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Can you do an imagine where everyone in your friend group teases you and Eric for liking each other and fianlly dylan convinces him to ask you out?

((I changed it to just confessing to Eric, I hope you still like it though!!))

I don’t really understand why people pick on me. It is as if every little thing I do is always wrong and I can never get anything right. People just seem to be able to rip on every little thing about me: my hair, my face, my clothes… my crush. Although, I wouldn’t necessarily say that people bullied me about liking Eric, it was more teasing than anything else. Brooks would laugh whenever I talked to him, making things extremely awkward, Nate would give me this look whenever he was around which was annoying as fuck, even Dylan would join in sometimes. I guess it’s all just fun, though.

I start heading towards Eric and Dylan, who were standing by their lockers. Eric was wearing his KMFDM, which I loved seeing him wear. It reminds me of all the times me, Dylan and Eric hung out at his place and listened to them, and Rammstein.
“Yo,” I grin at them.
Eric just looked at me with a look that signified I successfully attained his attention, Dylan greeted me back, though.
Eric always wanted to seem really cool around me all the time. It was sometimes kind of aggravating, but in a cute, endearing way.
“Well,” Eric inhaled, “I have class now. I’ll see you two faggots, later.” He flipped us off as he walked away. I shake my head at his childishness.
“We,” I paused while I close my locker and turn my attention to Dylan “have math now.”
“Indeed, we do.” Dylan replied. “Wanna walk together or…?”
“Yeah, sure.” I smile warmly at him.
We begin walking to class, slowly because Dylan hated math, but not enough to ditch it. Plus, I wouldn’t let him ditch math, who else would I throw things off?
“You really do have the hots for Eric, don’t you?” Dylan smirked.
“No!” I feel myself flush red,“it’s not like that I just…” I didn’t know what I could say in that moment to make my feelings for Eric seem invisible. It was obvious, painfully obvious in fact and I hated it.
“You can say, it’s not a bad thing. In fact I think you could make a great couple.” I instantly feel myself flush a deep red, and I could feel my face heating up, and I could feel my heart racing. “Mrs Harris, mrs (y/n) Harris, mr and mrs Harris. Has a nice ring to it if I say so myself.” Dylan laughed, I punched him in the arm as a signal to stop.
“Shut the fuck up,Dylan, I could fucking destroy you.” Dylan could sense my frustration and decided it would be best to stop.
“Why don’t you just ask him out?”
“Why don’t I just ask him out?”
“Yeah, I mean, you’re,” a pinkish hue arose on Dylan’s cheeks as he continued,“cute.”
“But he’s hella cute, he’s so out of my league.”
“Take it from your uncle Dylan, you’re out of his league. I can assure you, anyone would be lucky to bang you.” He places a hand on my shoulder and I growl.
“Shut up.” I try to hide my smile as I brush his hand off of my shoulder.
“Dude, go for it, I’m pretty sure he likes you too.”
I smile at the thought this mightn’t be unrequited love, maybe Eric had feelings for me too? Dylan was happy he made me smile, he was like my big brother.

It was lunch, and I can feel my heart pounding out of my chest. I am shaking, terrified of the outcome. I walk over to the lunch table where Eric, Nate, and Dylan were sitting.
“Hey, look, it’s Eric’s girlfriend.” Nate chuckles.
“Shut up.” Eric rolls his eyes, used to this type of teasing.
I was too focused on what I was going to say to even notice Nate’s remark. I take a deep breathe and say “H-hey, Eric.” I try to make my face less red.
He looks up at me, “yeah?” His mouth still full of a sandwich.
“Um, could I like, um,” I fiddle with my hair a little bit before proceeding,“ talk to you for a minute?” Dylan winks at me, only adding to the stress.
“Sure,” Eric says swallowing his sandwich,“what do you need?”
“I thought we could like… talk alone.”
“Oh,” Eric gives a quick glance to Dylan, who’s now wiggling his eyebrows. “Sure.” He says, drawing his attention back to me. He gets out of his chair and we take a seat at an empty table. There’s a few minutes of awkward silence. I just play with my hair, trying to pluck up the courage to confess to him.
“So,” Eric scratched the back of his head nervously.
“So.” I begin mumbling a little bit, opening my mouth, but nothing was coming out. Finally I regain control of my vocal chords,“ can you help me with this class project?”
Eric’s face dropped, he seemed disappointed, as was I. It was just too nerve racking.
“Uh, sure.” He says harshly, he seemed angry and I didn’t know what I had done. He shoots up quick out of his chair, causing the table to rattle, and storms back over to his previous seat. He left me there alone. Dylan looks over to me with a confused look on his face ((:0)), I mouth the words ‘i chickened out’ before slowly getting up and leaving the cafeteria.

Dylan follows me out and grabs me by the wrist. “No.”
“'No’,what?” I sigh,“ I chickened out, no big deal. I’ll tell him some other time.” I tried to wriggle my arm out of his vice like grip, but he wouldn’t cooperate.
“No,” Dylan said with demand in his voice, “you go back in their, and you ask him the fuck out? You hear me? If you actually have a shit about him, you’ll ask.” I look down to the floor, thinking. I pull my arm away and start walking the other way.

This was it, I was ready. I had been preparing myself for days now. It was Friday, Eric’s favourite day of the week. I thought he would’ve been in a good mood today. I saw him standing at the lockers with Dylan, like every morning, I approach them.
“Hey, Eric.” I smile at him.
“Hi.” He says coldly, I guess he’s still salty about the other day.
“Can I come over tonight?” I say, hoping he’d say yes.
He sighed and rubbed them back of his neck, “sure.” I smiled, “Dylan, you coming too?”
Dylan looked at me then looked back at Eric and shook his head. “Nah, I’m busy tonight.”

I was heading over to Eric’s place, trying to find some courage in me, because I really do care about Eric and I want to know if he feels the same. His house wasn’t too far away from mine, just a few blocks. I get there and take a deep breathe. I knock on his door. His mother opens the door.
“Oh, hello, y/n, you here for Eric?”
“Yes, is he home?”
Mrs.Harris calls for him, he’s there relatively quickly and invites me inside. My heart is pounding, but I need to suck it up. Man the fuck up.
Eric leads my down to the basement, he sat in the recliner and I sat on the other seat.
“So, um…”
“'Um’? Is that all you’re going to say?”
“No. No it’s not.” I shake my head,“Eric I have feelings for you.”
All of a sudden the world stood still, the concept of time was no longer existent. My heart was banging so loudly he could probably hear it. Everything was going so slow. I look down, not knowing what to say and not thinking he’d reply. I part my lips, about to apologise before he places his lips on mine. I blush furiously.
“I like you too.” Eric smiles, pulling me in close again.

Fire Fox - Chapter 11 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (violence/swearing/smut:p)

Notes/Warnings: Upcoming Trigger Warnings (Fox’s past isn’t sunshine and flowers)

Genre: Drama/Angst

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!  

Please enjoy more of Eric and Fox!

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This is the final chapter of Fire Fox. It’s been an awesome ride, thank you so much everyone for your re-blogs, comments and support! I have a sequel ready to go, let me know if you want me to publish it!!!

Eric stumbled to the couch, collapsing backwards and pulling Fox down into his lap. They were frantic, desperate sounds of need escaped them as they kissed, tongues sliding against each other. Fox ground down onto Eric’s lap, feeling the rock hard ridge of him underneath her. She clawed at his shoulders and chest, bit his lip and nearly came undone at his guttural groan.

“Fuck, baby. I missed you so bad.” Eric moaned, nipping hard at her pulse point.

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Have u ever noticed that dylan inhales his ciggarette but eric dosent? ;)

Well, Dylan liked smoking and was a habitual smoker with a certain je ne sais quoi  ;)  whereas, Eric was trying to look like he smoked. just to look cooler - on occasion - but he obviously wasn’t an expert smoker and boy, is that ever obvy. I mean, dude can’t even light his cigarette. We’re all trying hard not to laugh along side Dyl on that one.  Eric refrained from inhaling because he was trying to be his usual control-freak self, attempting to look cool yet keep his lungs healthy and nicotine free. Not that staying alive and healthy mattered much anymore anyway, right? ;) 

you make this all go away.

Summary: Dylan goes to prom without Eric.

“Why do you look so tired?” Her mouth straightened into a thin line, looking at her son who was picking at his good. He shrugged, looking down at his shoes, rubbing them against the table leg.
“I don’t know. I just am. School and everything, soccer, college. It’s stressful.” She nodded, wishing that his dad was there to give him some advice, she had always been better with his older brother. Eric saw that she was trying, and gave her a forced smile.
“Hey mom, I’m not very hungry. Do you mind if I go to Dylan’s now?” She shook her head, standing up with her and his plate, going over the sink to wash them.

He sat behind the wheel of his prelude, coasting along with some band he’d never heard playing softly through the speakers. It sounded like something Dylan would listen to, it was sort of melancholic and it collided nicely with the sound of rain on the top of his car.

Eric slammed his car door, and rushed into the Klebold household to avoid the rain.
“Hello, Eric! Did you have dinner? If you’re hungry I can whip up a sandwich.” He grinned at Sue’s polite behavior, and declined.
“I just finished mine, thank you ma’am. Is Dylan in his room?” She nodded, and Eric stepped up the stairs. Dylan’s room emitted no light from the sliver between his door and the floor, and Eric opened it softly, hoping Dylan was awake.

He was, and he was sitting hunched over his desk, sipping on a screwdriver. He turned around, noticing Eric’s presence, and he stood up.
“Hey, sorry, I didn’t know you were coming over.” Dylan waved to him almost, awkwardly happy.
Eric nodded, closing his door softly. “It’s fine.” They stood there, not saying anything for a few minutes, kind of just analyzing each other. Eric had gone on vacation with his family for a few weeks, so it had been a while since they’d seen each other. Eric had gotten tanner, still pale, but he looked less like he belonged in a coffin. Dylan had gotten skinnier.

“I’m going to the prom, soon.” Dylan looked at his feet when he told Eric, shuffling towards him slowly. “You can come, they’ll be nice. Robyn asked, I gave in, I guess.” Eric flushed pink when Dylan asked him, and then he realized that he went they would go as friends. He had Robyn, fucking Robyn. He didn’t want to tell Dylan he was mad, because he would pry, and he really did hope Dylan had a good time.

“I hope you have fun, V. I think I’ll pass. You have to take pictures though, alright?” Dylan laughed at Eric’s tight lipped response, scratching the back of his head. His hair was pulled into a small ponytail at the nape of his neck, and a few strands had fallen out, framing his pallid face.
“Of course. They like hanging out with you, you know…” he trailed off, sensing that Eric knew he was lying. Eric did. He heard the way people lowered their voices whenever he sat next to Dylan at lunch, and he knew that Dylan had been invited places as long as he didn’t bring Eric along.

“I know, don’t worry. Prom isn’t my cup of tea, you know? Nobody to go with really. It’s cool. Have a good time though, next month, right?” Dylan said yes, and they got caught up in some conversation about tuxedos and Dylan’s new Tec-9.

Prom came quicker than Eric would have thought, and that Saturday night he found himself with nothing to do. He tried to tell himself to just calm down, play some Doom, maybe watch a movie or two. He was going to be fine, Dylan would tell him all about it tomorrow. He tried to relax, pouring himself a cup of Jack Daniels and lighting a cigarette. His parents weren’t home this weekend, they had gone to visit family, insisting that Eric stay home and focus on school.

Halfway through a shitty bootlegged version of a Tarantino movie he had never seen, Eric gave up. Eric gave up acting like Dylan, Vodka, his best friend, going to prom, the night of their fucking lives, with some dumb bitch was okay. He knew it wasn’t fucking okay. He knew Dylan would be laughing and having fun and blah blah fucking blah with his friends, forgetting about the short angry kid left sitting in his basement with fuck all to do. He was so mad at him. The rage coursed through his body as he took one last swig of whiskey, grabbed a small black box, and went to his Honda, driving as fast as he could to Dylan’s house.

Nobody was home. The lights were all off, no cars in the driveway, no cars in the garage. Eric checked, unlocking the door with the key hidden under Dylan’s “Hello!” doormat. He opened Sue’s liquor cabinet, pouring himself a shot of vodka, in honor of his V, and went upstairs to Dylan’s room. It was dark, and Eric didn’t want to turn on the too-bright-light. He rummaged around in Dylan’s closet, producing a flashlight that appeared to have dimmed significantly since the first use.

Eric put in Dylan’s favorite Nine Inch Nails cd, turning it down low enough to hear, but not loud enough to blare and stab nails into his head. As he sat in the yellow glow of the flashlight, drunk and listening to a band he didn’t even like, he looked at the clock. 12:56. Surely, Dylan should be home by now, prom ended almost an hour ago. What could he be doing? Fucking that dumb Robyn girl, probably, having the night of his wasted teenage life.

Eric was so caught up in his thoughts that, about an hour later, he didn’t hear the front door open, and he didn’t hear the slow steps coming up the stairs. He did hear the creaky door to Dylan’s bedroom opening, almost hitting him in the process. He stood up quickly, grabbing at the doorknob for stability, and noticed that it was, in fact, his Vodka. Dylan looked surprised to see someone, and he flipped on the light switch and saw that it was Eric.

“What the fuck, dude?! Why are you in my house, how did you even get in?” Eric held his head in one hand, still gripping the door with the other.
“Did you have fun?Did you have the night of your fuckin’ life? Huh?” he slurred, pointing at Dylan, his finger landing right on his chest.
“Eric, what’s wrong, you’re bleeding, your hip-” Eric realized he must have scratched it on the way here.
“My hip is fine! I, however, am a little bit fucking pissed that you left me! You left me alone while you were with your friends, your loving friends who hate me and your loving loving loving fucking friends who leave me out of everything! Your stupid friends! Your stupid fucking girlfriend!” Dylan looked hurt by his words, backing up.

“Hey, I asked you if you wanted to come, Reb. You should have come, you would have had so much fun. The guys like you, and Robyn likes you. We missed you.” Eric scoffed at Dylan’s attempt to cheer him up.
“Your friends call me weird. Don’t invite the weird Eric kid, oh fucking no! I love you Dylan, tonight was supposed to be for us. Tonight was going to be our last night before… it was going to be ours and Robyn, and her dumb friends ruined it! Doesn’t that bother you?” Dylan pulled Eric into his chest, not caring about the rented tuxedo getting wrinkled or stained.

“Eric, I love you too. You know that, okay? Those guys aren’t even that cool, you know. I would have had more fun staying in with you, all you had to do was ask.” Eric inhaled in Dylan’s chest, the way he smelled like cigarette smoke and cologne, it got him even drunker.
“I got you a gift,” he mumbled into Dylan’s chest. He reached into his sweatshirt pocket, pulling out the black box that he stuffed into it earlier. He placed it into Dylan’s hand after they had pulled apart, waiting for him to open it. Dylan draped his suit jacket over his desk chair, and sat down on his bed, flipping the box open. A silver ring with an oval onyx stone sat in it, gleaming alongside the mulled wine velvet that held it.

“Eric, wow, it’s really, well it’s really just, wow. Thank you, so much. Why did you get it for me?” Eric was standing in front of Dylan on the bed, and he shrugged. Something he seemed to be doing a lot lately.
“I wanted you to have it. I saw it when I was out with Kathy, I thought maybe you would like it. Do you like it?” Dylan didn’t answer, he was looking at Eric with a concerned expression.
“I really adore you, Dylan. You’re my best friend.” Dylan brought Eric back to him, putting one arm around his waist and another around his neck.

Eric stood still for a second, trying to figure out why Dylan had hugged him so much tonight, trying to figure out why Dylan was so fucking nice to him all the time, why Dylan was so, so Dylan. Eric didn’t deserve him. Dylan broke the hug off, his hand with his new ring on it lingering on the back of Eric’s neck. They stood like that for a while, and it was a while in that Eric started to cry. He didn’t like to cry in front of people, he hated showing vulnerability, but he was too drunk to care.

Dylan brought his forehead to Eric’s, trying so hard to read his mind, figure out what was wrong, what he could do, how to fix it. Eric leaned forward and pushed his lips against Dylan’s, hard and bruising and angry. Dylan tightened his grip on Eric, his free arm slithering to wrap it’s way around Eric’s waist, pulling him closer and closer. Nine Inch Nails were still faintly there in the background, and he could hear the opening words of Something I Can Never Have and Eric was climbing into his lap, thighs resting on either side of Dylan. It tasted like booze and menthols, and the cinnamon toothpaste that they both used.

Eric and Dylan were now DylanAndEric, VodkaAndReb, LoveAndAnger. Eric and Dylan belonged together, Dylan and Eric belonged with eachother. ‘Til a shotgun and a Tec-9 do them part.

Cabin Fever Part Three

You can find part one here and part two here

You took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door to deal with Eric for the day. You did not see him in the living room or the bedroom. Did he leave again? You put up your toiletries and the clothes you wore to bed in one of your bags when you heard the sound of chopping coming from outside. You went to the window, moved the curtain and gasped when you saw Eric shirtless chopping wood. Good God in heaven! You already knew Eric was devastatingly handsome but seeing him with his shirt off took his attractiveness to a completely new level. Eric had solid muscles and his body exude masculinity.  You wondered if his muscles were hard as they looked. Feeling someone was staring at him Eric looked directly in the direction of the bedroom window. You quickly shut the curtain and jumped back. You knew he saw you because you locked eyes for a split second. Shit! Shit!

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Dangerous Liaisons V-Day Edition - Said in Ink

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a little drabble for Eric and Jade, giving a glimpse as to what their relationship may look like in the future. It’s also fulfilling a request I had for some random Eric/Jade smut, and what would happen if Eric caught her taking care of business :). There’s a slight “Awe….” moment at the end, and Eric isn’t quite such an asshole here. 

NSFW, smut :) 


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Fire Fox - Chapter 3 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (violence/swearing/smut:p)

Notes/Warnings: Upcoming Trigger Warnings

Genre: Drama/Angst

Thanks everyone for the reblogs and support! Please enjoy more of Eric and Fox!

@emmysrandomthoughts @beautifulramblingbrains @iammarylastar @tigpooh67 @bookwarm85 @frecklefaceb @mom2reesie


The door to Eric’s apartment banged open and the two crashed through, Eric kicking the door closed behind him. On their way down the hallway to his apartment Fox had leaned forward and begun to nibble on Eric’s neck tattoo, shattering the fragile hold he had on himself. Turning, he slammed Fox back against the door and pressed himself full length against her, claiming her mouth in a hard kiss.

Fox moaned against his lips, opening her mouth and beginning to battle his tongue. Instinctively, she lifted her leg and Eric reached down, gripping her thighs and helping her wrap her legs around his hips. He pressed against her, his cock straining against his jeans. He ripped her jacket off and tossed it carelessly on the floor. Curling his hand into Fox’s mane, he pulled her head to the side and attacked her throat with kisses and his teeth, licking to minimize the sting. Fox’s moans burned through him, igniting his blood. Grabbing her ass, Eric lifted her easily, turning towards the bed. He hissed as Fox nipped hard at his pulse point, his cock twitching. Fuck, he needed her NOW.

Reaching the bed, Eric lowered Fox down onto the thick black duvet. They crawled backwards to the pillows and Fox lay back, her hair like a halo. Eric snaked his way up her body, lips and hands everywhere. He pulled her shirt off, and used it to bind her wrists above her head. Fox inhaled sharply, meeting his eyes. Her mysterious kaleidoscopic eyes were wide, the pupils blown. Eric lowered his head to her breasts, nipping first at one side, then the other. Rearing back, Eric pulled his shirt off, tossing it away. Fox gasped, her eyes roving over his broad muscular chest, defined abs and the perfect V they made as they disappeared into his jeans. Her gaze fixed on the barbells through his nipples and she bit her lower lip. Eric yanked at his belt and fly, stripping his jeans off, then he reached for Fox’s. A shiver went through her and, for the first time, Eric saw a hint of fear in her eyes. It froze him cold. He wanted her too much for her to be afraid of him, of this.

Forcing himself to slow down, Eric lowered himself down, reaching up to stroke Fox’s cheek. He ran his fingers through her hair and lowered his head, pausing, waiting to see if she was ready for another kiss.

“Are you okay?” He whispered.

“Untie my hands, please.” Fox murmured. Instantly Eric reached up and pulled the restraint away. Half-laying on his side, Eric watched Fox through hooded eyes as her newly freed hands slowly began to trace patterns on his chest, lingering on his piercings. He forced himself to remember that she was a virgin, had never been here before, and he needed to go slow, regardless of the desire pounding in his veins. Hesitantly, her hand trailed down his stomach, then stopped. Carefully, Eric covered her hand with his, and moved it farther down to his tented boxers. Fox inhaled sharply as her fingers brushed against his cock, and the flash of lust in her eyes almost made Eric forget about all about going slow for her; if she kept this up, her inexperienced touch more of a turn-on then any of the Dauntless women Eric had brought to his bed, he’s lose all semblance  of control.

“Touch me, Fox.” He breathed, biting his lower lip. “You’re in control here.”

Fox’s eyes snapped up to his, and he nodded gently.

Wonderingly, Fox curled her fingers beneath the elastic band and her fingers brushed his cock. Eric hissed in a breath, almost losing it right there. Slowly, Fox continued, her fingers wrapping around his shaft. Fisting his hands, Eric rolled onto his back, surrendering to Fox, letting her explore. Fox rolled up beside him, watching herself stroke him, looking back up to see his reaction. Biting his lip, Eric watched her through hooded eyes, breathing hard. He squeezed his eyes shut as Fox lowered her head and tentatively took him in her mouth, groaning loudly. Her tongue rolled over his head.

“Fuck….” Eric moaned, fighting to keep his hips still. This was too much; sensory overload, like he was the virgin here, experiencing this touch for the first time. He was going to explode unless he stopped her.

“Fox, stop.” Eric sat up, grabbing her wrist gently. Fox met his eyes uncertainly and he gently pushed her down onto the bed. “If you keep that up, I’m going to come right now.”

Fox eyes widened and a wicked smile came to her lips.

“Let me touch you now.” Eric breathed, and Fox nodded.

“Yes, Eric.” She whispered back.

Trailing his fingers gently along her cheek, Eric traced the silvery scar that bisected the side of Fox’s lips. Leaning down, he kissed her slowly and gently, feeling her arch beneath him. Moving down, Eric nibbled and kissed her throat, making his way down to her bare chest. Teasing first one nipple and then the other, he grinned against her skin as Fox moaned his name. He trailed kisses down, tracing his fingers along. Reaching her jeans, he looked back up, Fox nodded slightly and Eric pulled them off. Hooking his fingers in her black lace panties, he pulled those down too and began kissing along her thighs. As he reached her sex, he raised his eyes again. Fox was breathing heavily, biting her bottom lip, although there was still faint uncertainty in her eyes, she nodded. Closing his eyes, Eric covered Fox with his mouth, groaning as she arched beneath him, crying out. Gently stoking with his fingers, Eric rolled his tongue along her sensitive bud, breathing her scent deep. His cock twitched and his blood raced.

“Oh fuck, Eric.” Fox moaned, her breathing harsh.

Eric continued, slowing pushing first one finger then two into Fox. Squeezing her eyes shut, Fox cried out, panting as Eric slowly stroked his fingers in and out. Suddenly, her back arched and she moaned as she came, Eric nearly joining her as she shuddered around his fingers and tongue. Breathing heavily, Eric collected himself a moment before crawling up to Fox’s head. His lips still wet, he claimed her mouth again, his hand cupping between her legs.

“Yes, Eric.” Fox breathed against his lips.

“Are you sure? It will hurt at first.”

“Yes.” Fox closed her eyes a moment, then opened them again, her gaze meeting his.

“Are you on the shot?” Eric whispered. All female initiates were given the option of the birth control shot when they came to Dauntless, but it was their choice if they accepted it.

Reaching down, Eric guided himself to her entrance and slowly pushed inside. Fox tensed, gritting her teeth. Carefully, watching her expression, Eric continued.

Squeezing her eyes shut, a lone tear trailed down her temple.

“Fox?” Eric cupped her cheek.

“Keep going, I want it to feel good.”

Eric felt himself reach her barrier, and gritting his teeth, pushed through. Fox gasped, her eyes opening. Her hand came up to touch his cheek and Eric turned his face to kiss her palm.

“Don’t stop.” Fox breathed.

Eric pushed his full length in, filling Fox completely. After giving her a moment to adjust, he began to move, pulling almost completely out before filling her again. Fox moaned his name, her legs wrapping around his hips.

“Fuck,” Eric ground out. “You’re so fucking hot, Fox. And tight…fuck.”

Pain had turned to pleasure already for Fox and she gripped Eric’s shoulders. “More.”

Groaning, Eric began thrusting harder, losing himself in the ecstasy. He reached one hand down to grip her hip, hard enough to leave marks.

“Oh god, Eric.” Fox moaned, it sharpened to a cry as she climaxed again, arching beneath him.

Fox quaking around him was too much, and, groaning loudly, Eric came hard, following Fox off the ledge, shuddering as he spilled inside her. He collapsed on Fox, too spent to move for a moment. Fox wrapped her arms around him, dragging her nails up his back. Eric moved to roll off, but Fox tightened her arms.

“Not yet.” She breathed. “This feels so good.” Grinning into her throat, Eric wrapped his arms around her and relaxed.

Fox woke up the next morning in a daze. She realized she was resting her head on a warm, breathing pillow. Looking down, she saw a nipple piercing and velvety skin. An arm lay heavy on her back, a hand cupping her ass. Without lifting her head, Fox moved her eyes, trying to remember where in the hell she was. This wasn’t the dorm, and this wasn’t her cot. The ache between her legs told her that this wasn’t a dream. Turning her head, she rested her other cheek on the warm skin of the chest beneath her and looked up. Eric was still asleep, his face relaxed. Fox bit back a gasp, the events of last night rushing back to her. Oh Fuck. She thought. Me and Eric! Despite herself, she found herself studying his face. Gone was the perpetual sneer, the glint of danger in his eyes. He looked innocent, even childlike in sleep, his hair mused and curling out of its usual gelled submission. As if feeling Fox’s gaze on him, Eric inhaled deeply, his eyelids fluttering and that broke the spell. Rearing backward, Fox fell off the bed with a crash. Eric sat bolt upright, eyes wide.

“What the fuck? Fox?” Blinking rapidly, disoriented, Eric watched as Fox scrambled around for her clothes.

“Fox? Slow down. Come back here.” Eric struggled to pull himself free of the sheets and stand up.

Yanking on her shirt and pants, Fox scrambled for the door.

“Fox?!” Eric called out.

Ignoring his cries, Fox threw open the door and ran.

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how often do you think eric and dylan smoked weed? on the rebdomine eric states that his favorite thing to on the weekend is "bowl and get stoned"

I think Rebby talked a lot of shit trying to boost his coolio bad boy rep.  I mean, maybe both boys dabbled a bit experimentally with pot in 1997 and after they got released early from the Diversion program and discharged in Feb ‘99 but in between all of that time, both boys were under the intense scrutiny and restrictions imposed as part of the Diversion Program.  The two were regularly tested for any sort of drug use.  If they’d been caught with weed in their system there would’ve been consequences under the program’s rules for not staying clean/sober and demonstrating they were not staying on the straight and narrow.  I doubt they would’ve been given early release from the Diversion Program too.  Early termination from Diversion is rare, awarded to only 5 percent of participants.   So, given that, you’d have to assume that basically after January 30, 1999 when they got arrested for the van theft and their inception into the Diversion program in mid March, the boys were not smoking any weed for the rest of the year into Feb of ‘99.   It’s possible that the two could’ve snuck some weed on the weekend and then followed up with a drink concoction a friend gave them that would void and purge traces of the THC chemicals from their system before they tested again – but, it’d be a risky thing to do so throughout the entire year in which they were on probation. I really don’t see Eric, most especially, taking that risk and having the chemicals somehow still show up in a urine tests.  Being strongly reprimanded by his parents plus the potential set back in the Diversion Program would ruin all the brownie points he’d been awarded for doing well in the program and there he’d be, back at Square One.

Furthermore, look at Eric smoking cigarettes - he’s not really smoking is he? He’s faking the act of smoking.  He doesn’t breath in the smoke filled nicotine and chemicals that a true smoker does, as with Dylan.  Why did Eric not inhale?  Because in some odd way, a part of him felt that shit was bad for his lungs and didn’t want to get addicted.  It’s a good bet he pretty much felt the same way about weed with the additional fact that he didn’t want to lose too much control in getting high.  Eric was a control freak sort of personality and he had a rather tight leash on himself at all times.   Hell, he wouldn’t ever be caught dancing because to paraphrase ‘look at how stupid people look’.   The same goes for the idea that he’d get wasted and lose control of his emotions or faculties. Letting go was a terrifying thing for Eric because then he might risk looking and sounding foolish in front of others.  For Dylan, it was the opposite: I think he enjoyed taking a toke and getting high occasionally because for him, it felt good to let go, to lose all his social inhibitions and to obtain the ‘feel good’ Dopamine hit that weed could provide.  But again, for both boys, only in that small window of their teenage lives could they have gotten high dabbling with weed on the occasional weekend - and that would’ve been in ‘97 when they were still in the experimenting ‘let’s try this shit’ phase and then after Feb ‘99 until their deaths.  Anything in between that time would’ve been pretty much off limits with the restrictions of the Diversion Program. 

nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from a coven - pt 2

( part 1 )

Eric went home after work still thinking about Jack and his hands. That sweet sadness around him kept tugging at Eric’s mind, and as he unlocked the door to his tiny studio apartment, he sighed a little. Jack was never coming back, was he?

Eric should’ve kept his mouth shut, all things considered. Dropping his keys in the little dish he kept on a table by the door, he sighed and rubbed at the shaved sides of his hair. What an unsettling day. The emotional force of Jack’s unnerving stare skittered along Eric’s nerves still, winding him up and stealing some of his breath.

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