Ms. Marvel vs the Unspoken in Inhumans: Prime. Didn’t work well, but then again this guy is fucking overpowered.

That was aa fun issue and actually made me interested in Inhumans books. Because while X-Men: Prime was just same old they do after every event, this was a single story that naturally weaved elements from books to come into one story and had very entertaining Maximus. Kamala had her moments, Lunella made a cameo and of course, certain Young Avenger showed up to get fans hyped for Royals.

Inhuman of The Day

March 29th - Flint 

Jaycen (last name yet to be revealed). A latent Inhuman whose abilities were triggered by exposure to the Terrigen cloud.   Jason was born in a remote location in Mozambique and adopted by an American family who lived in Minnesota.  Although the full circumstances of Jayson’s adoption has yet to be shown, it appears as though his adopted family and many of the members of their community composed a secret sect of Inhumans decedents.  

Although Jayson loved his adopted family, he felt very much an outcast living in rural Minnesota.  He, his family, and the other members of their community tried to outrun the Terrigen Cloud but were unable to evade it when an overflowed river blocked the county road.  

The cloud came over them and everyone in the community were encased in Terrigenic cocoons.  Jayson was the only one to survive and the reasons for this still remain a bit unclear.  It may have been that the other latent Inhumans who made up the community possessed some sort of genetic condition that led to Terrigenesis being fatal, or it may have been that the community was culled by Lash prior to Jayson’s coming out of his cocoon.

Whatever the case, Jayson was the only to survive and he emerged from the cocoon with the newfound ability to mentally control rocks, stones and other types of naturally occurring aggregates of minerals (although for some reason not sand).  Initially, Jayson’s ability to control rocks was raw and unrefined, he would later learn greater mastery of his abilities.  

Lash had been tracking down new Inhumans created by the Terrigen Cloud, killing those who he deemed unworthy.  He sought out Jayson and decided the young man was indeed worthy of Terrigenesis.  Lash brought Jayson to Orollan, introducing him to the other members of his Tribe of Lor.  These Inhumans tried to convince Jason that their way of isolation and Inhuman supremacy was best, and that Medusa and the Inhumans of New Attilan were evil and sought to subjugate all other inhumans.  

Medusa had been tracking Lash, trying to put a stop to his murderous culling of the new Inhumans he had deemed unworthy.  With Eldrac’s assistance, Medusa was finally able to learn the whereabouts of Orolann and she and her forces mounted an attack on Lash and his tribe.  Jayson held his own in a battle; he was even able to use his telepathic control of rocks to fend off Gorgon.   

Medusa and Lash ultimately called a truce and a temporary peace was forged between Orolann and New Attilan.  Following the battle, Jayson spoke with his fellow NuHuman, Inferno.  Inferno relayed to Jayson that Medusa was no threat and that she was much more interested in the wellbeing of the NuHumans compared to the murderous Lash.  Jayson opted to leave Orollan and return with Inferno to New Attilan.  Shortly thereafter, Jayson decided on ‘Flint’ as his Inhuman name.  

Living in New Attilan, Flint trained with Gorgon and gradually learned to refine his powers.  Parts of his arms and the skin around his eye had calcified into a rock-like substance; with concentration, however, he was able to make this disappear and resume his more human-looking appearance.  Flint also learned to create an armor-like shell of rocks about his body, greatly enhancing his strength and durability in combat situations.  

The upper limits of Flint’s powers have yet to be revealed.  On one occasion he was able to control the decent of the entire floating city of Aerie, saving the city and preventing it from crashing into New Attilan.  

Flint has remained rather reluctant over this new life as an Inhuman and superhero.  He is often fearful over the constant perils of this new life as well as nostalgic toward his former life as a civilian.  Nevertheless, he proven his valor on numerous occasions.  Flint had a crush on his fellow NuHuman, Iso, and the two shared a kiss after a brief skirmish with an escaped prisoner.  Iso has since stated that she would like to remain simply friends.  Flint was hurt by this, but respected Iso’s feelings on the matter.  

Flint was recruited by Crystal to be a member of her ambassadorial team aboard the Royal Inhuman Vehicle (RIV).  Crystal had stated that she wanted Flint as a member of her team due to his sense of idealism and good nature.  Crystal felt that she had grown a bit jaded in her views of human/Inhuman relations and she wanted Flint as part of her team so to offer a counterbalance and a greater sense of optimism.  

Flint has had numerous adventures alongside Crystal’s team, including a mission that took the squad to the nation of Sin-Cong as well as another mission that had them investigating one of the mysterious Sky Spears that had planted itself in mainland China.  

Flint had a very harrowing experience during this mission in China.  He had been battling the Chinese hero, The Collective Man, who had fallen under the mental sway of the Sky Spear.  The Collective man is quite powerful, possessing super strength and durability.  During he fight, The Collective Man was split up into his original form of five twin brothers.  Flint did not realize that, when split into this original form, the brothers who make up The Collective Man do not possess enhanced durability.  Flint hurdled a bounder at one of the brothers and it ended up severely injuring him.  The other heroes were able to get the brother medical assistance in time to save his life, but Flint was beside himself with dread that he had almost killed someone with his powers.  

Following the mission in China, Crystal spoke with Flint and informed him that she had made progress in her efforts to discover the whereabouts of Flint’s birth family.  One of Crystal’s agents, a latent Inhuman named Ana Kravinoff, had tracked the secret sect of Inhumans to a location in Mozambique.  

Kravinoff led Flint and Gorgon on an exposition into a secluded mountain range in Mozambique.  There they came across the hidden city-state of Utolan where upon Flint was reunited with his biological mother, Irellis.

It was ultimately revealed that The Inhumans of Utolan left Old Attilan centuries ago over philosophical differences regarding the practices of Terrigenesis.  Traveling half a world away, these Inhumans settled in the remote mountains of Mozambique where they built the city of Utolan and prospered there for many generations. 

Unfortunately, centuries of living in isolation had caused the citizens of Utolan to become homogeneous in terms of certain aspects of their genetic composition; and this has somehow caused the populace to be especially vulnerable to the negative effects of Terrigenesis.  Over time, it came to be that exposure to the Terrigen Mists was fatal for the majority of the citizens of Utolan.  And yet, Terrigenesis was still viewed as a central, guiding tenet of their religion, philosophy, and culture.  

Desperate for a solution, the leaders of Utolan turned to the pseudo-science of eugenics, trying to match bloodlines in a way that would produce children who could survive the transformative effects of Terrigenesis.   This project ultimately failed and the people of Utolan went about determining who could and could not survive Terrigenesis by way of a cruel and dangerous process: a couple’s first born child would be exposed to the mists, if that child perished then their second child would be spared the mist, but if their child survived then their second child would also be exposed to Terrigenesis.  These individuals who survived Terrigenesis were dubbed the city’s ‘Champions’ and acted as the protectors of Utolan.  Whereas the city itself was ruled by the Council of Elders. 

Irellis and Flint’s father, Diyyen, fell in love and mated without the Elder’s consent.  They had a daughter whom they named Ikelli.  Due to the fact that their union was not sanctioned by the Council, it was determined that Ikelli would not be subjected to the Terrigen Mists.  When Irellis became pregnant with their second child, however, it was determined that this second child, Jayson, would be forced to go through Terrigenesis.   

The idea of his son’s being forced to go through Terrigensis was a terrible prospect for Diyyen and he absconded away with his son.  They ultimately ended up in America where Jayson was placed in the care of his adoptive parents in Minnesota.   When Diyyen attempted to return to Utolan for his daughter he was killed for his treachery.  

As happy as Flint was to meet his biological mother (as well as the sister he never knew he had), he was also dismayed by the fate of his father and dangerous and seemingly cruel culture of Utolan.  At the time of Flint’s arrival, his sister, Ikielli, and her coconspirators were orchestrating a coup d'état to take over leadership of Utolan from the Council of Elders; the distraction caused by Flint and the others’ arrival offered Ikielli an ideal opportunity to launch this coup.  

The coup and ensuing battle resulted in the mountaintop ceiling of the entire city being ruptured open just as the Terrigen Cloud was bearing toward Mozambique.  In that Terrigenesis could prove fatal to much of the populace of Utolan, the encroaching cloud brought with it impending doom.  

Fortunately, Crystal’s Ambassadorial team aboard the RIV arrived in time to evacuate any citizens of Utolan who did not want to be exposed to the Terrigen Cloud.  Flint’s mother, Irellis, ultimately chose to remain behind with her daughter and take her chances with Terrigenesis.  It remains to be seen whether or not she survived the process and how the cloud may have transformed her.  

Flint was quite shaken by this whole experience; and yet the whole affair seemed to strengthen his resolve to remain with The Inhumans of New Attilan.   Flint fought for his queen during the Inhuman/X-Men war and is set to be a member of the cast of the new team, The Royals which will see Flint and his companions venturing off into the cosmos in search of the origins of Terrigen.  



The teaser will be shown in theatres before ‘Logan’!