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Nuclear Assault - Inherited Hell

fox in the henhouse

written because foxes are adorable. and the world needs more fox!Stiles. 

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All things considered, there are probably nicer ways to wake in the morning than to the screams and wails of between twenty and thirty traumatized eight-year-olds.


What now?

Peter rolls out of bed, hauls his jeans on, and stumbles out the front door of the house just in time to see the herd of weeping children being ushered back toward the yellow bus that’s waiting for them out on the road. Their teacher is bringing up the rear, glaring at Derek as he stumbles along beside her looking apologetic and saying something that clearly she’s not prepared to listen to.

Peter groans and leans in the doorway of the small house.

“Derek?” he asks when the bus takes off and his nephew drags his sorry ass back to the little house. “What the fuck was that?”


Three years ago, Peter was a lawyer. He supposes that technically he still is a lawyer, but fuck that. He’s done with that bullshit. When he found himself sitting in his office one day, gazing out over the glittering cityscape and contemplating slitting his own wrists with his fancy letter opener, he’d figured it was time to get out.

Besides, it’d take more than a silver letter opener to kill himself, what with his werewolf healing.

That very same day he’d received an email from his nephew Derek, who had just graduated college and decided to return home to Beacon Hills to make his own cheese. And he wanted Peter to invest, since everyone else in the family thought he was fucking crazy. So did Peter, actually, but it just so happened that he needed some fucking crazy in his life, so not only had he invested in Derek’s business, he’d headed home to help run it.

From lawyer to farmer, in one easy step.

Because of course Derek’s cheese has to come from his own cows and goats and even sheep. It’s taken a few years to get everything up and running, but they’re turning a profit at last. They employ thirty people, run factory tours and, as a little bonus for the tourists and the local elementary school children, have a sort of a petting zoo out the front where they keep some lambs, a few poddy calves, some goatlets—kids, dammit. Why can Peter never remember that? Oh, because he is a terrible famer, as Derek likes to remind him—and some ducks and chickens.


“Again?” he asks as he follows Derek toward the little petting zoo. “Seriously?”

Derek sighs and nods.

Peter pinches the bridge of his nose. “Next time, can someone check it’s not the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in there before the kids arrive?”

Peter might be a terrible famer, but he’s damn good at publicity and advertising and schmoozing at trade shows and generally making sure that Hale Organic Cheeses has the best fucking reputation in the area. And that good reputation is going to be really difficult to hold onto if they continue to traumatize innocent children.

Derek nods worriedly.

“Go, Peter says, and waves him away. “Go and do the things you do.”

“What are you going to do?” Derek asks him.

Peter narrows his gaze. “I’m going to kill him.”


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So continuing on pearl's sand manipulation power, imagine her doing it for the babs and one of the rosebuds freaking the hell out because whoa pale mama just made another rosebud!! who is this new rosebud why is she all grainy and one colour? And having a little breakdown when the sand falls apart because noooo where did the rosebud go?? (pearl swears never to do this again, wailing rosebuds are incredibly loud) (peeper is very chill during this and tries to copy her mother with little success)

After that we found that she loved the sand figures so much that she would cry every time Pearl went to demolish them. Eventually we had to stop because she was getting tired and cranky, and boy did she sob. I’ve never heard anything like it. We’ve decided to wait until they’re a bit older to try playing with sand again.

Heirs to Hell

Alright! I am on a roll this week. This is a drabble request: “44 with Crowley please?” So here it is. I know it’s a lot shorter than my normal ones, but there will be longer content in the future. Enjoy!

Word Count: 499
Warnings: none


Crowley, King of Hell, feared ruler, and master salesman, paced back and forth in the obstetrician’s waiting room, biting his nails anxiously. Dean Winchester sat in one of the chairs lined up against the wall, smirking at the demon’s nervous habits. “Relax, Crowley,” he laughed. “She’ll be fine.”

“What would you know, Squirrel?” Crowley snapped. “You’re not a doctor.”

“A friend of mine was pregnant once. Y/N’s healthy, she eats well, takes the right vitamins, everything. Hell, she’s in such good shape she could still kick your ass.”

Crowley narrowed his eyes and was about to retort when you walked out of the doctor’s office. He hurried over to you, taking your hands in his. “Is everything alright, darling?” he asked, searching your face. “There’s nothing wrong?”

You could barely contain your smile as you said, “No, there’s nothing wrong. I’m perfectly healthy, and so are the twins.”

There was a second of silence, and then his eyes went wide. “Twins? We’re… we’re having twins?!” You allowed a wide smile to stretch across your face as you nodded. The King of Hell wrapped you in his arms gently, careful not to press against your baby bump.

You returned the hug and said, “They’re girls, Crowley.”

“Two princesses,” he whispered. He pulled back to look at you but kept you in his arms. “They will be literal princesses. They could eventually inherit Hell, if they wanted.”

You laughed. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, darling. We haven’t even thought of names for them yet, and anyways I don’t think they’ll really be worried about inheriting a kingdom when they’re spitting up on your suits and crawling everywhere they shouldn’t be.”

His face looked stricken. “My suits?” He thought for a minute, then half-smiled. “They can destroy as many of my suits as they want. They’ll be my little princesses. And as for names,” this time a full smile crossed his face. “I’ve always been partial to Elizabeth.”

Smiling back, you said, “We can talk about the names later. For now, I need a burger. These little princesses demand their sacrifice.”

“What a horrid way to put it.” But he laughed and took your hand to lead you out to the Impala. As you walked out, Dean wrapped one arm around your shoulders, squeezing briefly.

“Congratulations, Y/N,” he said with a smile as he took his arm away again and opened the driver’s door. “I’m almost looking forward to your little munchkins trashing the bunker.”

You laughed, Crowley helping you in the back seat and then sliding in next to you. You leaned against him on the ride back to the bunker, eyes closing as he rubbed circles on your arms and back. Sure, it wasn’t easy being married to the King of Hell, but it was moments like these that made it worth it. You knew your children would be the best-protected children in the world, and there was no other person you would rather be raising them with.

alunsina | bighari

words: 3193

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note: You asked for more Filipino Bellamy, so here you go. A nice wallop of Filipino mythology.


Octavia finds Bellamy late one night, sitting at the edge of Camp Jaha. Alone, because of course he is.

Because apparently, if he can’t have Clarke Griffin, the rest of the world can’t have him.

She sits next to him, and joins him in his stargazing. The stars look different from the ground, and even though she only saw them from space for a few fleeting moments, she knows they’re more beautiful down here. Down here, they blend with the horizon of mountains and trees. Down here, they’re far away, and she doesn’t mind at all.

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Nuclear Assault - Inherited Hell


Nuclear Assault - Inherited Hell

God spoke to her through the stars
He who banished man from the Kingdom
the inheritance of Hell and armageddon
waiting around the corner to shove us
into eternal furnaces, a moral mechanism
He who promised salvation and terror
He who adorned the cosmos with the constellations

will sweep them away
and recycle the space
for another project


seen atop the black tacky rooftop
of her father’s shack in the countryside
and falling to sleep to space’s raindrops
galloping through the atmosphere
projecting onto her waiting canvas
so that she may make art with the universe

So here’s what happens after The Hanged Man

So that story is very much fanfic for fanfic, as I mentioned in the notes I wrote it to show my undying and eternal love for Southern Comfort by @ocktorok. So there definitely won’t be a part two as far as I can tell because the lovely idea of monster Kylo is not mine I just shoved it into a modern setting and made them all younger to show my nerdy love for the tale. BUT if you want to know how I see the story going click below, this is what I told @withthingsunreal earlier!

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eevylynn  asked:

So, what do you think of Arthur being a villain on the show? How did you like the last episode in general?

Honestly, I rather like shady!Arthur.  I mean, I’m a huge Arthurian fangirl myself, but I like the way he’s being portrayed.  He doesn’t seem to be a traditional villain; he does seem to be a good king who is genuinely concerned for the welfare and happiness of his people.  But he also seems to be a king who understand that you can’t always be a good ruler and a good man, which I actually really like seeing.  

Actually, I’m pretty sure I like him a lot more now that he’s not some perfect fairytale hero.  My favorite portrayals of Arthur never are, come to think of it.  When you step away from the commonly known “romantic” portrayals of Arthur, you realize that the guy really did inherit a hell of a mess when he became king, and no idealized, always good man could ever put a country together under those circumstances.

Overall, this is my favorite episode so far of season 5.  And it’s not just because Rumplestiltskin is already awake.  It flowed better than a lot of the others, kept the mystery of what’s really going on in Camelot alive, and the reveals were paced perfectly.  We also saw some amazing character moments, a few of which I’m going to squee over:

- Hook admits that he was the villain when Spinner!Rumple came to try to rescue Milah.  It really doesn’t matter that Milah wanted to go with Hook; as Hook points out, he was the villain of that piece, and he was wrong.  He mistreated a man who simply wanted to keep his family together, and this is huge character development for Hook.  Honestly, it’s what I wanted to see from him all along.  He knows that he was in the wrong and is now actually willing to admit it, even about a man he hated.

- Belle is clearly not angry enough with Rumplestiltskin that she doesn’t want him back in her life. Her delighted look when she thought he was awake - and the devastation when she realized he was gone - spoke volumes.

- Robin being glad he’s going to be a father while still being sickened about what Zelena did to him.  GOOD!  He deserves some time to have to deal with the fact that Zelena raped him, and yet we know that he loves children and wants to be the best father possible to this child, no matter how he/she came about.  This is bringing me much closer to the Robin I love in stories and tales, not the one that weirded me out in season 4.

Here’s a few other things made me think:

- Belle found the way to bring Rumplestiltskin back in one of his notebooks.  Is this something he was looking at for some reason in the past?

- No way did Emma come up with that on her own; smart Dark One, I think she’s spying on Belle to get her answers.

- David doesn’t just want to be known as a man who woke a princess up from a sleeping curse 30 years ago.  Good for him - I’d love to see him come back to his own.

- I think Emma is off when she says that she wants to make Rumplestiltskin into something he never dreamed of being.  He did have that dream, back before he took on the Dark One.  I suspect that might surprise Emma, though.  And I really hope that he shows some character growth from being the Dark One, and doesn’t just revert to the Spinner.  300 years is a long time - can he even remember who he was?

- Regina needs to decide if she’s the Evil Queen or not.  She uses the label when it serves her purposes, and then complains when people call her that.  If this was her starting to embrace all of herself, kudos to her.  If not, someone needs to shake her and tell her to stop playing victim, too.  It seems to be a Mills family trait.

Lastly, I can’t wait to see where this mess goes in Camelot.  Lying about Emma being the Dark One might have been prudent but was never a good long-term strategy, but I suppose that’s what the heroes get for leaving the only long-term strategist they know behind in a Coma.  I really can’t wait to find out what Excalibur does if united with the dagger, what Arthur’s main goal is, and exactly what happened with 

And, is it just me, or does Arthur not seem to want Merlin to wake up?