inigo is such a precious baby


“T-This is for me? Thanks… Wait, don’t get any wrong idea though!! It’s not like I appreciate your kindness or anything.
…I, I’m not saying that I don’t either. Alright!?”

Happy Birthday, Cordelia’s baby girl!!!

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Out of all Awakening children generation, Severa is the one who grew on me the most.
Sure, there were child gen I fell in love with almost at first sight (Cynthia, Inigo, etc), and I still love them very much.
But although I didn’t like Severa at first, as I interacted with Luna in FE If, she really grew on me. I couldn’t help but think how brave and precious the three are for coming to the other world and fighting for a noble cause, out of pure kindness. Also she’s freakin cute in the JP version.
And strangely, even when I wasn’t too fond of her, she was the one who made my heart ache as I occassionally pictured her crying for her lost parents, along with Cynthia. (Well, along with all Awakening children gen.)

So, Happy Birthday Severa/Luna. I hope you will have a bright happy future with all your beloved comrades. :)

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