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it’s a great pity when people only know Eragon from the movie and never read books and then they think i love him cause he’s a big hero. when in fact they’re missing the disobedient stubborn little bitch hiding behind a face of the Shadeslayer and that is the main reason i love his brave heroic ass  

Ten reasons why the Inheritance cycle is the best thing ever

1. Awesome three-dimensional characters and awesome character development
2. No forced romance
3. Dragons!
4. The rules of magic are explained and consistent
5. Shocking plot twists
6. Ending of the series has lots of fanfic material to build on.
7. Well-described action
8. Strong female characters all around
9. Actual sad deaths
10. Different societies between elves, dwarves, humans and urgals

FINISHED: Bruh, these scales though. They are like never ending. Someone send help and chai tea.
I have decided that this is a self portrait of Fírnen.we need more emerald dragons on our dash.
REBLOGS ARE LOVED. (for reals, help us small artists get noticed).

The lady he's been lookin for

As the DM, I directed my players toward the tavern to look for the lady who owns it. To mess with them for being rowdy I made them roll for stupid things.

DM: “you walk through a creaky pair of saloon doors. This is one of the more packed stomping grounds with the surrounding festival increasing business. The patrons are of all kinds, and from above, Penny (our dragonborn) can see through the tables of dwarves, humans, and some other unusual folk.”

DM: penny roll perception to see if you can see the tavern owner

Penny: *he happens to be a knew player and doesn’t question it* I rolled a 6

DM: “As penny scans the scene, his eyes catch on the small shiny trinkets and treasures of the customers almost as if he inherited the dragon-like fascination with valuables.”

Penny: so where’s the tavern lady?

DM: figure it out

Nella(gnome): I’m going to ask one of people here if they know

DM: perfect. Tell me how you approach.

Nella: I walk over to the nearest table and tap one of the dwarves sitting there on the shoulder. “Excuse me, hon, but could you point me in the direction of the lady who runs the place?”

DM: roll charisma

Nella: NAT 20

DM: “The dwarf turns to Nella, throwing his arm over the back of his seat to get a better look and sets his mug down to flirtily comb his fingers through his impressive red beard.
‘The lady yer lookin fer is behind the bar-’
He nods his head to gesture behind him
’-but it seems the one for me found me herself. Can I buyya’ an ale?’”

Penny: I kick the dwarf

DM: no

Sketch of Saphira, Eragon and Solumbum the werecat who is my fav <3 from The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini (these books are my soul and i love them very dearly) there isn’t a huge fan base but i’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon others who share my love for eragon and who have inspired me to attempt some more fanart for it :)

this is for @something-called-sno who draws the sickest dragons i’ve ever seen (literally i am stunned by her lizard painting skills its intense) and i hope I actually move my ass and finish this because its been sitting in my files for years 


I remember when the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) was still coming out. I frEAked the FUck out when Brisingr came out and then I had to wAIt 2,000 more years for Inheritance and when it finally came out i had to wait lONGer because my bookstore sold out and there was a 12-mile long wait list at the library so when I FInALLY got my copy I shut myself in my room and read it all in one go and took it to the bathroom with me and god those were some good books.


Laid out before them, Eragon saw the whole of the storm, extending for what must have been a hundred miles in every direction. The clouds both near and far were milky and seemed almost luminous, as if lit from within. They looked beautiful and benign- placid, unchanging formations that betrayed nothing of the violence inside.

Then he noticed the sky, and he gasped, for it contained more stars that he had thought existed. Red, Blue, white, gold, they lay strewn upon the firmament like handfuls of sparkling dust. The constellations he was familiar with were still present but now set among thousands of fainter stars, which he beheld for the very first time. Whenever he looked at the sky before, there had been a haze over his eyes that had kept him from seeing the true glory of the stars.

Did I ever mention how much I love to draw clouds?? Like, they are so fluffy and wispy, and you can draw them in so many different ways, and clouds are just… Urg, I love clouds. 

So a quick a dirty matte painting. (Nobody has time to draw all these stars), but we all have time to draw constellations.

warsayan  asked:

5. a book series you would recommend?

A book series I would recommend… hmm…

If I had to choose just one, I would definitely say the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

I cannot recommend this series enough. I’m a tad biased toward fantasy novels, but these books are honestly so engaging and incredibly diverse. The story is told through several points of view, especially beginning in the second novel, so you can get a variety of experiences. It deals with heavy topics from prejudices, to religion, to power/corruption, to the mysteries of love. Even the most minor of characters are fleshed enough that they are completely believable each with their own motivations and plot arcs that may not even be realized until several novels in.

Yes, I know they’re pretty thick books, but in my opinion, they’re totally worth it.

*  When students graduate from the academy, they get a dragon egg. The egg chooses you by glowing when you’re next to it.

*  Dragons talk through minds. Owners can talk and hear they’re dragon all the time but they can talk to other people personally.

*  When a dragon dies, it’s the painful experience. It’s like a part of your soul is ripped out of you.

*  There’s a special wing in the hospital for people who have lost their dragon.

*  Sakura has the runt but ends up breaking the record for biggest dragon in Shippuden. It lives in one of the training grounds cause it’s so big.

*  Sakura’s dragon is male and white with one red eye and one green eye.

*  Sasuke gets the biggest but it grew like a foot and that’s it. It’s the smallest out of everyone’s in Shippuden.

*  Naruto has a hydra but it’s like 1/6 the size of Sakura’s dragon in Shippuden.

*  Naruto’s dragon grew the fastest.

*  Kiba’s dragon is small enough to let Akamaru ride it.

*  Sai’s dragon is thin and black like ink and disguises itself as a tattoo.

*  In the winter, Sai wears his dragon as a scarf.

*  Ino’s is a male dragon. She was first disappointed but he grows on her.

*  Ino’s dragon is the same height as her when standing.

*  He would wear her clothes without permission until finally she would start buying two everything.

*  If a date isn’t going well, they’ll switch.

*  Kakashi inherits his father’s dragon. It’s a wise old dragon.

*  “Stop reading porn in front of children.” “Shut up they don’t know what I’m reading.”

*  Jiraya’s dragon is a female dragon that “helps” him with ladies but fails since she’s just as pervy.

*  She writes a dragon version of Icha Icha in dragon runes.

*  Ino’s dragon reads the dragon Icha Icha.

*  Shikamaru’s dragon is the opposite of him. It wants to do everything.

*  Gaara owns the sweetest small fluffy dragon that lives in his freezer. Because of this his gourd is instead a portable freezer. It steals all the popsicles and hisses at you when you try to take one.

*  Neji’s dragon is a male dragon who is in love with Sakura’s dragon. He makes Neji meet her all the time. His dragon is also super pervy,

*  Neji’s dragon is a Chinese dragon. All Hyuga’s have Chinese dragons.

*  “Please stop making me visit Sakura” “GOD DAMN IT NOW I’M IN LOVE WITH SAKURA”

*  Shino’s dragon is very fairy like. It’s the second prettiest dragon ever. It’s also male.

*  Shino’s dragon helped catch bugs with Shino but it got big and started squishing the bugs.

*  It sobs whenever it squishes bugs cause it did a bad but Shino tries to tell him it’s alright.

*  “No no it’s fine please don’t cry you’re fine” *dragon sobs ten times harder*

*  It learns to be nimble and careful with everything.

*  Itachi had to kill his dragon and he thought he did but it actually survived and hides itself in the leaf village (FUCK YOU ALICE FOR MAKING ANGST).

*  Itachi finds an egg in the wild and, thinking his own is dead, takes it even though it didn’t glow. It ends up being an albino dragon so it hides in his cloak.

*  Sakura finds Itachi’s original dragon though and takes care of it secretly.

*  He later reunites with his original dragon and it’s so fucking emotional everybody is crying even the enemies.

*  When the founders were still around, Izuna’s dragon was killed by Tobirama and Izuna went into a mindless rage and that’s how Tobirama was able to kill him.

*  Tsunade keeps Dan’s dragon along with hers. They mourn together over Dan’s death.

*  Kakashi also keeps Obito’s and Rin’s dragons but Obito’s “disappears” making him think he failed yet again.

*  Obito’s dragon knew her was alive tho.

*  Kakashi now has three (two after Obito’s left) and eight dogs.

*  Madara’s dragon is pure black and spits ameratsu.

*  When Madara comes back from the dead, he fucking yells and fights Sakura cause Sakura’s dragon beat his dragon’s height by a few centimeters and he wasn’t having this shit.

*  Sasori’s dragon is super poisonous to the touch.

*  After the fight with Sakura, it follows Sakura everywhere.

*  Now Sakura has two dragons.

*  But now Sakura got tricked into resurrecting Sasori and now both Sasori and the dragon follow her everywhere.

*  Peins dragon is made of metal. Pein’s piercings come from the dragon itself.

*  Konan’s dragon is the prettiest of them all.

*  Hidan’s dragon is super chill and when Hidan stabs himself it starts to freak out and cry even though he’s been doing this for so long so Hidan has to stop for a moment to cuddle his dragon to make it stop crying.

*  Kakuzu’s dragon shares a hoard with Kakuzu and it will steal money from everyone.

*  Kushina’s dragon is the loudest.

*  Choji’s dragon eats Choji’s food without him knowing so when Choji goes back to his food he wonders where it all went but everyone except Choji knows his own dragon eats his food and they just stand there and laugh as they watch it happen.

*  “WHERE DID ALL MY FOOD GO?!?!” *Held back laughter in the background*

*  Hinata’s dragon is a huge dick. He’s her opposite.

*  Tenten’s dragon is made of metal with a lot of spikes. It’s thin and long. It will fling itself at the enemy. When it does that it’s flailing around like a fucking noodle and then lodges its spikes into you while you’re laughing at its noodle-likeness.

*  Tenten uses her dragon’s scales to make her weapons.

*  Gai’s dragon is 1000000% done with Gai’s shit. It likes Kakashi more. It’s super lazy.

*  Hashirama sees Sakura’s dragon in the fourth war and questions if Tsunade had a secret child or something because H O L Y  F U C K!

*  Genma’s dragon is a porcupine-like dragon. When it gets scared it shoots out spikes everywhere. It also smacks him whenever he makes a shitty pickup line.

*  Sakura’s dragon will randomly screech sometimes and everyone in the village will stop everything and think about what they just did and how badly did they fuck up.

*  “Oh god did I do something wrong what did I do just now AM I GOING TO DIE?????”

*  Haku’s dragon breathes ice.

*  Deidara’s dragon spits fireworks.

*  The seven swordsmen get chosen by dragons and those dragons deem them worthy of making a sword out of its teeth.

*  Temari’s dragon has huge ass wings to help with wind for her fan.

*  Kankuro’s dragon is snarky and yet very flirtatious. It flirts with Sakura. No not her dragon like actually Sakura.

*  Neji is pissy about this fucking dragon flirting with the girl he likes.

*  Lee’s dragon hates Sakura which makes him upset.


*  Sakura’s dragon jokingly flirts with Kakashi’s wise old dragon but the wise old dragon takes it as a fucking challenge and tries to flirt back with him better. There’s no real romance.

*  Neji’s dragon sees this and just sobs forever. Neji has to ask Sakura to come over and talk to him about it.


*  Sakura tries her best to hold back laughter and just cries.

*  “It’s okay it’s not real flirting. The old man’s dick is probably small too.”

*  A week later Kakashi’s dragon is like “I HEARD YOU WERE TALKING SHIT”


*  Anko’s dragon hangs out on her boobs. Covers it up mostly. But Anko will try to push it off but it climbs back on.

*  When she has a guy flirting with her she will seductively unzip he jacket and then it just breathes fire on the guy.

*  Iruka’s dragon protects the academy. It protects Iruka more tho.

*  “These are my children but this is my permanent child.”

*  It also takes care of the eggs before graduation and is very proud of all of their choices in owners.

*  It however hates Kakashi. When Kakashi passes the academy it always flips him off.


Queen Aryas dragon.

“Inheritance Series” by Christopher Paolini

I would honestly like to say Im happy with this piece, but im frustrated that I couldn’t really nail down the glittering scales. Why is it so hard? Like I shouldnt be struggling with this. lol
Anyway, thank you for all the love and support.
And as always:


Im going to go back to TOG art now. 

The Inheritance cycle should be huge.

Im so angry with whoever produced the eragon movie, cause the inheritance cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) deserves to be as well known as LoTR, GoT, Harry Potter, Hunger games and all the rest (it’s a shame that for something to be popular in the modern world its has to be a movie/tv show). The characters are amazing, the plot has so many twists and details and Christopher Paolini is a genius. Can somebody PLEASE make Peter Jackson aware of this amazing series?