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1-5-2016 • Maedhros - The Fire of his Heart

Here is Maedhros, for my Sons of Feanor-series. I knew I already painted him, but I wanted it to be much better because he is after all my favourite of the sons, and I have grown quite a bit since the first painting I made of him.

In this painting he is watching the ships burning at Losgar, his heart burning with fear and anger for his fathers actions, and yet he cannot abandon his love for his father and his faith in him. (I feel I need to say that Feanor is my favorite of the Noldor, maybe especially because he is so damaged and strong-minded ^^’)

Maedhros © Tolkien

Art © me ~ IG: iggys_art ~ deviantart: Ingvild-s ~ tumblr: ingvildschageart (please let me know if you see my artwork anywhere else)

Ps. Only 22 days to my birthday!!!!

18-5-2016 • Curufin - His Father’s Son

Firstly, I had no idea what to do with the background, so I hope it’s not too awkward and off-looking. I see it as a very symbolic portrait, more than a litteral illustration like my Maedhros was, and symbolising his inner fire like his father’s. The light source I chose because it was different, and because he is a smithy so the light could be from a forge fire coming from below, or maybe because it looks more intense, I truly cannot say. I just really like it!

Curufin is his father’s son, sharing his father’s name and his spirit and talents he is a fascinating character, while he still seemed like one of more independent of Fëanor’s sons, befriending and helping Haleth as the first elf to do so, which is interesting, considering how Fëanor disliked any other people than his own and was rather suspicious to other people, even his own brothers.

Because of his resemblance to his father, Curufin obviously had to be a beautiful man, mysterious and magical looking, manly and yet elegant, so easy is not the keyword, but I am truly happy with what I did with him, experimenting with skin color and blending once again!^^

I have decided that after I finish these portraits, of which Amrod/Amras and Nerdanel remains, I want to do more scenery and backgrounds, because I obviously need to work on it!

Well, I hope you enjoy my Curufin! ^^ <3

Curufin © Tolkien
Art © me ~ IG: iggys_art ~ deviantart: Ingvild-s ~ tumblr: ingvildschageart (please let me know if you see my artwork anywhere else)

Mistborn - The lucky thief and the ragged noble


Having fallen in love with the book “Mistborn” by Brandon Sanderson over the holiday, I simply had to try and sketch the main character Vin and her love-interest Elend. I tried to draw them how the way we met each of the characters for the first time in the book, which is very fun and extreme compared to their character development! I feel a need to underline that this is simply a sketch, one hour for each portrait aprox which is very quick for me. However I am very happy with them actually, with their designs especially. Elend was my first of the two and obviously the most flawed, as I am simply in love with Vin here and she is so close to my imagined vision of her, however her head got to big, so please excuse that, and Elend’s awkwardly small head.. Some mistakes you don’t see until after you’ve finished a drawing. But oh how I LOVE Vin, it must be the most beautiful female face I have ever drawn.

And the book is absolutely fantastic, and being halfway through the sequel I absolutely recommend it if you enjoy high fantasy, fantastic and original characters and wonderful conflicts with a badass female protagonist!!! The book simply sucked me in from first page and I couldn’t put it down!! Seriously, read it!

And gasp for not Tolkien fanart for once… I am afraid I’ll have to draw a lot more from this book now!! Sorry, Tolkien…

Vin and Elend © Brandon Sanderson

Art © me ~ deviantart: Ingvild-S ~ IG: iggys_art ~ tumblr: ingvildschageart


~ Galadriel and Aredhel - Summer in Valinor ~

… When hope was high, and life worth living.

Yes that’s from Les Miserables, I’m sorry, but strangely how that lyric actually kinda fit the idea of this image..

The text in Tengwar says the same as the title, only in quenya: “Lairë mi Valinor”. The reason for this is because of the idea I have that Galadriel must feel a lot of pain thinking about her old life in Valinor, and perhaps mostly her lost brothers and cousins. I read somewhere a while ago that Galadriel and Aredhel was born the same year, and it gave me the idea that they must’ve been close when they lived in Valinor, being the only girls of the Noldors Im sure they kept together against their brothers and cousins drama. I love both their characters so much, and Im sad that I didnt draw them exactly as I wouldve wanted, but I finished it anyways. Been a while since I’ve made something decent, and this idea has been stuck in my head for months so I had to get it out.

The flowers they are holding represent them somewhat. Aredhel is holding a Lily which is the flower of death, representing her brutal future and death, and Galadriel holds a Hyacinth, which represents her regret of everything had happened to her and her family.

So I am very happy with this, despite all the anatomical errors and my unsatisfaction with their faces. And grass sucks to draw, seriously! I hope you enjoy it, and agree with my ideas, or not, anyways tell me, I love a nice Silm discussion! ^^


Galadriel and Aredhel © Tolkien

Art © Me - Ingvild-s (deviantart) - iggys_art (IG) - IngvildSchageart (Tumblr)

15.1.2016 ~ Mairon - The Gaze of the Admirable

Even though this is no big or brilliant drawing I decided to upload it, because it was the first real drawing of 2016, and I really like it as a sketch of Sauron in his early years in Valinor while he worked for Aulë in the forge (hence piraty-headband) and I really tried to draw him how I saw him, and it’s pretty damn close. I am in love with this portrait of him, so ignore me… Who do you think inspired me for this portrait? :3

Sauron/Mairon © J.R.R. Tolkien

Art © Me/ingvild-s(deviantart)/ingvildschageart(tumblr)/Iggys_art(instagram)

Silmarillion - Fëanor and Finwë

This is the drawing that’s been preoccupying my mind for the last two weeks, even though I have barely had any time to actually work on it, so tonight I decided to pull it together and finally finish it. When I first started it I was completely in love, because everything worked out fine, and looking at it now I do realize its not perfect, but I still love it, especially the characters. Yes there are a few anatomical mistakes, but who cares, right?^^ personally I feel ive learned so much working on this, so thats a silver lining!

And yes, I have fallen completely for Fëanor, and all my drawing ideas are of him, my next hopefully being of him and his wife! :D

Well I still dont have a scanner so please excuse the crappy quality =P

Finwë and Fëanor © J.R.R. Tolkien

Art © Me/ingvild-s(deviantart)/ingvildschageart(tumblr)/Iggys_art(instagram)