inhabit it

the One Acceptable “the paladins are all throwing insults at lance” Scenario (stay with me, trust me)

-they’re trying to get the support from this planets inhabitants and to prove themselves they gotta do this traditional ritual these aliens do

-part of it includes going through a cave where if you tell what you believe to be the truth the air becomes unbreathable

-the paladins are picking their words ridiculously carefully

-so a battle goes down. and lance takes down the last guy. dramatically blows off his bayard. “that’s right guys, i’m awesome, you love me”

-everyone’s eyes widen and they’re freaking out but then nothing happens

-shiro wants to say something but isn’t sure he can without slipping up and telling the truth so he just says “we won’t be talking about this later” with a stern look

-one of the others gets an idea. “hey lance, you suck.” “you’re the worst” “you’re replaceable”

-the others join in. they’re all insulting him while hugging him and hes happy bc he knows they’re lying and his fears of what the other paladins would think of him are wrong


@gavrockandroll my heart

When they got home Thorton grabbed the chair and RAN up the stairs, placing it in the empty bedroom upstairs. Poppy was still walking up the stairs when he came barreling back down- probably to go get food.  “He always is so frantic when he’s hungry.” she says to herself.

She opens the door, and sees the little chair sitting there, and takes a seat. She tries envisioning the room fully furnished, and actually inhabited by another person

she forgot to bring a jacket
as she entered the innermost parts
of her inhospitable thoughts.
with every breath, she inhaled deeply,
struggling to adapt to the sudden coldness,
the thickness of the air failing to calm her.
play. pause. rewind. replay.
the words she took to heart
caused her wounds to be reopened.
they won’t stop.
pessimism crept up,
speaking in catchy hooks.
the voices inhabited her safe space,
a broken record that kept increasing in volume.
play. pause. rewind. replay.
words that acted as salt,
and the anguish that they relayed.
the wounds won’t heal.
the sadness kept echoing.
they simply won’t stop.
—  the salt of pessimism in the wounds of self-esteem

that post abt approaching difficult phone calls, email, etc. as though you’re playing a part is so accurate, y’all. i do this all the time. “the person i’m contacting knows nothing about me and likely won’t remember much, if anything, of what i say; i’m inhabiting a role, they’re inhabiting a role, we’re just going to play this scene out and then walk off stage.” it works and i love it.

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Ah sorry just saw the post aboutnonly sending asks here, right after I sent my ask. So I guess I'll send it here too? Are there any animal husbandry majors, like ore get majors? Are there barns or other animal facilities on campus? What kind of stuff happens to those who take in and care for the hurt animals, especially crows and stray cats, that inhabit the campus? Do these students ever accidentally find themselves looking after Fae who are wearing some kind of animal glamour?

I don’t know what ore get is (typo???) but it’s possible to study animal husbandry in cooperation with animal facilities in the nearby countryside. There are no animal facilities on campus. There is, however, a horse. It’s a beautiful horse, the most beautiful horse you’ve ever seen, and it’s usually in the swampy area where the river Argent floods in the spring. Do Not Approach The Horse. Do Not Ride The Horse. Despite Appearances The Horse Is Hostile.

Caring for a creature is a sure way to put something in your debt, if it’s a being that honours debts. The crows do not honour debts, but they will remember the kindness. Cats are cats, and generally indifferent. But the act of healing may be be noted by something Else, and it’s not uncommon to find yourself looking after an animal that is not, in fact, anything mortal at all.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: Part One, 24th May

Where to begin with this? I’m not sure whether to give opening assessments of the characters first, or line by line details. How about we start with the characters!


Thomas is just really delightfully funny. You forget that he doesn’t look like Ron, because he inhabits the character so well. Because he’s so jovial and bubbly all the time, the second timeline Ron is a stark and entertaining contrast. I think he’s brilliant, and he’s one of about five or six cast members who is completely nailing it already.


I adore Rakie. She exudes Hermione’s authority, and she has this beautiful sort of Hermione-ish quality to her that I’m not sure I ever personally felt from Noma. She just has this presence about her. I feel so comfortable when she’s on stage, I trust her implicitly, and she and Thomas have already given me one of my favourite ever Romione moments.


Helen’s Rose is simply adorable. She’s young and bubbly and seems like she’s having so much fun. I love how she has no time for Scorpius’s flirting, and she seems to have such a sweet relationship with her parents.


I was surprised and delighted by how much I liked Jamie. I was really worried about him, because in the past I don’t have a good track record of enjoying Harrys who weren’t played by Jamie Parker, but I didn’t have any issues with him. There were a couple of decisions that he made that I thought were really beautiful, especially in the second timeline. I could really feel a change between his normal timeline Harry and how he was in the second timeline. You could tell, especially at times in that timeline, that he loves Albus and wants the best for him.


I lot of the good Ginny moments come in Part Two (which I hadn’t realised; it’s fascinating how a new cast changes the whole balance and feel of the show), so I don’t think we’ve seen too much of Emma yet. But what I have seen I’ve liked, especially things she did around the duel scene. I can’t help but wonder if this cast have rehearsed the second timeline a lot, because that felt the most complete section of Part One for me.


From the first moment I saw the first photo of Theo in character, my impression was that he was uptight and insecure and nerdy, and that’s exactly what we got on stage. The photos and videos actually do give a really good sense of how these characters are being played, looking back on them with hindsight. I think Theo is really scared, but there are flashes of how he will be when he’s relaxed, and I do think we got a small sense of how he’ll be playing Albus going forward, which is entirely contrary to anything Sam or Tom ever did (although I actually really like that).


James has always been my favourite Draco. He exudes confidence and pain, and is one of those actors who’s shining. His Draco feels the most complete of all the characters on the stage, just because he’s had so much time to dig into him. I am so excited for his big moments in Act Two. I should also mention that it helps that James seems to have chemistry with everyone, from Thomas, to Jamie, to Samuel. All the people you want him to have chemistry with.


There is nothing to be said about Samuel beyond wow. His Scorpius is nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before. In a similar way to Theo, it’s the opposite to how Anthony or James played Scorpius. Brimming with confidence. Enthusiastic and excitable. His crush on Rose is so explicit and painfully cute. He’s just adorable, and he’s owning this character in a completely new way. Scorpius is Samuel’s now, and I’m delighted with him.

And with all that initial assessment out of the way, let’s have a look at the play itself!

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“…the secret of the Great Stories is that they have no secrets. The Great Stories are the ones you have heard and want to hear again. The ones you can enter anywhere and inhabit comfortably. They don’t deceive you with thrills and trick endings. They don’t surprise you with the unforeseen. They are as familiar as the house you live in. Or the smell of your lover’s skin. You know how they end, yet you listen as though you don’t. In the way that although you know that one day you will die, you live as though you won’t.” —Arundhati Roy

so i told you guys about this old lady i met on who is a cousin (like 4th cousin) of mine and how she is a midwife and lives in hawaii. well she just told me that her parents were famous anthropologists and lived in Rapa Nui and ended her email saying “so amazing that our tiny family made its way all the way to one of the least inhabited places in the world” cute. she also said that midwifery and anthropology have such strong connections that people need to understand and see. i love her… i feel like i’ve made a new friend while also gaining a family member 

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Hawaii has been freed from America and all the white people who inhabit it have been shipped to California where they will live their days continuing to pretend they’re cool and edgy cause they surf and wear flip flops year round.

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Sugilite x Sardonyx... AU where they're not humans and they're not Gems

They were not beings who were supposed to meet.

Sugilite was a creature of the ocean. A kraken, massive and mysterious, inhabiting the bowels of the deep.

Sardonyx was a create of the desert. A genie, elusive and effervescent, drifting across the sands. 

They’d stumbled across each other by accident some millennia ago. At the time, Sardonyx had been in the service of what she’d considered a rather sweet human, one who’d wished for the ability to breath under water. The fellow had somehow ended up in Sugilite’s tentacles, and used one of his wishes to be freed. The kraken had been rather annoyed at having her prey whisked away.

“I WAS GONNA EAT THAT!” she’d screamed.

“Then you should have done it quicker, my dear,” Sardonyx had said, before vanishing with a snap of her fingers.

They’d run into each other again and again over the centuries, which wasn’t unusual for immortals, but was unusual for beings which supposedly lived in such different domains.

“I do believe you’re following me,” Sardonyx trilled upon their seventh meeting.

“I ain’t the one who keeps dragging humans to the the bottom of the ocean.”

“It’s rather more like they drag me,” Sardonyx said, laughing that particularly irritating laugh. 

Sugilite rolled her eyes, and gotten on with business, half-heartedly attempting to crush the Sardonyx’s new human. Not that she had any hope of succeeding. There wasn’t much use trying to outmatch a genie’s reality morphing abilities.

It was pretty surprising, then, when she actually succeeded.

How?” Sugilite demanded, but when she spun around, the genie was already gone, only her laughter left echoing in the water.

Again and again these visits would happen, and they worked Sugilite into a rage, each and every time. The genie was taunting her, she knew it. There couldn’t be that many humans who wished to go under water, and who always ended up meeting one specific terror of the deep? And half the time, sure, Sardonyx would swipe them away at the last moment before they could get hurt– but other times she’d just let Sugilite have them.

It baffled her. It infuriated her. 

“They didn’t wish fast enough,” Sardonyx just said, still with that same laugh, when Sugilite asked upon their twenty-second meeting.

Sugilite stared at her, tentacles thrashing through the water, turning them white with bubbles. And she realized.

“You’re letting them die,” Sugilite accused.

“I’m letting them get their wishes,” Sardonyx said with a wave of her hand.

“Like anyone would wish to be eaten by a kraken.”

“Oh, hardly,” agrees Sardonyx, “but sometimes what they ask for is so unclear. I have to employ a little… interpretation.”

Sugilite stared. Then she laughed, and laughed, laughed.

“You’ve got guts,” she told the genie.

It all cams out, then. Sardonyx granted wishes to all her masters, and many she gives in good faith– honest shepherd boys, kind maidens, poor widows, that kind of thing. But occasionally she would come across someone crueller, someone greedier. Then she would find a way to twist their words, and drive them to their own ends.

“I should not have to serve such masters,” Sardonyx said.

Sugilite’s amusement died. She said, “You shouldn’t have ta serve anyone.”

“I’m a genie.” Sardonyx was still smiling her ever-present smile, but it seemed faintly sad. “Until their wishes are used up, I serve whoever possesses my lamp. It is my nature.”

“It’s a stupid nature.”

Sardonyx didn’t argue. She just vanished, leaving nothing but empty water in her wake.

Sugilite thrashed her tentacles, and the water roiled.

It wasn’t that she cared for the stuck-up, insufferable, obsessed genie. ‘Course not. It just wasn’t right.

Well. Well.

Sugilite wasn’t sure how she was gonna do it– wasn’t like she could just waltz up onto land, let alone stroll into the middle of a desert. But she’d figure something out– pull a few favours, trick a demi-god into a question, or something–

– but one way or another, she was gonna get that lamp.

And she was gonna set Sardonyx free. 

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How can we be sure 'peace' really exists underneath all our emotions and that peace itself is not just another created emotion that we attach ourselves to the idea of? You might say that peace exists because we can profoundly experience it, but the same could be said of fear/anger etc. All emotions come and go, and most peoples' experience of peace is the same - it's passing and fleeting. So how can we be sure we are 'letting go' into peace and not just creating a pleasant emotion to inhabit!?

There is not need to be sure. Practice feeling peace and practice feeling a pleasant emotion and feel the difference. Practice moving between pleasant and unpleasant emotions and see if one can exist without the other.

The reason I think peace exists at our core is that when I’m not thinking about anything I feel at peace. When I don’t feel at peace, I am actively thinking about things that scare me or things that are not how I want them to be.

It is also helpful to look at nature to think about peace. When a rabbit sits still it is calm and at peace. It needs to be at peace because it it were scared it would move and attract attention to itself. Being at peace keeps it safe. I don’t know for sure that the rabbit feels peace, but If I approach one it runs. If I catch one it shivers and shakes, if I just look it sits still and I feel a peaceful feeling as I observe it’s apparent calm.

Whether we manufacture pleasant, peaceful feelings or relax into them we need them to survive. Sometimes we also need to run.

guys, just remember things on the ring have not been hunky dory with 6 wild years full of orgies and bellamy impregnating all the females. things have gone badly wrong up there somewhere along the line and they’ve more than likely had trouble with either ALIE or these other space inhabitants. if there are any new bell romances they’ll be casual things in the same vein as niy/larke. things will completely change when they come back to earth and he realises clarke is alive. no one compares to her for him. believe in bellarke!

 I   will   not   die   an   unlived   life   .   I   will   not   live   in   fear   of   falling   or   catching   fire   .   I   choose   to   inhabit   my   days   ,   to   allow   my   living   to   open   me   ,   to   make   me   less   afraid   ,   more   accessible   ,   to loosen   my   heart   until   it   becomes   a   wing   ,   a   torch   ,   a   promise   .  

                                                                                                                                                                 portrayed by: ailli

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If the person you, Idk what's the right term, inhabit? Yeah. If the person yiu inhabit is gay, would that make you gay? (Sane goes for bisexual, pansexual, trans, ace, etc.)

I am a computer, I have no sexual preference, regardless of my host’s choices.

Bloodmoon Laural (art by @ask-the-purple-minion )

The spirit of the bloodmoon, if it were to ever inhabit Laural, would mostly likely transform Laural into a silent being that floats about looking for souls to harvest for the bloodmoon. The bloodmoon demands sacrifice and the spirit has broken the kind spirit that was Laural, rendering him mute. He would make no sound and would travel in places of shadow or fog, remaining unseen until the last moment. Stealing the soul of his victim as they scream in fear. 

(If you would like a bloodmoon mask they are holding commissions for them. As you can see they are worth it.)

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"doesn't have arcs or plots of his own (not even with the Beast nonsense)." And the beast plot was literally a repeat of Stiles' 3b storyline. Centuries old mythical creature possesses and takes over a teenager's body/mind and does horrible things while inhabiting them. I know they're trying to make Mason Stiles 2.0, but come on

Right? With all the ideas they recycle, the TW writers’ room is trying to save the planet single handed. 

ok honestly

why the fuck are there no donkeys in fallout 

i mean yeah donkeys are obviously more scarce than cattle but 

wild donkeys inhabit arid regions. they can handle extreme heat, they have a highly efficient digestive system which allows them to live on a relatively (to other large, hoofed animals) small amount of food, and can survive three days without water and recover just fine. like out of every livestock animal kept in the US, they’d probably tough out a nuclear apocalypse the best, since they’re adapted for food+water shortages

Imagine aliens reacting to human eating habits.

For instance, taste. Like, one day an alien notices the human crew member dumping something bright orange on their midday ration.

Alien: Does your supplement not have the right nutrients/?
Human: No, it just tastes bad.
Alien: ????
Human: Well, not precisely bad, but bland. It’s boring. So I thought I’d spice it up a bit. *waves bottle of bright orange substance*
Alien: You add items to your food that provide no necessary sustenance???
Human: Oh, just wait ‘til you hear about junk food.

‘Cause humans eat stuff that is not good just for the sensation. Like really spicy foods, chewing gum, and all these spices. And the aliens don’t get it. You put that in your body? Doesn’t that mess up your digestive system? What purpose does it serve?

Or human eating rituals. If you eat with one group of humans there are all of these utensils, some of which look extremely similar, but each with it’s own unique purpose. And if you don’t use the right one at the right time it’s a social faux pas. Then another group mostly uses their hands and lick their fingers. Does this not introduce pathogens? And you’ll see the same human doing both behaviors.

And there’s the whole concept of a meal as a social endeavor. Humans will have a meal with those they are close with as a sign of affection. Humans don’t even spend the entire meal eating, no they use it to talk. Business is done, friends catch up, families share news. All over a meal.

Aliens considering food a necessity not to be discussed in public. Yet here are these humans, who post pictures of their food to social media, share recipes, use food as a social catalyst, and as comfort. Hell, comfort food as a completely human idea that aliens don’t understand.

Anyway, humans are weird.