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it’s a great pity when people only know Eragon from the movie and never read books and then they think i love him cause he’s a big hero. when in fact they’re missing the disobedient stubborn little bitch hiding behind a face of the Shadeslayer and that is the main reason i love his brave heroic ass  

Ten reasons why the Inheritance cycle is the best thing ever

1. Awesome three-dimensional characters and awesome character development
2. No forced romance
3. Dragons!
4. The rules of magic are explained and consistent
5. Shocking plot twists
6. Ending of the series has lots of fanfic material to build on.
7. Well-described action
8. Strong female characters all around
9. Actual sad deaths
10. Different societies between elves, dwarves, humans and urgals


I remember when the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) was still coming out. I frEAked the FUck out when Brisingr came out and then I had to wAIt 2,000 more years for Inheritance and when it finally came out i had to wait lONGer because my bookstore sold out and there was a 12-mile long wait list at the library so when I FInALLY got my copy I shut myself in my room and read it all in one go and took it to the bathroom with me and god those were some good books.

warsayan  asked:

5. a book series you would recommend?

A book series I would recommend… hmm…

If I had to choose just one, I would definitely say the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

I cannot recommend this series enough. I’m a tad biased toward fantasy novels, but these books are honestly so engaging and incredibly diverse. The story is told through several points of view, especially beginning in the second novel, so you can get a variety of experiences. It deals with heavy topics from prejudices, to religion, to power/corruption, to the mysteries of love. Even the most minor of characters are fleshed enough that they are completely believable each with their own motivations and plot arcs that may not even be realized until several novels in.

Yes, I know they’re pretty thick books, but in my opinion, they’re totally worth it.

Me at elementary school book fair: This book has a cool dragon on the cover let’s see how it is.

Reads story where the protagonist half flays his inner legs riding a dragon saddle-less, his uncle dies slowly and painfully by poison, and he goes nearly mad with grief and pain in the first quarter. The very first town he finds on his adventure was turned into a mountain of corpses with a spear impaled baby at the top. Liberally describes the results of horrifying torture. Has characters advocate killing enemies in cold blood. Has many cases of people dying via weapons, magic, and dragon mauling. Has back stories of child abuse.

Also me: Good book let’s do that 6 more times.

The Inheritance cycle should be huge.

Im so angry with whoever produced the eragon movie, cause the inheritance cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) deserves to be as well known as LoTR, GoT, Harry Potter, Hunger games and all the rest (it’s a shame that for something to be popular in the modern world its has to be a movie/tv show). The characters are amazing, the plot has so many twists and details and Christopher Paolini is a genius. Can somebody PLEASE make Peter Jackson aware of this amazing series? 

Urg. I like my composition, but I really hate how Arya looks. I might just redo her. Something about her facial structure is off and its driving me nuts.And I gotta make her hair look nicer. haha
Eragons hair is so light and fluffy, I love it. 
But Im really really happy with the composition so far. 

I gotta add the dragons next. :P

Anyway, lots of love to my Inheritance fandom. <3
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Fuckwit on a Dragon Moment #1

Decided to do a list of these, because I’ve gotten way too much enjoyment out of them at this point.

Eragon accidentally discovers he can do magic.

Brom: Whatever you do, don’t cast strong spells. Your dumb ass will absolutely die.

Eragon: Sound advice.

Literally the next time Eragon encounters enemy mooks.

Eragon: Kaaaaaammmeeeee….haaaaaammmeeeee…HAAAAAAAA!!!

Eragon wakes up, hours later.

Brom: You are just the stupidest fucking asshole.