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The Dish - 1973 .

I visited the Parkes radio telescope in 1973 as part of a high school excursion. I had my first camera - a Nikkormat FTn, with me, and shot this Agfacolor slide.

The camera had been my dad’s. He used it only briefly. It had been given to him for his job but he never got the hang of using it and preferred to use a simpler camera. He worked in management in Queensland Railways and his work took him all over the state. When I was about 12 I read the manual and figured out how to use it so he gave it to me. Within a year I was processing prints in the bathroom at night.

Sadly I no longer have the camera. I foolishly sold it in the late 80’s as it wasn’t working and I wasn’t using it. I had become enamoured of the Olympus OM system. A few years ago I bought another one just like it, which I shoot a bit, but it is mostly a memento.

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Learning about how to do the different adjustments on my uncle’s camera. Also learning about the two different lenses that came with it. I don’t know what I am going to do with out vibration control. 

I have finished cleaning it. I have new film and batteries for it and went for a test drive around the yard. I am sure who ever develops this film is going to wonder if I have ever used a camera before. haha

Hello, I’m Bailey. This photo was taken with my Canon AE-1, which was given to me by my Grandma and Grandpa. They collect and sell antiques and had bought this camera at a garage sale for cheap. They let me take it instead of selling it, and little did I know it would become my favorite camera. The barn shown in the picture is also my Grandma and Grandpa’s, where they store a lot of their antiques.

Thanks for the submission and sharing the story of your camera Bailey!

I found this Ferrania Condor I from ‘40s in the countryside house of my aunt. It belonged to my grampa and I feel it like a strange link with a man I never really knew.

This photograph is from the first roll I shooted.

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A picture taken with my Adox Golf camera at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. And in lot of ways this camera and this shot in particular changed my photography. I had been using an unparticular digital camera until it got stolen, coincidentally also in Berlin… The Adox had belonged to my great-aunt and had been lying in my parents’ attic for years. I remembered playing with it, even as a kid, dug it out on the next visit, and voila… This is the story of why I shoot film. I know it has been to the USA and a lot of places in Germany before me.

This photograph was taken with a Canon Ae-1 + 28 mm Makinon which belonged to my dad. He bought it around twenty years ago and it was his first camera. He gave me it recently when he had moved in Canada. So it’s why I choose to show a photograph about a canadian’s landscape where my dad and me have walking this summer.
The pellicule which was used was expired and it makes a mark on the photograph like a old style fault.

When I was 13 I found my dad’s old Nikon EM in a closet that hadn’t been open for years. He’d used it to document spent traveling across the world with my mom but hadn’t touched it in a decade or so. When I first started shooting, I didn’t even know what a light meter was, much less how to use one. Luckily, I didn’t know enough to know how bad my first few rolls were, otherwise I might’ve never given myself the chance to learn how much I love photography. Although I’ve since moved on to my very own Nikon F2, had it not been for my dad’s camera hidden in that dusty closet, I might’ve never started taking pictures to begin with.

i inherited my canon ae1 from my dad. he noticed me taking an interest in photography at a young age and watched me fumble with cheap digital cameras trying to get the same effect that i had always admired looking through his old film photos. he encouraged me to try out the real deal and finally passed his camera on to me.

I shot this with a Welta Peerflekta V, an old East German TLR that my grandfather had when he died. He and my grandmother divorced in the 60’s, so I have no idea what he might have shot with it, but it taught me a lot about  photography just as I was getting into it more seriously. Even though it’s not in great shape, I’ve used it a lot.