I want a flask! That's what I'll ask for for Christmas. Flasks are good. They'd mean I could take a range of hot and cold things to uni with me.

I also now have to decide whether I should agree with my mother’s suggestion of her and my father buying me a notebook (one of those tiny laptop things) for Christmas or whether I should decline and ask for money instead. 

It would be easier to take to uni with me, but then I’m not sure if I’d take it with me everyday. Also it would be easier to take with me whenever I went anywhere. 

Dilemma. I should probably agree, because I’ve sort of broken my laptop’s hinge anyway and that way it wouldn’t be likely to get broken even more. Also I’d have a back-up in case anything did happen to my laptop, but I don’t know how expensive they are, and I don’t want my parents spending money on me if it’s not actually worth it.

Ahh! Why do I make these decisions so hard for myself.

I want to run away to France, live in the countryside with Mairead, in a caravan, where I’d make money by knitting, making clothes and cooking. It would be oh so lovely. 

I’ll have to figure out a way of doing that after I’ve finished this degree. That way the degree can be something to fall back on. Yes. Plan.