inhumane slaughter

I finished watching “Earthlings” and I have never felt more uneasy in my life. I have never felt so angry at myself for ever consuming animals. I have never felt so angry towards those who still choose to consume them. I have never felt my heart break over and over for over an hour straight before. I used to consider myself understanding. I used to say that I understand why people ate meat, I used to find their reasons justifiable. Now, I see no justification. I can’t fathom how someone can be aware of the inhumane slaughter and torture that these animals, these living creatures go through and just simply eat them because of tradition or just personal food preference.

title: one’s bark is worse than one’s bite
series: the evil within
pairing: joseb
summary: (vampire/werewolf au) Joseph had yet to discover the secret behind attraction and how it excluded no species, not even the heartless ones. The hollowness in his chest only left more room for Sebastian to fill.
rating: T+ (there’s suggestions of stuff but nothing explicitly talked about so)
word count:  7,510
warning:  there’s a mention of throwing up food at one point and a fair bit of blood because ya know, vampire stuff ALSO IF YOU READ THIS AS SOON AS IT WAS UPLOADED i’ve added to it a fair bit (esp the ending) so its not so messy so please give it a reread :^)


dedicated to my partner in crime bpdseb​ i love you molii and i hope this is a sufficient late birthday gift (smooch)

Sebastian chuckled at Joseph’s grimace. “You’re a blood-sucking mythical creature from the depths of hell that can leave the house thanks to the invention of sun cream and yet” – he spun in his chair to meet Joseph’s indignant glare, unflinching – “you can’t believe some fucked up bastard organised his homicidal rampage over Facebook?”

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post/103693683517 Honest question, but wouldn't that mean you'd be lying too, if you said you loved stuff like flowers or trees?

The thing about nature is that it is regenerative. If I pick a fruit, the tree does not suffer and in fact drops them itself as the end of season and will grow new fruit. Same goes for greens. Root vegetables can be regrown from a tiny portion of a raw potato or turnip. Even grain and bean plants shed their seeds naturally each season to resew. Animals are forcibly bred outside of their natural cycles, kept in deplorable and inhumane conditions, and slaughtered prematurely and in a horrific way to satisfy a human appetite that doesn’t even make biological sense. I think any reasonable person can easily see the difference between plucking a pear from a tree and raising a pig in a cage, slitting its throat or bashing in its head, and then mechanically separating the innards, skin and skeleton to present a highly sterilized and processed package humans can stand to consume

Caroline Kennedy slams Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter

NBC News, Reuters: Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Japan, has weighed in on the issue of Japan’s controversial annual dolphin hunt criticizing the ‘inhumaneness’ of the slaughter.

Hundreds of dolphins have been rounded up in a secluded bay for this year’s hunt, according to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Photo: Fishermen hunt dolphins at a cove in Taiji, western Japan, on Monday (Adrian Mylne / Reuters)

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A mediation teacher of mine told me how when you eat meat you ingest the fear of the animal and absorb that into your body. And when you eat and digest vegetables you're sort of releasing the energy of that plant through you. Have you heard this before? And do you know how dairy and eggs would effect someone energy-wise through digestion? (Sorry if this seems a little far fetched)

Hi there marissastardust! As weird at it seems, is something that actually happens:

According to research at the University of Purdue Animal Sciences Department, emotional stress has an effect on meat quality. Some of these stressors can include extreme weather, pain, hunger, thirst or most commonly slaughter methods.

Conventional slaughtering methods are done in 1 of 4 ways:

  • Chemical (carbon dioxide): uses carbon dioxide gas chamber before being bled
  • Captive Bolt Stunner: a forced blow to the head leaving the animal unconscious before they are bled
  • Gunshot: animal shot in head and presumed dead before being bled
  • Electrical current: provides surgical anesthesia throughout the bleeding of the animal

It’s no wonder so many people are turning Vegan.

Slaughter Methods Effect Meat and You

Research by Dr. Temple Grandin from Colorado State University has found that inhumane treatment and conventional slaughter harm meat quality. (She also has a fascinating story, check out her presentation at TED) Several stress hormones can be released if the animal is “stressed” during or right before slaughter.

Here’s the technical breakdown of what that “stress” does:

Epinephrine (adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol can flood into the blood stream and break down glycogen which increases lactic acid which will create a more acidic pH. The evidence of this meat quality is referred to as Pale, Soft, Exudative (PSE). Another form of poor animal treatment can be found when meat is Dry, Firm, Dark (DFD) and can often be caused by malnourishment or sickness of the animal being slaughtered.

Epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine are “stress hormones” that when released into the bloodstream will stay in the body and the effect the quality of the meat.  When you eat this excited animal meat, you are ingesting those hormones and hormone-induced byproducts in your body.  Consuming this type of meat can cause unwanted health problems in your system.

When we stop consuming animal products and start eating more vegetables, fruits and clean foods, our body starts to liberate all the bad toxins, more if combined with regular exercise. 

As for your question on digestion of meat and eggs, energy wise they take more energy as for example a green smoothie. The green smoothie is obviously raw and comes with all the enzymes from each food you added and it’s easier for the stomach to digest it since your pancreas don’t have to create as much enzymes to break the food down, causing you to feel with more energy, your organs are working less, contrary as when we digest animal protein. 

The video released by PETA showing animal mistreatment in the network of ranches where we source our wool is shocking and saddening. We accept responsibility and apologize for the harm done in our name. There is no excuse for violent shearing methods and inhumane slaughter. Please take a minute to read our statement in response, link is in the profile. Photo: Elise Miciu by patagonia