ingrid michaelson


Watch Celine’s cover of  “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. Happy Holidays everyone!

“I went to see the show with my boyfriend, who’s an actor, and I was incredibly moved, as was everyone else around us. Because my boyfriend is in the theater community he got us backstage, and we met the cast, including Lin. My boyfriend introduced me to Lin as, ‘This is my girlfriend, Ingrid’ and – this is the stalker in me– I knew Lin followed me on Twitter, so he knew who I was, but I wasn’t sure if he was going to recognize me. So he shook my hand, and then he got this look in his eye and he was like, 'Wait a minute… Ingrid… Michaelson?’ I became so shy because I had just seen his masterpiece. But he was like, 'I love your music!’ We took some pictures together, and a few days later I recorded this 15-second clip of Hamilton’s finale song and posted it on Instagram. Hamilton retweeted it, and Lin said he loved it! A few weeks later, he was like, 'I have an idea. I want you to write the topline for the song on this Hamilton Mixtape I’m making. You inspired me with the clip you posted online.’ Thank God I posted that little clip on Instagram! This is the coolest thing to be a part of. Common, The Roots and Ingrid Michaelson? One of these things is not like the other!

"This mixtape reflects such a great variety. Some are straight-up covers, some are reinterpretations. Ours is a track that’s based off of 'Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,’ and Common is rapping and I wrote the chorus that’s peeking in between the rap. It was an interesting task, because I had to write my own thing but kind of use the words that already existed. It’s all been very hush-hush – I wasn’t allowed to send the song to anybody. I can’t believe I’m a part of this. It’s way cooler than I’ll ever be.”



the best part was that ingrid michaelson’s cute little puppy was strutting around our legs the entire time we were filming and unfortunately this is waist-up but as you’re watching it just picture a fluffy little terrier running around barking at us while we’re signing

“The Way I Am" 

 If you were falling, then I would catch you. 

You need a light, I’d find a match. 

Cause I love the way you say good morning. 

And you take me the way I am. 

If you are chilly, here take my sweater. 

Your head is aching, I’ll make it better. 

Cause I love the way you call me baby. 

And you take me the way I am. 

I’d buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair. 

Sew on patches to all you tear. 

Cause I love you more than I could ever promise. 

And you take me the way I am. You take me the way I am. You take me the way I am.