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it’s a great pity when people only know Eragon from the movie and never read books and then they think i love him cause he’s a big hero. when in fact they’re missing the disobedient stubborn little bitch hiding behind a face of the Shadeslayer and that is the main reason i love his brave heroic ass  

*Christopher Paolini says he will write another Eragon Book*

*Where he will reveal the backstory of Angela*

*Jokes about Angela being a Time Lord*

*He will also explain what the Menoa tree took from Eragon*

*Talks about the possibility of a comic book for Eragon*

*There will probably be a new cycle*

Fuckwit on a Dragon Moment #1

Decided to do a list of these, because I’ve gotten way too much enjoyment out of them at this point.

Eragon accidentally discovers he can do magic.

Brom: Whatever you do, don’t cast strong spells. Your dumb ass will absolutely die.

Eragon: Sound advice.

Literally the next time Eragon encounters enemy mooks.

Eragon: Kaaaaaammmeeeee….haaaaaammmeeeee…HAAAAAAAA!!!

Eragon wakes up, hours later.

Brom: You are just the stupidest fucking asshole.


Oh, hey Fae! You know, even if you weren’t THAT good at tanking, you were still a useful member of the team for the time you spent on it. Always there, keeping the Blues at bay. We have some fond memories together. Anyway, the reason I’m calling you here is because I really hope you’ll understand…

…That Sharena will LOVE your Renewal

The Inheritance cycle should be huge.

Im so angry with whoever produced the eragon movie, cause the inheritance cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) deserves to be as well known as LoTR, GoT, Harry Potter, Hunger games and all the rest (it’s a shame that for something to be popular in the modern world its has to be a movie/tv show). The characters are amazing, the plot has so many twists and details and Christopher Paolini is a genius. Can somebody PLEASE make Peter Jackson aware of this amazing series? 

Back in college I was so obsessed with dragons so it was only natural I read Eragon and got obsessed with The Inheritance Cycle. So again, only natural I drew the cover of Brisingr during breaks. I’d love to say this was a “doodle” but hell no it wasn’t that’s some effort D8< HAHHAHAHHAHA

Me at elementary school book fair: This book has a cool dragon on the cover let’s see how it is.

Reads story where the protagonist half flays his inner legs riding a dragon saddle-less, his uncle dies slowly and painfully by poison, and he goes nearly mad with grief and pain in the first quarter. The very first town he finds on his adventure was turned into a mountain of corpses with a spear impaled baby at the top. Liberally describes the results of horrifying torture. Has characters advocate killing enemies in cold blood. Has many cases of people dying via weapons, magic, and dragon mauling. Has back stories of child abuse.

Also me: Good book let’s do that 6 more times.

So last night at 1:30am I realised something about Eragon’s name. 


Era gone

He marks an era gone as him finding Saphira started the era of Galbatorix’s reign ending

his namesake the elf who found the dragon egg also marked the end of an era as him becoming a rider stopped the dragon/elf war.

both Eragons are the cause of an era ending, or an era gone.

also Eragon is dragon with an e instead of a d. but pfft thats not as important :P

I want to an anime version for Harry Potter. Percy Jackson. Merlin. Gregor and Underland Chronicles. Inheritance Cycle. Rangers Apprentice. I MEAN LOOK AT THEM. OK I LOVE THE BOOKS SO MUCH BUT THINK ABOUT THAT. THINK ABOUT PERCABETH UNDERWATER KISSING. THINK ABOUT SAPHIRA AND ERAGON. T H I N K A B O U T M E R L I N A N D A R T H U R. Luxa and Gregor… Hermione… H A L T A N D W I L L. Ok i need the calm down but l o o k