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young!Lodr/Ingrith (huuuge surprise I know I know :D) and the word to go with them is "... oh". Just a slightly confused and surprised and at the same time not at all surprised and also somewhat disappointed "oh".

well, turned out to be not as young, but at least younger than in the books! 8D


“Oh”, she says – not as Ingrith introduced her to her lover, a warrior like her, fierce and with eyes that shone bright, but never as bright as hers. She did not say it when after all the time that they had fought and killed and endured together, that one night Ingrith gave in, clinging to her with tears on her face, was the night she’d been told her husband had been slain on the battlefield. 

 She says it when the letter, the first Lodr has written to her in years, is returned, unopened, and the courier informs her that Ingrith Fierce-Heart has left with her family for Windhelm.

 As she reclines in her chair on the stone balcony, where she likes to do her correspondence on sunny days while her children play in the wide garden of the mansion, Lodr knows she should take it as a sign, the last of many, that it is time to let go of something that never has been hers.