?”

“No, she never said anything. When did she tell you that?”

“Phone call one night, can’t remember which one.”

Blip shook his head. “You two are idiots, go find her…now. Get this sorted out.”

“Yes, Black Yoda.”

For The Heart Can Still See: Part Four

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T (for themes)

Summary: Dimaria may have stolen her vision, but could not her pride. Sightless or not, Lucy would save Natsu. A what-if, canon-deviant multi-shot, assuming Lucy had indeed been blinded by Dimaria, set in the ongoing Alvarez war arc.

Genre: Angst and romance

Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 503 onwards, mentions of torture in initial chapters. 

Note: Gentle reminder (to myself mostly) that this was supposed to be one. drabble.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Natsu was running before he even realised, despite being painfully aware he was never going to make it.

That she wasn’t ever going to make it.

Lucy may have been touched by the worst curse known to mankind, but that did nothing to change his urge to be by her side, to still try and save her.

A few steps in though and he felt an elbow hook around his neck, immediately ceasing his movement and pushing him onto his butt.

“Gray!” Natsu choked, “What the - ”

He was immediately blinded, before wave after wave of wind, dust and debris began hitting him. He held his arms up against it, squinting to get a look at what was happening, looking for Lucy, but all he could see was  horridly bright light that threatened to burn out his retinas.

There wasn’t much time to spare over the whats and whys though, because the next thing he registered was agonised screaming that tore through the chaos.

Lucy’s agonised screaming.

Brandish fought off another Alvarezian soldier with a heavy heart. It didn’t feel right attacking her own people - especially when they looked at her with such accusatory eyes. ‘Traitor,’ they seemed to scream. But she knew when her own people were in the wrong. Well, at least she hoped she knew.

She was distracted from her thoughts thanks to a palpable change in the atmosphere. She, much like everyone else in their group, turned towards where the odd sensation seemed to be emanating from, barely registering the wind girl’s gasp as her own jaw dropped.

It was unlike anything she had ever seen.

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Chapter 122: Initial Thoughts

When I first read through chapter 122, I couldn’t help but think a better name for this chapter might be, “Bravat Underestimates Ciel and Company at Every Turn.” I’ve written in the past that Bravat might be overconfident, but this chapter really displayed  that. He seemed to still be under the illusion that the F5 was merely a pale illusion. In fact, when he first walked into the music hall, he immediately noticed what he thought was shortcomings or mistakes. First, there was the free gifts. He was giving a towel and a stick.

Bravat felt these free gifts didn’t compare to what the blue sect offered. Then he noticed the merchandise, which he felt was childish.

Next he noticed out the music hall was divided into sections. He thought it was too big for everyone to really see the show.

He was confident up to this point. He thought he saw mistakes everywhere. Finally, the curtains on stage parted, and the F5 was nowhere to be seen. At first, he thought they had simply missed the cue, but then the F5 made their appearance.

Very soon, things started falling into place, and Bravat realized that all the things he had noticed weren’t flaws at all. Although the music hall was big, speakers placed in back allowed everyone to hear the singing.

The towel and the colored stick allowed people to join in on the show.

Plus, the F5 moved around the audience to interact with them, especially if they had bought the merchandise.

Bravat was so quick to dismiss the F5 and the music hall, but he was shown that he shouldn’t take them so lightly.

I would suspect he might change things up at his own music hall in response.

Fic Updates Week Ending 11/5/16

It was a great week for Everlark fanfiction! Below is the list of updates we found this week.

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New Fics

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As always let us know if we missed something! We would love to hear from you! Happy Peeta Sunday! 

Originally posted by loving-mellark

Love ya mean it!
Dee and Kate

anonymous asked:

Remember when Sasha was spared because her death was gonna be too gruesome? and then there's Bert's? is this a sign Isayama is done with everyone or can I be salty for another month?

Between him planning to kill every single one character and him reporting deaths, it’s safe to assume there’s going to be a fallout.

Sasha was supposed to die around chapter 36 but Isayama changed his mind. The full story is described here:

————–Were there any scenes that left a strong impression on you due to a conversation with Isayama-sensei?

Sasha has an chapter in Volume 9, but in the initial planning stages, the chapter was supposed to end with her apparent death. Isayama-san also seemed to be worrying about whether he should keep her alive, and I thought, “This looks good at first glance, but she shouldn’t die here.  Isn’t there a more appropriate place for that?” As a result, by the time I looked at the returned storyboard, it had improved a lot, and I felt like I was going to cry while reading it. But I was too embarrassed to cry in front of Isayama-san, so I went to the bathroom to cry in secret. *laughs*

He didn’t really spare Sasha for good, but it seems he reported her death for later, thanks to the editor. To be honest, that’s a bit sad because no matter how gruesome her death is, I felt like the impact is going to be lost because she has been sidelined for so long to the point not even popularity can help (she and Connie are not even in the top 20).

Though if you want to take something as possible foreshadowing…

The dinner scene - Ch. 72

In this scene, you have Connie preventing Sasha of feeding herself on the meat, with Jean in the way. Considering we had several scenes of a hungry Sasha making titan faces when she’s starved, the theory is her being turned into a titan by Zeke, and who gets eventually killed by Connie but not before eating Jean. That’s a cruel irony where Connie eventually put down his partner while Jean died in a meaningless way, getting trapped. 

Considering Sasha was meant to die in a setting where Zeke was titanizing villagers left and right, the original scenario was either Sasha becoming the natural hunter who gets offed by the garrison, her body never been found or her becoming the food by being surrounded by titans, her remains later discovered by her father.

Still kinda unfair Bertolt is the second of the former top 10 to go away, Marco being offed because Isayama saw that as an opportunity to place Jean in the SC and make BRA feel human, because most of his traits can be found into Armin. Marlowe’s not from the original top 10 but his death is kinda sad, in a funny way. He wanted to fight for justice but realized the life of a MP was kinda comfy.

I Will Follow You (But For Me, There is a Storm)
  • I Will Follow You (But For Me, There is a Storm)
  • Halyse
  • But For Me There Is A Storm

I now present to you the poorly put-together prequel and predecessor of Take Me With Youthe other bfmtias song I made months ago.

This is I Will Follow You, aka my Chapter 7 Anthem no. 2. This is, if it isn’t obvious yet, dedicated to that heart-wrenching fic but for me there is a storm by @setter-kun.

I didn’t want to upload this yet, tbh, but right now I don’t have gadgets (I’m uploading this from a computer I borrowed and the phone I was using as a recording device is now dead and gone) and I’m broke, so I will not have the opportunity to to record a better version and I don’t have anywhere I can save this to. So take my advance apologies, and I hope you forgive it anyway. (I tried my best to fix it but there’s only so much you can do to an encoded mp3 using amateur tools.)

This is the last song I’ll be able to upload for now; I’ll be out of commission with my music for a long, long while. So I hope you enjoy this small farewell of sorts.

(Lyrics under the cut)

I will follow you to the ending
if you promise to meet me there
I will follow you to the darkness
I’m not afraid if I know you’re there
I know you’ll make it
For me you’ll make it
I know I’ll find you here inside
I’ll follow you to the ending
and hold on tight tonight

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anonymous asked:

When will the next chapter be published?

once it’s written and good enough for public consumption lol

hiddenspiketrap  asked:

So first off: I love Umfb&mha so much. I can't even properly express it into words!! On to my real question: is there any particular scene in the story thus far that you'd really like someone to draw? I know you have gotten a ton of amazing fanart pieces, but I've been debating doing one myself when I get some time, but I can't decide!! So many good moments~

Mainly I just love people drawing the scenes they like best because I love seeing what bits of the fic inspired people! But if I had to pick a specific scene that I’d like to see drawn I’d probably say the scene where Viktor watches Yuuri skate in chapter 7 or literally anything from chapter 12. Or the initial meeting in chapter 1. But honestly, literally anything you want and I’d be happy!

Circles [Jaebum] |2|

Originally posted by igot7-love

Thanks for the explosive positive feedback I got for the initial chapter of Circles. I will continue this series. Thanks for loving it so far!

Circles [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

So, here’s the situation. I have my best friend, Jaebum walking towards me, who I thought was going to be on a bus. Then, I have the supposedly old childhood friend, who is a complete weirdo behind me, that somehow found me in my neighborhood. What do I do?

I gulped in frustration, “Jaebum!” I ran towards him as I put up a feign smile, running towards his arms.

“Hey,” he hugged me, “I knew you would walk today, so I wanted to join you. But it appears that someone else did too.”

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Y’all asked to see the base colors awhile ago (or was that just last week…..sobbs idr LOL) ANYWAY here’s Daniel’s base colors without the filters and with.
The Voltron Initiative - Chapter 55 - Panic
One year after the expedition to find the source of the kaiju goes missing, Keith becomes a paladin in the hopes of finding out the truth of what happened to Shiro... and finds a lot more than that.
By Organization for Transformative Works

the resolution of that cliffhanger i didnt mean to leave off on for so long rip


sorority sugar IN LOVE

Totally cute & custom ~ choose your ink color, college, city, state and 2 of the following: Bid Day, Initiation Date, Chapter, Big Name, Little Name, or any other detail you would like on your pillow. What a fabulous graduation keepsake gift, big/little sugar, or new member giftie!! xoxo


HStHM Announcement [Important to its readers]

Guys, I’m not gonna beat around the bush here:

My Y2AJ fic, He Seems to Hate Me, is currently under hiatus.

I have two reasons as to why:

Because the Y2AJ/Jeristyles fandom hasn’t been…It’s dead, to be completely blunt.

And because I don’t feel like people are interested in it anymore than they were when I published the first 3 chapters. The initial buzz for it is gone. I mean, I’ve talked about this so many times before on my FB account but, comments drive writers to keep writing. Without criticism or support, we basically lose motivation to write because we don’t think that people would be interested.

Now granted, there were people who commented on HStHM while I wasn’t updating but I can’t help but feel like these are just for the sake of giving me an extra push in hopes that I would update. I do appreciate them but I just can’t find it in me to update anymore. I already lost the notes I had for future chapters for it and I can’t find them anymore.

So guys, I don’t know. I don’t think HStHM is gonna be updated any time soon. I’m sorry. It really makes me feel bad for abandoning it since I’ve spent so much time and had such a blast writing it. I’m really proud of that fic, and it breaks my heart to leave it because I had so many plans for it.

Jackie Sharp is on her way, I promise!  The cheerful delivery-girl, and pilot extraordinaire, will be hitting the web finally!

A little drawing I did during my lunch break.  The short initial “pilot” chapter is all roughed out.  I just need some free time to actually get it all cleaned up and colored.