Mayflower Hotel and Harvey’s Famous Restaurant Washington DC by William Bird
Via Flickr:
1107 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Harvey’s famous restaurant is a point of interest of the Nation’s Capital. For over eighty years world-famous celebrities have visited its dining rooms to partake of its inimitable and far renowned culinary accomplishments. No visit to Washington is complete without a meal at Harvey’s

Happy Birthday, Jenny Holzer!

Today we’re highlighting our projects with the inimitable artist.

Group Materials Inserts, 1988 

Inserts appeared as a supplement to the The New York Times on Sunday, May 22, 1988, in some papers distributed in Lower Manhattan and the Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick area of Brooklyn. Group Material brings together contradictory visual objects in order to investigate a theme. Through a strategy of precise and innovative exhibition design, Group Material demonstrates how art is dependent on a social context for its meaning. Read more. 

The inimitable @tina_lugo13 — so incredibly stoked to be showing with her at @fifty24sfgallery this Saturday!! Come out to see some of her insane work!! (at FIFTY24SF Gallery)

YouNow @ VidCon: Day 3

Now that the screaming hordes have left Anaheim and the jetlagged YouNow team is back at HQ (if you see zombies walking around Manhattan, it’s probably us), all that’s left of VidCon is our memories. Luckily, those memories are still fresh in our minds, and we’re sharing them here with you.

As always, all photo credits go to the inimitable Lester Cohen. 

YouNow’s very own Matt knows how to get a crowd pumped

Only the Shaytards could make people this happy

Speaking of the Shaytards…

Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17), Shawna Howson, Jack Howard, Dean Dobbs, and Sawyer Hartman 🙌 🙌🙌

YouNowers meet IRL!

It’s the hilarious Gabbie Show!

iJustine and Shay Carl know that great minds think alike (and wear camo)

The crowd goes wild for iJustine, PrankvsPrank, ShayCarl, and Charles Trippy!

Hey, is that the new cast of Smosh? Why, yes it is!

Aidan Alexander knows what’s up

OMG it’s  Jordan Maron, Stacy Hinojosa (Stacyplays), Markiplier, LDShadowLady, and Ryan Musselman

ask-tootie-frootie asked:




So let’s see, We have thinner lines than mlp proper. but I wouldn’t call these thin lines either. They’re substantial enough to be noticed. Lines are entirely a single color, not quite black but like a dark blue. Lines taper, lines inside main shapes are smaller than those defining the shape. For example, Her mane is defined by a thicker outline, then there are smaller lines to indicate details.

Head is slightly more human than regular mlp faces, with smaller eyes. No pupils, eyes are instead represented by a main eye color. Ears are more detailed than mlp ears. No shading, image remains mostly 2D. Looks like, to create the striping on her mane, either the select tool, clipping, or masking was used, for sake of convenience, as stripes don’t necessarily follow the implied lines of the hair.

Booty is inimitably bodacious.


Happy Birthday, Jenny Holzer!

Today we’re highlighting our projects with the inimitable artist.

1984, Sign on a Truck

Holzer’s Sign on a Truck provided New Yorkers with an opportunity to have their pre-election messages not only heard but seen—electronically enhanced through the aid of 27,000 electron tubes.

Sign on a Truck was a traveling road show and New Age soapbox. It was a combination of live camera interviews and pre-programmed five-second to five-minute visual, graphic, and audio statements by artists such as Ida Appelbroog, Leon Golub, Keith Haring, and Claes Oldenburg as well as other Holzer collaborators. Read more. 

COVER UPDATE! Yana Toboso Artworks Black Butler 1 is out in October 2015!

In this first-ever full colour illustration collection by manga artist Yana Toboso, the New York Times bestselling series Black Butler comes to vivid life. Starting at the beginning of the tale of Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his inimitable butler, Sebastian, the collection focuses on the series through the immensely popular Circus Arc. In addition to these glorious colour cuts are illustrations from Toboso’s debut work, RustBlaster, as well as promotional art from Black Butler and the artist’s own tribute illustrations for other popular manga series. As anyone picking up this gorgeous, beribboned hardcover tome will realise, black is a colour of many facets, indeed!


Dickens Bashing: Dickens vs. Lewes KO Round!

Using my haphazard photoshop impulses, I knocked out (ho-ho!) this graphic for Emily Bowles (@EmilyBowles_), who wrote this fantastic recent blog post about ‘Dickens bashing’ in criticism from George Henry Lewes (here captured as Dickens’s sparring partner) through the present day! As Bowles writes,

Perhaps the first, and best-known, exercise in Dickens bashing is George Henry Lewes’s “Dickens in Relation to Criticism” (1872). Lewes focuses on Dickens’s imagination, using the incidents from Dickens’s life known at that time to argue that his imagination is defective, effeminate, and rooted in too much feeling: “Dickens sees and feels, but the logic of feeling seems the only logic he can manage”[8]. Although Lewes’s article is focused on his novels, it shows that the need to locate Dickens’s genius in his life, and to find a way to reconcile the man and the author, is nothing new – and wasn’t new, even in the twentieth century.  [full article]

Images: • Charles Dickens portrait (engraving, 1873) [via Getty Images]
• George Henry Lewes portrait (1875?) [via Wiki - please let me know if you find a better source!]
• backdrop: “prelude to combat” (Benassis and Darjou), published in L'Illustration, Journal Universel, Paris, 1860 (vol. 35: p.357) [via Ohio State University]

[Full-size, surprisingly high-res version of my cartoon on flickr.]

Enjoy your reading and… try not to beat anyone up? Particularly the inimitable dead.


Joel sat down with fellow Aussie Josh Zepps in New York on Monday for a nice long (20 mins.) chat about “The Gift” for HuffPostLive.  

Click on the link below to watch Joel discuss among other things, how he thinks high schools are like African watering holes; his reliance on Nash, the inimitable Ben Mendelsohn, ‘that time’ he planned to drop trou in an interview with Christian Bale; and his favourite characters he has played. Be sure to watch until the very end to see Joel pull the old “walking-down-stairs-behind-a-couch” routine.  :-)


The Fredbot Fredbots were designed by one of the earliest contributors to Channel Frederator in 2005, the inimitable Ben Ross. He came over as an intern (and then full time colleague) the next year and started sketching variations on our original robot that was designed by the equally incomparable Arlen Schumer. When chief New York Frederator Carrie Miller suggested Ben’s stuff would be perfect for our newest channel, we knew we’d hit the jackpot. 

From the postcards’ backs:

You are one of 300 people
to receive this limited edition
Frederator postcard!

Channel Frederator presents
A new channel with
Cartoons for Kids

Fredbots illustrated by Ben Ross

Series 28.6 and Series 28.9 [mailed out July 26, 2015]

Watch Channel Frederator Episode 2 in Cartoon  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Aman Resort, Dominican Republic
The Aman Golf Resort, designed by a famous architect and comprise an exclusive 30-room hotel, a limited number of residential Aman villas, as well as the finest dining, library, beach club, fitness and spa facilities.
Aman hotel guests and villa owners will experience the inimitable service and attention to detail of Aman Resorts, in a location that showcases tropical Caribbean nature at its best

هتل آمان، جمهورى دومينيك
اين هتل زيبا كه به دست يك معمار معروف ساخته شده شامل ٣٠ اتاق، تعدادى ويلاى خصوصى، كتابخانه، ساحل خصوصى، استخر ، باشگاه گلف و ورزشگاه ميباشه. مهمانها در اين هتل سرويسى بى نظير را در طبيعت زيباى كارائيب تجربه مى كنند #travel #travelgram #love #followme #picoftheday #summer #sun #dominicanrepublic #luxury #سفر #مسافرت #گردشگری #كارائيب #ايران #تهران #تبريز #اصفهان #شيراز #تابستان #عشق #آفتاب #بزن #بريم by safartarin
Patpong: Part 5
A Hannigram AU in the spirit of "Leon: The Professional"
By Organization for Transformative Works

“What do you do with the parts you remove?” Will ventures, taking a piece of carrot Hannibal offers him to crunch between his teeth.

It is precisely the question Hannibal knew was coming. Precisely the one he has avoided, for long enough now. Precisely the wrong moment for it to be asked, as he begins to piece apart a cut of chicken to add to the curry, hands and knife sliding smooth in tandem, as though one in the same. His eyes lift, and hold, for a moment.

“I eat them.”

Beta’d by the inimitable noodletheelephant. <3

On Paper Towns, John Green, and the Misdirection of Teen Women

Against my better judgement, I saw Paper Towns tonight. I’ve always been a little grossed out by John Green. I had a vague idea that it was because of his fascination with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl (MPDG) trope, but I’ve only read and watched the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars, which doesn’t really feature a MPDG. (I mean, Augustus Waters is kind of one. Manic Pixie Dream Boy.)

As I sat through Paper Towns (which I would give 2/5 stars, simply because I only give 1/5 stars to movies I walk out of), I became angrier and angrier at the inimitable figure that is John Green. 

Look, the truth is that I really can’t speak to John Green and whether or not he actually fetishizes MPDGs. He has been accused of (and responded to) this countless times. I didn’t read Paper Towns. That’s key. I’m not talking about the book that is Paper Towns

I’m talking about the fucking barf-worthy movie.

Here are my problems:

  • Why does Lacey end up with that twit Ben? That literally makes no sense because Ben is literally never attractive in any way throughout the movie. The moment where he “saves” the gang on the road is played up, but honestly. I mean, really? You know who else is guilty of putting ugly guys with incredibly “hot” girls? Adam fucking Sandler. These fuckers basically just made a Happy Madison film for teen girls.
  • Speaking of Lacey, what the fuck. What is this thing where thin, beautiful, wealthy white women are all, “Poor me, everybody just thinks I’m a pretty face, but I’m not, I’m smart, I’m going to Dartmouth!” Seriously? Why do we need to hear that? That might be low on my part, but I’m speaking as a fat, middle class white woman. Forgive me if I don’t understand why this needs to be a recurring trope in movies. People are people, but why the fuck can’t we see a Black woman in this position? A fat woman? Diversity is a friend of reality.
  • The scene where Quentin finally finds Margot and she talks to him about why she left, Margot says something about her identity being a fantasy that she made up. This is the part that’s supposed to shatter the MPDG myth, right? Well, it doesn’t. Margot still isn’t human after this scene, which I think is what Green was going for in the book. He wanted to humanize Margot. The movie doesn’t succeed. She still seems cool and mysterious as Q gets on the bus to return to Orlando. 
  • I think the only way the movie could’ve redeemed itself (for me) is if, during that scene in the diner, Q just got in Margot’s face, called her out on her shit, and left. 

The best part of the whole damn movie (other than the Ansel Elgort cameo [and I’m not even an Ansel fangirl]) was Margot’s mom. She’s all like, “Margot’s not missing, she’s gone. She got bored, so she left. She’ll come back when she runs out of money or people stop talking about her.” Margot’s mom, in short, is the only character who gets Margot. Margot’s mom is my hero. Q says that Margot’s mom “isn’t exactly a candidate for parent of the year,” but I’d fucking vote for her. (Although, honestly, they probably should have put Margot in counseling or something.)

Margot is the epitome of the self-centered, beautiful, wealthy white teenager. 

Perhaps most of this is the movie’s fault. The book perhaps made a better point of “disproving” the MPDG myth. But I’m just a little peeved at John Green for even feeling the need to create a character that has the potential to be such an attractive, terrible character. I don’t think this is helping anyone. It’s furthering this weird myth that gross, sad men (e.g. Ben especially) deserve only the “hottest” women (e.g. Lacey/Margot).

I just needed to rant for a bit. Looking for Alaska is on my audiobook queue, so I haven’t completely given up on John Green. (Okay, maybe I kind of have and only bought it because it was $5 and at least he’s an entertaining writer.) (I definitely won’t be reading Paper Towns though, so I’ll never be able to speak definitively to it.


Scream-induced seismic shock waves ripple through the stadium like tsunamis as Taylor Swift struts onstage to sing: “Welcome to New York”. Many would assume that the courtesy of cheering uncontrollably is reserved for the opening and closing songs of a concert, but not here. Here, in a venue housing 60,000 of Taylor’s closest friends, anyone following those guidelines would be mistaken. Encouraged by the firefly-jar-like crowd, she seamlessly transitions through her setlist, throwing in dashes of sisterly advice and adorably dorky laughs whenever necessary. Evidently: the two are always necessary. As the show goes on, another thing is made clear: there is an inimitable sense of family in the audience. Further, the familial sense is magnified during Taylor’s acoustic set, during which thousands of teary-eyed people—men, women, boys, and girls of all ages—whisper her lyrics in unison as if they are half of a magical fireside duet. 

Thank you taylorswift and Gillette Stadium, for one of the greatest collections of starlit moments we have ever experienced.