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Sexuality head canons for the Skam girls 

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Vilde sunflower lesbian. My messy lesbian daughter, that doesn’t realize she is a lesbian. Her mental dialogue is something like this “Oh, pretty dresses and make up turn me on, but not the girls wearing it. Yes just the clothes and make up”. “Kissing Eva makes me horny, but that don’t mean anything right?” And we all seen her reaction to Eva and Chris making out. She is in love.

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Eva is BI BI BI. ^this is her looking at Noora,look at THE GAY. And who is it that starts the kiss with Vilde? Eva. Eva does. Eva kisses girls at parries.

(No gifs of Sonja. Shame on you tumblr. Shame on you)

Sonja is pansexual and literal sunshine. I love her. And I know we shouldn’t go by stereotypes but she has the gay haircut. I just want her to be happy with a girlfriend and run into Even and Isak at pride ones and be all “YAY! We are all queer”

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Chris Berg is sadly as straigtie^TM. But quit honestly her and Kasper are so cute.

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Noora is queer. She is strong independent woman that don’t need no labels. 

Ingrid a perfect lesbian. (WHY NO GIFS TUMBLR OF FEMALE MINOR CHARACTER). She was jealous of Eva stealing her boyfriend? No she was angry her ex-beard stole her crush (eva). 

Sara is the other perfect lesbian. You thought Sara was Isak’s beard? no, no, no. Isak was Sara’s beard. And since we haven’t seen Sara and Ingrid since season 2 I am very convinced they are having their own little Even and Isak thing. 

Linn is aromantic asexual. Her one true love is sweatpants and people should respect that.

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Emma…. Oh Emma….. She is biromantic hetrosexual with a crush on Sonja.