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this started off as a joke, but the more i worked on it, the more emotional i got. anyways, i’ve been meaning to do something this this quote from evangelion (all jokes aside, this is one of my favourite quotes from it) and the kids for a while now, but it was only when i finished the future past dlcs that i had the inspiration to do something like this. i like to think that they all find morgan passed out in a field, and then everyone is alive and happy.

in other news, i’ve opened up commissions again. please check them out if you’re interested!

inistop  asked:

hey you know how i make such a big deal out of my being your first time? i. ive finally decided to tell you that you werent my first time for plain sex but you were my first in a lot of other categories i think youd appreciate me not going into specifics for, but. mm. first loving relationship is one. first person that makes my knees shake when he holds my hand. first person who took the time to get to know me. first person ive wanted to spend forever with. s-sorry im feeling sappy right now bye

Whoo!! I’ve worked on this on and off for days and it’s finally finished. This is a pic of everyone in my system- because I’ve joked about it being kind of like a disorganized summer camp running in the background of my head before. 

From top to bottom, left to right, that’s Takumi, Inigo, Henry, Vio, Ingway, Robin, and Oswald! 

(obvs i don’t mind anyone tagging this as kin, lmao.)