Just my thoughts on hate of TG:RE 125:

Because Ishida, Touka, Kaneki, and Touken are going to and have been getting a lot of undue hate…

  • If you read this chapter and saw a pairing that was “not developed”
  • If you read this chapter and saw a pairing that was “toxic”
  • If you read this chapter and saw a pairing that was “abusive”
  • If you read this chapter and saw a chapter that was “unnecessary”
  • If you read this chapter and saw a chapter that was all about “lust” or “fucking”
  • If you read this chapter and had and disliked it because of the adult themes, as if there hadn’t been death, dismemberment, raping dead bodies, things that had been so much more gruesome
  • If you read this chapter and saw a scenario in which Touka forced herself on Kaneki
  • If you read this chapter and saw a scenario that Kaneki did not want to be in
  • If you read this chapter and did not see Kaneki initiating certain parts
  • If you read this chapter and did not see how much Touka loved Kaneki
  • If you read this chapter and did not see how much Kaneki loved Touka
  • If you read this chapter and did not see purity and love they found in each other

If you read this chapter and any of the above applied because you “love Kaneki and wanted better for him”, then you were never a fan of Kaneki to begin with. If you had a problem with Touka and Kaneki finding love with and in each other, and Ishida expressing that in one of the most emotionally charged scenes to exist like that (certainly that I’ve ever seen), and blame Ishida for that, then that’s on you.

I read the chapter and I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to describe what took place. It was, to me, an actual literary masterpiece. The amount of raw emotion and feeling Ishida conveyed was unreal.

If you had a problem with the chapter, that’s your fault. Don’t blame Ishida, don’t blame Touka, don’t blame Kaneki, and don’t blame the TouKen fanbase for it. And certainly don’t slander Ishida for it.

Hate TouKen all you want, but stop pretending as if it hasn’t been a thing for the longest time now. We just witnessed such a long, winding road of two people that had faced so much tragedy come full circle in one of the most beautiful ways possible. TG:RE 125 is an absolute classic, as is the relationship between Touka and Kaneki. 

All the hate regarding Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki, Touka, and Touken is honestly sad.

The Grand Tournament of the Fury 2017

Once more we call upon the champions of Eorzea! Take arms and raise your city-state’s banner high – it’s time for the Grand Tournament of the Fury!

To be held for two weeks during the Third Astral Moon, beginning at the 7th bell at Camp Dragonhead:

Tournament of the Mark (Ranged) – 19th Sun (Friday, May 19th,  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Blade (Melee) – 21st Sun (Sunday, May 21st,  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Wand (Magic) – 26th Sun (Friday, May 26th  7 pm EST)

Tournament of the Lance (Joust) – 28th Sun (Sunday, May 28th  7 pm EST)

A celebratory ball in honor of the four champions shall follow in the Pillars, beginning the 7th bell on the 2nd sun of the Third Umbral Moon. (Friday, June 2nd at 7pm EST).

Entry is open to all citizens of the Eorzean Alliance, Doma, and Ala Mhigo. Come compete for your city-state to see who is truly worthy of the Fury’s favor! Vendors, bookmakers, and live performers shall be in attendance. Proceeds from the tournament will go towards charitable efforts for all city states involved.

Please send all notes of registry, interest, and inquiry to Lady Eliane Dufresne or to Lady Gwenneth Gilrouis, in the service of House Durendaire.


It’s back, folks, and better than ever! Come help us say farewell to beautiful Ishgard right before Stormblood hits! The Dufresne Bellworks will be hosting a good old-fashioned medieval-style tournament once again. There will be four events and four champions, with herald announcers to keep you hyped!:

Ranged Tournament/Champion of the Mark

Melee Tournament/Champion of the Blade

Magic Tournament/Champion of the Wand

Chocobo Jousting/Champion of the Lance

This year, the Tournament will be split over 4 days across the span of two weeks, in order to ensure everyone can attend all four events. There will be no grand champion competition this year; instead, we want to celebrate the four individual champions during the ball! As always, winning a championship also means winning fabulous prizes!

Grand Tournament 2017 Prize List:
Now available!

This year, we’ll have a Professional Bookmaker with whom you can place (RPed, no actual gil, please) bets. Whoever wagers successfully on the outcome of the tournament can also win a fun prize!

Additionally, we’re looking to have a fairgrounds area where spectators can buy food and merchandise and listen to live performances between the bouts. If you are a part of a bard, merchant, or culinary FC and would like to set up a stall, let’s talk! Please send a PM on tumblr or the RPC, or an in-game /tell to Eliane Dufresne, Gwenneth Gilrouis, Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn, or Martiallais Heuloix.

For full information on the tournament, as well as tournament rules, please click here. Event attendance and participation is open to everybody who isn’t an Imperial! (Though we encourage our Imperial friends to sneak in anyway. ;) )

Contact us via PM on Tumblr or the RPC, or send an in-game /tell to either Eliane Dufresne or Gwenneth Gilrouis, and let us know the following:

-Your character name

-What City-State your character will be representing

-What events your character will be competing in

If for whatever reason you are unable to make the tournament after all, please let us know ASAP so we can update the brackets accordingly.

Additionally, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP DONATE TO THE PRIZE POOL, either for the tournament or the ball, please contact Eliane Dufresne or Gwenneth Gilrouis to transfer your items BY WEDNESDAY, MAY 17th. For the sake of keeping the event running smoothly, we will not accept any item or gil donations after this date. Donors will be credited.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Eliane Dufresne (@tea-and-conspiracy), Gwenneth Gilrouis (@rose-in-the-stone), Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn (@endangered-liaison), or Martiallais Heuloix (@mythrilreflections) for more details. We hope you’re all as excited as we are. See you there, Balmung!

8tracks is dying

Ok, so a lot of people have figured out by now that is putting a 2 hour/week limit on listening time (only if you have 100 likes across all of your playlists) and that seems to be the best alternative.

 I, as well as most people on this website, spend multiple hours per day listening to playlists. 

The only downside to playmoss that I can see, is that there are fewer playlists in general and close to no fandom playlists. 


If anyone is interested in establishing a playlist community over there, I suggest that we all start to transfer our playlists to playmoss. 

If you reblog, please leave your playmoss name in the tags so we can find each other! ♥♥♥

why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco

i haven’t written one of these posts in forever but let’s gooooo!! here are some reasons why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco (which releases today, march 7!)

  • look,,, this is easily one of my favorite reads of the year okay we’re only 3 months in but i’m calling it
  • so in this world, people literally wear their hearts on display!! they’re called heartsglass and they turn different colors depending on what mood you’re in
  • if they’re silver, it means that you can draw runes, which is code for “do magic/summon elements” tbh
  • the runes are fire, water, earth, forest, metal, wind, and dark
  • the women who can draw these runes train to become asha
  • asha are kind of like geishas, because they are trained to entertain people with dancing, singing, playing music, etc.
  • but also!! they can fight, and they can be bodyguards
  • sooo basically, asha are both highly “feminine” but also kickass
  • anyway the protagonist, tea, discovers she’s a dark asha (or bone witch, but that’s considered derogatory) when she raises her brother, fox, from the dead!!
  • luckily there’s another dark asha in the area, lady mykaela, who takes tea (and by extension, fox) under her wing
  • (also dark asha raise these things called daeva, which are basically demons, and they kill them so that they can take the bezoars from them)
  • she takes them to the willows so that tea can train to be an asha
  • on the way there, they meet the crown prince of one of the countries, prince kance, who tea develops a crush on
  • later, she meets his cousin, kalen, who is a deathseeker
  • deathseekers are the males whose heartsglass are silver; they’re forced to serve in the army and aren’t allowed to train to be asha (more on this later)
  • lowkey,,,,,there’s an implied love triangle,,,,but,,,i love both guys so
  • anyway we get to see a lot of tea’s training which is so cool and well thought out!!
  • also tea befriends a boy named likh, who has a silver heartsglass but doesn’t want to be a deathseeker
  • however, he can’t become an asha bc men can’t be feminine blah blah blah
  • they work together so that he can get the chance to train
  • sooo the whole book is a flashback, and between every chapter (the italicized parts) is the present, but told from the pov of someone who meets tea now, after she’s done something to get her exiled (like 2-3 years later)
  • it’s really interesting to see tea’s beginning and her future
  • but it’s agonizing not knowing what happens in between!!!
  • anyway time for quotes!!:
  • “if women are encouraged to fight and draw runes and strive to be a man’s equal in those regard, then why can’t a man be encouraged to sing and dance and entertain as we do?”
  • “perhaps we should carve a world one day where the strength lies in who you are rather than in what they expect you to be.”
  • or when fox discovered tea’s crush on prince kance: “how did the first date go? has he asked for your hand in marriage yet, or should we have stayed longer?”

that got way too long i’m sorry i’m just so passionate about this book okay read it!! exquisite worldbuilding!! moreover, diversity in fantasy (bc yeah, even in other worlds, not everyone is white!!) amazing characters!! antiheroine main character!! great sibling relationships!! questioning of the boundaries of femininity and masculinity!! magic-wielding, geisha-like asha!! also, 5 confirmed lgbtq+ characters within this book and the sequel!! read the bone witch by rin chupeco!!

Being married to Fili would involve...

Originally posted by lehnshark

Standing up for him when Thorin is being harsh on him

Being best friends with Kili

Supporting Fili through the process of becoming a worthy king of Erebor

Fighting by his side in the Battle of the Five Armies

Losing sight of each other in the battle

Meeting up after the battle in the great hall of Erebor, and running towards each other crying because you’d both started to fear the worst

Always being able to make him laugh and stop working when he’s tired and won’t admit it

Basically being married to your best friend

Because he’s not as extroverted as your brother from another mother Kili, you have to drag him up to dance with you at feasts and celebrations

Once you get him onto the dance floor however, the two of you don’t sit down again for hours

He sings a lot without realising it, and whenever you hear him you sneak up behind him and join in

If you have a nightmare or you’re stressed or can’t sleep, he holds you in his arms and sings quietly in dwarvish until you drift off

You kept all the letters and poems he wrote you when you two were courting, and you still tease him about how besotted he was is

“You were so overly romantic.” “It worked though, didn’t it?” “Oh shut up.”

He loves braiding and brushing your hair for you, and whenever he’s stressed or upset you sit silently in front of him with your hair loose for him to play with

He asks for and listens to your advice and opinions on every matter he handles as King, because he knows you’re one of the few people who knows what it means to rule

A/N: I haven’t written for this babe in months! If you want to request something or give feedback, my ask is here! Have a wonderful day, drink plenty of water, you’re awesome :)

yvngempress  asked:

Can I still cosplay if I'm a bit chubby? I am a bit self- concious..

Of course you can!

There are lots of ways to help you feel more comfortable in cosplay:

  • Cosplay with a group of friends
  • Join a group photoshoot at your local con. If they have a facebook page or discussion for people who are participating, get involved.
  • Share your progress with people who will encourage you
  • Choose a costume that you want to wear and would feel confident in
  • If you don’t like showing your tummy/arms/legs/etc choose a character that has that area covered or alter the costume’s design so that you are comfortable
  • Wear shapewear or control top tights to help smooth out your midsection and give support in some areas. 
  • Put a lot of effort into your costume so you can show it off with pride!
  • Practice your makeup and posing before the con, so you can look your best

Hope you find your confidence :) 

Duckie / Admin

random sin bin sins

put money in the sin bin…

  • when autocorrect changes hockey to hickey but that person already sent it so it’s too late to edit it now
    • furthermore, when you show ur actual hickeys. the more hickeys u fail to cover up, the more money u put in
  • if u get drunk before 3pm
  • if you refuse to give lardo something that’s on a high reaching shelf
  • if you refuse to carry lardo on your shoulders
  • when you eat bitty’s baked goods before they’re properly cooled
  • when you get caught making snapchats where you zoom into someone’s butt for the entire 10 seconds
  • when you stan 5sos instead of just accepting that one direction is simply the best (ransom wrote this)
  • when you deny that FOUR WAS THE BEST 1D ALBUM OF ALL TIME AND TOTALLY GOT SNUBBED!!! (ransom also wrote this)
  • when you don’t understand the musical GENIUS of she looks so perfect (holster wrote this)
    • the previous three bullet points are officially nulled by lardo
  • when you don’t participate in the attic vs roach debate
  • when you don’t try to convince the Stray Cat That Strolls Up and Down Frat Row Everyday to officially stay with the hockey team instead of the lax bros or the lamda frat guys down the way
  • for copy and pasting the entire bee movie script onto the group chat


  1. Always comment your code
    Commenting your code is a great way for you to not only help solidify what you’re writing in your head, but it makes your code so much clearer for you and anyone else who may be reading your code. Of course you don’t always have to document every line, but documenting lines that you find difficult to remember is a good practice to keep.

  2. Document your methods/functions
    Documenting your methods is a great way to keep track of what methods do what - create a doc-box above them and list the name of the method, what arguments it takes, what it returns, and the purpose it serves to the program. This can also serve as a quick reference so you don’t have to dig through your paper and find out what it’s supposed to do.

  3. Develop your own style of coding
    When you first start coding, you may end up with code everywhere - Brackets in weird places, inconsistent spaces between parentheses, etc… Over time, you should start developing your own style of coding that is yours. Decide how you like to type your brackets, how you like your parentheses to look, your general variable naming style, etc… It makes your code so much easier to look at and read.

  4. Know the official website for the language you’re working in
    If the code you are writing has an official website, use it! Languages like C++, Android, Java, and a ton of others have a website that has an extensive dictionary of libraries available to you and how to use them. Some of them even have example programs that you can use to help you. I keep all of mine in a bookmark folder.

  5. Experiment on your own
    If you look below, you’ll notice my tip #4 for assignments - Don’t over-complicate your code. This is best saved for your own experimenting, so do it! In your down time, learn new techniques and new ways to optimize your code to the best it can be. Doing this in your own time is the best way to do it, as you don’t jeopardize any of your points if your code ends up not being able to work or if the teacher is extremely to-the-book on their assignments.

  6. Debug as you go
    Debugging all at once sucks. You may get so far just to find out that your code is broken at the way beginning and that nothing else works. Instead, I suggest that you debug as you go to avoid the hours of debugging and possible re-writing at the end.


  1. Take your time time reading the prompt
    Nothing sucks more than finishing up the assignment after a week of coding than finding out that you completely skipped a crucial part of the program. If you need to, print out the prompt and highlight the crucial parts and make a note of anything else that you might forget.

  2. Put document boxes at the top of your code
    These are more of a preference, but I prefer to put document boxes at the top of each of my files. I normally put my school id, name, assignment #, file name, and purpose of the file at the top of every file.  This helps me remember what file is supposed to do what and keeps my code clean and keeps my programming time shorter.

  3. Make a list of your variables
    Programming is one of those things that will frustrate the heck out of you at times. You will spend days trying to debug one thing, just to go in to the TA to find out that you missed a semi-colon or you misspelled a variable. My recommendation: Make a list of variables that are used globally as well as which ones are used privately in their respective files. You can either do this in a doc-box or you can use old-fashioned pen and paper. I also put what the variable is used for and use the sheet for quick reference.

  4. Don’t try to over-complicate your code
    When you’re given an assignment, do only what the assignment says - don’t try to go above-and-beyond unless you’re told there’s extra credit or another incentive. This means; not using a switch when you’re specifically told to use if-else statements or anything else similar.

  5. Visit your TA or teacher if you need help
    They are there to help you - don’t just rely on stack overflow to teach you something that you don’t understand. Sure, you may be able to fix your code from that forum post, but do you actually understand it?

  6. Pair programming is great if you do your own part
    Don’t just rely on your partner to do everything while you get the grade. You won’t learn anything that way. Evenly split the work and code when you are both present. This will allow you both to learn how to do the program and prepare you both for the exam to come. Pair programming is a great way to get a more real-world experience, as many projects in the real-world are done in groups or teams. ** Pair programming may not be available for you, ask your professor first **

  7. Do your own code
    Aside from pair programming, do your own code. Do not rely on git hub to have the old assignments from years past and do not rely on your friends to write your code for you. Copying code from online is not only plagiarism which can earn you a 0 in the assignments, but some schools even have a strict policy where you can fail out of the class for plagiarizing. It also does not help you to learn the material.
binder reminder
  • you are just as beautiful and worthy without
  • at first, it’s good to try to bind only a few hours at a time to let your body get used to it
  • try not to sleep in your binder if you can help it
  • if it hurts, it’s probably too tight
  • it can be tempting to get a size too small, but please don’t!
  • binding damage isn’t just severe discomfort
  • it can permanently damage your body
  • if your binder tends to roll up try either
    sewing fabric to the bottom, to make it longer, so you can tuck it in
  • if your binder presses on your diaphragm and causes discomfort, try cutting a small slit at the bottom of front mid-section
  • ace bandages, tape, and other common forms of binding are discouraged, not for binder companies to earn money, because they can do even more damage than a tight (actual) binder
  • OR layering “sports bras” works too!
  • there are binding bathing suits! (there weren’t when I wanted one)
  • there are tons of blogs, including mine who are open to questions and rants about binding, and the pains & psychological effects it can have on some 
  • you are just as handsome and worthy without
Men figure skating analysis

I have put most deep analysis of men figure skating over the years here in this tag:

These above are deep analysis posts and they cost us A LOT of time to finish. These posts are quite hard to read. If you have any interest in some deep analysis of men figure skating in recent years, then welcome. 

And for new fans, below I have gathers most of my simple introduction posts to figure skating:

If you’re new to figure skating and you have any question feel free to ask me. I am not an expert and English is just my 2nd language but I will try my best.

anonymous asked:

Could you write reaper, sombra and hanzo comforting their angry s/o (who is someone who gets angry easily) please? Thnx, ur amazing


  • He’s not the best at controlling his own emotions
    • giving into his own rage more than a couple of times
    • But he’ll try to reign it in
    • If only to help you
  • He’ll pull you away from the source
    • Letting you rave angrily away from the thing or person angering you
    • If it’s deserved he’ll step in
    • Breaking people’s arms if it’s needed


  • She’s amused when you first get angry
    • Metaphorically and literally holding your coat
    • If need be she will step in
    • Pulling you away
  • She’ll, however, let you get revenge later
    • Pulling up any dirt she can find on them
    • Letting you do with it what you will
    • But she’ll wait until you’ve calmed down


  • He’s awkward at his own emotions
    • Not really knowing how to deal with yours
    • He’ll try his best however
  • He’ll try to calm you down
    • Being the calm rational one
  • But if they cross the line then all bets are off
    • He’ll snap into his own rage 
    • Either snapping you out of your own or encouraging you
    • It seems to be a flip of a coin
Wayward Moeyy’s “Dean Winchester Master List”

This is my master list for everything Dean Winchester!

Wayward Moeyy’s Master List

(This is my GIF. Please of not redistribute without credit. Thanks!)

A/N: Warnings are posted at the top of each fic. Please read carefully! All of my series master lists can be found on my main master list (link above). Enjoy! <3

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paraemerald  asked:

Sorry, I'm new here, but why dont you allow dubs of stand-in comics? They would be pretty cool, dont you think?

Well, actually, people are still allowed to dub Stand-in, but ask me first and follow the simple rules, please.

If you want to know why voices are not allowed to use…

A short answer: I don’t like it.

A longer answer: Everyone has an interpretation of the characters’ voices, and I’d prefer to keep some space for this. Unless you want to make a full-color animation for Stand-in. An animation is supposed to give characters voices when they speak, after all.

Honestly, when I saw some non-permission dubs of Stand-in, they made me felt like: Is this even that comic?! With the voices and the edit they made, the dubs don’t look like my comic anymore.

This comic is made for myself and now also for someone who may like it, I hope at least I can choose how to present my comic.

Gaius clearly thought little of Morgana to tell Merlin to keep his magic hidden from her. He made a huge mistake because:

  • Merlin and Morgana were really good friends
  • Morgana has always sided with magic users and thought that Uther’s way of ruling was wrong
  • Morgana has stood up for people she hasn’t even gotten to know yet, so she’d have no reason or logic to hand Merlin in
  • If Morgana has stood up for stranger magic users, imagine how supportive she’d be with someone close to her
  • I also believe Morgana had a crush on Merlin in the early seasons and before Merlin poisoned her, all in more reason she wouldn’t tell Uther or anyone for that matter because of her feelings and carefulness
  • The huge number one reason is that Merlin didn’t do what he believed to be right, he got told what to do by Gaius and Kilgharrah

Finished WIP of Matsudappoiyo/ 松田っぽいよ
I tried coloring him in a style like his creator usually does cause I realy like him colored like this?? God I wish I could draw his shirt collar correctly, I hate the sweater I put him in

If you like it, reblog it so others can see it!

Do not repost, edit, trace or use my art.


Originally posted by dophoria

Request: Vampire!Wonwoo AU???
A/N: Hello anon! This is really long so I hope it was worth the wait~ -Admin Madi

  • Ok so Vampire!Wonwoo would have insanely pale skin
  • His everyday eyes were a deep chocolate brown but when he began to feed?
  • A deep crimson
  • His lips would be a faint red that seemed bold against his porcelain skin
  • Unlike what most people think, Wonwoo wouldn’t have the patience to do his hair every morning so he would just let his bangs grow out until he was forced to cut them
  • Wonwoo would wear all black, all the time
  • It didn’t matter if it was 1000 degrees out bc it never affected him
  • His black sweaters would be baggy and he would subconsciously pull the sleeves over his hands and knead at the fabric whenever in close proximity to a stranger
  • Even though he was supposed to be the scary vampire, Wonwoo never did well in crowds
  • What did Wonwoo do to complete his full black outfits you ask?
  • Eyeliner.
  • He would put just a teensy but on his lower waterline and smudge it out for a better effect
  • This made him feel more confident  how precious
  • To draw any attention away from his dark attire, Won likes to wear his round glasses every so often
  • Vampire!Wonwoo only feeds at night when he has privacy
  • He stalks his prey when the sun is out to make sure he knows what he’s getting himself into
  • Enjoys coffee when he’s not drinking blood
  • When he gets bored of following people, he goes to his favorite cafe and orders something new every time
  • This adds some excitement into his very non-exciting life
  • Wonwoo is essentially a shadow
  • He sits in corners and hides behind people so that he can’t be seen most of the time
  • He saw you in a bookstore window one day and knew you were his next victim
  • Wonwoo followed you around all day and realized that you two had similar interests
  • He would smile when he sees you struggling to reach for a book on the top shelf or trip over your own feet
  • Won eventually sees that you’re reading the same book as him and would strike up a convo
  • This is very out of character for Wonwoo, but literature is his weakness
  • He loves the way your eyes come to life when talking about your favorite books and  characters
  • You two became friends after that
  • You would meet up at the bookstore every day and just sit and talk about everything under the sun
  • Eventually, he decides to not kill you
  • How nice of him :)
  • It takes a lot of willpower for him to not bite you

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Kpop merch discount~

Good day my lovely people. It’s been a while has it not?

Well I’m here to bring great news

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