So i just found out my blog celebrated its 4th birthday a couple of days ago, so I decided to actually celebrate it through more than just a text post that said “oh it was my blogs bday blhbdhsh” (And ive never done a follow forever soo)

So obviously, I’ve been on this platform for a very long time. And this blog has SEEN some shit. It started in 2013, when i was young and… a menace–ok. FOB ref. cool. No really, I was p young and foolish (and naiiiiiveeeee) but I still managed to build friendships with people. How fucking mindblowing???

So yeah, 4 years can change your fandom, URL, and even the name you use, but I’m still p much the loud complaining crybaby i once was (i just cry about other things now) and I’m happy a lot of things improved, like my english haha. So if you don’t mind I’ll talk about how far my blog has come. You can scroll down and ignore this part if u want, im still gonna talk about it bc its my blog boo :* hahahaha

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I have absolutely no desire to fit in

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(lmao finally..) thank u guys so much and i’m rly glad to be in mutuals with all of u!!! this is in alphabetical order and pls don’t feel bad if ur not on here cause i wanted keep it short

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ty so much this is in alphabetical order. don’t feel bad if ur not on here since i wanted to keep it short

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hey!! this is my 1st ff and i had no idea what to put on the picture and when i asked for suggestions 100% of you said memes… 

some of you are old friends and have been with me since i had my other blog and some of you are new but im really glad i met you all! since i remade i met so many good friends and really nice people and im happy to see each one of you in my dash! thank you all for being great!

i’m sorry if i forgot someone/you’re not here. some of you change your url way too often so it’s hard for me to remember. faves/friends are bolded  

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Heyyo! Well, it was supposed to be ‘Merry Christmas’ or 'Happy New Year’ but I’m awfully late, so it’ll be 'Heyyo’, I guess. Anyway, this is my second follow forever!! I was a monochrome blog back when I made my first follow forever.

I’ve been MIA for about 6-7 months, so I’d like to thank my followers that stuck around while I was gone!! I came back to about 2041 followers, so thank you very much! I’m back for good now though!!

Sorry if I spelled your url wrong, and if u changed ur url, I’m really sorry!! I did this 2-3 days ago, so yeah. For those with urls that have been bolded and italicized, hover over your url for a short message!!

I don’t know what else to write here, so I’ll end it here. Thank you for everything!!

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i thought christmas was a good enough time to post this soo!! here!!

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10 Reasons To Date A Josenian

One thing hasn’t changed since high school: The dating scene. Sure, you’ll find plenty of students who are involved in serious relationships (for now).

Trying to find the The One can be as complicated as it can be since you have to consider a lot of factors and when I say “a lot”, I mean “A LOT”. Other than the good looks, nice wardrobe and great personality that your “potential significant” must possess, you also have your own long list of “turn on’s” and “turn off’s” before going on a date. So, let me make it simpler for you.

As a whole, Josenians are easily the best catches among students. Why? Here are 10 reasons – some serious, some humorous – why someone should make a Jaguar a better choice for a date:

1. Josenians are Religious -  as we say it in school, “in San Jose, we always Pray”. Kung ang uban mo ampo lang kung mag exam, lahi mi’s San Jose. Aside from our institutional prayer every 7am, 12nn, 3pm and 6pm of every day, we always pray every start of our class. We start everything with a prayer to ask for guidance and to say our thanks to Him. I think the prayer is an answered prayer in itslef sa katong sigeg ka late kay dili man dayon mag sugod ang klase and dili pa ka check sa attendance ang teacher. Kung naay saved by the bell, sila kay saved by the prayer. So, whenever you date a Josenian, start it with a prayer. 

2. Josenians Will Surely Have an Extra Time for You - Aside from around 25 National and Local proclaimed holidays, we also have our own set of school holidays. The number of school buildings in USJR Main and Basak Campuses are the number of school holidays that we have.

Basta naay Pista ang Santo, walay klase sa Sanjo. So, it’s the perfect time to go on a church date.

*Tip: August ang naay pinaka daghan og holidays. :)

3. Josenians Can Take Long Walks -  sa kalayo sa among lakawon from Basak front gate to Coli/Gym para mag klase sa P.E., sigurado nga anad na mig nilakaway (see our bagtak for more details), busa pwede ra kaayo ta mag HHWW(Holding Hands While Walking) from Ayala to I.T., or from Colon to Fuente, wala pa’y kas pliti.

4. Josenians are patient - among pasensya mas taas pa’s linya inig enrolment. Kaya namong pugngan among kasapot og andam mi mo sakripisyo, ing-ana mi ka determinado. Bahalag magsugod og linya inig buntag nya magabhi-an, poise gihapon kaayo. Pero ayaw lang pod tawn mi’g abusari pag-ayo.

So kung mag date ta’s J.Co, okay kaayo, mo linya ra ko. :)

 5. Ang Josenian Dili Kamao Mo Pa-asa -  kabalo mi sa feeling nga gipa-asa; kana bitawng pwerte nimong linya’s enrolment og excited kaayo kas imong giplot nga schedule sa imong subjects, nya inig abot nimo’s EDP kay closed na d-i ang subject. lupig pa ang gibuwagan’s uyab </3 dili lalim and feeling.

busa, we wont make you pa-asa, ‘coz we don’t want you to feel the same way too.

6. Josenians are Goal-oriented, and Future-Focused - Sa among sigeg memorize ug sa sigeg exam sa USJR Vision, Mission, Goal and Core Values, taga sugod nalang gyud sa klase, nakat-on na lang mi og tarong ug han-ay sa among mga panglantaw sa kinabuhi. Busa kung makig date ka namo, siguradoang imong Mission kay ang pag-ilhanay natong duha aron magkasinabot ta, kay imong gi-Vision nga magkadayon og magdugay ta, para sa Goal natong makasal og makapamilya’g atoa.

7. Josenians are Loyal - dili na mi hapit maghubo og school I.D., dili man pod siguro tungod sa students’ discount, tungod lang kay proud. Ang university tshirt, organization shirt (ReEd, CWTS), kay dili lang pang eskwela, pwede bisan asa, sa mall, sa simbahan, name it, we wear it.  Mag school uniform man gani ang uban bisan wash day. Ing-ana mi ka loyal, grabe. 

8. Josenians are Good Listeners - DALI kaayo mi makabantay kung mo ring na ang bell kay humana ang klase, maka-hearing kung kanus-a ang walay klase, kung naay guard magpadulong aron mag confiscate og I.D., asa ang naay party2. So kung naa kay eshare namo, willing kaayo mi maminaw. 

9. Josenians kay Dili Arti - you won’t hear an “Eeeewww” from us. Lain kaayo kung mag inarte pa mi, Carbon na man na’ng tapad namo. So mabuhi ra mi’g street food ang kaonon sa date, pwede rapod sa larsian sa may Cybergate. 

10. Josenians kay Limpyada/Limpyado - because of WOW (Win on Waste)  campaign we become more responsible stewards of the environment. We practice CAYGo (Clean As You Go) sa canteen. And tungod sa mirror nga door sa SSC, we are more conscious of ourselves and how we look kay makapanamin gyud ka inig lakaw nimo’s lobby. 

And the list goes on and on and on…

As our mantra goes, Only the Best is Good Enough for San Jose,

In deed, the best dates are in San Jose, simply because we INSPIRE. #Adelante

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