Tough Introductions

Juice x Reader where Juice is prospecting and the sassy reader has to partner up with him on a job, her less than pleased attitude making for a fun time.

A/N - haven’t proof read so sorry if there are any mistakes!

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Double checking your ammo, you shove your gun down the back of your jeans, grabbing your duffle bag and heading towards the bar, everybody else already gathered and ready. “You set?”

You nod in response, tossing the duffle on the table and zipping up your jacket till it reaches just underneath your breasts. “We ready to go?”

“Almost.” Clay says, adding a couple more shotguns to the bag. You look at him questioningly, double checking the group to see who’s missing. “Prospect is coming with.”

“Thought you said this needed to go smoothly.” you sass, not being mentally prepared enough to deal with some inexperienced kid. “Can’t we do it without him?”

“Give him a chance, lassie. He’s got potential.” Chibs argues, throwing an arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his chest. “Don’t be too harsh on the poor lad.”

“As long as he keeps out of my way, I’ll behave.” You don’t miss the look that the others share, the expressions of humour and nervousness making you suspicious. “What?”

“There’s been a change of plan, sweetheart. Prospect’s taking Jax’s place.” Tig informs you, a smirk on his lips. You curse loudly, shaking your head in disbelief.

“Is he serious?” Clay nods in confirmation, shaking his shoulders carelessly. You huff, your mood going from excited to pissed off within seconds. “Don’t blame me when this all goes tits up.”

“Sorry if I’m late.” You all turn your attention to the quiet boy who’s just arrived, your eyes widening slightly as his attractiveness before you catch yourself.

“Sure you are.“ you say sarcastically, a snigger coming from the group at your cold tone. “I’ll be outside.”

You push past the timid male, your eyes catching his as you do so, his mouthwatering aftershave creeping up your nostrils and threatening to throw your concentration.

“She seems…nice.” Juice mutters once you’re out of ear shot, the others grinning at one another.

“Good luck today, prospect. You’re gonna need it.” Tig says, slapping Juice roughly on the back as everyone floods out of the clubhouse, ready to complete the task at hand.

Your steps are skillfully silent as you creep towards the back entrance of the club, Juice hot on your trail. It’s hard to focus when he’s close enough for you to feel his body warmth, his breath hot on your neck when you stop to check if the coast is clear.

“I’m Juice, by the way.” he whispers, your eyes rolling at his need for conversation. “It’s nice to meet you…”

“(Y/N).” you finish for him, your hand reaching into your pocket for your lock pick kit. Juice watches you, completely fascinated, your actions nimble and quick as you successfully crack open the door. “Stay close.”

“Right.” he mumbles as you sneak through the door, Juice taking that as his cue to stop talking. You slip through the hallways of the dimmed den, heading for the room where you know the target will be.

“Shit.” you curse as you spot one of the many henchmen heading your way, knowing everything will turn to shit if you’re caught. “Follow my lead.”

You yank Juice towards you by his shirt, connecting your lips to his roughly as he freezes up in shock. Slapping him sharply on the chest, he relaxes, his hands grabbing your hips as he pushes you against the wall, a groan slipping from Juice as you suck lightly on his lower lip.

As the heavy footsteps get further and further away, your lips detaching from Juice’s once you’re sure the coast is clear, his cheeks flushed and his pupils dilated as he gazes at you. “W-what was that?”

Shrugging your shoulders at his lovestruck face, you check the hallway again, satisfied to move when you see its clear. “Distraction technique. Don’t get hung up on it, Juicey.”

“Juicey?” His words are filled with humor, though you easily detect the slightly flirtatious tone. “Careful, might make me think you actually find me tolerable.”

“Don’t get hung up, I said.” you remind him, glancing over your shoulder at him, your lips twitching as you try to contain your smile. “Let’s go.”

You clink your beer bottle against the rest of SAMCRO as you celebrate a job well done, a chorus of cheers rippling through the loud music. You grin, running your tongue over your lower lip as you head away from the group.

You climb up to the roof, perching yourself down on a box and reveling in the calm, sirens sounding far in the distance. “Wondered where you got to.”

“Congrats on finding me Sherlock.” you sass, Juice taking a seat beside you as you pull out your cigarettes, offering him one before having one for yourself.

“Thought you’d be down there celebrating.” he says, taking a long drag, the smoke getting lost within the California air. “You seem like the party type.”

You hum in response, admiring the city lights. “Guess I just enjoy the quiet sometimes.”

“Yeah.” he mumbles, the two of you silent apart from the inhailing of cigarettes, the atmosphere strangely comfortable. “Why aren’t you at home with your boyfriend or something?”

“Smooth.” you snigger, raising your eyebrows, taking a hefty swig of your beer. “I’m single, asshole.”

“Can’t blame a guy for asking.” he chuckles, you smiling despite yourself. “Lucky, really. I don’t think a boyfriend would be too happy about what happened between us today.”

You spit out your drink, coughing unattractively as you try to recompose yourself. Juice watches on, embarrassed, as you laugh. “Excuse me?”

“You know, the kiss-” You hold your hand up, Juice halting his sentence as you do so.

“It didn’t mean anything, Juice. It was just a job.” you explain, Juice opening and closing his mouth as he searches for a defense. “You get that, right?”

“Sure, totally.” he says unconvincingly, your heart strings tugging at the sadness in his voice. Getting up from your makeshift seat, you head towards the ladder, admiring the slightly naive yet completely interesting prospect in front of you.

“Prove me wrong.” you challenge, Juice whipping his head to face you, disbelief on his face. “Tomorrow night, pick me up at eight. Give it your best shot.”

You can see him smile in the moonlight, butterflies fluttering gently in your stomach. “You’re on.”


the evening was beautiful.  the stars and moon shining brightly over the ocean, and your skin. your princes came home from a long raid today. 

they had been gone for months on end, it worried you, not being able to hear from them, if they were okay.

but they made it home safely.

you smiled upon hearing everyone laugh and cheer for the sons of ragnar. bjorn, ubbe, hvitserk, sigurd, and ivar.


you gazed at him from across the room, the candles flickering brightly in his eyes, perfectly showing the mad and darkness withen them.

when he felt your gaze he immediately caught your eyes. his lips quirked up into a deep smirk as he stared at your body which was barely covered by anything at all.

you gasped lowly as he started sucking on his bottom lip.

he graped his mug of wine tightly in his hands, his eyes practically undressing you.

and you let him.

you and ivar were……well, you didn’t exactly know what.

you had grown up hating each other, you still did, but, before he left all those months back, something had changed.

a deep lust was present before he got on that boat. everytime he stared at you, everytime you accidently brushed up against each other.

something, had changed.

you hadn’t spoken to him yet, you hadn’t wanted to. you spoke to his brothers, yes. but facing him would be harder then any battle you’d been in.

one night, a week prior to his leaving, he found you a moment after you had pleasured yourself. still wet and writhing. he crawled up your furs and

laid his head against your shaking thigh, and slowly dipped his long, thick fingers inside your heat. you allowed his fingers to slip inside with a sharp moan.

that night was still heavily burnt into your mind. he had made you cum, not once, not twice, but three times. with just his fingers.

he had wanted to learn to pleasure a woman, and you were more then welcome to aid him in his learning. then you both went silent for a week,

you both never even said goodbye when he left, just long and lustfilled stares were shared that day. you sighed. and grabbed another mug full of ale.

trying hard not to look at him. but you could feel his eyes burning into the back of your skull. you were sad that you didn’t say goodbye to him when he left.

but the past is in the past, you thought whilst taking another sip of ale. suddenly you felt an arm go across your shoulder. you looked up and seen ubbe lothbrok smiling
down drunkly at you.

“hello, ubbe” you giggled as he almost stumbled on to you. he laughed and started to pet at your hair. “hello, pretty, pretty girl”.

you knew ubbe wouldn’t try anything with you, you and him were closer then any brother or sister. he loved you and you him.

“what is such a pretty girl doing by herself?” he slurred lightly taking a large gulp of his drink. you couldn’t help but let your eyes flicker to ivar.

who was watching the both of you with a hard glare. ubbe took notice to this and snorted loudly, some of his drink dripping down his chin.

“aaahh. i see” he teased squeezing you closer to him. you looked at him confused “see what?” you questioned. he leaned in to your ear and whispered

“i thought ivars love was one sided, but i guess i was wrong”. he walked away from you, almost skipping. you grabbed his hand and brought him closer to you before he could leave.

“what do you mean?”. he laughed loudly almost spilling his drink “i feel you becoming wet as we speak about him, love” his words made you blush mad.

“you know, he touched himself quite frequntly on that boat, (y/n). he never did that until he was away with you that one night” ubbe said tapping his chin acting as if he was in deep thought.

you groaned lowly and squeezed your eyes shut. you know nothing could get past the second oldest. ubbe forced you to look at him.

“i’d make a move, love. now. before you regret something. and i’d better make a move also or ivar will strike me dead with his eyes” ubbe said, spitting out the last words  quickly

then ran over to margarethe, sweeping her into his arms with a loud yell.

ubbes words sunk in, but how?, how could you approach ivar now?. currently he was surrounded by the biggest men in kattegat, all of them asking about the raid and win.

with a deep sadness in your heart, you left the hall.

the beaches sand was soft between your toes as you walked along the water. the bottom of your dress was completely soaked, but you could care less.

you looked like something from a different planet. the way the moon reflected off your head made an almost golden halo around you, your white dress blew about your body,
and hugged your figure perfectly.

you stopped and stared out at the water, which looked to inviting for its own good. you gently made your way into the icy water.

you took in a deep inhail of breath as the water reached your waist. you could feel the fish under the water swarm your feet and legs, you closed your eyes and

pointed your face towards the sky. the wind around you made lovely goosebumps swarm your skin. faintly you could hear the sound of a beautiful norse song being played.

you couldn’t help but start to sway your hips to the sound. you raised your arms high and twirled your whole body in the water. your hair flew around in the wind
and flowed down your shoulders and back.

you bit your lip and started dipping your backside in the water, the action making you gasp and do it again. what you didn’t know was there was a pair of excited eyes
watching you as you danced.

when you were tiered you decided to walk back to shore, the cold air on your now damp skin making your nipples erect and skin tightning.

you stopped mid stride when you heard the sound of brush being tampered with. you stood perfectly still for a moment ignoring the way your body was starting to shake from the cold.

you then shook it off and was about to walk forward until an axe flew past your head and into the wood of the boat behind you.

you were alone and no weapon in your grasp, the axe was to tightly lodged into the wood for you to grab. you ran. of course running into the woods was the worst idea

but you had to get away. sharp branches near by scratched your pure and untouched skin as you ran by, you nearly tripped over a log but managed to get over it and run
even faster then before.

you clutched the bottom of your dress tightly as the woods became more dense and thick. thankfully the moon was still present through the trees, allowing

some light to guide you. suddenly you could see a small clearing with a creek coming up close. you smiled and giggled doing a small spin mid run.

it felt good.

just as you were about to make it, something caught your foot. causing you to trip. your head and body hit the hard earth beneathe you causing the breath to be knocked from you.

you turned over on to your back, you seen a tree root wrapped around your foot.


it was silent in the cold night air, just the sounds of your harsh pants were echoing off the trees. suddenly you could hear slithering on the ground,
crunching the twigs and leaves.

but what could you do?, it was dark, and you were stuck. you laid there quietly closing your eyes tightly and bit your lip.

crunch, crack, crunch, crack. it was getting closer.

then it was all quiet again-

“what do we have here?

PART2 ???? IF SO LET ME KNOW and if not feel free to request anything you want, lots of love and thanks from me<3

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Can I get an Amen!!! Hailey just hit 50k subscribers praise Jesus! !!!!!! Like damn that is a huge number I have ever seen with my two big eyes holy Jesus mother of God! !!!! *inhailes* just just just PRAISE JESUS o I done *falls out of bed* ow



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hey can you do 83 for reader x holtzmann thx

A/n: Guys I’m bad at sappy stuff but I really tried to make this cute ;-;

Lately, you’d been catching your long term girlfriend, Jillian Holtzmann,
staring at you more often than usual.

The expression on her face was always different. Sometimes she’d look so unbelievably happy, and then the next time you caught her she’d look hesitant or forlorn, like she’d want to ask you something.

For awhile, you just ignored it, thinking that maybe it was something that had nothing to do with you and she just happened to be looking in your general area.

But your concern started growing whenever she would whisk you off to these really nice places, like restaurants or empty libraries for just the two of you.

And the whole time she’d be nervously glancing over at you or shove her hand into her pockets like she was looking for something, until ultimately she’d brush it off and you’d carry on with your day.

Now you were sitting on your desk, legs folded with your laptop resting on your lap, typing up the latest ghostbuster story when you saw Jillian saunter over and sit in your chair, facing you.

“Heya, Hot Stuff.” You said, keeping your eyes on the keyboard.

“Could I ask you something?” She said, spinning the chair around and tapping her fingers on the armrests.

“You just did, but carry on.”

She paused for a moment, giving a look before she inhailed. “Marry me?”

Your fingers instantly froze in their place as you looked over the screen to stare at you. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Marry me. You know, the thing couples do when they love each very much and-”

“I know what it means, I’m just surprised.” You told her, closing your computer and putting it off to the side. “You just didn’t seem the type.”

“Well you assumed wrong, I would very much like to marry you. Except there is a slight problem.” She said, reach into her pocket and pulling out some electric wire that had been twisted and tied into a circle.

“I lost the ring I had gotten for you, but until I find it…I made this for you.” She said with a smile, holding it out to you.

You took it out of her hands and smiled at it, tilting your head a little. “I expected nothing less from you.”

“So, will you marry me?”

A day as a nelson

Thank you for all the re-blogs and kind words towards this little fic. This is part 2 and the ending hopefully it lives up to all the expectations :D p.s i am still crap at editing. This is just a short rap up and you never know it could lead to other fics


part 2

His blood was thickning with rage as he looked into her eyes, a moment of regret took over him when he placed lucy’s hand beside her. He shouldnt of stopped her, but then he thought about his parents he knew no matter what was said about them she would still get in trouble.

Rhys’ eyes turned to lucy’s and she felt the ice melt away and warmth flood him. He gave her a tight lip smile and rubbed his thumb across her knuckles. Suddenly she felt soft warm arms rap around her shoulder from behind, Declans chin purched on top of lucy’s head after giving her a peck on the cheek. 

“shes not even worth it sis” Rhys sighed as his eyes flicked back towards denny. Out the corner of his eyes he could see lucy slowly nod as the tears she tried to hold back slid down her soft face.

“rhys… let me explain… its not what it looks like” Denny paniced as she tried to grab Rhys’ arm but he quickly pulled away from her touch like she was a desease.

“NO” he shouted in reply, and suddenly the whole canteen froze as there eyes couldnt pull away. But he didnt care he just continued. “NO HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! How dare you slag my mum off like that in front of everyone. Why because she has more body fat then you! Why because she isnt classed as pretty in your eyes. You dont even fuckin’ know her.. Dont you ever talk about my parents relationship like that you stupid cow.” 

“maybe she isnt mainstream beautiful in your eyes but that doesnt make her any less beautiful in our eyes… your pathetic denny. Mrs Nelson didnt deserve that, and neither did lucy. Oh and another thing, you must be fucking brain dead yourself if you thought lucy was ugly. shes bloody beautiful.” declan added as he gave lucy another kiss on top of her head.

“I-I didnt mean i-it… R-really it was… it was a joke. Ple-” Denny tried to say before rhys rose his hand implying her to stop.

“Save it Denny we have no more to say to you. Never talk to my sister again. Never talk to me again. And never talk about my family again, because if you do i wont stop her hand from slapping the shit out of you!” Rhys huffed as his body started to tense even more with her still being in his presence. Denny sadly nodded and turned around to leave.

“Denny other thing… You would never of gotten me. You were never more then a shag when i felt sorry for myself” He laughed as he watched Denny’s mouth drop open and run out the door of the canteen. The canteen suddly erupted in to cheers and hollers, random strangers were clapping the boys on the back and giving sympathetic smiles towards lucy. Lucy smiled at her brother and ingulfed in a massive bear hug whiping her tears on his top because she didnt want to let go just yet, She then turned declan and jumped into his arms raping her legs tighting around his waist. She grabbed declans cheeks and looked into his eyes.

“You really mean it… you think im beautiful” he sniffed as fresh tears began to fall.

“of course i did lucy, ive always thought that you were beautiful…” He replied smiling at her.

overwhelming happiness spread through lucys body, her limbs started to tingle and her smile couldnt be erased. Before her mind could think she was crashing her lips into declans with intensity and power, he returned her kiss but kept in mind that they had an audiance. They slowly broke apart and lucy slid down his body until her feet touched the ground, she was still smiling until she heard Rhys clear his throat  from behind her. Her eyes sprug open and she quickly turned around to see Rhys biting his nail beds. There eyes met and her grabs her into another hug.

“Go for it sis, ive always known he’s fancied you” he whispered through her hair.

“but.. Really?” she gasped looking up into his face with confusion.

“Yeah, he never shuts up about you” he laughed looking over to Declan and nodding.

“im so glad your my brother, thank you for all this. ill be lost without you next year”.


Rumours spread like wild fire at collage, By the end of the day the whole school knew Declan and Lucy kissed and that Denny was ran out of school for insulting the nelson family. Rhys received so many phone numbers from nearly every single girl in school that he could barely zip up his back pack, His shoulders raised a little more with a swift round of confidence. He met lucy at the car and already had a smoke hanging out of his mouth by the time he met her.

“you ready” she added as she looked up from her book.

“Yeah just give me a minute im hangin’ for a smoke” he laughed as he lit the smoke and inhailed deeply. He felt the smoke fill his lungs and slowly breathed it out with satisfaction of the hit of nicotine. He looked over towards his sister and his heart filled a little more, she was smiling. She had his mothers beautiful smile, that smile was something he looked forward to seeing for the rest of his life because family was his life.


“Out here” Finn yelled as he heard his kids stumble through the front door, He was relaxing on the deck chair on the porch with a sneaky joint hanging out of his mouth. It didnt matter how old he got he still appreciated good weed after a long day at work.

“Hey dad” Rhys said as he blonked himself down on the deck chair next to his father.

“how was school” Finn asked as he passed the joint across to his son “dont tell your mother about this” he added.

Rhys laughed and took a long drag. “it was school” He replied as he exhailed.

“Oh, lucy got herself a lad”

“What” Finn coughed as he choaked on air.

“Yeah da’, she pulled a lad” He joked as he passed the joint back.

“Ugh.. O-Ok.. Hang on what? Who?”

“you wont beleive it, but declan… They kissed today… Well she kissed him” he laughed as he watched his fathers expression. Finn’s eyebrows shot up to his hair line and his mouth sprug open.

“i swear if that boy hurts her im gunna rip his nutsake off” he scoffed as he took a massive inhale of smoke and kept it in his lungs.

“Dont worry da’ i trust him, you know he wont hurt her”

“Yeah, Yeah i know… But she’s still my baby girl you know” Finn replied as he stubbed the joint out in the ash tray.

“I get it dad, shes just growing up” Rhys explained and Finn sadly nodded in return.

“Dad can i ask you a question”

“Sure lad, whats wrong.. Do i need to go down a buy another packet of smokes or roll another joint” He chuckled in reply.

Rhys waved his hands in the air “No.. No nothing like that. Its about you and mum”.

Finns forehead crincked in confused and he slightly cocked his head to the side trying to understand where this is going. “Sure son, what do you wanna know aye”.

“What made you fall inlove with ma” Rhys said bluntly but with a smile smile.

“Well… Were do i start. We met when we were 16 and 17, at first we didnt get along… lets call that stage ‘sexual tension stage’ she was a right cow at times always mumbling prick to me under her breath” he paused and smiled as the good memories flooded back into his mind. “Then i confessed i loved her outside the bloody chippy of all places… i loved her then because she was strong and brave for all the crap that she went through before she met me.. but that was the tip of the ice burg. We had our ups and downs over the next 18 months and then broke up again before she left for uni. That was my mistake for letting her slip, i loved your mother so fucking much it broke us.. i broke us.. We were seperated for a year whilst she attended uni and got back together as we met up for summer break and here we are now.. You came along 9 months later so that hurried things along for us. But to get this questioned answered i fell in love with your mum because she was her. She wasnt that mainstream crap, she had a body full of curvys, a heart full of love, and she is beautiful… i just love everything about her” Finn brushed hte tear on his cheek away as he looked up and smiled at his son.

Rhys smiled at his dad as he watched him pour his heart out. This was something that he hoped he would feel one day.

“Us nelson’s are a funny bunch aye” laughed rhys.

“Yeah we are… but we will always be there for each other. Remember that son. Your mother, your sister and you are my life”

“Thanks dad, i needed this…” He replied as he lit a smoke.

“Everything good though?” He questioned as he looked at his sons shifty positure.

“Yeah, yeah i just… i just” He stopped and thought about telling his dad about today but he decided it wasnt the right time “i just wanted a good talk” He smiled.

“Well lad you got one, your growing up to fast as well next thing i know it will just be me and your mum again”

“Yeah well today was just one day… you’ve still got plenty more with us” He looked at his father and laughed. 







"One day we'll get nostalgic over this disaster."

“So you want Patrick requests? I can do that I love Patrick! So can it be in his P.O.V where he first see’s me at a concert and afterwards he asks me out? And maybe, include the date? Only if you want to. Thanks babe(:"  *Patrick’s P.O.V*  "Patttrrriiccckkk, Patrick!” Pete whined from the couch, flopping around as I stood in front of the mirror, fixing my jacket before I gently placed my fedora on my head, making sure it was perfectly placed.  “Pete are you even half dressed yet!?” I shouted at him, his apperance looking quite shabby, only having on a pair of jeans, a ratty old shirt, and a tattered pair of Vans.  He hopped off of the couch and looked at himself for a moment before running his hand over the stubble he had neglected to shave for half of the tour. He then pulled out a thin black pen looking item from his pocket, flipping off the cap before he made thin lines of black around his eyes.  “I’m bringing back punk Patrick, don;t be such a dad.” He laughed as he walked over to me and tugged on my jacket.  “Get off of me! Unlike you i take pride in my stage look.” I laughed, tugging on the collar of my jacket, rolling my eyes as we lined up side stage.  “Well I take pride in my look too thank you very much! I changed my underwear for this!"  "gross.” I grimaced as we he began to jump up and down. firmly gripping the neck of his guitar. About most of the way through the show we started Hum Hallelujah, and I spotted a girl in the crowd. she looked so into the song, her Hair was swinging around in her pony tail as she grabbed her friends hand and they danced around together, screaming the lyrics to our song to one another. She was beautiful, just the way she showed all this passion for a band…my band to be exact.  we ended the show and I watched her carefully, she looked me dead in the eye and I smiled to her, and raised my finger, signaling her to come over to me. A smile spread across her face, she laid her hand on her chest and nodded her head towards me as if asking ‘me?’  I nodded once again and sat on the edge of the stage, waiting for her to walk over to me. She talked to her friend for a moment and trotted over to me, holding her TOMS in her left hand, wiping off the sweat from her face with the others.  “um, hi.” She awkwardly spoke to me, slipping her shoes back on as she leaned her body next to mine.  “You can sit up here next to me, I won’t bite…I swear.” I chuckled, offering my hand down to her, she smiled and placed her hand into mine, waiting for me to help her.  -  We sat there and talked for what seemed like days, but ended up being only a few hours, the stage was already packed up and the venue was empty as we looked around.  “You’re pretty cool (y/n).” I smiled,running my hand down the length of her spine, playing with the ends of her hair.  “You know,we’re gonna still be in town for a few days, maybe you should allow me to take you on a date.” I chuckled, not wanting to sound to forceful.  “I would be delighted.” She retorted, resting her hand on my knee.  She took out a sharpie and Scribbled her number onto my hand, handing me the sharpie to do the same to her.  “I should really get going..This was great, thank you Patrick.” She smiled, holding onto my hands.  “Can I hug you?” I asked hesitantly.  without much warning she leaned her chest against mine, wrapping her arms around my neck, i rested my arms around her waist and inhailed her scent, even though she had been sweaty she still had the sweet smell of citrus lingering on her body and clothes.  “I thought you’d never ask.” She laughed against my skin.  “well now I really do have to get going or else my dog will get nervous.” She laughed,pressing a gentle kiss to my cheek, she jogged out of the door, smiling to me before she exited.  -  “Do I look okay? Is this too formal,or do i need to add something else.” I nervously asked Andy.  “dude, you look sharp as hell, go get em Tiger.” He laughed as he looked me up and down, inspecting my attire like I had asked him to. “I-I just dont want to look like I’m trying too hard.” I stuttered as I placed the same hat I had had on last night, and grabbed my keys, walking towards the door of the bus.  “You look fine.” He laughed, waving me out of the doors.  I finally arrived at (y/n)’s house and knocked at the door, trying to find a way to pose in the doorway, i nervously gripped the stem of the flowers i had bought on the way here.  before i could decide on a position, she had flung the door open, she was standing there half dressed with her hair tied up. i nervously closed my eyes and held out my hand with the flowers. “Patrick, you can open your eyes, its just a sports bra and shorts, i’m not naked.” She giggled and grabbed my free hand, pulling me into the door of her house. “Oh, Um okay.” I laughed as she walked away from me. “well, sit on the couch, make yourself comfortable, I got off work late so I haven’t really had a chance to get ready.” She explained, placing the flowers into a vase in the kitchen, disappearing into where I presume was her bathroom or bed room.  She turned on her music again and I immediately knew the song..probably because it was me singing. “Hey! That’s me!” I exclaimed, fiddling with my phone as I heard her giggle.    ”Maybe you should sing along.” she laughed, walking back into the living room, still in her lack of clothes, but her makeup was now on.  I walked over her as I put my phone back into my pocket.  “Am I more than you bargained for yet? I’ve been dieing to tell you what you wanna hear ‘cause that’s just who I am this week lying in the grass, next to the mausoleum ."  She grabbed my hand and we began to dance around her room like she had done with her friend the night I first noticed her.   she caught her foot on the edge of her bed and we both fell down onto her bed.  She curled up into my side, resting her head on my chest she rested her hand on my torso as i nervously searched for a place to put mine.  She used her free hand to place them onto her waist, he skin clean and soft.  "Do we really have to go out Patrick?” She pouted, clearly comfortable lying next to me.  “Whatever you want to do.” I smiled, kissing her temple.  “I think this is the perfect first date.” She smiled. 

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hello :-) do u know the reason why there are a bunch of numbers in the end credits of the show? i feel like its a secret

They’re codes for the fans to decipher. Usually a phrase related to something in the episode. 

The wiki has every code deciphered here if you just want to read them. As well as instructions on how to decipher them at the top of the page if you want to do it yourself.

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skinny!Steve meeting Sam while jogging and sprinting past him going "on your left" and then slumping over trying to brave because skinny!Steve's got something to prove (Sam is just like wtf and then helps him through the asthma attack. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT JUST TO GET A DATE STEVE)

So there’s this guy. 

Steve watches his ass bouncing off into the distance almost every morning since he got back to the States and it’s just about the only good thing about his new post. He’s usually sitting on the steps at that point, watching his breathing. He jogs for his heart, but it pisses off his asthma, so this is the compromise the Triskelion doctor had come up with. It was his therapist who said running outside would be better, (Steve hates pollen season, even in DC, it’s the worst) and he’s gotta say he’s enjoying the view. 

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