Watch: C-SPAN uses Periscope feed to show House of Representatives sit-in

If you turned on the TV to watch the Democratic sit-in on the House floor protesting Congress’s inaction on guns, you were out of luck for several hours on Wednesday. The Republican House leadership, which controls the cameras, cut the feed to C-SPAN, which would normally broadcast from the floor.

Then C-SPAN found a way. The cameras stayed off, but Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.) started a Periscope live video stream that was picked up by C-SPAN and given center stage. Here’s how to tune in. 


ever since i could remember, everything inside of me just wanted to fit in
i was never one for pretenders, everything i tried to be just wouldn’t settle in
if i told you what i was, would you turn your back on me?
even if i seem dangerous, would you be scared?
i get the feeling just because, everything i touch isn’t dark enough
i f  t h i s  p r o b l e m  l i e s  i n  m e

(merry christmas nat!)

anonymous asked:

Why? they must have seen how we reacted to the songs, which we like, what the media thinks, RS wrote an article and put What A Felling at #1 so why are they doing this? do they want to fail? I'm hoping they are joking or Liam was hacked.

I think Infinity will do alright on the radio, singles and music videos are released not for the fans, especially not after the album release.

This is a song that will promote the album to the general public. As long as it’s played everywhere, it will do its job.