Inigo x Owain S Support!!

Ah, here we finally are. The favorite sons. The bro-friends. A bit out of order, since their S Support was available in Fates long before in Awakening, but no matter. Hereโ€™s suuuuper cute S Support for Inigo and Owain, written by @argonavistactics with small edits made by me! Also, the bit about the sword was an idea @kazeanon came up with. This ship tends to be ever-popular so I hope people enjoy!

This convo will be available in a future update of my gay Awakening hack.You can watch a video directly below or read the full thing under the โ€œKeep Reading!โ€

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Xanlas Siegbert Sprite Edit

Alright so here’s my Inigo!Siegbert sprite edit! I’ve had this one hanging back for a while but I was waiting for xanlow week to come around before uploading it and now xanlow week IS HERE so I can upload my contributions now!

My upcoming contributions are all for the family prompt btw. Family prompts are my fucking jam nnnhhhgggf.

Here’s my Tallbert, who one of my friends said looks like a “Persian prince” hahahah.

Xander and his very pink baby.

Side note: Forrest’s face looks so soft and round, it’s pretty cute.

SO with Siegbert, I asked for a bunch of followers what they’d like to see on him and a lot of them wanted him with long hair and different bangs so I complied and the thing is he now has exactly the same hair as grandma Olivia. The only difference is that I gave him a braid but otherwise it’s the same bangs and same slight wavy hair, I made sure of it.

Cus this is Inigo’s son and my Inigo is tan with freckles, I made this boy tan with freckles as well. I also have another Inigo sprite edit that I’ll probably upload either tomorrow or the day after too, btw.

Check out this comparison pic between vanilla!Siegbert and my own Siegbert:

I think I accidentally made mine slightly taller but it doesn’t affect anything negatively so I think that’s cool. o3o

SO! Here is the download link if you want to use this sprite edit in your game. You need to download both the .arc file and the .bch file to get the sprite working in your game.

Here’s some more ingame screenshots:


Aaaaaaand here’s a tiny sneak peak at tomorrow’s xanlow contribution!

Fire Emblem: Awakening Request

Requester: Flustered Anon

Prompt: Can you do a reaction to Inigo’s s/o getting flustered when he hits on them?

Poor Inigo. He’s used to one reaction from women when he flirts with them, and it’s outrage. It’s really the only reaction he knows how to deal with. So if you get flustered, so will he. The second he sees the blush on your cheeks he expects a scolding (he presumes you’re red from anger) but when you begin to stammer, at a loss for words, he realizes that you aren’t mad - you’re embarrassed; flustered and shy. Your blush and stammering makes him blush, and now you’re both too flustered to say anything! Inigo is quick to apologize because his brain his failing him and he can’t think of anything else to do, and if you don’t manage to say anything he’ll end up scurrying off to hide in an embarrassed heap under his bedroll.