inhuman screeching noises

Writing Problems
  • *types a word and then sees that it has the notorious red squiggly line* you wanna fight Google Docs I know I spelled that shit right"
  •  *types a word and it turns out it is not an actual word* WELL THAT SHOULD BE A WORD"
  • “I wrote the word ‘said’ in my work 124 times FUCK”
  • *makes inhumane screeching noise when someone interrupts my typing midsentence*
  • The blinking cursor of a blank word document
  • *spills beverage on notes*
  • *cat sits on laptop*
  • 'I’m in the middle of writing a good chapter and my laptop is about to die and the charger is on the other side of the room, why is my suffering so real’
  • *stares off into space for upwards of five minutes*
  • 'Am I characterizing a character so well because I know the character or am I writing them as I would write myself’
  • “lol who needs sustenance when I’m IN THE  Z O N E
  • Feeling like you will never be able to write well again
  • Feeling relief when you get inspired and write like crazy
  • That feeling of inspiration that makes you shiver and makes your nerves buzz
  • oneshot? more like 'oh-shit-this-morphed-into-a-thirty-chapter-novel'shot
  • *more staring into space*
  • lol what’s dialogue
  • having to pee but can’t because I’m IN THE  Z O N E
  • being IN THE  Z O N E
  • Being OUT OF THE  Z O N E and crying about it
  • comparing myself to other writers (never do OK)
  • switching POV accidentally
  • Tenses
  • *stares more intensely into space*
  • *computer starts whirring like crazy* babe I know this writing’s fire but you need to calm down
  • *looks into empty beverage mug* why
  • *sees a cliché* *cringes*
  • will the reader understand what I’m saying here lol I hope so
  • sleep? what’s that lol
  • *thinks about writing while at social events*
  • *gets inspired to write at the most inconvenient of times, such as at the dentist’s or in the shower*
  • *gets zero inspiration when actually has time to write*
  • B L A N K  W O R D  D O C U M E N T
  • *stares into space forevermore*

Shiro:    Slav please could you shut the fuck up

Slav:     There is a 1.2% chance I will actually shut the fuck up, though there are at least 2 realities where I actually DO-



[Warning, at the end of the video in the recommended boxes there is a depiction of graphic, fake blood on someone’s face and a fake gun in someone’s mouth just fyi. :/ ]

Jericho: H-hey!

Natalie: What.

Jericho: Did you fall from heaven?

Natalie: No, but I did scrape my knees crawlin’ outta Hell. [inhumane screeching noise]

Jericho: :|

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crappy wiselavi drawing is better than no wiselavi at all, right?

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Rayquaza is going to get a mega evolution.

Rayquaza is going to get a mega evolution.


It’s not 100% confirmed but it might as well be from the latest info rayquaza is the origin of mega evolution YEP IT’S SO HAPPENING