inhale tattoo

one. inhale the nebulas and tattoo your
insides with the galaxy —- jupiter goes on your left
lung, mars on your right.
earth and neptune find your spine.
two. carve out your eyes and
replace them with supernovas. look
through those dying stars, blind
yourself with their magnificent light.
stumble along, as you have
seen true holiness in them.
three. strip yourself of this
earthly skin and paint yourself a night
black. call yourself something
magnificent and ethereal, for that
is what a constellation is. 
pull the big dipper from the stars
and press it to your

——- HOW TO BECOME A GALAXY | noel v.

I’m sorry about making this post because I usually try to fill my blog with happy and cheerful things but I have to post this.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people talk about the “I can’t breathe” art piece shown in that Peaceminusone teaser and it’s relation to LOOK AT EDIT GD’s Inhale/Exhale tattoos and GD’s loser verse, and I’ve just realised something…and it’s horrible.

It started because I was wondering why GD would tattoo inhale/exhale onto his upper thighs…because the location of tattoos usually mean something, too. And then I suddenly realised - you can’t see your upper thighs, usually. Not when you’re standing, or walking around. But you know when you can see them?

When you’re curled up, with your knees to your forehead.

I may be overthinking it but the image of GD curled up, staring at the tattoos to remind himself to breathe - it choked me up. I can’t imagine the pressure he goes through, or the anxiety.

Again, sorry for making your dash depressing. I just thought this needed to be said.

EDIT:  GD has just given his first full explanation of the “I Can’t Breathe” artwork in an appearance on the news, and stated that the artist who created the work did it to represent Eric Gardner. This, of course, means that the artwork is not connected in any way to his tattoos and should be valued as a tribute to an unjust death.

However, the rest of my analysis on the possible meaning of the place of GD’s inhale/exhale tattoos along with his Loser verse still is viable. And it still is horrible.