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Your words warm my heart beyond imagine my dearest. I am wondering which tumblr writers you yourself like reading?

Honestly, words like this mute me. Thank you for taking the time to read my scribbles that don’t make any sense. I don’t understand why you cant show me your face. :) Well, there are many I follow quite religiously because I think such writers who are better than me can surely amaze you as much as they amaze me. There are many I’m missing out but here is a list I can give you:

If you haven’t read them, please do yourself a favour. Do it now.

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i'm pretty sure i've reblogged everything on you & samira's blog :) i just wanted to let you know, mashallah. it's beautiful how you're able to see the truth that is in islam and in being muslim. i feel like muslims erased that truth by mistaking culture for religion and extremism for piety. i believe it's simple. to be a muslim is to be a good person. from the bottom of your heart. i feel like you are. thank you. and eh congratulations, iA may you and samira have a long blessed life together :)

Jazakhallah khair. I agree with you, it is very easy to be a good Muslim and the simplicity is usually masked by all the extra things society, culture and misguided people tell us. I pray Allah guides us all because it’s real easy to get lost in all that. 

Ma salaam :)