Skimmons Week: Day One

When she was on Maveth, before she found Will, before she started to see survival as something that might be possible, Jemma had a dream. It was an uneasy dream that seemed to bleed into reality. She hadn’t eaten in days, and dehydration had been setting in rapidly, so she hadn’t thought much of it at the time.

Her hands broke the matted thick dirt of the planet’s surface as she tried to follow the roots of the grassy plant back to its water source. As she dug deeper and deeper, her fingers began to tingle. The ground began to paw back at her. Rock encased her hands, then her wrists, her arms, her head. Everything was pressure and discomfort. Grit filled her mouth.

She awoke to find another sand storm rubbing her face raw and stumbled away to find shelter from the winds. Sometimes, when she feels especially trapped in her new reality, the dream rushes back at her full force. Sometimes she wakes expecting to be swallowed by the earth. When she escapes Maveth and returns to Earth, the memory of the dream begins to fade. She had new worries and new memories to deal with. It slips her mind entirely and Jemma doesn’t think about it ever again.

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one of the torie’s policies was to lift the ban on fox hunting. this could have EXTREMELY negative consequences as well as being a form of animal abuse. if there is a decrease of foxes due to death the food chain will become uneven - making more snakes reproduce thus needing to feed on more toads (making them decrease in population) and the amount of spiders increase to a very high amount. if you live in the UK please PLEASE sign this petition or reblog this post to try get the attention of the petition for government members to make sure they do not unban this.

animals like foxes never asked to get killed for no reason except in a natural or predatory way. please sign & reblog.

Unit 731 Experimentation Camp

At the dawn of World War II, although biological and chemical weapons had been used previously in warfare, little was known of precisely how they worked on the human body. Curious, certain Japanese researchers in its army unit 731 conducted a series of indescribably cruel experiments testing the limits of the human body when subjected to harsh conditions, poisonous substances and lethal diseases.

History of Unit 731

Building from the ashes, literally, of a previous program, the “Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army” (Unit 731 for short) was authorized in 1936. Bases were established at various places in China (occupied by Japan during the Second Sino-Japanese War), including at Pingfang and Hsinking.

Referring to their victims as maruta, meaning logs, the researchers experimented on, apparently, anyone they could get their hands on: Chinese, Russians, Koreans, Mongolians, Pacific Islanders, other South East Asians and even a few American prisoners of war all fell victim to the doctors at the camps.

Taking the scientific method to new lows, the researchers in unit 731 conducted a variety of experiments:

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For fuck sake, bacon is not counterculture. Eating and gloating about eating factory farmed pigs is like casually eating prisoners and raving about being a cannibal. I never want to hear about anyone’s ambrosial passion for pork. Spend a day in a pig factory or pig transport truck and if you still love your prepackaged pork, you’re a fucking sicko and I absolutely want nothing to do with you.

Can someone explain

Why some people consider it ‘inhumane’ to execute a convicted murderer but it’s not ‘inhumane’ to abort a fetus who’s only fault was being conceived by the wrong people or at the wrong time? (I disregard rape and incest in this, the psychological and genetic problems the mother and child could have from such conceptions is too horrendous to not offer the chance for abortion)


On Friday, April 11th, Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Bros circus is coming to the George Mason University Patriot Center in Virginia. Ringling and Barnum & Bailey are NOTORIOUS for animal abuse and improper handling of animals which have led to countless deaths over the past years. This circus is responsible for gross negligence and violence that is absolutely disgusting.

In protest of this, I’m helping to host a gathering outside the Patriot Center on Friday, April 11th at 5pm, before the show. I really need help getting this signal boosted so that anybody who lives in the area and cares about animals can come and help us educate people about what is really going on behind the stage! For more details send me an ask!!!

Here is more information and evidence related to the cruelty displayed by the mentioned circuses: