inhuman screeching noises

Writing Problems
  • *types a word and then sees that it has the notorious red squiggly line* you wanna fight Google Docs I know I spelled that shit right"
  •  *types a word and it turns out it is not an actual word* WELL THAT SHOULD BE A WORD"
  • “I wrote the word ‘said’ in my work 124 times FUCK”
  • *makes inhumane screeching noise when someone interrupts my typing midsentence*
  • The blinking cursor of a blank word document
  • *spills beverage on notes*
  • *cat sits on laptop*
  • 'I’m in the middle of writing a good chapter and my laptop is about to die and the charger is on the other side of the room, why is my suffering so real’
  • *stares off into space for upwards of five minutes*
  • 'Am I characterizing a character so well because I know the character or am I writing them as I would write myself’
  • “lol who needs sustenance when I’m IN THE  Z O N E
  • Feeling like you will never be able to write well again
  • Feeling relief when you get inspired and write like crazy
  • That feeling of inspiration that makes you shiver and makes your nerves buzz
  • oneshot? more like 'oh-shit-this-morphed-into-a-thirty-chapter-novel'shot
  • *more staring into space*
  • lol what’s dialogue
  • having to pee but can’t because I’m IN THE  Z O N E
  • being IN THE  Z O N E
  • Being OUT OF THE  Z O N E and crying about it
  • comparing myself to other writers (never do OK)
  • switching POV accidentally
  • Tenses
  • *stares more intensely into space*
  • *computer starts whirring like crazy* babe I know this writing’s fire but you need to calm down
  • *looks into empty beverage mug* why
  • *sees a cliché* *cringes*
  • will the reader understand what I’m saying here lol I hope so
  • sleep? what’s that lol
  • *thinks about writing while at social events*
  • *gets inspired to write at the most inconvenient of times, such as at the dentist’s or in the shower*
  • *gets zero inspiration when actually has time to write*
  • B L A N K  W O R D  D O C U M E N T
  • *stares into space forevermore*

[Warning, at the end of the video in the recommended boxes there is a depiction of graphic, fake blood on someone’s face and a fake gun in someone’s mouth just fyi. :/ ]

Jericho: H-hey!

Natalie: What.

Jericho: Did you fall from heaven?

Natalie: No, but I did scrape my knees crawlin’ outta Hell. [inhumane screeching noise]

Jericho: :|

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While KO loves getting hugs and kisses from their mommy, TKO make these inhuman screeching noises when Carol "traps" him in a hug and gives him a kiss.

he’s one of those kids who immediately wipes the kiss off and then complains about his make up being ruined

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Someone at Square Enix should smuggle Jenova/Sephiroth hints into the Remake. LOTS of Jenova/Sephritoh hints. Ones that are not even subtle anymore.

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Ida, we need to get in contact with someone at Square Enix and bribe them with a ton of money… but first, we need to get a ton of money… -_-

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Some third year tsukkiyama hc please? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

*inhuman screeching noises*

- Yamaguchi ends up being captain, so he has a ton of work to do
- Tsukki’s always there with kisses and cuddles if it’s ever too much
- They spend almost every night at each other’s houses studying
- Yamaguchi grows his hair out and halfway through third year he convinces Tsukki to get an undercut and they both look really good
- Hinata’s the first person to start calling them the Karasuno Power Couple and everyone else does the same thing
- As such, Mamaguchi is constantly asked for relationship advice
- They end up wanting to do different things after high school but want to find either the same college that has good programs in both or two different colleges that are close to each other

~ Mod Han

crappy wiselavi drawing is better than no wiselavi at all, right?

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Rayquaza is going to get a mega evolution.

Rayquaza is going to get a mega evolution.


It’s not 100% confirmed but it might as well be from the latest info rayquaza is the origin of mega evolution YEP IT’S SO HAPPENING

This is literally the six year old Summer just after the fire and bandaging came off from her cheek. You can already tell she decided to try covering it with her bangs. 

but look at those itty bitty widdle hobgoblin horns! And those floopy ears that can’t stand up because she doesn’t know how to stand them!!

I imagine she’s looking up at Mephisto who is making an inhuman screech because she’s literally so damn adorable. and she’s never heard a human make such a noise before (As guess what. BBY SUMMER DON’T KNOW SHE’S A PART DEMON CHIMERA YET. She just thinks she’s part dog.), and is slightly concerned by an adult screeching like that. 

Imagine while I was drawing: Mephisto attempting to get her ears to stand and they just flop back down because she, as I said, doesn’t know how to stand them up. He does this a few times and finds it cute because of his own dog form and him never having had think about the whole “Ears cannot stand up derp.” thing dogs do to be an actual thing some Demons go through too.

So he’s squatting there, attempting to stand them up while she just looks at him with one big brown eye like “Lol whut are you doing big person?” before he has to bite his hand and look to Natalie and adding that she is precious and he wants ten immediately due to looking like a little anime wolf-person like Ame or Yuki from some Wolf Children movie that a Bio-engineer and Biochemist would have no damn idea what the Demon King was talking about. 

Natalie has to gently remind him that the facility burned down and they lost research. Summer hears the word fire and instantly tenses up with the tail floofing and then Mephi just gives her that pat on the head people do with dogs. Not where the hand stays but just a pap pap real quick. Like a quick little “Shush child.” Then she looks up to him like “Whut?” while ears perk like they’re going to stand up, but really they just kind of awkwardly perk and her head tilts just ever-so slightly. And then starts the inhuman screeching of Mephisto Pheles. Because he literally cannot handle the little Chimera.

I needed some fluff okay? Shut up.

Post-Apocalyptic Heroes Part 3

requested by mrsallamericana

summary: the world was invaded by zombies, sheโ€™d been attacked and somehow it was poisoning her - Calum couldnโ€™t let her die

part 1 ย  ย  ย  ย  part 2

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